The Connecticut Shooting: How Many More?

“Babies. He killed babies.” That was the text message that blasted its terror from my iPhone into the sudden numbness of my mind when I first learned of the terrible mass shooting at that Connecticut elementary school. Babies, as young as kindergarteners, murdered, just because they were there. Nearly 30 dead in total, 20 of them children. Babies, yes, babies who will never have children of their own. Also dead, too, the shooter’s mother (a teacher at the school), and the shooter, a man only 20-years-old, from a self-inflicted gun wound. Every single time I hear about a shooting, be it one-on-one in a ghetto or a mass shooting in a suburb I feel sick, very sick. And so profoundly sad.

How did we as a nation get to this? How are we able to be numb to the fact that approximately 9000 gun-related deaths happen every year in America? A number so great, as someone posted on my facebook wall, that if this total were in any country other than ours it would be considered a civil war. Or note that since guns killed Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, just two months apart in 1968, over one million Americans have died from gun violence. Indeed, among the world’s 23 wealthiest countries, 80 percent of all gun deaths are American deaths and 87 percent of all kids killed by guns are American kids. Moreover, in our America, over one dozen guns are legally sold every minute of every day. That means there are almost 300 million privately owned guns in this country-that’s almost enough to arm every man, woman and child. But while there is a gun in four out of every 10 American homes, only a small percentage of owners have most of the weapons, with the average collection swelling in recent years to around seven guns per owner.

America, this is who we are, this is where we are, with no resolution or cease-fire in sight. Violence is as American as apple pie, the Super Bowl, rock and roll, hiphop, and the iPhone I am typing this blog on. It is deeply rooted in the history and psyche of our society and we cannot identify a single American generation that has not experienced the insanity of violence.

And, clearly, no one is immune from this national tragedy of endless gun violence. Not people in America’s ghettoes. Not people in America’s suburbs. Not Black people, not White people, not Latino people, not Asian people, not Native Americans, not straight people, not gay people, not any people, any faith, any region, any class, or any age. Not Trayvon Martin or Jordan Davis, not those little children at that Connecticut school.

For we are a nation held hostage by gun violence. And we do not seem to know how to escape its wrath, even as it murders babies in run-down inner city tenements and babies in neatly manicured suburban schools.

This is an epidemic that we have on our hands. One that has plummeted so far out of control that we wrongly continue to see these as isolated incidents, or simplistically limit them to debates between gun control advocates and pro gun lobbyists.

Yes, I personally support much tighter gun restrictions. Enough of saying, after Columbine, after Virginia Tech, after Aurora, and now after Connecticut, that it is too soon to discuss gun laws. It is actually too late, because yet more Americans are dead, senselessly. In this case, children…

Yes, I feel we need to think long and hard about why it is overwhelmingly American males who commit these shootings, these mass murders. There is something disturbingly wrong with how we define manhood in this country, how we boys and men are socialized. With how manhood is so invested in violence, anger, ego, competition, revenge, guns, murder.

And, yes, I feel we’ve got to, once and for all, have a national conversation on mental illness in our America. For only a seriously unstable human being would hoard guns, and use those guns on others. At a movie theater. On the mother of his child. At an elementary school. What are we not saying and doing for the male population in America where gun violence is the final solution for every single conflict, disturbance, dispute, or beef, be it real or imagined?

But I also believe that America needs to take a hard look at its soul. These mass shootings are piling up. They are happening at high schools, elementary schools, malls, places of work, college campuses, military bases. There is clearly no place called careful, no place to run and hide.

It means we’ve got to confront, head on, the culture of violence that pervades every aspect of our lives, from school textbooks to comic books and blockbuster movies, to our most popular sports and video games, to destructive and abusive domestic relationships, to the way we describe our day-to-day lives with the most aggressive language and imagery. To even the news media and what it chooses to report on a daily, and why.

You teach a people, any people, to be violent, that violence is the remedy for their hurts, wounds, gripes, problems, and they will resort to violence. Without a second thought, and especially, again, if there is a profound emotional and spiritual imbalance. And doubly so if guns are so readily available.

I heard President Barack Obama’s words and felt his tears, very sincerely, when he spoke about the Connecticut school shooting. However, as the leader of our country Mr. Obama must, sooner rather than later, use the full moral weight of his office, of his historical position, and demand we have that national conversation on violence that we’ve continually pushed to the background after a few sensationalistic news cycles have passed.

And we as Americans, from all backgrounds, all walks of life, must come together, and march on Washington, just as the National Rifle Association lobbyists do on a daily, just as we’ve done for other causes. We must come from every corner of our nation and demand massive changes to our America, to gun laws. We need those there who’ve been affected by gun violence in some way, and we need those there who do not want to see this spiral downward any further.

Because even our children are dying because of guns…

And we cannot wait any longer. Not for the sake of our America. Not for the sake of our children, both the ones gone, and the ones yet to be born.

Kevin Powell is an activist, public speaker, and author or editor of 11 books, including “Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, and The Ghost of Dr. King: Blogs and Essays.” Email him at or follow him on twitter @kevin_powell

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  • hoeyuno

    America needs to band automatic weapons. If your angry teenager can take a couple machine guns outta your closet when he hates the world thats a problem. Nobody outside the military needs a gun like that. And American guns are responsible for more then 9000 deaths a year.

    Iran murders=American guns
    Mexico murders=American guns
    Columbia murders=American guns
    This tragedy needs to be a wake up call.

    • nothinlessdenSour


      • This ^^^

      • hoeyuno

        Im not saying band guns completely.

    • Automatic weapons and machine guns are illegal and banned in America………so angry teenagers can’t actually take them out of the closets.

      • He means “SEMI” automatic.

