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Epic Fail Of The Day: The Haters Celebrate Hating Obama Instead Of Christmas

This dude is a political Scrooge. He’s clearly a clown with no life. Who actually goes on a highway, puts up Christmas lights that say “Obama Sucks” on a busy highway during Christmas time. You can’t possibly have a family or friends. They would talk you out of such foolery. You would also have to have a pure desire for money and this is the best route to make it: YOU TUBE VIEWS! Anyway, this is the same dude that was dissing Rick Ross a couple years later. Here is the vid.

This is what Christmas is all about. The time is now and the place is here.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Evan

    In addition to representing the 7% of Americans who believe the ‘War on
    Drugs’ has not failed, good ol’ Obama has overseen the NDAA legislation
    which will allow the imprisonment without trial of American citizens,
    the building of a further 2 million prison places (many in desert
    camps), the commission of 30,000 drones for use in policing American
    cities, the militarisation of the police force, the continued detention
    of proven innocents in Guantanamo and the deaths of 178 children by
    drone attack in Pakistan and Yemen (neither country is at war with the

    • Abrasive Angel

      You are simply saying that it doesn’t matter who is president, there will be a mountain of fuckery. Nothing new in politics.

    • Teron

      Let me ask you this Evan. I know Guantanamo Bay was suppose to be closed, but do you condone the use of drones? Because if I am not correct, we may not be at war with Pakistan and Yemen, but did we not find OBL in Pakistan? If we requested help from Pakistan, OBL would have moved to another compound and we would probably be still looking for him. 178 children dying is beyond sad, but there are many more deaths including children at the cost of any war. Imprisonment without trial has something that has been in legislation since 9/11 which our current president had nothing to do with.

  • Alf Capone

    if someone took lights when bush was in office and wrote bush sucks on the highway illseed would have made it an epic win of the day……….u know it………..i know it………we all know it

    • True, but as Abrasive said, and in reality, the pres is like the manager of Burger King, not the franchise owner.

      The Fed Reserve / Rothchild’s own the country, they just gave us a manager who looks like us, but carries out their policies!

      Either way, dude is a dik & the lights are probably a criminal act & dangerous distraction to motorist, but IDK?

  • Jon

    That sign was expressing how Dr. Dre feels about Obama.

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