Hip-Hop Rumors: That Dude Suggests He Tapped Ice-T’s Wife Coco!

Ice-T may have to get all “6 in the morning” with this new dude AP.9! This dude is suggesting that he tapped CoCo’s reserves! Now, the thing is, why? Ice-T and CoCo are a loving couple that have done some great things together! But, now it is looking like they may have to endure some other level of drama.

The dude AP.9, basically said in a new interview that he hit it. As you may know, pictures surfaced that CoCo had been taking some pretty inappropriate pics with this dude. Well Ice took her back. And they were seen smily faced. But, now, his face is going to be more like this:

The TMZ interviewer dude kept asking AP that there were rumors that he tapped CoCo’s white chocolate and he just kept saying, “That’s a RUMOR? Is that a rumor?” He was basically saying, “That’s a FACT, not a rumor.” He also said that he wasn’t afraid of Ice-T, because he’s “from the hood.”

You must not know Mr. AP.9. Ice-T is a made man!

Here’s Ice-T with his gun at the firing range. He finishes saying, “Don’t f**k with me!”

Illseed, Out.


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  • greeneyedbandit

    wow! lmao

  • Negro Peligro

    Man why grown men keep telling who they banging. MESSING UP THE GAME.

    • In all fairness… The man didn’t even speak on it. TMZ spun this story how they wanted to.

    • Bumpy Johnson


  • Eli Pinilla

    Ice t is a sucka if he lets this shit ride. This man suppossed to be a og pimp and shit. If he stays with ol girl, his card is revoked!!!!!

    • And who are you to revoke his card dumbass???

    • Casor_Greener

      man stfu…even though I agree with you…

    • A pimp does one of two things… If you even know anything about basic pimp philosophy… Let one go and get two mo… Or let one go, get two mo, just for the old ho to come back knockin’ at the do… Besides, this man has a career… Coco ain’t no catch, homes. He’ll be just fine when he lands another one.

      • Eli Pinilla

        @ style… cant even respond to a ngga who cant show his face and stand behind his opinion..

        @amen _ra…but its the truth though

        @ jordan pauley…..your proving my point. hes supposed to LEAVE em and get 2 more. Not stay with her and make excuses for why she did what she did.

    • MiiUziWeighsATon

      Well you do know that OG PIMPS dont give a shyt about who sexing his bytch because they understand a certain kind of womans need to have her vagina stuffed with dick…you do understand most pimps, when they retire from pimping they settle in with the only bytch who can truly understand his nature as a pimp and thas his bottom bytch…you do understand that Ice’s response to this whole fiasco was appropriate…long as she cashing the check, he don’t give a fuck…so him being the OG pimp and her being the hoe/bottom bytch the money must be adding up…at least I hope so….lets see how it turns out

      • Eli Pinilla

        i c what u sayin, but he aint playing that pimp card with her… That’s his WIFE. That’s hows hes calling it, that’s how hes defending it. If that’s how they get down, that’s cool. But he wouldn’t have bee talkin bout how he was heart broken by the pics and how he felt betrayed by them if they had that understanding

    • imaman2012

      pimping and being married? where you from? Antarctica

      the only thing a pimp marries is the game

  • Imamu Hunter

    It’s not even AP.9 fault, it’s up to Coco on how far things go. She showin out in front of the camera. If she let him hit it she should get left in the dust. Give another chick her spot and treat Coco like a bird. They ain’t got no kids yet. I say Bounce on Coco and don’t even try to proove anything gangsta on AP.9 cause you already winning.

    • I agree. If she let him hit, SHE let him hit. He didn’t rape her. Your beef is not with him but with her. She screwing around if in fact that did happen. Can’t be throwing hands or banging over no chick smh.

      • Imamu Hunter

        Real talk if she lettin it happen 95% of the men on the planet is gonna smash it. Just to see what its like. What if she gave it up to 5 gangstas, should Ice have beef with all 5 niggaz or one foolish chick. Real talk.

    • Real players know because real players have dealt with chicks… This is what chicks do… You cannot control a chick… You gotta get over your ego and get another one. Or hide while you rehab and try not to do anything stupid… And then get another one. Or get her back… Whatever floats if for you… But everything else is some nonsense.

    • Ice is an OG, he doesn’t have to prove anything. The media is twisting AP 9s words to try to make something out of nothing. Coco’s at fault for this for letting the guy brush up on her like that in the first place.

  • JukeJoint

    AP-9 is no joke that mans got hands from east oakland. AP is not new to beef just ask Awax and Ice is no made man He is a old actor.. We don’t even know if AP is the 1st to do this with her or just one in a long line

    • Put it like this if you believe Ice is not heavy in the streets put your hands on him or tell him to fk himself. No one has done that until then that shit is stupid. Notice homie didn’t say fk Ice T. I give it some time and something will happen to homie he is going to get a beat down. It is going to turn into a war.

