Rick Ross and Slick Rick

Hip-Hop Rumors: When Will It End? Cali GD’s Pop Up Mad At Rozay?

Rick Ross is NOT Slick Rick. Recently a lot of people have been confused. I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page.

Got damn, b! Maybe I should stop mentioning this GD’z! Its getting to be maddening, these GD’s! I still haven’t really gotten a full understanding of what happened? Seems like they got mad that he mentioned “Larry Hoover” on “BMF.” Am I wrong? Anyway, the Cali GD’z say “Rick Ross Is In Trouble.” It sounds like something your brother would say to you as you come in the house too late and your parents are pissed. This time, they are presumably killers with mad guns on youtube and they are showing their faces! I’d be in Paris, if these dudes had an issue with me. Farrakhan! Please come in and help us all! Turn them into soldiers or something! Let Rozay read the Holy Koran! Something! Anything!

Could the “Real” Freeway Rick be behind this? Somebody tipped me off to something.

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Why are ALL of them mad? Email me at kingillseed@gmail.com and I will publish responses.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Chris

    “BMF” came out in 2010, I think. Ninjas just now gettin’ around to it? SMH.

    • thats how lazy niggas do…lol..

    • andone

      the thing is it has less to do wit the bmf song(larry approved of it i think?) and more to do wit their so called “logo” being used by ricky RECENTLY without permission… think about it, to some that could be considered a violation to the utmost… also i dont kno any gangster that co-signs “false flaggin” or using another gang symbol for watever reason(aside from crossing it out)… while im not wishin no harm(well not death @ least) on rozay, he is steppin on these dudes toes and doesnt seem to care… so of course naturally they dont want to appear weak(even tho the vids are trash) because then other “Gangs” will start movin in on them too… my opinion is, lets jus say a prayer for all these dudes including the mmg wanksters(it is wat it is)!!

      • $11625525

        That’s the Star of David… Have you any idea how many people have jewelry or Tattoos with that on it that aren’t Jews or GD’s?

      • andone

        im not disputing that… but chances are they dont rapp about how “gangster” they live either tho!!

      • No,they celebrate Hannukah and send their kids to private school. U know….civilized folk.

      • EL_BARK

        Actually its not the star of david. Its a pentigram which is a satanic symbol.

      • Dadon850

        It’s the Star of David. The satanic pentagram looks nothing like the GD’s symbol of the Star of David. The GD’s symbol and the Star of David are identical.

      • EL_BARK

        No your wrong, you know it as the star of david, and its not.
        You think its the star of david cause its on israel flag, and represent king david. It doesnt. Go do the research and find out…..

      • EL_BARK

        Also their differernt type of version of a pentagram. If you knew what it was use for you’ll would knew that. The point in the star means something. That symbol was being use long before jews started using it. Fake jews at that. Smh

  • hoeyuno

    HA HA…These dudes just want the attention now.. But it is funny. Rawse is getting what he deserves.

  • Oknas

    a bunch of niggaz with no women, looks like a great depression lol

    • Or sausage factory?

    • KtruHeaterz


  • Matthew McClinton

    This song go hard tho…

    • Actually it does….”Fugg Rick Fawlse! Die Fast! Have another seizure when we run up on that @$$!”


  • plsDontreply

    Yall saw that star on his mixtape don’t act stupid. Then he was just in an interview popping off about guns being brought out and ni99az being scared. He aint playing this situation right. Ross acting like he want war so lets see how this play out.

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      they aint gonna do sh*t and you know it. ross don’t gotta do shit.

    • Chris

      I believe the star on Ross’s mixtape cover was in reference to the Jewish culture. The mixtape is called the “Black Bar Mitzvah” after all.

  • 7yoyo7

    Next rumor : Hawaii GDs Are Mad At Officer Ricky

    • Oknas

      Then the GDs in china and the GD’s in space are mad also

      • jsk1103

        Even the ones from seibertron are pissed!!

    • hoeyuno

      I heard the Iceland GD’s are pissed..They cold as hell to son.

      • Joseph Thomas


      • hoeyuno

        thanks homie.

    • trixnkix637

      But them alternate universe GD’s ain’t no one to mess with!

  • mosestobymcgeethree

    real talk, the g.d’s looking mad silly. They got nothing better to do? they aint getting money no kinda way so they gotta go and make threats to a rapper? they looking like baby mommas out here, whining for money and shit. talking about all the shit they GONNA do. i thought G.D’s were bout that life, now they looking like a group of mad rappers.

