jo jo and rick ross

Hip-Hop Rumors: JoJo Capone’s Not Co-Signing Ross From GD’z!

DAMN IT! AS you know, we have been running a lot of stories about The Gangster Disciples and their issues with Rick Ross. I thought JoJo Capone, from Chicago, was helping Rick Ross’ plight. But, it seems that is not the case. He did a recent interview with Forbez DVD and let it be known that is not the case. JoJo seems to feel like Rick Ross lied to people – or at least they feel that way – and they are letting the beef rock. JoJo suggested that Ross calls him when he needs help in these streets, but he wants it to stick to the music. “He put himself in that line of fire and he’s got to get himself out of it – if he can,” JoJo says. This doesn’t look good at all.

JoJo’s interview is pretty insightful.

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Illseed, Out.


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  • Active

    it’s a wrap for Ross

  • Mark Olford

    I guess the police gotta call the police….poor Mr Roberts…

  • Ross’ shows dead all over the world? Man please. Notice how black people talk about the white man holding us back, then we see extortion attempts via the internet! Ross took Meek out of poverty, doing things for himself and friends (who are more than likely from urban community). Things like this shows you its a man eat man world.

    • Tony G.

      Only so long fake thugs can pretend…but I feel u…crabs in a barrel..

      • Terrance Goodman

        A mental that will always be. But he shit himself Elmer Fudd style

    • EL_BARK

      You make it seems like ross is mother teresa
      Yeah he took meek out the hood but why??? It wasnt from the kindness of his heart. He saw a chance to make money off of meek. And also needed street cred from some real street dudes or atleast some dudes who would provided that images. If meek couldnt rap, would he still took him out the hood? Ok then.
      That niggah a phony a phake & a phraud

      • He is a “fake and a fraud” in entertainment? Is that not his job? Most rappers are fake and fraudulent, if we went by your measuring stick.

  • jrq3000

    Dis sh#t is gettin lame now. Other things goin on in the word besides this. GD’s wanna do something? How bout you take your gangs to go secure these schools from gettin shot up from these mentally ill psychos instead of threatening a rapper. OMFG.

    • So public security, in which we pay the police, government.. is a street gang’s job? Maybe if the Government cared about poor people in inner cities, these guys would be working at McDonald’s & Wal Mart, instead of having to scrape the streets for dough. Good sentiment, but your “OMFG” outrage probably should go towards whoever let that guy go through the cracks, he should of been in a mental facility.

      • fabbidavisjr

        “pop a molly i’m sweating” WEEEWWW <-Rick Flare voice haha my bad yall all serious and shit I think this a publicity stunt for all involved

      • Life is serious, so I try to take it that way…especially when someone talks about some punk mowing down children just for the hell of it. Why would gangs want publicity?

      • Weedras

        alot dudes in street gangs don’t want no 9-5 nor want to go to college they want fast money… so all of what you’re blaming the gov’t for is out the door with many of these dudes they believe in ignorance… they are just as worse as the psycho but unlike him they chose that lifestyle that’s what they are about…

      • Calico Joe

        “they are just as worse as the psycho”. That’s crazy. I don’t see how you compare a guy that kills his mother and a classroom full of lil kids, to a bunch of unemployed cats that move together and tryna make a quick come up. Where’s the comparison?

      • Weedras

        when they be shooting in the streets and taking lives isn’t that a life still? and yeah the tryna make a come up most times take each other out….

      • Calico Joe

        In my opinion, fools shooting up each other in the streets have a reason behind it. Whether it’s gang related, drug related, over money, sex, being disrespected, revenge, self defense or some stupid shit. It happens everyday. A man just killed his wife the other day for who knows why, but I bet it was a reason why he did it.What’s the reasoning for him killing 20 children that had no affect on his life. I still don’t see the comparison.

      • Weedras

        i get what your saying, the same reason why that man may have inexplicably killed his wife may have been the same reason why that dude killed all those people…. they lost their minds… even if its hard to see dude killed his mom then went back the school he used to attend himself and killed kids that had no connection to him, but guess what they were connected to his Mom and for whatever reason he took out his mom he feel they may have played a role, maybe he felt that her work with the kids and the school was taking her away from him… he is autistic so that’s how i’m looking at it… but i’m just giving you a reason as to why that shit may have went down sad as it is… these dudes out here banging have their heads on their body for the most part even though some may also have mental issues that are unchecked.but they’re being reckless on their own accord and they are taking lives along with theirs how many times have we heard of gang shootings and the only ones who get hurt are the bystanders….

