Rihanna and Jay-Z

Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z’s Incredible Gift To Rihanna? BUT WHY?

Damn it! I wish I never learned how to write. Why? Because it appears that people like Rihanna are Jay-Z picked a better lifestyle than me! Whatever mannnnnn! I checked in with my dudes over at 4umf and they gave up the goods on what Jigga gave RiRi for Christmas.

But, here is the catch. Rumor are swirling that Jay-Z secretly blessed RiRi with this massive gift for divesting from CB. You know Jay never approved of that. “That’s like his little sister. He never wanted her to be with him, but she does what she wants,” a source emailed. “She had to learn on her own.” I think RiRi will be back with Chris eventually. No doubt, but for now…rejoice.

Rihanna'a Christmas Gift From Jay-Z

Rihanna'a Christmas Gift From Jay-Z 2

Rihanna'a Christmas Gift From Jay-Z 3

Illseed, Out.


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  • jay

    y0o jay why dont u give some money back to nyc after sandy instead, got fam and friends that wont have a place to be for xmas n dont even have a home, ya motherfuckers n ur money can go suck a dikkkkkkk

    • nah mean you want to rep NY help fix NY

    • Papi Peligro

      Ya’ll serious. He didn’t give her nothing. She earned and worked for it.

      • Keith Brickz

        did she buy that herself? no, so it was given to her…what are you stupid? u think cars magically appear?

      • Real talk, if she was a broke maid at the Holiday Inn, Jay-Z wouldn’t care…he makes money off her, its just one of those things to keep the hoe hoe’n.

    • Abrasive Angel

      He did give money to NY for the Sandy victims. Research the shit because AHH won’t catch everything.

      • Sean Peterson

        research nigguhs thats the key word,,dont nobody on here know what jay doing with his money besides what u see on this site,,,,im going out on a limb and say that new barclaYS DID A LOT FOR THE CITY…FOR STARTERS……

      • Jay-Z didn’t build Barclay’s, rich white people did….

      • Standing Tall

        Real ralk! Nigga might own a piece of the nets, but he wasn’t even allowed to invest in the Barclays Center. That’s all russian.

    • Tony G.

      How do u know he didnt….because it wasnt blasted all over the media…do u know how much this dude has given back in his career? stop being mad cuz ur broke

    • Ronlg1

      No offense, but how do we know he hasn’t given back? Also, it’s HIS money, he doesn’t HAVE to do anything with it, but live his life. The GOVERNMENT is who you REALLY should be asking this question to.

    • D_Ably

      Fuckin Preach!! This Jay don’t need no ‘Z’ cause he lives in reality.

    • On some true shi*, that’s not his reponsibility, word up. And, how do we know he hasn’t donated?

    • Jay, he might have given money to NYC to support the sandy cause.

      Not all rappers like everyone knowing how much money they give to support a charitable cause. I think its a bit unfair you diss him without being able to verify your accusation.

      Just a thought jay

    • Jay-Z isn’t social services.

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Uhmmm…..at this point Jay dun give a flying phuck who dikk she sukking

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  • scullyson

    Jay aint stupid its all about the dividends at the end…Rih is still an investment topping the billboards with “Diamonds”….That whip is straight up bait

    • Yo scully, whuts good? It’s bklynmann77! Long time my dude. I see u still up in here.

      • scullyson

        Ha ha ha !!! BK Whats really good ? Longtime pimp…Everything straight ova here duke…Whats been up wit yah ? Was up there wit my son this summer…Picked him up some kicks on fulton and copped some other ish…..Good to see yah still holdin it down…

      • That’s whats up man! Good to hear man. All the f’ed up shit going on these days. SMH! Finished school and working in a recording studio on Staten Island. Doin what I love kid.

      • scullyson

        Cool….I see you bounced back …Sound like you handlin things no doubt I aint mad @ yah…..Where theres a will theres a way. Its all in the mental…Nah mean ? H*ll yeah you know….Conrats and ay yo I wanna hear what you knockin in the studio….word up…Got sumin online ?

      • johnblacksad

        what it do BKman… TeamWU to the end!
        I know you prolly saw that Iron Fist the day it came out!
        I know you on that Wu-block too…

        R.I.P. Ol’ Dirty!

        Protons Electrons Always Causes Explosion!

    • johnblacksad

      I do like disqus, but i miss the old format where you were droppin them lanks… some random Geto Boys sh!t… just random good sh!t…

      effin new format won’t let n!ggaz post lanks n sh!t…. what type of sh!t is that?!

      • scullyson

        True dat …Yeah it had more of that realtime feel to it . Hopefully allhiphop switches it back for the new year or to something similar….If they do you already know what it is…lol…Even some of the imformative post like Bp was throwing up was interesting…

  • Papi Peligro

    105,000 dollar car. Come on dawg. Put it this way. Companies by executives HOUSES that are 3 or 4 sometimes 10 times that amount.

    • Tony G.

      Unless u can afford it, dont knock it

  • she deserve it

  • Keith Brickz

    illseed u act like you are a good writer…smfh stop patting yourself on the back you’re a dweeb

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      But you just typed “dweeb”.