      • hoeyuno

        Thanks…I swear people just come on here to argue….I think these some of these dudes need a girlfriend to get rid of some of there built up aggression ha ha

    • >>Blows Whistle & throws yellow flag @hoeyuno:disqus

    • D Stacks

      Iran used to get guns from us, but there are cheaper manufactures in the middle east and asia, such as romania, russia, china. Colombia is known for their imported guns from such places as well. Know your facts! If guns became prohibited to own, there would just be a lot of illegal possessions of firearms, many unregistered and handled by ppl willing to pay extra to have it. The Guns aren’t the problem, its the ppl that have access to them. If the U.S. was invaded, would any civilian be prepared to defend their families? There’s so much conflict and contradiction in this issue that there is no win/win. I own firearms, but i understand that there’s a level of responsibility of owning one.

  • Sean Taylor

    Little late there champ. I understand why though….theyre white.

    • $11625525

      Black kids were killed too… so f ckin ignorant!

  • Ironic that the slogan of this site is “the world’s most dangerous site”…………You’re writing for an organization that is glorifying danger and violence not only through the music it promotes but it’s own title. But let’s blame the guns.

    • But rappers don’t promote killing children through lyrics.

      • Banksy

        umm..isn’t promoting killing another man just as bad? Weren’t those men someones baby at one time?

      • WhoKnows3000

        Rappers do vary. You have violent metal music as well. I listen to plenty of it as well. To blame music which may have flaws but does not physically kill is quite different from accessibility to firearms.

        Mass shootings have been occurring well before Hip hop. However historically-speaking, enhanced control do limits these shootings. It is quite noticeable in US, but the real source to this bullshit has more to do with a bankrupt culture.

        The American culture, at times, seems more bankrupt than other Western nations. You have homeless ex-military serviceman. Poverty is a lot more extreme, Ordinary Danes would view food stamps as outright immoral. Nor would the Swiss, who despite having a high gun ownership rate, consider the US gun culture rational.

        PS: Are these shootings really that surprising?

      • It’s not the weapon that kills, it’s the hard heart!

      • hoeyuno

        ………….and justin bieber fans

      • & Paisley ties!

      • hoeyuno

        …ed they are moderating my ish again

      • No link, straight comment? No website mentioned with a dot com? Symbols?

      • hoeyuno

        no. Its always random. its none of the above, not language and I don’t hate on the staff… that much.

      • That much?

      • WhoKnows3000


      • WhoKnows3000

        That way of thinking is too simplistic. It’s this line of thinking that’s going to ensure that this will continue to happen. You can even arm kids, but some nut will easily up the ante and take everyone out. Why? Because the nut is willing to die. Just look at how successfully highly trained soldiers are against irregulars in Iraq: proficient, but losses are still incurred.

        The problem here is that society has failed. The American culture has failed. You have a lot of MEN ( women don’t seem to be into mass killings) who are simply lost. Their parents were unable to equip the children with experience required in the 21st century. The schooling system is geared to producing drones and thinking is restricted.

        You’re a loser if don’t do well. On top of that economic policy is based on producing low-paying jobs menial/ robotic jobs that doesn’t enhance one’s creative abilities. I can’t differentiate between most jobs and one that could be done by an unconscious robot. Thus you have a lot of disappointed individuals .

        US is a nation where you have homeless ex-soldiers, food stamps and inaccessible education system. You have fundamentalist nuts everywhere making it feel like Saudi Arabia rather than a Western nation. The fact that a Western extreme such as Finland and Sweden, perform so much better in nearly all quality of life indicators than the US by employing a “commie” system.

        Ironically, companies would rather invest over there thus dynamic manufacturing economies still remain not to mention higher income growth. One can argue homogeneity is on their side, but probably 20% of the population is non-Swedish. Most non-EU and unlike African-Americans, their first language is not the vernacular of the nation!

      • The school system turns out good workers, not good thinkers.

        Guns aren’t the problem, the devaluing of human life is.

        I do agree with what your saying, but I’d rather have an armed populace …than an unarmed one….then again, as a stolen African, I’d rather have my own place to call home.

      • hoeyuno

        There usually talking about killing another man who also raps about killing other men.. so that kinda kills the someones baby at one time theory…ijs

      • Banksy

        so than that justifies it than?

      • hoeyuno

        KInda.Talkng about killing innocent children is lame. I won’t argue that but how can you be a fan of hip hop or rap music and be on here commenting wen even some of the most intelligent mc’s of our time talk about offing dudes time to time. Im not saying that is exactly right but it makes good entertainment. And if I wasn’t ok with it id listen to another type of music and probably wouldn’t know what Allhiphop was..

      • Banksy

        So because I’m a fan of Hip Hop I have to support everything about Hip Hop? To me that’s the problem with Hip Hop fans today. Most of them are just sheep that follow something (they know doesn’t make sense) just because it’s hot. For example Rick Ross’ past as a C.O and now turned Drug Lord and Lil Wayne Kissing Baby and now he’s a gang banging skate boarder. My point is not everything in Hip Hop is worthy of praise and praising and killing or selling dope to our own kind (knowing good and well that is killing our community) are just a couple things I will not cosign no matter how hot the music is.

      • Guest

        ‘ .. …make sure none of ya kids dont grow’ – tupac…..’ ..get out the courtroom, whack reporters, kill all their daughters’ -khadaffi…. here n there, yakno

    • Even more ironic is the Pres crying over the death of the kids, while dropping ordinance on the kids in Iraq & Afghanistan.

      Ban toast? Why not ban white males instead?
      Do you advocate banning cars because of drunk drivers?

      Would armed teachers have prevented or minimized each and every school shooting?

