Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Sandy Brook Tragedy Force Gunplay To Change Rap Names?

I have been tipped off to something. I’m hearing that Gunplay, Rick Ross’ Miami capo, may have to make some sort of change to his name. The incident in Newtown, CT has created a climate that may be too hot for the talented rapper to maintain his already controversial name. When Gunplay first emerged as a rapper that would be popular, the industry insiders were already concerned. The issue increased as mom and pop shops disappeared and Wal Mart, Best Buy and Target were primary retailers of physical CD’s. “How can we sell a CD from a rapper named Gunplay,” some execs asked, I was told. But, it moved forward anyway, because Gunplay is a pretty good rapper, not to mention entertaining. With the incident in Newton, CT at an elementary school, I am hearing that this has produced a quandary. But, this is my opinion…it will pass. I don’t think Gunplay is on the release schedule right now so this will all fall off the news grid.

Illseed, Out.


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    I doubt that it will, but SHOULD it?

  • Opposite Of Everyone

    will Guns n Roses need to change their name as well then ?

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      guns in guns & roses comes from tracii guns, the guitar player from LA Guns who formed with Axl Rose to make…you got it. Guns and Roses. Different story.

      • So, Brian.. everyone just automatically knows that story? Maybe Gunplay created his name from watching former U.S. President Ronald Regan shoot people in those Western’s he used to act in?

      • imaman2012

        yea, it’s common knowledge. before one make a comment they should do some research.

      • Doesn’t matter what the story is, I just said that in my comment, but I guess you didn’t catch it….people just see the word GUNS… they don’t care why the hell it was named that. Uncle Murda, how about that…maybe he used that name because he killed bees in his mother’s garden, lol…how the hell do you know?

        How the hell is the origin of Guns N Roses “common knowledge” , maybe 2 some rednecks slugging moonshine, I have known of them since the 90’s and didn’t know that.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        regardless, they’ve got guns in their logo so they’re obviously embracing the connection.

      • hoeyuno

        Not common knowledge g. Men who had long blonde hair and lipstick on from the 80’s would no that. Real metal dudes hated them. Plus common knowledge would be something like don’t eat the yellow snow…

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        never said everyone knows that story. I was relaying the information. people are taking this too serious.

      • hoeyuno

        welcome to ahh B

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        oh i know, do i know.

      • Yea, welcome to the place where clowns get called out on there bullshyt comments!!! FAIL.


      • $18592567

        Like the gentleman said… Will Guns N Roses have to change their name. Don’t be a Buttinski

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        everything from the changing of gunplays name to, Oh does this mean that guns and roses should change their name, is really just a waste. I was just making the point that its the dudes last name (kind of).

  • Dadon850

    Maybe he’ll change his name to “cracksmoke”. His boss Sgt. William Roberts can change his name to “M.C. Fat Slob”.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    wow…. def jam must pay AHH pretty good to drop statement like that,,,

    • Negro Peligro

      Pay them nigga in exclusive of Def Jam Artist that never come out.

  • its Sandy Hook….. moron….

  • Terrance Goodman

    Change it to bum play then he safe n name fits

  • Terrance Goodman

    This waste of air should never have been called
    Gun play when ya bust water pistols

  • I guess no rap albums will be released, no movies will come out, and some TV shows will go off air and of course all those so called violent video games will be replaced with games about love, caring and sharing? Hey, look… it’s Iran. History will show us, if it makes money, nothing changes. Gunplay is a guppie in the pond, no one cares about him and his stupid name. LOL @ “talented rapper”,

    • I hear you! no cartoons either i guess they are ALL violent……

  • A Doll

    Uhm its SANDY HOOK! not Brook!

  • imaman2012

    pretty good rapper.
    mentions gunplay.

    • fakename3

      This site.
      Is garbage.
      Gunplay has such talent its amazing. Illseed what the f*ck dude?

  • brotha_man

    how about “gun on safety”

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      What about “Glass Jaw”?

      • bham-Jeff co.

        Nah birdman cause he caught some air when they tossed his ass

      • fakename3

        He got tossed so bad, he must of been on some nose candy or something because sober his ass would be down for the count. Got thrown by a huge dude like he was made of straw or some sh!t.

  • qqqqq

    So now cause some white kids die, America wants to Change?? What about all the Kids killing EACH OTHER, with Guns in Chicago. It may not be mass shootings, but its constant. Ppl need to really wake up.

    • king

      I totally agree with your statement

  • 1SOFLO1

    Illseeds is reaching like Sydney Lace….What’s going in on? at least get the damn spelling correct.

