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Hip-Hop Rumors: The Crips Come After Gucci Mane? Frank Ocean’s Dad Sues!

It looks like the Crips are taking a page from the Book of GD! And their target is Gucci Mane. This dude decided to wear a mask but use his unaltered voice. Apparently, there is some backlash on the old situation where Gucci killed a crip allegedly down with Jeezy. Well, it seems that Gucci rapped about it and said something in a disrespectful way about Pookie Loc. Anyway, read watch the video and see if this is a real threat to Gucci Mane’s upcoming concert in Macon, GA.

At least they are not trying to extort him for money. But I am not sure I get giving somebody a heads up on a possible revenge plot.

Frank Ocean Gets Sued For A Million From His Own Daddy!

LOL! Man, everybody is looking to come up and Frank Ocean’s daddy is no different. Apparently, FO’s poppa wasn’t really there for him when he was coming up. Now, he is suing the openly bi-sexual singer for about a million. Why? Nobody knows at the moment. He “Father wanna sue me for a million. Like I owe him back child support. Weak individual bought me a swiss knife at 6yrs old then dipped on me. I got his DNA though, maybe I inherited some of his karma too.” Did Frankie defame his dad in a song?

Illseed, Out.


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  • The Gucci beef is serious…let’s hope they don’t take it to twitter!

    • billowred

      LOL!!! mad tweef!

      • Real message though!

        >>LA FlashBack to night with BIG.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        that was big fault he never said enuff about pac he never saaid he was sorry we was sick and i knew that was gonna happen

      • Look at Gucci? Even worse?

      • trixnkix637

        waaay worse. Gucci is glorifying & celebrating killing a man. Like homie said, it was self defense, it’s all street. But that extra ishh Gucci doing?? You ain’t superman no matter how many drugs or sips you take.

      • Indeed, because now it’s on some other chet!

        The dude in the mask sounded mad real, no threats, even if implied, but he has a point & that line was cold.

        He’s creating beef when it wasn’t there.

      • brotha_man

        Bishop: You know, Big Chops, I really wanted all this to work. But you and Q, you ain’t crew no more.
        [points gun at Steel] *from the movie juice*

      • >>Classic ^^^^

      • Suava

        nah big shoulda got the fucc outta LA he stayed too long when he was supposed to dipp for paris or london or whereva he was supposed to be

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        big was going to get it regardless rather it was dc bmore jersey or even ny big was going to get it he never said enuff about pac he thought life was all sugar but he did try to kill the beef tho he was a good dude

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        i dont know about this one he had a mask on and he wasnt yelling anytime a nicca do that its serious and he made sense too

      • Sounds mad real….I’d cancel!

      • there’s no point in wearing a mask if your website is across the bottom of the screen. And Macon isn’t a half a tank of gas from Atlanta.

      • That ain’t his website….just the website that released it.

    • Swaggout

      If this beef bleeds over to Twitter there will be a literal massacre. Literally- literal.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      I dont know holmes dude didnt sound like he was playing and he had a mask on and they dont play in macon ga 4real he wasnt screaming he wasnt yelling he made sense i dont think its a joke or for twitter

      • ‘Chet sound mad real!

      • its not a play thang, he better watch his self.

      • brotha_man

        gucci did hit below the belt in that “Truth song” if i was homeboys with the decease, and gucci yapping the way he was… just saying

      • tab58064

        The nigga came fuckin’ with Gucci and he got got, it’s that simple. I don’t think it’s kool for him to bragg about the shit in songs and all, but again, that dude came at him. Had he killed Gucci it would’ve boosted his street cred and he would’ve been well known around his way for it, so what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And for the record, I’d like to see somebody kick Gucci’s ass, because he acts like his ultra-thug or some shit!!

    • hoeyuno

      Ha ha… I heard they on Facebook unliking all guccis comments…

      • See, that’s when you know it’s real!

        >>Unlike = Willingness to E Beef

      • hoeyuno

        Is there heaven for a E thug???

      • E Beef is heaven for an E thug!