      • Who would hire them? Really? Jobs are hard to come by, even if your not tatted up with a criminal record and no transportation or skills, step into reality.

        I had no idea kids selling some dope to put some change in there pocket was comparable to some punk kid without a worry in the world massacring small innocent children?

      • Guest

        without a worry in the world my nigga. killin babies..pushing our existence to oblivion faster than ever.

      • Mr. Wow

        Selling dope creates broken homes, bastards, crack babies, dusty looking environments, single mothers, and dead beat dads. Sound familiar retard? The kid selling dope is responsible for so much bullish our people are facing. Do you even care about the future of your community? Probably not.

      • Alcohol also creates babies with fetal alcohol syndrome, alcohol poisoning, rapes, dead beat dads, problem gamblers,crimes, DUI’s, single parents, etc…. what’s my point, I don’t have one… get it? No one puts a gun to anyones head and forces them to consume.

        Does the guy from the street import cocaine from his private fleet of jets?

        lol… fail.

      • Guest

        of course my nigga..these fuckin uncle jacks..jigga-boo faggots always coming sideways with that..expunge the governement of its social responsibility bullshit..fuck u and ur self righteous candor. cocksuckers.

    • Calico Joe

      Yeah that’s just what we need. Gangsters patrolling the hallways of elementary schools. This ain’t nothing new. Street niggas been on these trappers I mean rappers necks. If the internet was popping like this in the 90’s, I’m most certain there would have been plenty of anti-Tupac and Biggie videos on YouTube. I agree this situation is getting out of hand, but he asked for it.

      • Very well said, NY rappers was getting mad extorted, read : Hatian Jack. You made me think on something else, just imagine the magnitude of “East VS West” with the popularity of youtube, twitter & facebook…it could of been bad.

      • Haitian Jack was a snitch for the feds. The East Coast vs West Coast started with the media doing it to the panthers. NY VS Cali chapter, Huey Newton vs Geronimo Pratt.

      • The topic that came up was rappers being extorted, he might of been a snitch, but he extorted a lot of people. And my point social media would have fuelled it even worse, or on the other side of it…put the fire out and not bought in.

        PS, there are excerpts online of “the unauthorized story of hatian jack”, if anyone wants to check it out…

      • Hell yeah! Good look!

      • WhaOOOH!

      • EL_BARK

        I read it. Not one ounce of proof in there. He has never took the stand on no one…..

      • Thats why I said might of, if anything…when you read that, he sounds like one of the coldest m’fukrs I have ever heard of.

      • EL_BARK

        Also if he you read that story, its clear jack was just using the cops, and thats why they got mad @ him. Even in that story he let them thang fly with no hestitation…. When he dump on one of them bmf niggahs for trying to front on him.

      • Guest

        ^ this nigga always come with the real shit.

      • EL_BARK

        There is no paper work on hatian might i add.
        Plus i think it pretty clear yhe hatian was putting cats on ice. Lol
        This snitch shet started with pac, before bishop
        That shet. No one in NY was calling him
        A snitch.

      • they calling him now & think about it, it makes sense, even Mom Duke schooled me to that as a youngin’, the bigger they are….the harder they squeal.

        Still, you are right though.

      • Adrian Barron

        BARK you all over the place fam LOL – you dont condone snitching but you coming to the defense of a dude @HATIAN JACK that clearly worked with the people several times not just in PAC’s case – then you say “i never seen papers/affadavit confirming JACK snitched” but when someone brings up that same argument regarding CLIFFORD – you distinctly replied with “CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANTS” or something to that effect

        – even HENCHMAN was a snitch but you gave him a pass too by saying he was a “REAL DUDE”

        – what i dont understand is (seriously) how can JACK not be a snitch when you say he was “using the cops” what makes you think they wasnt using him as well but T.I. (both situations parallel JACK- meaning, you havent seen either’s paperwork) but you give JACK a pass

        – then call PAC a dry snitch for rapping about his real life and implicating some real names in the mix – but i thought thats what made it “the realest shyt he ever wrote” LOL

        real deal BARK – is it you dont phuck with the South and/or the West like that? if so, i can dig it but i dont think that’s it!

        Is it you dont condone snitching, cooperating, talking, being friendly with cops? If so, why give Jack and Jimmy a pass?

        Or is there just something about T.I.P. and PAC music that you just dont like?