    Also, all these damn niggas, and not one of em can rap? sad.

    • Matthew McClinton

      That that first verse of the song went in…

  • Master

    Why I don’t hear NO shots? Ross performed i LA last night and left without a single mark..

    • AK

      cause there are no gds in LA

      • Joseph Thomas

        TRUE….ONYL B’s AND C’s

      • Celz

        Ya’ll gotta be specific Cali is too big I lived out here my whole life and I ain’t never heard of a GD set. Has to be North somewhere.

      • YouKnowme

        They out in ocean side and down towards Diego Also near Hemet. They are pretty thick. I don’t live down there or mess with them but I hit Hound City up a lot so I know the area.

      • Celz

        It’s not like that bro.. One a my boys is a GD in Hemet real talk.. GDs are out here fa sho.. GD sets aren’t out here… Niccas might be clicked up reppin but they aren’t bangin AT ALL.. They aren’t operatin how they do down south or in the Chi. I got fam in the Chi so I know what time it is. If small gang/ hood/ set goes against the majority of they race they wont last in the County or State Pen. Niccas would end up like Nazi Low Riders and Nortenos (when they in So Cal County Jail not the Pen) and be on mandatory protective custody. Hemet is active but its niggas from all over Cali there and Oceanside is like 4% black.. They prolly hustlin gettin money as they should but they don’t have any turf and they aren’t callin shots behind bars. They fallin in under a Crip Card or they in protective custody period. If your ygs can’t go to jail and be safe your not a gang in California as far as the streets is concerned.

    • Celz

      Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the world.. You best believe Hoods in L.A. get paid off first..

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  • Sean Taylor

    Hopefully they all kill each other instead of bragging about popping this nigga, having this nigga momma at the wake…selling coc to this nigga.

  • hoeyuno

    These dudes recorded a song with rags around there mouths. Musta been real cold in that bitch

  • tmr

    These niggas old as shit tho LMAO…aint shit gone happen to MMG. Im tired of hearin these boys flexin all these vidz is unnecessary and childish

    • J. Jordan

      “These niggas old as shit tho LMAO”

      Co-Fucking-Sign haha

  • J.R Smith & Wesson

    Any man can get touched…All you need is envelop full of money.

  • BruceLeRoyGlow

    so this is a music video??

  • J.R Smith & Wesson

    Soon GD’s in Paris and London will post videos…

    • $11625525

      Ain’t no GD’s in London, and if there was they’d be snitches because all the fools out here in the large gangs have snitches in their crew or are getting arms, indirectly, from the Police, that’s the only reason they’re able to carry on doing dumb shit.

      • Matthew McClinton

        Exactly let em know…

      • Guest

        “Stop all the badboy poses, none of ya are bad boys,bad boys know this!” Ghettz……Best shit outta UK since tescos fruit corners!

  • greeneyedbandit

    It seem like every since Rick Ross came out with that album titled “God forgives, i Don’t,” he been havin all kinds of problems….and i instantly thought about Biggie, when different people were trying to warn him that he wasn’t welcome in California after Tupac’s death. but he went anyways. Rick Ross’ enemies are multiplying……out of control!

    • AK

      ross knows not to fucc with cali we dont fucc with that gd shit we got bloods n crips all over not one gd hood in sight

      • greeneyedbandit

        I don’t have anything against Rick Ross…..i hate the situation he’s in right now. He should know you can’t straddle two fences…..not in this day of time in the rap game, and especially with his former occupation. im a female fan of hip hop, not with the violence that come with it. Peace~

