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Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Chris Brown Sell Nude Pics Of Rihanna?

This is just silly. First of all, it seems like Chris Brown may be disgruntled over Rihanna’s departure from his life. So, the first rumor to spawn out of this break up. He’s rumored to be trying to sell nude pics of Rihanna. I don’t get it … WE SEEN HER MAD NAKED! Anyway, I wouldn’t doubt that he has some super X-Rated pics of his former boo thang. Would this be an interesting treat or just pure bad taste? I don’t personally think anybody would care. Well, they would for a day or two. Or in my case, they would google it for months after the fact like I did with Cassie and Kelly Rowland’s various nip slips.

Oh yeah…

Chris had put up for sale on his site, a picture of him and RiRi. That shirt is no longer for sale.

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Pimp shit.

  • Love & Hate relationship “She’ll be back” (Scarface Voice)

  • EzE

    unless he got the bitch spread eagle with 2 finger inserted in da puh c then its nothing that we havent seen

    • anthonyward1

      I was just thinking that, what can this dude show us that has not already been sold on the front cover of half the magazines she is featured on?…..

    • Negro Peligro

      Come on dawg. He got photos with the yard hose plugged up in her.

    • Chris and Rihanna are so overrated.

  • he bout to Ray J that heaux

    • Dontoure Smith

      How exactly is he bout to Ray J that heaux?

      • releasing said compromising pics for financial gain,…i.e rayj ing that heaux

      • johnblacksad

        He is going to KimKardashian her if you prefer!

  • king

    S#!+ they will be back together tomorrow that pu$$y has charms on Chris .

  • 2012Industry1

    What hasn’t been shown from Rihanna & Chris! Stop re-posting these two antics man! I think if he does, his career will continue to go down the toilet even faster! Him and his team really do suck!

  • Alf Capone

    shes kinda funny looking anyway

    • tiddy2chainz

      Shut yo dumb ass up fucc boi always niggas like u on the internet talkin tough

  • Man they’re not gonna stay apart. He beat her to a bloody pulp and they still got back together being all lovey dovey. You think a girl is going to keep them apart? Lmao. What they have is true love right there, nobody who gets their ass beat like that goes back to the person unless they really love them

  • toreal

    I want to see a good picture of her tight asshole.

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  • Kelse

    Oh good grief almighty, her we go again with the internet dummies commenting on every dumb website they read and idiots choosing to believe the hype. Get a Life people. Chris Brown is not trying to sell nude pics of Rihanna. The boy is not crazy and he’s not that horrible. Do you think he would be stupid enough to sink his career by going that far. How stupid you bloggers and commenters must be to believe that B.S. Rihanna is aware of the shirts for sale. The shirt is in conjunction with ‘Nobody’s Business’ but theirs. The shirt was taken down from the site because they Sold Out Dummies. You people are so Pathetic. Get off of your fat azzes for once, go out and exercise and stop wasting your time commenting on every dumb lie these blogs create. What Suckers you people are. When you see dumb sh”t like this, if you must, at least check on it before you Dumb bloggers start making Stupid Idiotic comments or better yet, just pass it by and keep it moving! Do yourselves a favor Dummies! The fans loved the shirt. Both parties are aware of this. The shirts are Sold Out! Do you understand dumbos, the shirts are Sold Out! If any of you wanted but didn’t get one, its most likely too late now. Stop Making Dumb Azz comments prior to checking on the crap these blogs print stupid people, good damn grief! These blog sites know there is a Sucker born every minute.

  • She used him for sex and weed LOL

  • SpaceAge2012

    Naked pictures of RiRi flashin her tits & twat already been on da net so it really don’t matter,but if he got a sextape with her that’ll definitely sell 4 millions.Either way though,that shit’ll never see da light of day cus not only will he be sued 4 millions but that shit will surely hurt his career & put him right back in da hole he just crawled out of.

  • Billy23

    Keep on shinning brown and diva Rihanna 🙌🙌🙌🙌☝☝