      • EL_BARK

        Lol naw i aint got nothing against the south or west.
        Ok first hatian & tip cases apple & oranges. For one if hatian got caught red handed by the feds, & got off like TI did not once but twice. I would say jack a snitch. But jack wasnt never caught like TI was by the feds & got rat treatment. Feel ME.

        As far as jack working with the people could you elaborate or enlighten me??? Cause i am not aware of those other incident you speak off.
        Besides lil bishop screaming it on 7 day theroy i never heard him being a informant. And i used yo be in Ny on the regular when i was younger.

        Ok on him using the cop, a cop wrote an “unofficial story” about jack which was a couple of pages of how jack had ny niggas on ice.
        Now i font trust or believe anything cops say. No need to say no more. But this cop was i think, on some hip hop police shet. Around the time 50 & mirder inc was beefing. He goes out to LA & wanted to talk to 50 about preme and jmj killing. 50 refused the protection i believe, andvthis COP, seen jack with 50 and later became curious cause jack left, when he seen the cop. So the cop approach jack and alledglly say we want you to work for us. Jack goes want yall want. Cop say infiltrate these rap crews. Jack says ok. I got yall. Long story short the cop was hopkng jack relayed intel on a rap crew. But the whole time jack was wildin out. Still doing him. The cop get mad & threaten to deport jack, because he was giving them the run around. And really wast much of an informant. They get mad at jack, and whrn he pop one of those bmf cats. They try to book him. Jack was a step ahead of them and squash that shet with dude, threw him some bread. The cop wanted to xharge jack, but dude refuse to cooperate. To get back @ jack for playing them and not helping them, he get deported to the DR. And is out there doing very well, to this day. The cop even admitted jack played them and thats why they got him deported, to teach him a lesson.
        And even all that story i dont believe. So other then that cop story, i have never heard of jack being a rat execpt from pac fan.

        Jimmy i never gave a pass too, i just said chuck phillips wasnt a real credible guy a ds it clear he had a personal vendetta for jimmy.
        And chuck been dead wrong, plenty of times. So when chuck came out with the paper work, i was skeptical to how true it was.
        I cant remember all the exact detail about jimmy & his snitching but
        I know it still seem a little fishy. I never gace jimmy a pass. I said if he did rat, it doesnt mean he soft or a punk. I said he lack principal & character. Plus i had a hard time believing he ratted, when he warn or made a statement towards tut & cooperating. & how he really hope tut was thinking about doing it. Alledglly jimmy ratted on a possible jail break??? I think.

        But i am not bias in no way, Even if jimmy did rat, the niggas still warn his stripes. Jack being a rat???? Only pac fan say that.
        Irv got his trial seperated from preme also. Does that mean irv ratted?
        Jack pleaded out, that doesnt mean he ratted. Pac got three years,
        Cause he took it to trial, & that automatically get you more time.
        Also a celebrity always going to take the fall before a nobody.
        So even if hatian did raped her and pac was really sleep.
        The prosecutor always going after the bigger fish.

        TI well he likes cheese, his situation is very differernt

    • DLOUPO


  • >> New respect for JoJo!

    • Adrian Barron

      i dont respect neither one of these cats – they twisting the game mixing STAND UP – GROWN MEN VALUES for everyday life with idiotic street shyt and gang folklore – talking about be a man of your word BUT in reality THERE IS NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES

      they both counter productive
      instead of extorting that nigga for using 6 pointed star, and screaming Larry Hoover name –

      extort that niggah for lying and promoting destruction to the youth – extort that niggah for painting a picture like it’s cool to live “that” life when in all actuality the niggahs that really “lived” it wouldnt wish “that” life on no one

      these niggahs is WAYWARD lol

      • On that tip, co sign.

        Still JoJo came across on some music ‘chet, not street ‘chet & clearly made the distinction.

        That is what I respect!

      • Adrian Barron

        makes me wonder …

        “Is The White Man (still) The Devil or are We our worse enemy?”

      • We definitely our own worse enemies!

      • Adrian Barron

        truth is scary – it’s a sad state of affairs when you know KNOW someone has systematically set you up YET you still play right into their hand’s

      • Calico Joe

        That’s because too many black people live their lives based on other peoples opinions. I’m speaking in general, a lot of decisions we make have already been made due to what the next person thinks. And I’m not talking on the SYSTEM, I’m talking bout simple shit.

      • Mentacide!

        No need for bars…when the mind is the prison!