      What happens when all guns are banned and only cops & law breakers have them?

      More police acting the fool, shooting brothers, disrespecting & abusing them & criminals with guns acting with impunity, until the cops who don’t give a fugg show up?

      I’m usually with you 100% Kevin Powell, but on this issue, I think you should re think your position.


      Still, it was a good read as usual!

      Chuck C going out his way to bring quality writer to AHH & we appreciate it!

      • How is afghanistan comparable w this? Ban white males…lol…how would ghettos survive? Who would manage ur rappera, nba teams and govern shit,in general. Knock it off.

      • The white males banning was a joke…like banning guns.
        Guns don’t kill people any more than forks make people fat, otherwise no one would get out of a gun show alive.

        Drunk drivers kill, but their is no outcry to ban cars or alcohol.

        On Afghan – Iraq kids dying….their mothers’ pain is no less than ours, when an errant missile lands on their home, mutilating them in their sleep.

        IMHO, it’s hypocritical to cry crocodile tears in the middle of a war push.

        Are their lives worth less because they have minerals and natural resources?

        How many kids died over there by accident?

        More people died by accident the first month in Afghanistan, than during 9/11. Innocents, so the pound of flesh was attained 10+ years ago.

        You gonna cry about these kids & say Fugg those kids?
        All tragic deaths in my book.

        Banning guns so that they are only in the hands of the people who brought us Rodney King & high @$$ taxes isn’t the solution in the long run.

        Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

        The bill of rights….learn it. Changing it, changes the country, then again, the constitution was nullified with the 14th amendment.

        Speaking of which, your messiah isn’t even eligible to be in office because he is a dual citizen, Kenya / US, and not natural born, but a “Citizen At Birth”.

        Jus Sanguine – Blood citizenship
        Jus Soli = Born on the Soil Citizen ship

        His father’s citizenship doesn’t matter any more than the dead Afghan / Iraqi kids though…does it?

        Kenya can’t say “Even though your DAD was a citizen, your not” without revoking his citizenship, but even if it did…..that still doesn’t make him natural born : IE: two parents that are US citizens ( + born on US Soil )

        If you want, you can pretend that you missed that point! ^^^^

      • Guest

        WHen it comes to gun laws in usa, I am Ann Coulter. However, CT kids didnt fly plane into dudes house for him to ‘retaliate’, it is NOT comparable. All is fair in war bla bla…Kenya? Jeez, you are very enthusiastic. Apples, oranges…

      • The afghan & Iraqi kids didn’t fly the planes either, it was Saudis….as you say, Apples & Oranges?

        On Kenya? Nice side step…much better than facing head on….& getting flattened like a steam roller.

        Apples & Oranges?
        Hahahaa! Would love to hear your logic for discounting his father’s citizenship status and it’s “DISQUALIFYING” birth right he passed down to his son.

        What you gonna say? If it’s not white it’s not right? or something along that lines?

      • Guest

        are you ok? ‘ he ain ma prezident’. there. shoo, now u are creepin me out

      • >> Clasp 3X, slowly & distinctly!

        Bravo, another excellent side step!

        Are you a professional? Your much better than the other clown they paid to promote that same BoolChet you on!

        Kenyan Citizenship? Answer it…if you dare!

      • Guest

        if i ‘dare’? are you one of those kids Angelina adopted? Title of this article is “the connecticut shooting..’ . k? Unless you just wanna take it there and get into “the bell curve’? oh ok. ciao . ps. jeba te obama.

      • At least your smart enough to avoid the citizenship issue completely, most dummies try & explain it away & end up getting mangled further in the debate!

        LOL~N @ U not talking that bell curve ‘chet when you was spouting off the following Bool Chet:

        “Who would manage ur rappera, nba teams and govern shit,in general.”

        Talk about a cop out? Your hurting….you probably logged on solely to push your weak agenda,

        We debate here….holla back after you put your big pants on and develop the courage to address the citizenship issue.

        Make sure your post are well thought out in advance, clear, concise, and backed by factual documentation to prevent further mangling!

      • Guest

        whyt man done teacheded you how to speek big wurdz. affirmative akshion be da new gangzta. werd.

      • He should have taught you to log off when getting mangled for pushing his questionable agenda.

        Face it…you can’t win this debate, even if you disqualify yourself with your premium, turn cutting, dingle berry buffoonery.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        America is founded on immigration and colonisation, why should it bother you if an immigrant is president ? The first American president was probably an immigrant

      • America was founded on the enslavement & destruction of the Black family as it’s gross national product (GNP) not immigration, but it is also a nation of laws, or so it claims, as justification to continue it’s Black Holocaust.

        Immigrant president is just as illegal if it was Arnold Swartzenagger, but what is really under attack, is the 14th amendment, which may be restructured to bypass Black people’s rights & right to reparations.

        Bottom line is he is just another puppet, only difference, he was dipped in chocolate.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        what i mean is the founders of america were immigrants to it.

      • I know famz, but dig, you know we living under an ungodly system, so why would you advocate defenselessness against Malcolm X’s philosophy?

      • Jeffrey Pulliam


      • hoeyuno

        I dont think banning guns completely is the answer. But do people think that if mrs.oldapple had a gat in her desk she would stop these kids with there arsenals. These kids that do this abviously have issues that no one is gonna detect 10 years before and stop this from happening. Ya’ll have a population of 300 000 000and some, shit like this is gonna happen. ANd lets face it America will never ever ever ban guns and if politicians try to change the laws to restrict gun licences mr.constitutional rights will put a end to that thinking. And politicians only care about voters and would never do anything that dumb. I do think if these kids only had access to a single action weapon there would be too many flaws in there plans and would be tackled down by mr.gymshorts before they could off themselves. The lock system on the elementary schools is smart. They do that here to cause after Columbine we’ve had half a dozen of copcats as well.