    • Keith Brickz

      lol smfh

    • Bumpy Johnson

      what im askin myself is these niggas are mad NOW coz gucci said their homeboi name in the song. how bout when he killed the dude???? where was the anger then. …this some GD youtuber wanabe shit.

  • Calico Joe

    I always thought it was funny how he started claiming blood AFTER he killed a crip.

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  • Educated Brotha From The Bank

    The dude didn’t lie. He aint mad that Gucci murked his boy in self defense, he mad Gucci go around talking about it like he went out and murked someone in cold blood. Gucci should have just left it alone and not brought it back up.

    • cee773

      Niggas know the story come on niggas know how it went down if you listen to the truth all the way through the lawyer explained at the end and why it took so long to reply the truth been out for months

    • ahhsucksassh0le

      Thats why i feel its way more serious and legit than any of the GD stuff with Ross. The dude made sense, atleast to me, and Gucci gotta think real hard about where hes gonna be at on 12/21/12. Also no stupid song at the end = much more serious and not an attempt to get noticed on youtube.

      • Yeah, no rap video made it chilling!

    • Nah, they stepped to Gucci first & he did his thing.

      Gucci should have put it behind him, considering the spill over.

  • Educated Brotha From The Bank

    I dont know what some of you fags on here are talkin about, all beef aint over dumb shit like mixtape covers like GD and Rick Ross Beef…A nigga got killed between Jeezy and Gucci beef and niggas talkin about “Twitter Beef”…Cho lame ass up.

  • Sounds like T.I.behind the mask

  • Synista

    Is that Master P behind that mask?

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  • artman696

    LOL you keep bringing that shit up!!! stay home…Ok how long he gonna keep saying the same shit its still playing while I type this.

  • wow @ Frank Oceans daddy. Just triflin, u hadta grow up without a parent & they wanna come back around for some ends when u make it. Aint that a bish

  • Papi Peligro

    Gucci shot a friend of MF Doom.



    • A man can really sue a man for his sexual preference? A man who was not present in his son’s life is worried about how he looks as a father? How would you honestly feel if you became successful & your absentee father had the nerve to try & sue you? Many artists, actors, athletes, etc, have experienced that, the father who abandoned them tryna come back around when they make it. This father is grimy, now he want a million like he a victim.

      • Nene

        I agree. Frank Ocean sperm donor need to take a seat. How can you claim somebody defaming you when what they are saying about you is true. I see FO sperm donor didn’t learn from Oprah, Kelly Rowland, Eminem, and 50 Cent, sperm donors take care of your kids you just never know who they might grow up to be. Shaq daddy tried to come back into his life shaq made a song about him lol. He told that deadbeat who he considered dad.

      • DA BAY AREA

        TOWN BIDNESS!!

    • PliggaNease

      LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL the inbound cargo up the shit SHoot

    • Matt c

      I’m from the bay also, you sound really stupid.

    • Nene

      Maybe if he would have been a real man and actually raised his son he wouldn’t be having these problems.

      • DA BAY AREA


  • CaptainSpauldingNephew

    Damn Joker got me ready to call Gucci and be like Bruh…The dude with the skeleton mask is going to FUXX YOU UP! I love ya Gucci but stay home.

  • bigdoe6

    Ok this shit about to get ugly. I’m about to grab my popcorn. Real shit.

  • sakiru oresanwo

    Forgive me for my naivity but when did Gucci kill the alleged crip?Was it reported in the news?Cos if it wasn’t this site just dry snitched on him. Only asking cos I heard it in a diss trap but cant find a reliable article about it

    • EL_BARK

      Not only was it in the news. Gucci actually caught a case iver it & beat it.
      This wasnt no secret.!!!! And it was on the news in atl

      • sakiru oresanwo

        Cool, thanks for clearing that up


    These rappers best to respect me.
    You try to ron artest me, they gonna have to arrest me……
    Gucci !!!!!!

    I thinks its clear gucci has no problem letting them thangs fly.!!!!!

    • Calico Joe

      He ain’t got a choice when he know niggas after him.