    • madeupnamepart2

      I get your point about biggie. He was going to cali to do press for a song titled going back to cali (or the hook was going back to cali at least) and that some people in Cali might have problems with BIG related to Tupac’s recent shooting. I dont get the Ross part. I mean as far as i know he took the name “God forgives, i dont” from a Western Movie (which is the shit, go watch it for real), but regardless where he took that name i dont see this GD thing being started then. It seems to me it started with the release of info about Black Bar Mitzvah which has the same star (star of david, GD logo, some say the pentagram but i honestly have no clue about the pentagram or what it “officially” looks like) as the GD’s use as their “logo” (dunno what else to call it so went with logo, but i think you understand what i mean). Just random speculation but i would guess the song where Ross is talking about being larry hoover didnt sit well with some or lots of GD sets from different states, and the black bar mitzvah album cover was what led them to start making these videos to Rick Ross. I mean i think Ross’s past has some part to do with this, meaning the part about being a CO officer for however long, and however long ago he was one. Ross is im sure not GD so maybe they just saw it as him taking things from their gang culture and profiting off of it without showing respect/money. And ross has handled this situation in a confrontational way which i think leads to more GD sets making these videos as they see it as disrespect (not saying he should or should not be confrontational, but just calling a spade a spade about Ross’s actions since the first video). I also have a conflicting theory that this is a good way (or seen as a good way) to get a bit of your song played on youtube and at least put on certain rap sites like allhiphop. Always seemed odd that there was always a song on these youtube videos (cept maybe the first one, the Alabama GD’s i believe). I mean the recent videos are more song than anything else. Maybe its a way to get attention i dunno all of this is pure speculation so please dont read into anything i wrote that much cause its not based in any fact.

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  • baller187


    • $11625525

      Tupac made good music, he died after being shot up… Biggie, Big L the same… Whether it’s one man shooting or a whole gang of knuckle heads, men bleed!

      Get real, the only thing worst than a fool with a gun is a lot of fools with a lot of guns and these are clearly a lot of fools.

      • scullyson

        yeah I wouldnt sleep on these cats if i was ross regardless of how foolish they may look…

      • Iamdisgustedwithu

        Shut up niah! lol… Niah, you can’t do nothing but sleep on these dudes. Did you even watch this video? The GD’s in all other cities need to go to Cali to shut these fools down! That niah that look like Jamie Foxx in 40 years is classic with that purple hat and glasses.

  • J. Jordan

    I’m saying tho, aint these dudes a little too old to be making youtube videos like this? That many guys were all free that afternoon to hang out at one guys crib and shoot this video?
    I can just imagine the disappointed looks on their moms faces….your kids grew up to do THIS in their spare time. You know damn well anyone poppin this shit on youtube aint got no real job to go to in the morning. SMH

    • Guest

      Their moms lol…cute.

  • Mos High

    This is some of saddest nonsense I have seen. If these were young teens, I would say well hmmm,, But some of these guys look like big men. A bunch of guys yelling sending empty threats etc. Is this one about money as well, or just he isnt allowed in California. If it is money suppose Ross leaves $150k how does this money get split up, how many of these clowns kill each other for the money? Honestly go take care of yourself, families and communities. What a damn shame.

  • Guest

    and how the funk you gonna post a VIDEO on YOUTUBE talking about killers move IN SILENCE!?!?!?!?! on youtube though? silently? showing your FACE????I mean just say it out loud to yourself a few times if you can’t see how dumb that is…

  • J. Jordan

    and how the f— you gonna post a VIDEO on YOUTUBE talking about killers move IN SILENCE!?!?!?!?! on youtube though? silently? showing your FACE????I mean just say it out loud to yourself a few times if you can’t see how dumb that is…

    • whats the difference between that and what rick ross does? lol

      • Few million dollars .

      • a few million dumb rap fans.”oh this guy is legit that beat is hot and his voice is deep, he has got to be a real gangster” smfh

      • Oh i dunno dear i cnt relate. Doesnt change the fact that he can buy “gangsters” to handle this bums if he wants to..

      • he cant kill them all, he is out numbered.

      • Guest

        LOL! I wouldnt worry if I was him lolll

      • He can’t buy anything, what you don’t seem to understand is that Rick Ross, William..is an entertainer, a musician…he is not deep in the streets, he runs a record label…and does shows for money, he doesn’t sell drugs… lol… Man, some people are still confused by the message I guess, he has you brainwashed. They can’t rent out shooters at Wal Mart..lol

      • with right amount of pressure , shit just might be free. this clowns are already gettin in trouble w police , they did it to themselves. posting death threats online ? they MUST want to go to jail to kiss their boyfriends. I cant name u one rick ross song, i can tell u this tho, ‘smart is the new gangsta’, he took Mill to the top……hats off. so stop fuelin this shit before someone gets killed and then its gonna be ‘white mans fault’ again. He is not ‘teflon don’ either. Noreaga is NOT Noreaga, Kurupt is NOT ‘Gotti’, Raekwon is not Gambino, Tragedy is NOT Khadafi….and none of em were ‘streets’. Mommas boys from govt housing. Stop it.