    • fakename3

      He cant write an article worth shit, has no journalism skills, cant spell and comes up with retarded shit like this article. Hope he does it for free cause if he gets paid then thats whats wrong with America.

  • Calico Joe

    This nigga…. First you say the shooting was at a college, then hours later you get the name of the elementary school wrong. And who really gives a damn about a rap name? It won’t change whatever garbage he rapping bout. How about you do an article on those two cops that got shot in Kansas?

  • king

    Where is the out cry over all the young black and brown kids who die every day in society.

    • shut up fool

      • king

        Your definitely the reason why our community is the way it is! And the only intelligent response you have shut up lol internet tough guy soft as a marshmallow.

    • fakename3

      Ill take your point further, we should have more outcry for any body being murdered regardless of skin color. Here is the reason your post is off point, theoretically we could also post about the aids crisis in Africa, the starvation and genocide. Point is we are on a rap website talking About gunplay and if he is going to catch flak for having the word gun in his name, all because of the several mass shootings in the last week or two. I dont think its got anything to do with internet tough guy shit, its just why dont we stay on the f*cking topic rather then bring up other things that are not related at all. Why not be upset about the seemingly useless and pointless wars we (USA) have engaged in since 2001. Well we dont bring that up because we are talking about a god damn rapper named gunplay and the tragic events in sandy brook.

      • king

        My response was to what bread wrote nothing more nothing less you know I have help in my community here and abroad not just financial but actually given my time can you say that with a honest face I can….

  • Negro Peligro

    They should get Gun Play to do Bully Awareness day and talk about how 50 tried to stamp him out but cocaine made a nigga crack head miami synth weed powerful. He woke up in the same milisecond from the 4 year coma he was supposed to be in and just started stamping his seal of approval in everybody ass.

  • endz

    so after all those kids got killed the first thing people thought of was gunplay. GTFOH!

  • “gunplay a good rapper” ROFL…guy sucks ..tell him to go get his chain back from 50 so he can uppercut him again

    • You bugging! 50 didn’t uppercut him… was a left hook!

      • Guest


    • hoeyuno

      I’m not a gunplay fan but dude held is own in that ish… You get jumped by 10 dudes and come out swinging… But yea I wouldn’t support or stick up for his music.

      • yea thats usually wat happens when ur coked up

      • he came out swinging when they were done jumpin him after the cops got involved HA

  • Tre C

    people checking for his music? for real?

  • Q.


  • Lyve Wire

    cats claim they dont listen to gunplay, but supposedly listen enough to say he cant rap. interesting.
    jay-z ‘some people hate’

  • Alf Capone

    my sources just tipped me off that he will be changing his name to “puffy white clouds”………catch up illseed


    who gives a dam about this fool anyway?

  • J.R Smith & Wesson

    Gunplay is already in the process of changing his name to Don Logan. he said this in a interview months before the shooting happened…

  • Talented Rapper? LMAO This site is pure comedy! Ha!

    • fakename3

      You know what thats honestly what i fixated on to. I mean how the f*ck is he a talented rapper? This site is the worst, but hey its funny.

  • Tann01

    Did inner city violence make him change his name?? So why now?

    • fakename3

      Better question is why do we give a sh!t about rappers stupid ass names. Why would Gunplay have any influence/relation to this horrible shooting of small children? Stupid ass article for real. Every time someone gets shot in America (which is alot) should gunplay think about changing his name? Dumb ass shit

  • JB


    • fakename3

      I dont get what you even are talking about. Which crackers ass or asses should we stop kissing? Almost as dumb as Illlseed.

      • JB


  • Oknas

    new name, Funplay

  • BigHomie337

    So this is a website based on rap and I’m the only person that knows he’s been going by Don Logan for about a yr? Good journalism!!

  • PL

    I heard Mack 10 (or was that Tech n9ne?) is changing his name to Super Soaker…that’s just a rumor.


    Sandy Brook? Sandy Hook.

  • “When Gunplay first emerged as a rapper that would be popular” he is a popular ass clown, lol “because Gunplay is a pretty good rapper” hahahahahaha he is horrible!!! straight doo doo butter!! preimium turd cut dingleberries!!! i cant even believe that illseed said that. WOW!!!

  • Bumpy Johnson

    I dont get it , niggas get killed everyday. if he didnt change his name then why would he now.

  • Tony G.

    At the end of the day does it really matter?

  • funplay shud b his new name