50 Cent (AHH)

Hip-Hop Rumors: Ja Rule To Jump On 50 Cent’s Boxing Bandwagon?

Ja Rule is getting out of jail next month and I am hearing some stuff already! As you know, Ja has been getting super buffed up while in the bing. He’s also supposedly gotten smarter in that he’s gone back to school and stuff. But, here is what I am hearing. I heard Ja is very aware of the moves his nemesis 50 Cent has made in the boxing world. And, from that, he has determined that he wants to get in the ring with 50 Cent, sources say. YEP! Apparently, Ja Rule wants to punch 50’s lights out for charity! I am hearing Ja has put on quite a lot of muscle and I mean a lot. I don’t want to be specific, but he once weighed like 140 and now he’s like 180. But, I love how rappers decide they want to fight for charity. I can only assume that if they get KO’d they can say it was for a good cause. I think they need to just duke it out. Let Irv Gotti and Sha Money XL work as trainers and get it going. Anyway, there is no way 50 Cent would do this, but he could promote it.

Speaking of boxing, rumor has it, Rick Ross is serious about getting into boxing. I’m hearing he is scoping out boxers. From what I heard, one person has declined, but honestly this source is suspect. We’ll see, won’t we?

Here is Ja. Think he can take 50 out?

Illseed, Out.


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    50 came up boxing, he trained as a teen. He’s actually decent on the speed bag. Ja’s muscle does not necessarily equate to technique 50 may finally TKO this Stewart Lil lookin ma fucka!

    • imaman2012

      for real.

      kid did a little soft bid (im sure he was pcd up) now he’s nice with his hands.

      you queen cats. was ja ever known to be nice with his hands as a youth?


      • Are you from Queens? Or are you as usual basing this on music as a 50 cent stan. Homie wasn’t in pc. Music has nothing to do with the streets man. If you knew the streets you wouldn’t make assumptions about people you only know from music stand point versus people who know people who grew up with them and lives in Queens.

      • Synista

        he was nice at handing out watch tower pamphlets!

      • BahahahaaaaaaaaaaaHHH!

    • i never seen 50 box,…I seen him on stage kissing game,….I seen he squash beef wit rick ross,……I seen him spend 50k a week in security,….I aint never seen jada style, fat joe, cam, young buck or any of the real n8ggas he beef with have as much as a scratch on them, yeah 50 be in the gym, I think you check that chin you gon find glass. most n8gga that stay in the gym is there as a result of a ass whooping, hit the gym or join the academy.

    • PL

      LOL this Stuart Little-Cookie Monster rappin’ fool needs to sit down!

  • $18592567

    50 CENT will beat that boy ass


    it will be part 2 of 50 knoccing this clown out. Ja needs to focus on his finances rather than the nigga who put his career in the toilet.

    • n n

      Always the fat ones commenting.lol

  • fresh out the bing, Rule, whoppin 50 monkey ass……sorry to the 50 stans,….he aint been really thinkn bout Rule, everyday rule probably knock off 1000 push ups to a pin up of 50,….Ja whoppin that N8gga ass, prolly krik out and mike tyson/holyfield and bite 50 face off..

    • imaman2012

      doing pushups in the joint while looking at a ‘pinup’ of another dude?

      where they do that at? queens.

      • Dam son you riding son dick kind of hard what is the hatred for? You would think the nigga took money from you. haha

      • nigga been in a 5 by 9 the past 18 months, 50 been living in the lap of luxury surrounded by security, alot of pent up aggression if channeled corrrectly gon lead to 50 get his ass whooped, 50 basically put him an wayne in jail by making niggas hot with the NYPD during the beef, so yes when day in and day out you sitting there thinking bout the nigga that put you in jail,…pon a release an ass whooping is highly likely.

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Sorry Ja puhssy….I used to live behind MSG for like 7 years with my BM…her lil brother and me was walking up to Hells Kitchen to their moms house, we cut down the block the Hit Factory recording studio is on…lil bruh peeped Ja walking thru, chain dangling and proceeded to run up on Ja to take his chain…Ja peeped it and ran from lil bruh…he was scared to death…my BM lil brother was like 15 or 16 at the time, young wild and fresh off a plane from Opalocka in Miami where he grew up with his dad…I never seen a grown ass man run from a youngin so fast….this the truest shyt…back in like 2002…Ja is very fast…oh yeah lil bruh was some lil short bony nigga at the time

  • infection

    50 punkin out. aint gon be no fight. all that bullshit before..and now when ja wana knuckle..fif gon pass on it..lame.