      • I am sure you can name plenty of Rick Ross songs, I see you all over this place defending the man. I am not sure what those other guys really have to do with this rumour, but really if you want me to indulge you, sure..why not.. Rick Ross was a drug dealer, you know..in California, William was a prison guard, got exposed, lied about it…stole a drug dealers entire look, persona and way of life, and made it his own… he got rich off it, now here comes the back lash and other side of it… A fake is always exposed in the end. It’s not the “white man’s” fault when morons do moronic things and get caught up for it…not sure what that has to do with anything either. Smart has always be the “new gangsta”, but the smart always need the muscle to hold things down. Meek Mill never made it “to the top”. He has sold like 260,000 copies of his album, not bad at all, but that’s not the top.

        Some of those guys are from the streets actually, even ol William probably had some street in em, he is still a fraud and a liar… lol… anything else?

      • Guest

        Im not defending him, nor do I ‘defend’ any rapper who used real life ‘gangster’ names (mostly white or jamaican) in their lyrics. What Im saying is, this has been going on forever and noone cared before . Meek Mill is doin well, with that said, NOONE makes money of record sales, but tours. I do know who Rick Ross was, do you know who Dadus is?Addi mi Daddi? Do you believe Raekown is gambino? do you believe kurupt is gotti? Im so sorry. Are they fraud too?You believe PUsha T sells dope or you believe he records in Kanyes private studio eating vegan food n hangin out w gay fashionistas?Canibus is USMC. who cared?Im just asking what is the difference?Fact that every monkey has a camera now? Would you really like for RIck ross to get killed, so you can moun over WSHH video of it? really? whoever the fk he is?

      • Most of them will admit they draw on past real life experiences, or even depictions and opinions of shows and movies, is Denzel Washington really Frank Lucas, a dirty cop and a lawyer all in one? I know Raekwon is not a “Gambino”, he is black for one, and not Italian. There is no “Gotti” crime family it’s just his tribute, no different than Daz isn’t a Dillinger. All I know is, fact is..none of the guys you mentioned flat out lie about the past, even when shown proof he still lied…thats a fail any day of the week. I could care less if he died, just like I don’t care that Boosie is in jail, or that T.I. doesn’t sell records anymore. When you talk about a life of guns and drugs, and then get killed? You got what you wanted. I worry about my family, my friends, my life…who cares about these clowns? Need a tampax? Maybe a kleenex? I don’t go on “WSHH”, that’s for the trolls.

      • Guest

        none of em lie about the past? LMFAO! Have a nice day

      • If you have some sort of proof, then present it…. with William, there were documents and pictures, which in my world of dealing with reality..are facts… so take your little giggles & “LMFAO” and go take a nap… I guess when you take the L, a childish giggles and a nice day is all you can offer.

        Peace kids.

      • Kevin Farley

        raekwon might track your ass down

      • Sweet. I always wanted to ask him what la “costra” nostra means

      • Kevin Farley


      • Hmmmm, that is a significant difference!

      • How do you know what they are worth?

      • Guest

        the fact they are beggin for money online like romanian gypsies tells me they arent doin too well.

      • Begging? I heard a few weeks back Tom Cruise sued a magazine because of some things they said about his divorce, so I guess he’s broke and begging for money? It’s respect.

      • Guest

        yea , youre right. Im sure their individual net worth is at least $360M. All their videos are clearly recorded in their satelite bizz offices in Dubai and Hong Kong. I mean, its obvious they all went to Ivy League. My apologies.

      • So everyone has go to an Ivy League school and have offices in Dubai? I know guys worth millions solely off construction, I guess in your eyes they are a failure…lol….Your broke, that is what you should concentrate on…not other people’s pockets. Your buddy “Rick Ross” isn’t worth 360M either, ohhh…fail. Thanks for the vote by the way.

      • Guest

        over ur frikin head lol……ok yes they are millionaire construction workers. deal.

      • Who said there were millionaire construction workers? Do you always create thing’s no one actually said to state your point? What does “frikin” mean, sorry.. I don’t speak 13 year old girl.

        Here is my tip to improve your pathetic life, buy land..god isn’t making any more of it…

      • thanks dear, already have, in 3 countries. You might wanna suggest the same to this GD chipmunks who, as u say, dont ‘beg for money but respect’ LOL.