      • Of course an armed teacher would have shut it down, just the possibility of meeting armed resistance would deter most of these shootings.

        Think dude would have tried it if there were a cop at school? Armed parents, who could quite possibly be military vets with combat experience?

      • hoeyuno

        yea, your right… I just pictured my old ass 1st grade teacher pulling a pistol outta her desk. If there is any chance of a hero these kids would not try to pull this off. Its sad as hell when you have to worry about dropping your kids off at school.. I mean im sure school in bx wasn’t a walk in the park….

      • Compared to a white school?

        It was cakewalking!

        In the BX, dudes shot the person they had beef with, maybe an innocent bystander or two.

      • Alf Capone

        ur car analogy makes no sense at all………… were made to travel…………guns were made for one reason and one reason only……….to injure or kill

      • Banning guns doesn’t make sense at all either.

        Why are you so adamant about giving up your right to self defense?
        Cigarettes kill, WARS kill, yet they aren’t banned.

        Everything in nature rules by kicking @$$!

        You want the only guns to be in the hands of criminals like the school shooters & Rodney King cops?

        Alcohol & gun deaths = 75K a yr…each.

      • Guest

        Alcohol & gun deaths = 75K a yr…each.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        “Alcohol & gun deaths = 75K a yr…each” those figures would be dramatically slashed if guns were illegal. ban guns, give minimum sentence of 5 years to anyone caught with one and the use by crims will deteriorate.

      • How would “THOSE” figures be slashed, only one….and your lack of suggestion for alcohol deaths suggest you are fine with 75K + alcohol deaths, even more, as long as it isn’t guns.

        So eliminate 75K gun deaths, but gain 1 Mil alcohol deaths & your fine with that?

        Your bugging!

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        i thought you meant alcohol related gun deaths were 75k. You the one buggin, the 1 million alcohol deaths are self-inflicted so hardly the same ball-park fam !

      • Drunk driver mowing people down is self inflicted?

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        that’s not an ‘alcohol death’ thats an automobile death,

      • Alcohol “RELATED”

      • Tre C

        Chuck C going out his way to bring quality writer to AHH & we appreciate it!

        ain’t that the fuggin truth

      • 4 Sure!

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        “What happens when all guns are banned and only cops & law breakers have them?” Perhaps it would be like over here in England where guns are illegal and armed police are few. Result = hardly any gun crime.

      • Perhaps…but if not, what are you going to say to the victims? Ooops?

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        the vitcims would be less so it would be an improvement to the situation. there’s no complete solution to evil but adding guns into the mix doesn’t create a balance. You say ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ but do you think this guy would’ve been able to pull off the massacre with a spoon ?

      • ADX ( Ad Max Prison, Fed Alcatraz, etc.,) doesn’t have guns yet has murders. Most prisons do. Spoons / Shanks

        Gun laws only affect law abiding citizens.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        There has never been a mass murder committed with spoons. And if you think spoons are just as dangerous then that’s another reason we don’t need guns.

      • People are killed with spoons, knives, bats, bare hands, & poison.

        Guns are inanimate objects, that can be used for good or bad, depending on the user.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        Spoons, knives, bats have positive uses. Guns are only good for killing. you’re on a road to nowhere with this argument sunshine.

      • So if a bear or mountain lion attacks a country dweller, your suggestion is for them to defend themselves with a spoon? Hunt with a spoon? Or you prefer to have others supply your food?

        Your blaming an inanimate object for animate actions?

        You’re on the road to nowhere suga’britches, not me!

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        people make a choice to live where there’s bears and lions (in the usa at least). the bears don’t have weapons othr than what god gave them, plus humans killed lions and bears before there were guns.

      • “plus humans killed lions and bears before there were guns.”

        Killed humans too!

        So banning guns won’t stop it now will it?

        Discussion closed, you just shot yourself in the foot!
        >>Pun Intended

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        you carry on, justifying mass killings by the need to bear arms…

        meanwhile in most of europe this type of madness hardly happens and noones allowed guns. meanwhile in america, its just a waiting game til it happens again. if americans were a bit more physically fit they’d probably feel more confident to handle situations with their fists than with the gat… matter of fact i wonder if the rise in gun crime has coincided with the rise in obesity in the u.s ?

      • Your mentality is fugged up, I never justified mass killings, only the right to self defense.

        Still, if it wasn’t for American guns, Hitler’s dik would still be up your country’s @$$!

        So if you come over here, pumped up like Mr Universe, from years of lifting heavy @$$ weights, on some “Bob the Bully” ‘chet with some 100lb weakling that has spent years lifting light @$$ nickel plates….you going back to the UK in a box.

        Don’t let Hollywood fool you, Sylvester Stallone ( Rocky ) ain’t ‘chet against Al Capone with a Tommy Gun!

        Had a gun owner been at Newton, carrying his firearm, the results could have been drastically different.

      • hoeyuno

        you got pecks!! I got tecks mofo …..haha

      • Hahahahaa! Good 1!

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        “Still, if it wasn’t for American guns, Hitler’s dik would still be up your country’s @$$!” I ain’t proud of my country, that’s stupid just like being proud of your eye colour or height as it’s something you’ve had no hand in the making of. But – seeing as you started, it wasn’t for England, America would still be in the hands of it’s indiginous people.

      • According to “HIS” Story, America kicked England’s & the indigenous people’s @$$e$.

        In reality, the 3 ring empire =
        London – Financial
        Washington DC – Military
        Vatican – Religious

        The three cities with Obelisks monuments

        That is another topic though!.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        America kicked the English’s ass in the civil war, but you were English anyway so you were just kicking your own ass.