    • harlemsown21

      How long has it been since this b.s. been going on .. and now of all times when he has No buzz what so ever now Ja Rule want to fight 50… Granted .. 50 buzz ain’t that big either but it’s a hell of a lot more than what Ja got going on… I think this is a case of to little to late he should have done this years ago

  • southside4lyfe

    Ja probably get out and just chill. he might do a couple interviews ,but his time is over. nobody wanna hear rappers like him no and i don even know how dude got on in the first place

  • LOL, neither of them bout that.

  • 50 will beat the breaks off of Ja lol

  • jj787

    am i the only one who remembers these nigga brawled already and it ended with 50 runing in to an elevator and getting a trash can chucked at him

    • He also filed a restraining order against Ja what gangsta sh*t is that. They are from the same area. He never wanted that after that. He could have put hands on him then.

      • mf

        why do clowns always bring up that well known irv gotti fabricated story, Fif didnt file for anything

      • Court ordered, not by 50…..but he had to make a statement to get it?

      • andone

        witnesses/surveillance footage??

      • Not really, if me & you shoot the fair & neither sign a statement, it’s disorderly conduct at best, not a 1 sided restraining order.


      • andone

        im not sure wat that means… the 1 sided restraining order part???

      • Uni lateral = Just me or you, as opposed to both of us.

        One is the complaining witness?

        We duke it out & shut up….that’s it, one of us writes a statement talking about the other one set it off, judge restrains the one who set it off….according to the statement.

      • andone

        okay i see, but i was thinkin maybe it could have been made out of a third party’s statement or actual evidence that wasnt provided by the person who got assaulted tho… either way its a known fact that the ro was fabricated by murder inc??

      • Not sure, maybe the part about 50 taking it out, but I can’t go to court & get a restraining order preventing you, from hanging out with your homeboy, because he’s a Dallas Cowboy fan. ETC.

        If neither of you are breaking the law, the court has no jurisdiction.

        There was a court date. Not sure how long after incident, maybe next day, and both attended? Maybe Inc’sters in jail / 50 in hospital & judge just issued it??? But he would still need a basis to make it one sided as opposed to neither party saying anything & he make it both ways.

        Not sure it was fabricated, I doubt the Inc would risk their credibility on falsifying that document & making a spectacle about it….if it was false, because the records are easy to obtain.


        If I’m not mistaken, it was 50 & Black Tah or one of them dudes ( Real Loud )

        The inc’ster was the defendant.

        50 was under mad pressure back then, but had security before he came out.

        Allegedly Haitian Jack tied to get at him, & well, the other incident is documented.

        “I heard Pac got shot, got a kite from the pen, told me Tut got knocked.”

        Tut shot Pac with Haitian Jack???

        Either way, they all connected.

        Tut, Jack, Stretch, Preme

        They were industry gangsters, friendly extorting rappers.

        When keeping it real goes wrong!

      • andone

        “But he would still need a basis to make it one sided”…

        thats wat i meant by witnesses/surveillance(evidence) providing information on a criminal act…

        lol @ the inc. not wanting their cred being put into question… the whole label was a joke/front(where they @ now?)…

        and its widely believed to be fabricated… thats not jus my opinion either, it has been aired out over and over!

      • That isn’t a basis though, if 50 makes it clear he isn’t co operating.

      • andone

        if/when u in the hospital or are/were treated for being shanked/shot… the cops will deff look @ every other option esp when u refuse to cooperate, no matter the victim(celeb or not)… that includes scary ass witnesses and surveillance footage too… #ijs

      • You live in a commonwealth state?

        That’s different, in NY, the state not picking up the charges unless you are incapacitated……completely, like if you were a criminal, you wouldn’t be able to assist in your own defense etc., a child, Central Park jogger.

        If they knock on your door for you to be a witness against some one & you respond on some CB4 wild out Type ‘chet, like:

        “Pork is the whiteman….and the whiteman is pork!” & slam the door in they face, they not picking up the charges.

      • andone

        so ur saying 50 deff made a statement then right… bcuz im not sure wat it is ur trying to say(plz speaka inglish)… maybe i had one shot to many(no pun intended) lol… either way tho this thread had its run, so ima end it wit… @ least u didnt get otta pocket wit me like these other haters(not callin u one) do and i can respect that, catch u later… #peace

      • I think he did at first, went to court & then dropped it after that….my guess. That would cause the automatic restraining order.


        P.S. Who knows, tomorrow we might got to war on the Usher / Diddy Rumor?