      • Why do you continue to address me? I thought you had offices in Dubia & Tokyo? Don’t you have some million dollar deals, oh sorry…your not about millions..your (lemme talk like u for a second), BOUT DEM BILLYS YO YO YO…lmao, or something like that. I think you mean “these”, not this.. I never said anyone begs, you used that phrase… the fails keep adding up, you never left your dirty ass hood door step, the way you talk tells it all… government cheese is a helluva way to live.

      • Guest

        you asked a question, thats ‘why’. No,dear I am not depraved enough for the ‘hood’. Im from the OTHER SIDE of the Bell curve.

      • Nice story, now please stop talking to me, thanks.

      • Guest

        Likewise, you slave moron! Go away!

      • Again, this would be the third time I have asked to you to hop off my nut sack hood rat, you haven’t said anything of any significance in your last 50 comments aimed at me, give it a rest..go play with your chew toy somewhere.

    • Modesto Koczwara


    • KtruHeaterz

      ^^^ true’d uppp shii!

    • Them dudes was just little soldiers, so what? You still would have to prove someone pulled a trigger youngin….. Sorry to say, gangs in general are all stupid, they come out and show the public who they are, what they are about…no street gang moves in silence, but for real…ain’t nothing to hire an out of town shooter, lol…. man, kids these days…come in, do your business and head back out of town and make a nice pay day.

  • mrgibson

    Everything has pretty much already been said lol…..a bunch of dudes with nothing better to do than all like idiots on camera and post it for the world to see. And SURPRISE, after each series of “threats” there is a damn rap video haha. So instead of just stepping to Ross in person cats decide to go hollywood and makes videos and expect people to take them seriously………uh huh.

    You can tell that these cats were raised with no father figure…….emotional over shit that doesn’t even belong to them.

  • disqus_wdIukYO2xv

    1 on 1 them boys p$$$y! Officer Ricky will probably Billy club the sh!+ out the niqqas Lmao move in silence my ass..snitching on ya self! F%* k out here…

  • keylon jackson

    GD’s Alaska and GDs mongolia Mad at ricky

    • rick ross

      Look at this dumba$$ recycling jokes.

  • wise guys

    Im from LA I aint never ran into no GD we Crips N Bloods out west WE respect GD they like Crips to us when did this start on westcoast an what city Gd is Chicago gang like Vicelords these niggaz look authentic butwhat city they in ? Crip run LA not GD

    • Matthew McClinton

      That is the longest runon sentence I ever did read. I don’t know where you starting to say something new or stopping your last thought lol. And you mean democrats run LA like they do Cali.

      • He was hitting us with mixed construction, verb shift & tense errors, and a predicate antecedent disagreement, but since this is AHH:
        “We going to let ‘chet slide!”

  • Terrance Goodman

    Where’s the growth? Fools lost the purpose of these organizations
    I rep family gang feed ya seeds gang . Been went renegade when niggas
    Start hitting civilians n bloodin wit no purpose

  • Lmao real G’s and the real mob don’t have to remind anyone that they’re not to be fucked with. This guys are a joke. They gotta tell people to fear them. If they were worth fearing they wouldn’t have to tell anybody.

    • KtruHeaterz

      ^^^^ str88 upper!

  • MrPickles

    Gds in L.A. Thats like southsiders in chicago. Fucken Fags.

  • STOP IT. Ross won.

  • smke1witme

    First of all I really want to know where exactly r they cuz there is not no GDS in cali n if so they hidin no disrespect but NO not at all only CRIPS, BLOODS, NORTE, SUR, ASIAN gangs this niggas dont even sound like they from cali these r down south niggas visiting cali because there r no LA, OCEANSIDE, nothing NO City, Hood Reping FOLKS or PEOPLE so get that shit outta here

  • these sites need to stop posting shit like symbols & talking about shit they shouldnt talk about

  • Guest

    What a promo, ross. Good job.

  • Guest

    Pitchforks,360, jewish spelling,star of david…gadamn theyre confused. Hoover is in jail tryna prove hes a good guy to come out,and this ppl are looking to kill under his name. Very sane…

    • Calico Joe

      I could’ve sworn at the beginning of the video they said this has nothing to do with Larry Hoover.

      • Guest

        Oh nah,its just his gang and the whole nonsence started over ross sayin his stupid name.

    • Galactus

      Masonic Symbols????

  • niggas talking all that killa shit then making a wack ass song… this shit is Cooommmeedddyy!