      • imaman2012

        you put too much effort into thinking the ‘white’ man has any power.

        man hasnt done shit to us. for the last 20 years. we stuck ourselves
        like pretty tony and what’s worse the ‘white’ man wasn’t goldie.

        out the lines when the new jordans come out. who’s standing line? check
        the line at your local university for people trying to get an education.
        matter fact check the line at your local high school. see who’s
        attending to get that FREE education.

        i forgot it’s the ‘white’ man who hold us back from these institutions.

      • Adrian Barron

        i think you misunderstood everything i typed FAMILY … you should probably go back and re-read to get a better understanding of what i said? I clearly stated that once you have KNOWLEDGE OF SELF than you will no longer use THE WHITEMAN as excuse to justify US being apathetic, lazy, or becoming OUR worse enemy. I was told from my parents as a child that i would have to work twice as hard as my white counterparts to be successful in this life due to the systematic and economic slavery established to keep Black people poor, uneducated, trapped in an unjust justice system, docile, yet borderline savage. Once i was given the rules to the UNFAIR game – it was then on me to PISS, MOAN, AND CRY about it or use the negative as a postive to feul my fire and not be a statistic. Ultimately, the whiteman only has so called POWER over you – only, if you allow him to.


      • Black Exodus

        The White man has us on Cruise control…the self hate is at an all time high! Can’t say I feel sorry for William but this not the way to go about it. The Kids are getting a lesson of extortion 101… This is just more of the same…murder, murder, murder..death, death, death…the “Black Man’s Plight”!

      • Guest

        i feel you ma nigga.

      • Adrian Barron

        “cruise control” <<< good analogy!!!

      • imaman2012

        the ‘white’ man has is own problems to deal with.

        Latinos are more of a threat against their ’empire’ then we would ever be.

      • Adrian Barron

        you seem kindah naive family

      • Q.

        Say word.

  • greeneyedbandit

    I wish all my old school hip hop veterans would get together and make another Peace song like “self destruction.”

  • Oh please. Dude look like a fellow officer of the law.

    • Terrance Goodman

      Naw jo jo legit ask jimmy bout his ring or buck who he called to get his
      Chain back

  • Terrance Goodman

    Like I said before jo jo just wanted his meal too (no diss) Ross got problems
    From boobie boys to the g”s career flat line ,

  • Future Patrick

    what was insightful about this? ross made his bed, now he gotta lay in it. the GDz already said what its about in the videos. Its not like this cat is the Dahli Lama or something.

  • Guest

    Soooooo……Let’s say they get back at Rick Ross. What is the benefit, or who benefits from it? Can anyone tell me when this Jo Jo dude graduated from HS?

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      We do. We don’t have to hear from this clown again.

      • fakename3

        hahahaha perfect answer. Jef is on point.

    • Who needs high school? I would tell a kid, go to school..get your education, but high school / college isn’t the recipe for success for everyone lol. You watch to much Family Matters.

      • Adrian Barron

        say word …

  • True_Fan

    Lol real growth and development huh? These GD’s are a bunch of clowns.


    • GregSki86

      Negro please, Ross not bout that life

      • Guest

        na he aint..but the nigga got liquid courage.

  • keylon jackson


  • As much as Ross lied to people, created probably a 360 degree image of his actual self, I don’t wish death on the man, but I have always said the fake always comes out in the end, he wanted to boast about all these things he didn’t actually have the background or experiences to speak on, now comes the back lash. Be yourself kids, lol….

    • GregSki86

      death should come to those who pray for it. Nigga said he a boss and stresses that the nigga a boss. He stresses in his songs that he is bout that life so to me if the nigga get killed, he asked for it. Don’t wish death on this fat fraud but it sure sound like death coming for his ass

  • Alf Capone

    nothing will ever come of this………….so….whatever

  • CanYouAllHearMe


  • Adrian Barron

    makes me wonder …

    “Is The White Man The Devil or are We our worse enemy?”

    • Q.

      All of the above. Ultimately, every man is his worst enemy.

      • Adrian Barron

        i was watching this lecture SARA SUTEN SETI (proBLACK) vs BROTHER POLIGHT (Nuwabian) called Is The White Man The Devil vs Are We Our Worse Enemy and at the end of the debate i responded by saying both bruvah’s are right in the sense that the WM is The Devil however we’ve used that excuse for so long that we’ve become our worse enemy and the only way to combate that is thru research OUR real history, re-educating ourselves because once you truly KNOW THYSELF then you can no longer empower THE WHITEMAN and all of his unjust actions – once you know the nature of the threat (the who, what, when, why, where, and why?) then what? Then, you can be able to transcend from THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL to UPROOTING ALL EVIL. in short!