      • andone

        key words… *think & *guess… but we’re done here… #nohate!!

      • No doubt, but dig, you can google the case files yourself, and set the record straight!

        Even if he did, it ain’t mean ‘chet.

    • Yeah, you the only one. Get off them gossip sites bruh. Ain’t nobody vouched for Ja Rule on that shit.

  • As always I fk with Ja and use to fk with 50 until he started making wack music and being a snake but he is official street certified and so is Ja. Height and making tough looks(50 cent) doesn’t mean you will knock people out ask legend Melly Mel when Ghetto Boys member Willie D knocked his ass out with a two punch combo. People think that because 50 is making screw faces, was in the streets, has height means he is some monster. Mel is bigger than Willie D also. Muscles don’t equate in the boxing world most people’s body are toned but compensate for mobility. I think Ja could give him a run for his money like anyone. No man is invincible ask Iron mike. I can’t really say but they fought before and 50 got cut in the mix at that studio with both teams. They never went one on one. I need more history on 50 touching people which I heard he has.

    • MiiUziWeighsATon

      Watch the real 50 Cent dvd…Chaz Williams, the hood legend and official gangster said about 50 Cent the rapper, the boy can fight, he nice with his hands and when asked about his gunplay Chaz refused to answer due to him being recorded and that being dry snitching….but if 50 the rapper didnt do the gunslinger shyt Chaz could have easily said no and that woulda ended that but the fact that he refused to anzwer gives you the answer….Smurf, 50 former friend and soldier says on youtube clip filmed on guy brewer where they from in southside said about 50, sun dont play with the hands, I’m not gonna front and lie, that nigga 50 is known in the hood for knocking niggaz out and breaking niggaz jaws and just overall phucking niggaz up with the hands…Smurf also went on to say that he would not fight 50 if he saw him, and quickly made reference to the gun he had up under his hoodie and how he’d shoot 50 cuz sun big as hell and Smurf pretty much acknowledging he can’t phuck with 50 with the hands

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  • firehawk17

    just because ja put on muscle doesn’t mean he trained to allow his speed to increase with his muscle mass. Also 50 has always boxed and trained. Fif is also smart im not sure this is something Jeffery wants to do. If he does and 50 obliges its not gonna go good. He’s gonna have his hands tucked under him like pacquiao

  • water_ur_seeds

    i dont want hip hop diluting boxing and making it the the new clothing line, cologne or whatever bandwagon rappers jump on to make a buck… leave boxing alone… ja rule aint got nothing to lose, he lost all his credibility lol 50 has… 50 and Cormega used to box…

  • greeneyedbandit

    Nothing against Ja, but i heard he was only good with knives…

  • king

    Ja rule will destroy old has been kid two quarters.

  • I would love to see the odds on this one in Vegas. 50 boxed Golden Gloves as a kid and out weighs a beefed up Ja rule by 40lbs. 50 goes 6’1, 220 and stays in shape. Ja will get washed in a boxing ring.

  • Richard Savage

    50 already punched this niggas lights out and took his chain in Atlanta some years back. So much so Ja had to come back with knives and stab 50. Just cuz you get beefed up doesn’t mean you won’t get fucked up

  • Damn I would pay out the ass to see 50 and Ja box. I remember that beef goin all the way back to when I was in middle school some 9 years ago. That shit made my child hood lmao

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    I wanna see this fight but not in a ring…I wanna see them fight in a backyard…no wrassling on the ground, all knuckle work…a street fight

    • Fugg that, 4oz gloves, Pride Fighting Championship rules in a cage. No eye gouging or fish hooking, but everything else = good.

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    U know Ja soft cuz E Money Bags robbed him, Ja seen him talking to Fif and Ja did nothing..he approached Fif and was like ay yo man, thas the nigga who took my chain and Fif was like ay yo Ja why you pressing me, the nigga robbed you, not me…cmon, lets go over there and you can discuss it with him…Ja refused the offer…and thas how him and Fif started beefing….Ja was scared to approach E Money cuz E was one of them dudes in NYC and Ja didnt wanna get beat up, or robbed again, or killed possibly…so he started a beef with 50 over being scared of another nigga and because Preme was extorting Irv and using him to launder his money thru Murder Inc and because Ja knew Fif and Preme had history he figured Fif would be an easier target plus Ja was a lil jealous of Fif and he stole Fif style of singing hooks on a rap record…Power of the Dollar is proof of that, it came out before Ja started singing his hooks…Ghetto Quran Fif is singing the hood, Corner Bodega has Fif singing his actual verses and other songs…

    • Weedras

      wasn’t 50 dissing Ja for singing in all his songs…. so what’s your point… lol!

