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Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Were There Two Other Shooters In Newtown Tragedy?

I couldn’t even muster up the words for a “Signs The World Is Coming To An End” when the tragedy of Newtown, Connecticut happened. There were 20 kids and 6 adults slaughtered in cold blood in a school. Then the killer killed himself in a final act of cowardice. But, here is something I have been hearing in the subterranean world.

They are saying that there were other shooters and that eye witnesses saw the authorities take down two others. The media may actually be covering for the perps, if these theorists are correct. But, as I googled, I cannot find any information that suggests there were more shooters. Clearly, even search can be controlled. Have you heard anything like this? Do you think the media is playing a role in controlling what we see surrounding this case?

Shout out to president Obama for how he handled the situation yesterday. A real class act.

Illseed, Out.


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  • YaheardSyndicate

    it wasnt at a college though

    • You know!? How is he so concerned but can’t remember it was ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

  • Negro Peligro

    On the real. All of these shootings are Domestic Terrorist acts. Laughner to this guy all have the same MO. Asburger smart people that destroy their computers before they go on rampages. I believe they are all Sovereign Citizen Malitias. I believe they are trying to force Obama to push for more gun control. They are trying to take over the country. I do believe the government is covering it up because they don’t want the holiday season to be ruined and they don’t want to tip their hand. But 100% this crap ain’t random. If you go randomly shoot someone you don’t care about someone seeing the porn on your computer.

    • Last thing a Constitutional militia wants is gun control or innocent citizens getting hurt by some one intent on depriving them of their constitutional rights.

      If anything, the people opposing freedom staged this to push for more gun control, but could just be some random sicko, until proven otherwise.

      • JustUs Samuel

        Gun control would incite civil war. this is why these acts are occurring. its kaos

      • Q.

        Plausible theory, although I can’t see a viable civil war popping off in this day and age, at least not in the field battle sense–domestic terrorism? Perhaps.

        Put sleeper cell “civilian weapons” on the theory table as well. Think “Killing Room” or the “Bourne” series. After 9/11, I can’t underestimate the tactics of Evil.

        “The End of an Age is always distinguished by orchestrated CHAOS and conflagration. This is the meaning of Armageddon.”

    • Q.

      LOL@”As(s)burger” ..Was that on purpose?

      • Celz

        Asberger is a form of Autism the killer was alleged to have

      • Q.

        I know what Asperger is–I was laughing at the spelling…didn’t know if it was deliberate or not. Thanks.

      • Celz

        I wasn’t tryin ta say it like a jerk.. Most people just say Autism and dude did spell it way off lol

      • BruceLeRoyGlow

        Its ironic that they say dude possibly had Asperger. I remember South Park having an parody episode earlier this yr about it called Ass burger where they had people “diagnosed” with Asperger shooting people.

      • Q.

        Wow…any links to that episode?

        You could be onto something.

      • and the crazy part about it is in that episode stan’s parents get a divorce and things start looking up for stan towards the end, similar to how the killers parents were divorced and she got a lotta money from her rich husband, and the episode focuses on corporations/fast food chains…i dnno how it all connects but that is wierd..and stan is “withdrawn” the entire episode from kyle, kenny, and cartman….the word that they love to keep using to describe these killers, go look up timothy mcveigh and ull see they use that to describe him as well, and he was another patsy i believe…he was very supportive of the second ammendment…

    • on the real, the murders in the streets by gang bangers are the real domestic terroist acts. wake up.

  • TruthSerum

    I could care less what the media has to say about this case. They reported the wrong guy and put his picture on TV. This situation, as sad as it is, will always stand out to me more for how much of a jumbled mess the media is now thanks to the online world. Every news station wants to be first so they just go online and report any random gossip they hear in a search for higher ratings. There should be some kind of law passed to stop this, If I were that poor dude who got his face put on blast I would sue CNN for every doller I could get.

    • Q.

      You’re talking about Lanza’s brother?

  • Tre C

    what is there to gain by hiding that there were additional shooters? I don’t even understand why this rumor would even be reported. We have enough speculation and bullshit being spread already about this tragedy. This isn’t the time to speculate

    • illseed

      I actually found a lot off the track about this. There’s a lot more to it than you may think. What’s up with the ” I don’t even understand why this rumor would even be reported?” as if there was nothing more to be said about the case.