      • Q.

        I see. I’m glad you mentioned this debate–I heard about it and you just reminded me to check it out. Thanks!

        I wasn’t aware of the debate topic, but you see I answered the question in two easy sentences. There’s no need for debate. Multiple angles of Truth can coincide–that’s the lesson the “conscious community” keeps getting tripped up on. Conscious cats get caught up in petty divisions when they’re supposed to be SYNTHESIZING the collective research into greater overstanding. I heard Dr. John Henrik Clarke (RIP) say something profound in a lecture: he said that Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois were BOTH right, and they should have merged their ideologies into one to further advance Black people. Unfortunately, they couldn’t reconcile how each other’s perspective could benefit the other, and thus there was a great division amongst progressive Black people of that time. Similar divisiions have continued until this day.

        Brothers have turned this knowledge thing into a sport, and that’s not the purpose of coming into knowledge of self. Wasting time tearing each other down for egotistical purposes is counterproductive and in fact, NEGATIVE. And it sends the wrong message to people who look up to you for guidance. It confuses people. This is the reason why conscious Black people shouldn’t follow ANYBODY. So-called Black leaders get compromised and/or harbor their own agendas, and they may disappoint you. I’ll go a step further and say the TRUE Black leaders are already dead! My advice would be for each one to lead themselves through knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding; that’s ultimately how it works anyway!

        I can say a lot more on this topic, but I’ll pause here and get back to you after I peep the debate. Peace.

      • Adrian Barron

        too many chiefs not enough indians … to be a good leader you must learn how to follow … leaders not leading by example … and every other cliche sayings and catch phrases all apply – then you add in each one’s selfish agenda and thing’s start falling apart even quicker – that’s why i research their research then research that research – like bacon you gotta cut thru the fat to get to the good meat

      • Q.

        So I watched the debate, and I have to say my previous comment still applies. While both of the brothas are very knowledgeable and have sharp mouthpieces, the debate was unnecessary, as anyone with common sense can deduce how both arguments are true–this is what I was saying about multiple angles of truth coinciding. They talked a lot about the same topics we’ve been talking about for the past 20, 30 years: economics, the white man, Egyptology, etc.. Ironically, the only mention of spirituality was when the sista asked the question at the tail end. It’s like these cats are having a 9th grade conversation in a 12th grade classroom. They made a sporting event out of what could have been a more constructive forum.

        On a side note, something about Seti doesn’t feel right to me. He spits a good game, and he’s a great entertainer; he’s very provocative and knows how to tap into the emotional side of an audience–I can see why he appeals to a lot of people. However, I haven’t heard him bring anything new to the table; everything he talks about was already said and covered 20 years ago. He’s well-read, but his energy and antics seem very clownish and divisive at times. Like, the way he put those homo pictures up in front of the kids, which almost caused a fight, was way outta bounds and could have gotten people hurt. Then he kept screaming on the mic like he wanted it to pop off. This makes me suspect he’s here to cause some kind of deliberate distraction. I don’t know if he’s getting paid off by someone, but I’m suspicious of this cat.

        But like you said, we have to practice pushing the surface aside and “cutting through the fat” to get to the root of what everyone is bringing to the table. Good and Evil come in many forms. It’s ultimately about raising one’s vibration and consciousness.

  • trilltalk1

    it is what it is, ROSS say he the BOSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! well he can now show how BOSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! he really is. talking all that shit at the radio station, bout how he not cutting a check and he a BOSSSSSSS!!!!!!! ENTERTAINMENT and streets are different, the thing is these rap niggas are starting to beleive there own bullshit. until some real street niggas apply that pressure and have them canceling they shows.

    • Calico Joe

      Right and he keep screaming he a BOSS which is insult to injury. He must not know BOSS is some GD shit. B.O.S.= Brothers Of the Struggle

  • JustUs Samuel

    The shows were cut due to lack of tickets sales. nothing more nothing less. They cut AZ and we have a very small GD population. the show was in Tucson…. smh

  • get to clapping or sit down…….tired of the gum bumping….GD lose respect everyday that goes by and a check dont get cut…..yall looking like suckers

  • GregSki86

    Ross got his nigga at the FBI to look into these threats. Ain’t no way the top hip-hop cop gonna get taken out the game like that. This nigga callin for BACK UP!