      • andone

        but 50 wasnt dissing ja for singing on his songs tho… he was dissin him for singing to women on his songs… 50 was singin his hooks on the power of a dolla album b4 the beef like homie said, dont get it twisted… the point was ja a jealous b!tch nigga that was clearly stated… so now i ask u, wat was the point behind ur comment… no lol???

      • Weedras

        lol!! seem like you got personal stake in this shit lol!!! you’re also not making sense lol! so lets this straight 50 ‘dissed’ Ja for singing to women, but he did his hooks for the streets the dudes? lol! just stop stick to discussing the other issues not who sang first that’s the point lol!! because your clarification sounds like nonsense…

      • andone

        another lol… really… bruh i was jus chiming in on ur post that was basically pointless, nothing more nothing less… and yes im makin perfect sense it jus might take u a while to comprehend i guess… rappers were singing hooks way before ja or 50…. the diff is ja did it strictly for women while pretending to be a “tough guy” whereas 50 was singin hooks on street records, who jus happened to be a “tuff guy” way b4 the beef… my comment was related to ur comment, not the other issues that u dodged and didnt “stick to discussing”… am i clear now??

      • Weedras

        in now way was Ja pretending to be no damn tough guy as matter of fact everybody knew from his rumblings with X he wasn’t no tough guy he didn’t even come off as in his music… might point his whether Ja sang to ladies as a tough guy or not and whether 5 o was a tough guy and sang to the dudes (which by the way sounds a lil gay to me) it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of what they had and it was an irrelevant point back then when 50 brought it up and it still is irrelevant because at the end of the day if we look back at their body of work musically they are similar… so as i said this whole singing thing you draggin out was irrelevant from the get go..

      • andone

        u cant be serious about ja not trying to come off as a “thug”… dude wore baggy clothes, bandanas, used slang words, had tattoo’s the whole nine… deff tried to play the part in his music too man, these are all facts… bottom line it wasnt about singing to dudes, i clearly said “50 was singin hooks on street records” instead of love songs, but u insist on twisting my words tho(keep that homo talk to urself)… and the point 50 made was highly valid, so valid it put ja out of biz… im not sure why u compare their catalogs as similar either, last time i checked 50 never had an album title with the word love in it, let alone two so that deads that… and if i remember correctly, u were the one dragging out “this whole singing thing” in the first place… SMH!!!

  • Mr.Get.Right.1.Day

    If people wanna know how real fif’s boxing skills are, just check out the interview where him and Mayweather talk about them getting into a fight and 50 says he fucked Mayweather up…Like a big brother of course!!! LMAO


    Not a 50 fan but with the Golden Gloves background he might give Ja a vicious asswhipping

  • Weedras

    everybody got their stories shit means nothing unless we actually see these two square up… all that vouching for dudes we don’t know personally aint achieving shit..

  • lmao muscles dont make you a good fighter

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  • African King

    i honestly think everyone commenting on this site is unemployed!!! yet proving once again that black Americans are a bunch of lazy people who listen to hip hop all day and complain about “the man” and wait for food stamp.half you fools are not even college educated let alone high school educated! and you are a disgrace for your slave forefathers who fought hard to make sure you are free from oppression. you guys are a joke. they should have made abortions mandatory for your mothers.

    • trip

      Go back to Africa you spear chucker all yall black African’s do all day is run from lions beat on those silly drums and do that dumb dance that yall do and it should be mandatory for your mother’s to swallow

  • It could be interesting. It could be something historical from hip-hop. Two big rivals(of one of the biggest rivalries in hip hop history) going toe-to-toe in the ring, for charity. This can only be something good.

    Since 50 and Ja was both amateur boxers before rapping, it could be very entertaining.

    To everybody in here talking about who will knock who out. Seriously, none of you have seen any of the two fight, not ever, but you come here talking about this and that. Stop sucking them nutts haha

  • alreadyknow

    i think 50 getting and had been getting his train on since and before mayweather but i cant confirm. i aint hip to that ny shyt andi dont get along with many of them dudes. . i always heard it ja beat that ass and 50 stole his style. . gives 2 peas in buck either way.. .redman slash xman… ja was nice tho. ..then came 50 and we got tired of them singing.. .black ops


    its funny how 50 cent came up BOXING “According to energizer=ism” but beat several times by rule, therefore having a RESTRAINING ODER put on the INC…. Rule put them PAWS on dat fool…… LOL