  • their mad at ross for the bar mitsfa mixtape with the big GD sign on it next to ross’ ugly mug, u kno like hes trying to llook like hes a GD. oh u get it now even tho you have posted many articles on the subject…smh

  • these dude a bunch of clowns all talks and no action to it…not even a lady with them all niggas rubbin niggaz up looool be like Jamaicans 1 talk or tic toc gun shot

  • KtruHeaterz

    The real mob would wipe these foolios out smh. Sad we think we are a ”mob” now. Them negroes was killing off families, all involved. When u start doing that n stop snitchin’ on another let me know. #G’s&camerasgottaloveit

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Yes. This is what rap music has come to. Now the fans threaten the artists lol. These niggas’ brains are so polluted that now they have taken the gangster persona into their own hands. I could respect it if I saw it once. But now we on state #4 or 5. And the threats are always followed by a rap song but never exactly what they are mad about?

  • If your imagination leads you to understand how
    quickly people grant your requests when those requests appeal to their
    self-interest, you can have practically anything you go after.

  • infinit221

    Losers…the str8 definition. This is how I know William is winning. Dude was just in Chicago and LA, with the real bosses, while these clowns are trying to extort and self promote. This is bringing shame to the organization Hoover created. Funny thing is they mad at Ross, but he uplifted they’re entire organization, these dudes just making them look bad…

  • scullyson

    Sh*t appears real. Although I see where the GD’s are coming from I hope Williams dont take these threats lightly. He needs to get creative and try and squash this right now because their energy to take his head off is spreading quicker than the swan flu…smh

  • AK

    Fucc these gay ass gd impostors, aint no such thing like that in cali you stupid attention whore actors let me catch you clowns my self around anywhere in socal

  • jrq3000

    Man….I can’t even take this serious. The old man in da purple hat and glasses look hilarious. Ya’ll need to take dat man back home and let him go to sleep. He lookin like “Wait a minute, ya’ll told me we was goin to a family reunion?” Pure comedy. He doesn’t even know where he at! Hard to take them serious when they start rappin after the threats.

  • nastinupe

    SMH, “hiding behind masks”. Dude… you’re on Youtube. It’s not like you’re actually in Rick Ross’s face. And why are you on facebook anyway? And if you “ride in silence” then when are you on youtube complaining and making music about what you want to do?

    If you don’t like Rick Ross, this is simple. Out of all the people in world that these guys want to jump, who has a schedule of where they are going to be basically every day posted on the internet? Just check to see where his next show is, go to the show, and attack him. Seems kind of easy to me.

  • messias3

    my ppl stop posting this … this is not how G’s move … the internet is Big Brother … How can you go to jail behind an entertainer … A real G can’t move as a entertainer … So the let the entertainers/RAPper entertain in Hip-HOP … And YOU G run the street … BG 420 vision

  • WillVetterGoodin

    William Roberts as good as dead. He might as well cancel his career.


    If you believe this shet is real and not staged. You are all some damn sheep…..

    This is staged by ross to promote his boss i am a G persona….

    Terust me,, if you think these niggas is killers or going to moved on ross, i got ocean front property in the desert, that i am selling for cheap.
    And i throw in some magic beans to plant a bean stalk to go with the house.

    These tapes are being made / executive produce by ross himself.
    His brushing these threats off interviews is attrmpted to maintain, his street cred. Truth his mmg is on its death bed. After warner just drop them & passed them on to atlantic.
    Ross needs anything to keep his buzz alive.

    Killers aint getting on no computer making tapes and uploading them from a computer.
    Why ??? Well cause of these tracking numbers called your Ip adress. Oh wait maybe the GD got an computer in their gang hideout. Lol but if something happen to ross wouldnt that ip adress lead directly back to them or someone, who close to them???
    Who plans on catching a body in real life and would leave, a big ass clue like this to start? Dont believe the hype. If these actor was going to get at ross. Wouldnt no videos be made. Their wouldnt be no need to make a video. The streets would be talking from coast to coast. “Ross dont bring your ass here or there”
    Just like when biggie & pac was beefing. Wasnt no video needed to tell biggie the west coast wasnt safe. The street knew it and so did the whole damn country.
    Stevie wonder can see these niggahs pump faking. Lol
    If you cant see it your a fool

    • steven smith


  • jeanpaulroc

    I hate fake n****s, in America everyone trying to be someone, everyone wants 2 minutes of fame, them clowns are nothing but hungry dumb people that just some money, so they try something to see if it will work, why can’t they just get a job, but I forgot they are too stupid to get a job, they are no way near being a gangster, plus they are too stupid to be a gangster.