  • JimJames29


    First off, the people who are saying this beef is ‘fake’: nah, that’s what these popstars do. You fools have been brainwashed by all these tweetbattles, instagrambeefs and press release BS that you’re convinced every trash talking G is a fraud. This is not G.O.O.D. music, this is the folk nation, people.
    SECOND. More likely than not, Ross called up Jojo to do a song hoping to solve his problems. Or maybe Jojo approached him cause he thought Ross would do it solve his problems. Anyway, even Jojo can’t solve it for him, cause this beef comes all the way from the top. These OG’s on youtube and interviews try to make it seem like its the young cats that have an issue with him, but obviously its not very likely that 20 year old gangbangers across the nation would all of a sudden spend their time and resources to threaten some rapper, cause even if he made payment its not going to end up in their pockets. Somebody on top gave the green light for this mess. And nah it aint fake. Maybe it might be true that they didn’t sell enough tickets for that concert out there in Alabama or whatever it was, and they pulled the plug for so called security reasons to cash that insurance check. That might be true. But that don’t mean this beef is fake.

    • JimJames29

      Oh and the reason? Simple: first mentioning Hoover, than putting the six pointed on the album cover, thats pretty much false flagging. Thats pretty much the same as Wayne shooting video’s in Lil’ Haiti to boost his street cred. You can front like you a bawse, but you can’t front you down with people who don’t know you, specially if they really bout that life, they will check you for that, one mention of a name and one album cover, it might not seem like a big deal to you, but people are dyin over that star, its just brand protection basically and this is coming from upper management even tho they trynna make it seem like it isnt.

      • EL_BARK

        I dont believe none of them
        Niggahs is bout that life. If they were real G’s they wouldnt need to make a video tape and put it on youtube. That shet would be all over the streets.
        That ross better not come to they city. Simple > ________ .

      • EL_BARK

        We dont believe you them GD’s need more people.

      • toreal

        200,000 strong!! Come try us.

      • EL_BARK

        And by you needing 199,999 other losers to feel tough. This prove what exactly lmao. Try yall & what will happen exactly.
        You guy going dress us in all black and go to a parking garage and made an you tube video saying how i cant come to your town as well.
        Negro please. Only bitsh ass niggas join a gang, to compensate for their own bitchassness….. Do yall still jump double dutch to get in these days, or do yall have a dougie dance contest????

    • imaman2012

      yea it came from the top.

      maybe ricky’s label gave the ok because his albums are no longer selling and they need the write off.

      everyone knew ricky’s real story. yet now people are trying him.

      open your eyes youngsta. it’s bigger than some yahoos posting on youtube.

  • Fukurpost

    Here’s what the GDs need to do, the ones making these videos. Put there money together and book ross for a show in a city they all can pile up in cars and vans or whatever to get there. Once ross show up and confront him. Then all the blogs can pay for the video smh

  • Perico777

    If u don’t know who Jo Jo Capone u jus ain’t a street nigga that’s it

  • Cha Chi

    ACT LIKE IT THE LABEL AND GLOBAL GANGSTERS THE MOVEMENT>>>im demanding respect…i aint the type to sell a mil and let a goofy nigga come at my neck!!!!!!

  • u mean the “boss” has to call someone for help lol… cant wait till ross is shot up. is that bad? meh.

  • Da Real Young Buck 615

    all the videos them gds put out sent yall from 720 back to 360 concept,you brothers look like a gang nowadays,,,the whole internet world thinks GD STILL MEANS GANGSTER DISCIPLE SMH…and you cant blame them either yall look like a big gang right now and alot of them brothers look mal-nutritoned for real…i dont think your chairman likes the representation..cause in his blueprint he speaks on not looking like a bunch of wild radicals from the 70’s…if you are brother i suggest you refer to the duck packet,,the awareness packet 1,2,3,…and througly read your blueprints…because the demostrations as of late have lacked organizational structure by far….if thats whats yall leaders are teaching yall to do on them videos yall need to tighten up fast…BE A LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER AND IF YOU FOLLOWING A LEADER AND HIS LEADERSHIP IS NOT LEADING YOU TOWARDS RIGHTEOUSNESS JUMP SHIP ASAP BEFORE YOU SINK RIGHT ALONG WITH THERE DREAMS AND THOUGHTS….OTHERS PEOPLE DREAMS AND PLANS CANT ALWAYS BE YOUR OWN…

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  • Doe Boy

    this nigga ross need to go away fast…

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  • baller187

    who is this f-ck nigga, he aint in the streets i am