      • Tre C

        I think it’s the wrong time to spread rumors about the case when the families are still putting their children to rest. There’s a time for all of this. That’s why the reports were so conflicting to start with.Everybody wants to be first instead of accurate.

  • Police probably tackled some hysterical parents or just random Black dudes that just happened to be in the area.

  • sosa

    Yea.. the media is the only way you will ever know.. cmon whats the odds of u knowing someone from that town or nearby who goin to tell u exactly what happen? And i agree they doin some weird shit. U dnt have to go to the movies but you HAVE TO take your kids to school!! Smh. But then again just make sure your jit teacher aint a gun collector with a kid who got mad at her smh. A nigga bout to move to australia!!

  • You couldn’t muster up the words huh? Or is it your just hearing about this COLLEGE shooting? Smfh. Yall cease to amaze me with your janky journalism.

  • Illseed get his news from the pony express and AOL. A college!? 20 children murdered in cold blood in a college? Kill yourself.

    • illseed

      If I kill myself, you would instantly die.

      • Q.

        LMAO Damn.

      • I rock with you Ill but you know that’s inexcusable reporting news several days late and still getting it wrong.


    I know for sure initial reports of the shooters brother being arrested but as far as anyone else idk.


    Truthfully I think its mind control and I think this shooting is connected with both the Aurora and recent mall shootings

    • Q.

      Now we’re talkin’. MK programs are very real.

  • Soulgasm


  • Man, just let people grieve the way they want too, too early for your lame ass nerdy internet conspiracy theories.Leave it alone. Ya’ll need to step outside, get some fresh air and realize life exists outside of your parents basements, I see the biggest trolls on the site making there dumb ass theories, that goes to show who the ones are who actually do these type of things. (them, the angry internet trolls)

  • water_ur_seeds

    i think the uk papers said that his brother might of been a shooter to smh rip to all the victims…

  • king joe

    ive seen video on youtube showing from a helicopter camera, how police chased down someone in the woods behind the school and arrested him, and it was said another person was arrested outside the school when police responded to the shootings. the video is called ” Sandy Hook Massacre Exposed” check it out and see for yourself!! and i agree with edogz818, it isnt militias, but it is the government…..

  • king joe

    plus in that same video, there is eyewitnesses saying what happened, and how the guy arrested said to the families of the kids that was shoot how he had nothing to do with the shootings

  • disqus_bZat9AJTHm

    College? Really? After all the google searches you did you still came up with college huh. Stick to reporting hip hop rumors.

    • illseed

      NO…I will not. next time, I may write “village” or “mini mall” if I so see fit. You knew what I meant.

      • disqus_bZat9AJTHm

        Yeah I did but It’s hard to entertain conspiracy theories when well known basic facts are misreported, but do you I guess. No hate here.

  • Guest
  • Jesse Farmer

    Yes. You there is footage of the cops on the scene talking about more than one shooter. You can find it easily enough.

  • LOL @ anyone whos says obama had something to do with this because he wants to get guns out of americans hands. that cant be done, a complete ban on guns is impossible. and the goverment dont want no ground war vs americans. theyd have to use the military and the military is filled with regular americans.

    The goverment can kill us much easier with other methods like poisons in our water and food and air with less deaths on their side.

  • mk ultra….they are selecting great patsies..

  • disqus_zQ63VjHKOX

    Has anyone seen the Sandy Hook reference in the new batman film. They show a map of Gotham city and it also has Sandy Hook. Funny how there is no city named Sandy Hook only the school. That and Aurora are both seen in the film. Not to mention that Adam Lanza father Peter Lanza is scheduled to testify in the LIBOR scandal same as Robert Holmes, James Holmes father. A lil to weird if you ask me..


    I heard the same…. that there was one of them that came running out of the woods screaming “It wasn’t me… I didn’t do it!”

  • Torrey Winston

    get every gun bomb..every weapon…put them in a pile and burn’em …see how fast these coward nigga ball up…see how these coward countries and terrorist call for peace