      • WhoKnows3000

        Someone is not very familiar with the second world war. The main front vs Germany was the Russo-German border. The American and British were largely bombing civilians in Germany, while the Russians lost millions thwarting the German military machine. In fact ,the Americans entered world war II late, and no, armaments would have not stopped a war.

        We’re talking about US here, not Switzerland. The nation is not that dense nor mountainous and it would’ve been quite difficult, probably impossible, to defeat Germany if Russia and UK fell. Besides such results would result in a truce. A cold war between Nazi Germany and US would’ve been VERY different. Capitalist power was enhanced in Nazi Germany, US would be taking on a dynamic power. America would have to be more populated, because it would be a lot more easier to defend a Nazi Germany.

      • Defend?

        It takes 10 attackers to dislodge 1 entrenched defender, so there is no way that Germany would be able to invade & defeat an armed U.S….in theory.

        In reality….now this is reality, the Germans, or should I say, the Nazi’s actually won the war, but now we are getting into the Rothchilds, AshkeNazi’s & of course, the Rothchild’s private country Israel.

        I.G. Farben & The Bush Gang << Google it

        Operation Paper Clip << Google it…then again, something tells me you already know about that.

        It's not that I don't know the history, I was just playing on "HIS" story.

        WW2 started, or rather, could have been prevented by the League Of Nations when Mousilini invaded Ethiopia, & Halle Selase pleaded his case to the LON, only to be told GTFOH because your Black *type 'chet, which emboldened Mousilini & Hitler even more.

        WW2 was more about Europeans fighting over exploiting non whites.

        IE: Irwin "The Desert Fox" Rommel's Afrika Corps

        In reality, it was all rigged, even the American revolution.

        That is another topic though!

      • WhoKnows3000

        The 1:10 ratio can be defied just as creative destruction may destroy established monopolies. The immigration patterns to US from Germany, UK, etc would not occur. That means the jet engine, rocket technologies would have stayed in Germany.

        Nazi Germany was a capitalist state. There was a huge emphasis on consumer-spending thus Autobahn and Volkswagen. That arms race would have been quite different than the one with Russia. I’m not so sure if an armed American populace would make a difference. Nuclear weapons would simply wipe out much of the populace.

        Firearm may help, but I think you’d need a tactical nuke to ultimately repel an aggressor. That’s because if such a nation were to invade US, sub-kiloton tactical nukes WILL be used.

      • 1:10 – Yeah…..but you ain’t going in there yourself, 1 deep….or even 2 deep. 3 deep could be just as bad.

        1 hit, other two carry him out…..but without covering fire? They won’t get far, carrying 1 immobile wounded.

        Two wounded in initial volley, which is more likely than not, due to avenues of approach etc.

        That leaves you with the 3 you started with before the snafu.
        (Situation Normal A Fugged Up)


        Maybe the Mexicans, 1 platoon at a time….but those troops usually go back to mexico after they drop off.

        “I.G. Farben and the Bush Gang”

        Google it.

        Dems & Repubs all equal.
        Rothchilds = Ashkenazi + The State of Israel

      • hoeyuno

        u were dead on about “if the teachers had guns….”. the nra wants a armoured guard at every school in America. I bet a year from now that will be the case.

      • ‘Chet is crazy because the congress building is protected by armed guards. but schools are protected by gun control.

        Still, militarizing, or policing the schools isn’t the solution, now disciplinary matters = getting booked.

        Bag of weed? No detention…criminal case

        I remember in High school, this kid dropped a burner in class, it fell out of his bag, whole class was like “WTF?”.

        Dude scooped it & chilled or bounced?

        Anyway, the teacher got in trouble for not reporting it to the principal, because the kid went out & caught a life sentence like two days later.

        Principal was mad, because he was a good kid. He wasn’t gonna report him to the laws unless he had too, was gonna try & get the burner or at least talk some sense into the kid.


        Get caught with a nail clipper & your finished.

        Wasn’t no school shootings back then, might have been shoot out?, but that was beef & the kids that had burners in school, didn’t have them for inside the school, they were for surviving on the way to & from school.

        Some schools had cops in them, but them ‘chets was off the chain.

        Clinton, Stevenson, Roosevelt, etc

      • hoeyuno

        I think policing the schools may be the only option unless ya’ll were willing to take a good look at the gun laws. I just think u guys have too big of a population to not have a little more gun restriction. the nra is hilarious tho. anything they can do to get some more guns in this bitch there all over like 14 year old boys andnew girl at school.

      • Maybe, but that teacher that died shielding her kids, might have survived if she had a glock & was proficient with it.

      • There has been with swords, clubs, knives and arrows though!

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        there’s not as many people who are willing and able to kill with manual weapons (bats knives etc) as with guns where you are able to distance yourself from the victim and don’t have to make physical effort to kill. If someone broke into a school carrying a bat they would not kill as many people as with a sub-machine gun plus it wold take longer and there would therefore be more chance of more people being saved. Why you believe humans should be able to walk around with something that can kill multiple people in seconds I can’t imagine, I guess it’s part of the pilgrim mentality…

        Americas constitution was built to support the unjust means by which the nation was created. Therefore it doesn’t hold moral weight or deserve to be upheld.

      • That’s a pretty sanctimonious statement…like the rest.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        is this the real EDOG btw ?

      • No!

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        “Do you advocate banning cars because of drunk drivers?” No because cars have another use that’s not related to violence. They can be used to serve a positive purpose – unlike guns which only have a violent one.

      • So if your mom or sis or wife is getting raped, you would rather they only use harsh language to defend themselves?

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        irrelevant. England doesn’t have people constantly raping each other despite guns being illegal. You’re acting like guns are a product of mother nature.

