Hip-Hop Rumors: Rihanna Dumps Chris Brown Once And For All!

Damn! OK, I admit, I don’t know what the full deal is, because I don’t care what the full deal is. All I know is that Chris did something with some other chick in another country and this set Rihanna off. Not to mention, CB is supposedly dating his ex or whatever she is. I guess jump off is the word. Nevertheless, Chris tapped that other chick and Rihanna went back into her ho swerve or whatever the fluck.

She posted this on Instagram and they said they were going to sell it. LOL!

Actually, Instagram fell back of that after the internet revolted. Facebook is EVIL! They bought instagram and it just went to sh*t that fast.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Breezy bugging!

    Worked hard, won & then lost!

    That’s like you getting Kelly Rowland & then losing her because you cheated with the teletubby chick!

    Hopefully they work it out!

    I mean, will they really be happy apart?

    • Keith Brickz

      rihannas misshaped head looks more like a teletubby then the other one does

      • Yeah, but her bank account is shaped like a TeleTubby.

    • Let’s see, if they aren’t together, there’s a very good chance he won’t hit, her, so, yeah, they SHOULD be happy apart. You hope they work it out? So, you likehearing about women getting beat up, huh?

      • Ain’t for me to judge their happiness.

        If they care enough to try, I support that.

        If she wanna break up because he whupped that @$$, I support that, but All men cheat!

        Break up for some other ‘chet!

        @$$ Whuppin, Money, etc.

        Ain’t like they married or have kids, and damn sure ain’t like she was waiting on him.

    • johnblacksad

      But it’s hard tho… (no homo) …how you stay faithful to one puzzy?! no matter how wet, how deep, how tight, how open, how loose, how warm, how cozy, how nicely scented, how beautiful, how divine it is?

      Lloyd Banks said it best : “ain’t no puzzy like nu puzzy”. Sounds like something Plato or Aristotles could have came up with.

      Homeboy told Sonny : “No matter how beautiful a women is, somewhere there’s there’s someone tired of fuggin her”

      i mean… you catch my drift no homo…

      Sometimes, for unexplained reasons, we slip up and give it to the teletubby chick… i know… smh…. ask Tiger Woods…

      B!tches make me laugh with that ‘i don’t understand why he would cheat with an ugly chick when he got this fine dime at home’… lol-n… there’s nothin to understand

      • Oh, no diggitty, the fuggin’ up part is getting caught!

        @ #I’mJustSayin’

  • Calico Joe

    Is that nigga wearing parachute shorts?

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      got nothing to do with music – which is what fans Used to demand – good music from talented music makers – you young people don’t know. – check history of soul, rock, even classical, jazz, and country, was still about talented music making.

      • Calico Joe

        Majority of the articles posted in the hip hop rumors section have nothing do with music nor hip hop on this site. Read the last five posts or better, nothing music related.

      • ahhsucksassh0le

        Most of this site is bullshit. Might as well take a shit on a scanner, scan the shit in, then post it as a story about how ____________ is actually f@cking ________ but _________ doesnt like it

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  • I’m sure he about to be up in her bed in a few. That bitch not gonna learn.

  • jbeamazing

    whats this have to do about hip hop

    • KMajor87

      im tired of everyone complaining dont like the shit go to another website you knew what the title was when you clicked on the fuckin link it didnt say “hiphop” you know damn well the article was about ritarded and slapahoe….allhiphop covers everything that has to do with the “black” music scene so everybody needs to stop saying dumb shit just to get a few thumbs up

      • Galactus

        no they don’t my dude. you know AHH stay slippin… get off the booboo

      • Tony G.

        uh yea..actually they do …u probably only come to the rumors section or read the front page news

      • Galactus

        Nah I check out every other section. Bunch of bullcrap, one or two progressive intelligent pieces, mainly from freelance writers, the music is absolutely terrible, and the features and editorials?? Lets just say these so-called journalist need to go back to school and learn something. This site has potential, but too many slimeballs are involved. With it… So why not hold these slimy Mr accountable for poor coverage of a culture they supposedly represent? Someone gotta say something about it, too many entertained heads on here not enough independent thinkers

      • There are independent thinkers here I have been on this site for years and there are a lot of new people that are also into hiphop but the bullshit commercial sh*t! AHH! is funny they put intelligent pieces then they go left field to some bs. You get used to it. Forbez is a good site also. They put more conscious sh*t on there.

      • Cuz people post with the intentions of getting “thumbs up”… cuz that’s what people really live for *eye roll*

      • johnblacksad

        You damn right… and ya’ll better thumb this comment up asap like the new n!gga from Harlem!

      • jbeamazing

        maybe it’s a good idea to complain about wack shit maybe rap itself would be better if we didn’t settle and call out the wack shit just maybe

  • yawn

  • AK

    their relationship obviously circles around fuccing other people why is this news

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  • johnblacksad

    Maybe i’m late with this cause i haven’t been much on here lately, but from what i was able to gather, here are some excerpts of the story : (damn, i can’t believe i’m turnin in to Sydney Lace for this one… smh @ myself)

    You got 2 french arab b!tches : Nabilla & Ayem.

    Apparently, you can see them in the video “Celebration” (Chris Brown or Wiz Khalifa… dunno whose video cause i don’t fugg with them cats like that no homo)… anyways… video was shot in Los Angeles while these 2 french b!tches where there for a french reality show called “Hollywood girls”… no sh!ts given so far…

    Now Chris Brown was in concert in Paris last week… while he was here (Paris) (with Karrueche) he called the 2 b!tches to join him at the after party… heard they partied so hard Chris Brown crashed the rented white lambo on the way back to the telly… (Lambo crash is verifiable on the net… check this twitter account : dossantosdiana …there should be a pic of the crashed lambo or just google both them b!tches name Nabilla & Ayem)

    anyways, they get back to the telly… end of the official story.

    Now one of the b!tches sayin she did the do with Breezy… maybe she lyin, probably not, maybe she tryin to get popular, definitely tryin to get popular actually…. but on top of that, she’s sayin she sextaped some of it… so we just gotta wait and see if anything will surface… will she choose the fame and release the tape, or will she shoot for a lot of money in exchange of (a copy of) the tape? hey… you can never predict them hoes….

    Now what i don’t get is i’m not sure if she’s sayin that a foursome went down… there’s definitely a pic of Breezy, Karrueche and them 2 b!tches chillin together…. and the b!tch is sayin Breezy fcuked her and her friend… just didn’t say if it was all at once….etc…

    anyways… enough with the sydney lacin… but i’m guessin Rihanna couldnt beat but didn’t wanna join either… wtf?

    Riri… the more the merrier, i already told you! You can take a beat down in a lambo but you can’t take your man visiting a few french hoes? c’mon… pull yourself together!

    • And that’s my point!

      All men cheat!

      ( You know you got the Wiz Khalifa in the stretch Limo, right after GAME! : )
      #IJS –

  • king

    S#!+ they will be back tomorrow she’s loves Chris

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  • Vic Sage

    She needs to grow up!!” Why you would go back to some btch a$$ punk that put his hands on you shows immaturity not love. Chris Brown is pu**y.

  • 99142

    Oh, excuse me Chris Brown already dumped Rihanna so what is with this title Rihanna dumping Chris Brown once and for all. You can dump someone when they have already dumped you first. Makes little sense, sounds like someone’s ego is bruised. Rihanna needs to go on with her lonely self and cheat on Drake with other men.