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  • leftlanekb

    Whatever. If its real beef why give a warning on the internet? Some people will believe anything. Only on allhiphop would everyone make this so serious. Oh and he for real cause he wasn’t yelling and had on a mask, get the f outta here!

    • EL_BARK

      Lol my point exactly


    Lol skeletor mask. Smh
    So he says he knows gucci roll with 30 & 40 cops. But yet i am supposed to believe this niggas going to do what exactly when or if gucci goes to macon with 40 cops???
    Lol see what these Fake GDS done started. Fuk it. Since it ban a rapper from a city month. I bout to make a meek mill ban video. M
    “Aye robert. I dont like hiw you played SP niggas on your track “who you around”
    With mary j blidge. You think you can signed with a fake CO niggah and diss niggas.
    Naw fuk that i not letting that shet ride. Dont do no ahows in philly.
    Stay out of SP too. ”
    Sincerly yours
    EL -Bark…….
    illcoon i’ll make my video after breakfast. I expect you to air it. Fuk it
    I mines as well.

    • werrt

      Cops may help someone but you better believe aint no cop in america about to die behind no rap artists not a single dam one. If stuff go south cops are going to be ducking and blind firing behind cars.


    Also this niggah lieing. I dont know gucci personally.
    But i have meet him briefly in atl @ lenox grill. The niggah was dolo with a chick. And he appear to be a solid dude, my cuzzing know him and we chip it up for a few. The niggah is love down there. & if these cats was really butt sore over their dead homie, they could had atleast attempted tp get him. But they prolly know gucci unstable at best and ptolly dont want to chance it. He is a rapper is it possible he going to do the show in macon because he. Um a rapper and thats what rappers do? I doubt gucci just planned this show yesterday, so why these clowns wait until wednesday two days before the show to tell him not to come. Lol. Also if you claim blood and crip and you not in LA, you are a fail at life.
    Who ever this clown is, i sure people recognize his voice and all he is looking for is his hood fame so its can look like they block chump
    Gucci into not coming. Smh my money says gucci say fuk them niggas.
    And still will go.

    • werrt

      They just said dont come to there town…this does not sound like a game. Its simple dont go to there town or they will try and kill him. But hay i like news anyway so he can go rite ahead and do it.

  • Robinson Moe

    crips aint doing shit.

    • smke1witme

      crips aint doing shit where ever u from

  • GregSki86

    That nigga Gucci spoke reckless on them last few tracks. Would be good to see a nigga put his $ where his mouth is

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  • imaman2012

    why make a vid even with a mask and voice alreatraion.

    yea im SURE the peoples have no way of tracing who you are via yotube which is owed by google. (folk used his mama dell while she was at work. using her dial up. you know he have no clue about using proxies)

    ok say you a headbusta and you have a problem with a rapper. wouldnt you send word through the streets instead of a vid.

    ‘tell “instert name” to get at me’ (and if your name rings out you don’t need to say more because they know you dont play)

  • mike malarkey

    this nigga behind the mask is a sucka… i thought gangs retaliate no matter what?

  • Tre C

    it’s wild in Macon. That being said, the entire Bibb County PD gonna be there

  • Eli Pinilla

    Jeezy from macon, so its def believable

  • TooFunny214

    Real niggas know he’s right doe….

  • PliggaNease

    every city has some hood in it Macon is no different i know people from Macon and they tell me that shit is real out there.

  • PliggaNease

    plus if i killed someone n got away with it self defense or not man trust me i aint trying to talk about that shit at all……….

    • Bumpy Johnson

      u probably ain a gangtsa thats why….mad niggas show off bout the bodies they cought. its just the way of things in the hood.

  • PliggaNease

    the 21st the world ending anyway so Gucci probably just trying to beat us to heaven before it gets over crowded

  • greeneyedbandit

    Terrorist threats…..the FEDS are lovin this! Just a matter of time before they slow walk they a** down. Pretty soon the President will respond, and it won’t be nice. This has gotten out of control…..It’s pretty sad what hip hop has turned into!

    • KLewis

      That’s what I’m thinking. Google don’t keep your info private and the Feds are looking at all these videos and launching investigations. Give it a year tops and half the people in these videos will get arrested because of them.