      • Not irrelevant, because the US. does.

        Why would you want to disarm potential victims?

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        becuase we would be disarming everyone not just victims.

      • fuknyourgirl2

        if guns were illegal there would still be murders an death u.s. black market would only change for the worst with this meaning a government inside its own government because the government is already corrupt so it would only create more problems in the future there would be more violence on on cops an police followed by more violence on innocent ppl so there is no better situation the gun laws wont change because they cant america makes to much money off of chaos violence and death its a business…………….

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        if that’s the case, America’s terminally f**ked.

      • Jay

        I agree 100%

    • Chris

      I hate to say it, but this is REAL TALK.

    • Guest

      I was about to write exact same comment. Thanx

    • Carlos

      I agree with EDOGZ818, the 2nd amendment was put in place so that we are not f’ed by the government like the ppl back then when it was written . Guns right now are illegal and everyone in my hood has them, siht, i had two or three in my day, so legislation will not stop guns from falling in the wrong hands. Guns are not to blame, a killer will kill with whatever, if he didnt have a gun (the conn killer), he would have blown up the school or something, before guns there was more violence, they hit each other with rocks, swords etc. back in the 50, 60s schools even in NY had shooting clubs and no one got shot. Havent any of you seen than simpson episode when they ban guns and the aliens come in and take over. lol.

  • STP

    “It means we’ve got to confront, head on, the culture of violence that
    pervades every aspect of our lives, from school textbooks to comic books
    and blockbuster movies, to our most popular sports and video games, to
    destructive and abusive domestic relationships, to the way we describe
    our day-to-day lives with the most aggressive language and imagery. To
    even the news media and what it chooses to report on a daily, and why.”

    In my opinion, this is the just of the problem…Also, you forgot to mention violent music that is listened to everyday…The problem with this is that even after all these tragedies happen, all these people/children dying due to gun violence, what do us americans go and do…We jump on facebook for a day saying how said we are, and how we feel for the families, and that we’re praying for the country, etc., and then we turn around and feed our brains the same ol violent music, violent movies, violent games, etc…

  • Q.

    I’m glad Barack acknowledged the slain kids in Chicago as well–the majority of those lives were no less innocent than the babies in CT.

    The only thing I know is that 27 people are dead, 20 of them defenseless children. Sickening. Other than that, network news is pure theater: the images, the music, the narration…all neatly tailored to evoke psycho trauma/fear/visceral emotional response. It’s a total MK science.

    Calling someone “crazy” is a tidy cover-up that people rarely second-guess. But we don’t know sh!t other than what comes out of the dummy box.

    Movieheads, there’s a 2009 thriller called the “Killing Room” featuring Nick Cannon (Yes, cornball Nick Cannon) where they drop game about how your gov’t creates “civilian weapons.” The Bourne series is telling as well.

    Question everything.

  • disqus_wdIukYO2xv

    Demonic powers at work here my peeps! Pure evil at its best, satan don’t even want kids born less on living a full life if they escape abortion… Even the killer was a kid!

    • wickedjones

      the killer was 20 years old…

      • disqus_wdIukYO2xv

        Ok 1 yr from a teenager that’s a kid to me

  • andone

    all i kno is that cover photo is disrespectful to the victims, change dat sh!t asap!!!

    • Q.

      Disrespectful how?

      • andone

        why brandish any weapon in the wake of a horrific massacre/tragedy… instead of somthing a lil more neutral like a cross(anything other than a firearm)… the cover photo doesnt seem appropriate to me @ least!!

      • The cross is more horrific than a gun.

        It’s only purpose was an instrument of capital punishment for the Roman government,

      • andone

        that depends on who u ask, but my point was ANYTHING(honorable?) other than a gold plated ak47… somthing that “most” ppl can respect(relate to as a form of comfort so to speak)… it isnt about religion, i jus feel it wasnt the right way to go about it… imo!!

      • Understood!

        (P.S. : It’s Titanium Nitrade, not gold plated, it just happens to be goldish colored.)

        Still, the image sparked our debates, so it did it’s job. IMO

      • andone

        i deff agree the convo needed to get kicked off… and im glad it did, but that pic was not necessary thats for sure(with respect to those who were lost) as far as im concerned!!

      • Propaganda comes into play on that!

        Goal is to build support for the population’s disarmament.

      • andone

        propaganda is used to manipulate… and i dont think that was/is the authors intention, even in the slightest… i jus wanted to voice my disappointment of/in an otherwise well written post/thread… any righteous person would build and support a worthy cause… and thats why u and me showed up… but to put this to a rest i can/will say ur reply’s were well received, #nohate!!!

      • Folks think AHH is all about who slept with who…..because they have no idea about what goes on in the comments!


        >>Big Upz AHH

      • andone

        all good… jus dont forget to upp me when them lames gettin the best tho… yeah it happens lol… but either way, stay above the “upper” level… #church!!

      • Lames on here are like Zombies…they roll deep!

  • Q.

    Simple niggas argue about gun rights. Gun rights were intended for the white man to strong-arm land away from the indigenous peoples and to keep your Black ass in check, because they FEAR YOU. That’s pretty much it. Without guns, where’s the power?

    Trade all the guns for hand-to-hand combat skills and watch the world change overnight. We’ll see how many mass killers and gangsters we got left.

    • Flanny Macquiao

      real shit my brotha

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      Q – ( I mean, Queer) – change internet sh#t talkin’ – to face to face talk – would your mutt race as# do that? – No, I know your weezel kind. – but glad I’m my blood line, and you – yours.

      • Q.

        Girl, I don’t know what you just said…but quit playing on your daddy’s iphone. You running down his battery.

