Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z’s Incredible Gift To Rihanna? BUT WHY?

Rihanna and Jay-Z

Damn it! I wish I never learned how to write. Why? Because it appears that people like Rihanna are Jay-Z picked a better lifestyle than me! Whatever mannnnnn! I checked in with my dudes over at 4umf and they gave up the goods on what Jigga gave RiRi for Christmas.

But, here is the catch. Rumor are swirling that Jay-Z secretly blessed RiRi with this massive gift for divesting from CB. You know Jay never approved of that. “That’s like his little sister. He never wanted her to be with him, but she does what she wants,” a source emailed. “She had to learn on her own.” I think RiRi will be back with Chris eventually. No doubt, but for now…rejoice.

Rihanna'a Christmas Gift From Jay-Z

Rihanna'a Christmas Gift From Jay-Z 2

Rihanna'a Christmas Gift From Jay-Z 3

Illseed, Out.


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