      • Young Goku


      • Keith Brickz

        im well aware of that


    • Galactus

      illseed a good writer??? dr evil voice.. riiiiiiiiggghht.

    • johnblacksad

      “dweeb” could get a nomination for word of the year!

      damn… DWEEB!

      • Keith Brickz

        it describes illseed well though, tell me im lying

  • Keith Brickz

    cmon now everybody knows why he bought her that…it has nothing to do with chris brown…thats part of the “hush money package”

    • Hush for????

      • Young Goku

        He’s hitting that….

      • >>Shrugz?

      • Keith Brickz

        ur kidding right?

      • Nah, I mean, if I was Jay, she wouldn’t be my first choice & damn sure wouldn’t pay, but I guess so?

      • brotha_man

        maybe she would be his 1st choice nas said girls used to call him ugly

      • With his $$$? Stacy Dash would be a better look, Physically?

      • anemia716

        Stacy Dash is timeless though hahaha

      • Keith Brickz

        i agree, rihanna has a deformed head…but so does jay…camel face and teletubby are perfect for each other…its common knowledge that he hit it back in the day

  • Ojay Juice Henry

    yeah that shit a tax write off aint coming out of his pocket..

  • Dayum!

    ‘Chet nice, on some pimp chet, keep them looking good, but no dough!

    • johnblacksad

      “wake up one morning with some money, they’re subject to go crazy you know!”

      • >> Points to my eyes with 2 fingaz, then @ John Black’s & then back at mine

  • It’s good to be rich! That car is serious! Same people who won’t buy his album let a lone any other album saying he should be helping NY! LMAO… FOH! “Is This What Success All About? A Bunch Of N*ggaz Acting Like Bitches With Big Mouths”…

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  • Slaughtr

    Like the bitch don’t have cars, fkn pointless.Do me a favor some of you niggaz stop gumming Jay’s balls so much. You can take any pretty broad with a half decent voice and make her famous these days ,so what work!!

    • Sean Peterson

      waiting for your female artist to drop,lol…..

  • brotha_man

    he in love wit dis broad….he laying the pipe to her

    • johnblacksad

      Prolly one of the few broads he can trust layin the pipe without a blast back… you know any other hoe would be quick to brag about it… but Riri is a natural born freak… she just want the D… she don’t care about startin no drama

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  • thagreatestmanalive

    Well if you keep rewarding toxic behavior, it will never end.

  • PC

    Firstly, who cares, secondly quoting your source as “a source” is not actually quoting a source. e.g. I heard Illseed is actually Jay-Z, it makes sense given that he describes Jay’s gift giving to people as being “blessed”, I know because “a source” told me. Now Illseed, given the ridiculous amount of Jigga riding that goes on on this site, its fairly probable that you are in fact Jay-Z, but since my source is Mr “a”, as in “a” source, its not really bankable is it. Even rumors need credibility son. Get back to the hip hop and leave this bullshit to TMZ.

  • Southcidal

    Jigga tapping dat. You buy your lil sis a nice watch or some shiit, but a Rarri? Nah that goes to a woman that is giving you some good head.

  • put that money tword the national debt homey. rich bitch dont need no car like that.

  • hoeyuno

    jay just keeping his bread n butter happy.

  • PliggaNease


  • Gjl

    Seriously People are sucking Jays dick its pathetic…

    thats why hip hop is dead… or in the worst shape right now because jay is like god for some of you… and what he done this year ? nothing just couple verses in kanyes songs and thats it, no music for free etc. Jayz is just a talented hustler, he doesnt care about you

    • johnblacksad

      You probably blame M.J. for “only” averaging 20 pts in his final seasons with the wizards or for not winning the dunk contest in his last all star appearance like he did in ’88… do you honestly expect Hov to host mixtapes release parties like some ninjaz i ain’t gon name here, or do you expect him to appear on every song to build his buzz?… i dunno…

      Take a listen of Reasonable Doubt minus that Ain’t no n!gga track right now and then holla at me! Sh!t is fcukin flawless, sorry, i mean FLAWLESS… sh!t is like rookie of the year M.J.

      “every fourth quarter, i like to Mike Jordan’ em” ha ha!

      Nah seriously, if you a rapper and you don’t want Jay’s career, then i don’t know why you rappin.

      “you ain’t seen money in your life, when it comes to this cheese i’m like three blind mice”

      Pathetic or not, Jay is that dude!

      Last but not least, hip hop is far from being dead… out the dome : Appollo Brown & Guilty Simpson, Sean Price, Styles got a new album, Jada workin on one, Kendrick out there representin even tho i gotta listen to the album again, Wu Mothafcukin Block sheeeeeit, Brother Ali, Diamond in the ruff by my akhi Freeway, Action Bronson… and 2chainz… just to step on a few nerves… hip hop is immortal like that McLeod n!gga

  • illseed seems baffled as to why Jay-Z would give Rihanna a present like that, how much money has Rihanna raked in over the years? How much has Jay-Z made off her do you think? I don’t know the #, but it is sure as hell more than what that car cost. Jay-Z will keep pimping her off, making money off her..and she will be happy to have her wheels. lol.

  • EzE

    so i guess this article is null and void cause the mofos are still fuckin around… nice assumptions i mean reporting