    • Nah, gun rights were intended to protect the people from the government.

      Your confusing what the savages did with the guns, and blaming the law for it!

      Now the first GUN law’s purpose was to facilitate exactly what you said.

      • Q.

        Wait…didn’t those same savages CRAFT the law?

        Contrary to popular belief, a few assault rifles in the bedroom closet won’t stop Uncle Sam from murking anyone they so please when they get ready. It’s 2012–you got guns, they got missiles; you got missiles, they got drones; you up the ante, they got your water supply… So who’s winning this gun game with the gov’t? Let’s be real. Between racial/political divisions, obesity and diabetes, how many American men are organized and able enough to stage a coup/uncivil uprising?

        Not showing up for work en masse hurts the gov’t more than militia shootouts with the SWATS.

        Guns are psychological security blankets–they provide little in terms of real solution. Future wars won’t even be physical. GEAR UP.

      • True, but relinquishing your right to self defense only helps the savages.

      • Mos High

        @ QI think you made some great points. Im from Toronto and in Canada we dont have the amount of guns or legal accesibility as down there in the USA. I really just dont get this argument about guns in schools or daycares etc will save lives. Greaater Toronto area there is about 6million people with usually less then 80 murders a year and its still a uproar. Yes we have issues that many major us citiies have as most of those are by and killed by young black men.

        But again the bottom line is when you get a gun license up here, usually its for a hunting reasons. You can get a license for a handgun but that is even tougher as there is a million questions and checks before they let you purchase one legally.

        semi automatic guns are not legal in Canada, You cant buy them legally here.

        That lady in connecticut I believe guns were registered to her, look at the firepower she had…wtf.

        There is too many guns in your country and too many people die by them bottom line.

        But again its not that shocking your government can be very violent and blood thirsty so I guess it trickles down to some of the population.

      • hoeyuno

        Yea semi autimatics is the big one. Im in Vanouver and last year we had 83 murders(greater Van) and we are in the middle of a gang war. In Canada people need to take a couple day course that costs a few hundred to get th hand gun licence. I understand our American homies point about protecting your family but nobody who is not military needs a semi auto weapon. I know here you can go to a gun range and fire a arsenal of weapons not available to the public…. O yea and Canada has more guns per capa but the difference between 7 or 8 mil peoples in a major city compared to 35 mil in american city is where the big difference is…Peace

      • Violence is as American as Apple pie & the slave trade!

      • Q.

        Word. Shoutout to T-Dot. I’ve met a lot of cool peoples from up there, all races.
        Gun violence is at the foundation of American and Canadian history alike so we already know why guns are so deeply engrained in our culture.

        Black/urban gun violence is mostly in direct proportion to poverty, although Western media loves to mis-characterized gun violence in general as a Black problem–that’s a racially biased myth.

        The problem here is, like you said, the ease of accessibility of firearms. You can purchase guns and ammo here like going to buy a pair of shoes–a quick background check, and the purchaser is good to go. No stringent training requirements or questioning.

        I’m not necessarily anti-gun, but there are so many holes in the logic of those who believe mass gun ownership is an absolute necessity in this society. The vast majority of LEGAL gun owners in America have absolutely NO PRACTICAL PURPOSE for any of their weapons. Most of the gun fanaticism here is an extension of racial paranoia. Obama gets elected; gun purchases spike like a 1000%. Coincidence? The truth is, the dark imaginary boogeymen coming to raid white home and violate white family don’t exist; the dreaded race wars aren’t going to happen; and 99% of these extremist militia groups aren’t built to stage a coup, so the offset is a society of trigger-happy morons who roam gated communities looking for “undesirables,” gung-ho dads stumbling in the dark of the night who end up shooting their own loved ones by mistake, and the conceal-and-carry nuts who suddenly morph into Captain Vigilantes at their local gas stations (a lá Jordan Davis). Then of course, you have the suicidal loser teens who raid their parents’ gun caches to stage their own mini-Armageddons…the list goes on.

        Unfortunately, America seems to have to always learn lessons like these the hard way to make real progress. I guess the next step backwards would be to institute conceal-and-carry for kindergarteners! It’s a shame a bunch of defenseless women and children had to get mowed down for people to start to finally get it: We needed gun control YESTERDAY.

      • ATLWood

        Tell that to the Iraqi insurgents or the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. Both fought off Industrial superpowers with small arms. Never underestimate the power of guerilla warfare and determined individuals fighting on their own soil!

      • Q.

        I was speaking in the context of U.S. society. Apples and oranges.

  • Mr. Facts

    Ban Guns?? too late for that. Now, you wanna talk about blame….blame the inventors then law makers, blame those people. cowards. Before Guns, your fist, sword, shanks and things of that nature were the only weapons that existed on earth. but when world war and slavery came into the picture then came the creation of guns. YES, you as a person,
    adult, makes your own decision to pick up a gun then go out and kill. but without the creation of guns things this tragic couldn’t and wouldn’t happen. that’s where it started and now these are never ending stories. R.I.P to all those innocent Kids, Prayers for the families.

    • First murder was committed with a rock!
      (Cane & Abel )

      Ban rocks too?

  • Chris

    The US once enacted tougher narcotic laws as well. It’s been a disaster ever since. If you want a gun bad enough, you can get one with or without the government’s permission.

  • Flanny Macquiao

    how can you look to obama for change on these violent killings when he is responsible for drone strikes killing innocent women and children in the middle east??? thats such a contradiction…

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  • TruthSerum

    I hate to sound like a redneck, but the slogan fits………. You’ll get my gun when you pry it from my cold dead fingers. I got kids and I’m not gonna sleep at night unless I got a gun, especially not living in florida where we have such a high unemployment rate, people break into houses all over down here. Not gonna be me sitting there unarmed watching it happen. I have a permit and my gun is registered………Take it away, I’m just gonna have it illegally, rather go to jail then the grave yard.