  • Matt c

    this guy has beef so hes aloud to snitch? lol @ the streets

  • Matt c

    maybe they should go on dr. phil.

  • tmr

    Nigga come on soundin like J-Prince lol

  • southside4lyfe

    that sound like master p, but master aint the kinda gangsta to do that r.i.p. pimp c, but even the pimp new what it was wit master n im from texas and i can vouch for that. master got them goonies

  • speedy37

    Please kill all these garbage rappers in Atlanta .

  • superporckchop

    if this was really serious it would have been happened its been a few years sense cuzz death and now because fool makes a few comments on a mixtape now its time to retaliate
    boy sit your ass down somewhere this is why c’s and b’s out of L.A. dont respect non locals its more of a fad and money thing for them .. yes money is the root but its more then that in L.A. or the chi thats why the G.D. videos are pure clowns and this situation is bogus no real C or B or GD would do any of this millennium gangster shit


    but i don’t get the homie that died was trying to rob gucci . gucci was set up by a bitch . . . If a man kills once don’t think he won’t kill again. but for real he could have got him when he was going the trial for the bullshit he could have some rips that was in at the time with gucci hit him up quick.street niggas get dumber and dumber everyday

    • Calico Joe

      Why you think Gucci started claiming blood after that happened?

  • only real crips are in california,….same wit the bloods,…these break off factions and OT sets aint got the right rule book….miss me wit that banging in little rock ish,…..muzzle all that other sh*t ,….clip up and get in the car and ride N8GGGA!

    • andone

      not sure wat u mean by the only “real” crips are in cali… original yeah, but i beg to differ wit the real part… when the drug game got heavy during the crack epidemic, thats when the c’s & b’s started to set up shop ot heavily and recruited locals making the gang stronger than it already was/is… somthing all gangs hope/wish for… there are bloods and crips over seas, as well as other infamous gangs too(18st, ms13, ect.)… and dont underestimate the midWST, its serious from east to west, north to south… geography isnt much of a factor, gangsters will be gangsters no matter the city/state/nation/continent… ima agree wit u on “the right rule book” side tho, but still that doesnt change the color/set/click/gang they rep and thats REAL…

      so wit that being said… run & tell the bloods im cripin, then go tell the crips im blood… n!gg@ i b trippin(how ironic), b!tch idgafuggg… #majordistribution #streetkingimmortal!

  • Oh, no. Somebody on youtube with a mask is threatening people. RUNNNNN

  • ahhsucksassh0le

    This seems way more serious then the GD business with Ross. I think the guy makes a good point, good if your thinking about it on a streets level, well shit f*ck that if someone murdered your brother, than made a song talking slick about that and tried to come to your city would you be fine with it? I hope nothing goes down and Gucci gets in contact and talks proper and apologizes at the bare minimum. No body should die over a song but this sounds like it could be real, with real horrible things happening to someone.

  • Im from macon, and believe me, Gucci cant come to Macon Ga. He better watch it! I dont understand this stupid shit, he protected his self like a man.

  • hoeyuno

    So this is gonna be the new trend eh….

  • Keith Brickz

    illseed when are you going to follow frank oceans lead and keep it real?

  • trixnkix637

    That’s that real nigga talk. He was putting Gucci on notice. Not some bs GD stuff. I was wondering when that slick talk was gonna catch up to him. If I was Gucci, I’d blame the promoters and stay my ass at home. F- the b.s. Live to rap horribly another day GUCCI!

  • duecemom2004


  • Torrey Winston

    nigga go get a job….he working …why you not doing the same?

  • ShirleyM

    It’s not defamation if it’s true. So if he called his pops a ‘deadbeat’ and he is then so be it!! A parent should never sue their child, it’s just bad taste!


    Frank Ocean’s dad better own up to not being there and get over it. Dead beat dad now he’s tryna get his money smh sad

  • But he did perform there…….with 1 million cops and army men with him….and he did the same song twice….uggggg…..that had to hurt the crips huh….guess its on a cracking in a minute.