  • Funny..all these GD gangsters posting threats and after they droppin rhymes at the end of it….lmfao literally …..SHmH…why don’t they just come out and say what they really want….A RECORD DEAL!!!!! clowns.

  • I believe they are the same dudes taking turns wit their threats…taking flights to various states and setting up their Tri-pod..with angry faces..sounding like a thugged out Fraternity,,lmao

  • timwest1000

    I guess they can use the same formula as Rozay then. If it is fake it doesnt matter. No One cared if Rozay was fake but they care if THIS is fake? If fake is real today, this will work. If shots are fired and it is real, I dont know what all the pretenders will say. In Fakeland The GD’s destroyed Rick Ross’s whole scheme. I call it brilliant warfare. Using the tools that move sheep. OR They all are in on it. Exploiting our curiosity of what if…To create drama which leads to attention which leads to sales. When CNN reports on it, you know its real. Until then, its just Fakeland doing what they do. “Snow on the Bluff” type fake sh!t.

  • southside4lyfe

    bro this shit is fake ass hell. if this were real you would see a big ass raid going down right now. Ohhh and ricky woulda been tapped by now.

  • Dadon850

    Sgt. William Roberts brought this on himself. Seriously, when does the fake ends and the real begins?? Last interview with Sarge showed just how out of touch with reality he is. Trick Daddy said a long time ago that Sarge didn’t have the right people around him giving him good advice. That last interview with the former corrections officer turned gangster rapper showed his new position. A mob boss! Smh

  • brotha_man

    c’mon my black brothas and sistas we are above this. I wonder if this is just GD’s trying to gain fame because the bloods are “running” the game right now…….I guess i could care less about gang life i left that all behind, joined the army, went to college, and started business.

  • sh4


    • wayne be cutting his checks on time,……he paying to play,…..pass granted



  • Iamdisgustedwithu

    These niahs are clowns. At the end of all that, you rap???? GTFOH! Y’all niahs need to get a job. Stop making videos thinking somebody gonna pay you loot… and you niah’s can’t even get nowhere. How you gonna pick up the money?? Bunch of dusty azz dudes making videos in a parking deck. Then put on a serious Cali beat and start rapping? LOL… Clowns!

  • biafra

    this is hilarious and sad at the same time. after yelling, they went to the studio and made a song. God bless the earth when white man will rule this planet no more.

  • trixnkix637

    Who the f ever confused Rick Ross for Slick Rick? That’s like confusing Biggie Smalls for Tyrese.

  • jondoe

    lol i usually like the song at the end of these GD videos but this one was wack

  • jondoe

    my question what city is rick ross in right now, because it seem like every state popping up with these vids

  • Abrasive Angel

    Since when have GDz popped up in Cali?

  • BilderbergSuperstar

    The GD’s in Ross’s beard are mad at his face..

  • psychorealm

    I heard the MEXICAN GD’Z are mad at Ross

  • steven smith

    Rick Ross has security. he better get amored cars and a vest..

  • jbeamazing

    your top 5 rappers are bitch knowledge is power

  • DSC

    This the most stupid going online….why in the hell after each Set make a post right after they prompting some wack ass song.. Gangsters or rappers which is it.??? They killlin me…they broke and mad..I’m not the biggest Rozey fan but this is ridiculous!!

  • 420

    SMH. People don’t pay attention. It’s very simple ya’ll. The problem is this…and note, this is the word from the Chi. William Roberts got a pass on the “BMF” song. Jo-Jo Capone connected Roberts with Lil’ Larry to “smooth out” the reckless usage of his father’s name and what he stands for. Roberts was supposed to come to the Chi and do some Growth & Development work. Back to school for the kids type shit. Roberts did not hold his end of the bargain AND he changed up his digits which was a pure disrespect to Growth & Development, not Gangster Disciple. Roberts hasn’t been touched yet because he has CIA style security. So as eager as the GD’s are, in order to touch him he will have to get caught slippin’….and based on how wreckless he his, that just might happen.

    William Roberts disresprect the principles of Growth & Development AFTER getting a pass. Everything else is additives and filler. Any questions?