    • ATLWood

      THIS^^ People act on emotions instead of thinking things through logically. Do you think additional gun laws are going to do ANYTHING to stop psychos like this?? What this guy did was already illegal. Do you think he would have stopped if it had suddenly been against a few more gun laws?? Of course not!! Criminals and psycopaths dont care about laws!! Drugs are illegal, has that stopped ANYONE from getting a hold of them?? The real issue here is not guns but mental illness. Our only hope is to improve our ability in this country to recognize mental illness and get these people the help they need BEFORE they decide to go out and kill people! Beyond that all you can do is lessen the impact of these crimes by meeting them with armed resistance. If the teacher were trained and allowed to carry firearms, not only might they have been able to stop this scumbag sooner, but just the knowledge that they would meet armed resistance would deter a lot of these shooters. If you notice these cowards always commit these acts somewhere that they know they wont be met with armed resistance. There’s a reason you dont hear about a bunch of kids walking into a police station and shooting there, and it aint because they love cops.

  • Jon

    We don’t want to take anyone’s guns. We’re talking about making and passing gun laws that stop gun shops and gun
    shows from selling weapons that can take out 50 people in less time that it took
    to load the goddam thing.

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  • thats guy shouldnt die so we can torture his ass daily by cuttin pieces and burn his ass to death…but where they getting guns? stupid gun laws and people still robbin and attackin

  • Isis Wisdom

    Uh that means anything that kills another human being should be banned or controlled more. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people with guns. You act like the gun has two legs and brain and arms.

    Come on Kevin I need for you to critically think as a writer. If America decided to confiscate all of the guns do you think that would stop people from purchasing them?

    Those who have a criminal mind would love to see America disarmed because if you think it’s bad now it will be even 10 times worse later. Then when mass unarmed civilians are attacked in their homes or place of business, by those who do not care about the so called gun controlled laws, where does that leave those who needed to defend themselves from danger or harm?

    Oh let me guess “Jesus will save them?” Or how about the government? What is talking going to do? What has marching ever did for any of us? To much talking not enough action and here is why. Americans do not know how to take personal responsibility and accountability for the conditions that the people are in. In other words when do we as individual human beings take the initiative to change?

    That is where it starts and all of the talks in the world and tighter gun control laws will not resolve the fact that America thrives on violence and negativity and anything contrary to that unfortunately people are not receptive to the question is why is that?

    Why do you have hip-hop sites talking about who slept with whom which has no relevance to the culture I’ll tell you why, people don’t care. You are seeing a very clear and direct result of this cavalier, numbness attitude with in the people. The energy is very negative and it is perpetuated by media outlets which are intentionally used to manipulate the minds of the people.

    We have to change, the only change I can believe in, is the change that I created for myself.

    • appreciate that

    • Dial 9/11 & wait the 6mins for them to respond…if there are any complications preventing them from arriving within the 6 mins….then you can kiss your defenseless @$$ goodbye!

    • Q.

      And we WILL be changed, voluntarily or involuntarily. Believe that.

  • Only strength can cooperate. Weakness can only beg.

  • jrq3000

    Man…. I spent three years in Afghanistan and I never seen anything like this Connecticut situation. I’m gettin da hell outta the U.S. and going back to Germany. I can’t take this sh#t anymore. I got a son to think about and I can’t sit at home wondering what kind of foolishness is awaiting outside the door when he goes off to school. I am truly heartbroken for those children and their parents. After I turned it off, I still sat there for 10 minutes on the couch in the dark with my jaw dropped like “WTF are us as a country gonna do?” Shameful……. just can’t understand wht the hell is goin on.

    • First month after 9/11, Afghan weddings were mistakenly bombed by the US, resulting in even more INNOCENT deaths.

      Who were you with in the Stan?
      Semper Fi!

      • jrq3000

        Contractin with AECOM in Bagram and Kabul.

      • Good $$$

  • Rap didn’t make violence or guns though?How did Hip Hop come into this discussion anyway?This has nothing to do w/ rap.In fact, crime has went down every yr hip hop has been around.The 90’s was way more violent than now even though some of the most ignorant shit is popular.This is just random wild shit.Can’t take away guns, so it is what it is

  • JimJames29


    • JimJames29

      80 percent of all gun deaths are American deaths and 87 percent of all kids killed by guns are American kids. Case effin closed, people. Its not the people, it really IS the guns. Numbers dont lie.

      • Yeah, they operate all by themselves!

  • lacsho

    Exactly I agree with Ben Keith. This website helps perpetuates the violence by promoting senseless music. Your website glorifies ignorance ie game, 40 glocc,little wayne, fake azz rick ross, meek mill, and the list goes on and on.

  • southside4lyfe

    it’s you white people that are doing this dumb shit. yeah black people shoot each other everyday in the hood but you never see. a black person or hispanic person going into schools and malls and shooting them up it is you retarded as white people

  • endz

    what do you mean how we came to this as a nation. If Im not mistaken this country was founded on violence. Christopher Columbus ass came over here and raped and killed thousands. They shipped our black asses from Africa, raped our women, threw our babies to alligators and hung us if we disobeyed. In hawaii they raped and killed some more. Mexico they raped and killed some more. Not to down play this situation, because it is truly a sad day, but this country has been fucked.

  • bham-Jeff co.

    its a sad thing that happened but you gotta understand, just like 911, and the joker who shot the movie up..Our government is trying to take away your right to bear arms so don’t be misguided or so quick to judge one fools decision.

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