      • Alf Capone

        man………stfu…………ice t is just a guy who used to be a rapper and now he does reality tv………..i bet u used to watch wrestling and think stone cold was really hurtin nigas with the stone cold stunna

      • Normally, yes, but not true, ICE T is an Army vet, & OG hustler, but it is what it is!

        He’s still winning!

      • Terrance Goodman

        Ice is a Colton crip associate he good in the streets… No chain snatching etc

      • YaheardSyndicate

        Dont get it twisted homie. I know Ice and his crew. He is heavy in the streets on a level, most of these rappers or hustlers will never see. The man grew up with Tookie WIlliams. Thats how far back he goes.

  • Nigga ant

    Tripp AP.9! Nigga from mob figaz!!? Fucked coco?? Props to that nigga tho its not his fault look at the pic illseed posted u know she let him hit if they had chemistry but look ice aint gunna do shit not kno law n order moves cant help him too tv he aint gunna ruin it..RIP mac dre ap got it tatted on arm

  • AP 9 has been in the rap industry since ’97 (See: C-Bo’s “Til My Casket Drops)… 2nd, why does AP9 even need to diss Ice-T? Obviously, the chick is on some other shi*… So why should Ice-T be trying to beef? And why should AP9 be trying to diss em? Doesn’t make much sense to me. Last, though…. All you cheerleaders on this post need to kill that noise with your young, never busted a grape, never had a real beef, never done anything in life juvenile asses.

    • You cannot control what a woman does (in America, lol). The only thing you can do is get over it or leave the bit** alone… Word up. Because every other tactic is a zero sum remedy. And a real player understands this which is why they all come to the same conclusion in regards to dealing with shi* like this…. Charge it to the game. And move on when you’re ready.

  • greeneyedbandit

    Well you know they say….a hard d**k and a hot p***y ain’t got no conscience. lmao!

    • MiiUziWeighsATon


  • greeneyedbandit

    I used to like Ice-T, until he played it like the brother was a stalker……he really need to be on a ‘sucka for love” remix….lol

  • smke1witme

    Ice T card is not revoke its fucked up on her part niggas always want to c some beef

  • truuf

    AP 9 isn’t a new rapper he’s bay area dude from the MobFigaz. Beefed with San Quinn & Messy Marv and from what I remember he beefed with a bunch of other folks several years back. Just trying to get his name hot nationwide again imho and riding the press.

  • Can’t turn a hoe in to a house wife! This fool broke his own pimping code/rule! SMFH! This was expected from that bird!

  • brotha_man

    shouldnt mess wit nobodys wifey

  • hoeyuno

    Shiiiiiit. That pi of coco does look pretty recent. But to tell you the truth I didn’t even know she had a head.

  • I think Coco is fuked up for even taking these pics my wife/girl would never do no $hit like that. Either way this dude trying to get famous off this shit i think bcause i never heard of him….might make me check out his music now though…lol

  • Ap implied he fucked her. “Is that a rumor? *points and smiles and repeats*” So disrespectful. T gonna keep using that bitch, that much is obvious. From how big he said her check is. I’m guessing this dude gonna come up missing soon.

  • toreal

    I want to stick my dick in CoCo’s asshole.

  • JB


  • YaheardSyndicate

    Ice doesnt have to, but I dont care who AP-9 was running with in the bay, Ice-T has worldwide, propps in the streets for real. Dont let Tv fool you.

  • Oknas

    Ice T needs to chill out lol

  • Oknas

    Can’t get mad at dude, sorry Ice I’d smash also, thats your wifes fault not the nigga.

  • Oknas

    Thats what happens when you mess with them bunnies, they stay hoppin lol

  • coco ugly as sin.

  • Johnny Sanchez

    Ice-T ain’t no mobster to be called a made man. He’s an OG. There’s a difference.

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  • Abrasive Angel

    AP.9 is still around? He must have a new mixtape or album bout to drop so he goes after an O.G. in the game. Ice may as well just drop Coco and put her out of the house like he did his exwife with the quickness and keep it moving.

  • Tre C

    the fact that she would let the brotha be hugged up on her is wrong, and then you letting people take pictures? It don’t even matter if he smashed, she disrespected her husband with those actions alone

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  • ap.9’s a fuckin barber that can’t rap for shit. only thing he dropped that was even near listenable was that shit with gonzoe from kausion. ice-t’s worst album shits allover this dudes whole resume. and i co-sign cats sayin ice-t is heavy in the streets and unfuckwittable. the dude was born with a mean mug on his face scary enough to keep me from petting his dog let alone fuckin his wife

    • imaman2012

      dis foold said ‘keep me from petting is dog’


  • dashawnthl7

    You cant make a hoe a house wife!!

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    I don’t think Ice is trippin I think it’s all a set up. he get’s a new young chick, she gets a career in Vegas as a showgirl and reality tv star (Anna Nicole) and AP9 will get his career back. sounds like they all win in this one but we’ll see hahaha hollywood always selling stories she been looking older he probably wanted to trade her in anyway