Joe Budden and Tahiry

Hip-Hop Rumors: Bow Wow’s Bust Down! Love, Hip-Hop And Holiday Parties!

Over the weekend, there was a holiday party that Mona Scott threw. Nothing major happened from what I was told, really. Busta, Consequence and DJ Khaled came through. And then there were industry people too. There was seemingly some strange energy between Joe Budden and Tahiry, but nothing to speak of, but they are featured on the “Love and Hip-Hop” reality show this season coming up. Most people expect Joe and Tahiry to get it poppin’ even though they haven’t been couple in a hot minute. Other than that, it seemed to be a fun party.


Looks like Saigon has given me my newest rumor. He said the following about Bow Wow and Esther Baxter.


Well, as I continued to read, it seems that Bow Wow stated this on the Sway show and it rolled on from there. Ms. Baxter seemingly did this when Bow Weezy was a tender 16 years old. Weird. Seems like gossip is an equal opportunity act these days.

Anyway, Bow Wow lost his virginity to this:

I lost mine to something like this:

Not mad.

Illseed, Out.


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