Trey Songz

Hip-Hop Rumors: Trey Songz Kissing A Man?

There is no way that this dude is Trey Songz even though he looks JUST LIKE TREY SONGZ! Now the internet is going wild that Trey is out here kissing men in the mouth!
I am not a Trey Songz forensic analyst but if there are any ladies out there. Can you tell me if this is Trey or not?

Take the poll!

Illseed, Out.


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  • mxtralive

    Why are you wasting my time with this, illseed?

  • bham-Jeff co.

    Riley Freeman: Eww niqqa u gay!

    • Jizzah!

      lol right!

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    That ain’t the boy TS…see how a nigga reputation get scarred…that pic wit the two fags kissing hurting my vision

    • Papi Peligro

      LOL you said the boy TS. Tran Sexual.

  • Low Down

    Trey don’t got earrings this he she got em.

  • Choppaliss

    Media do anything to bring down a black man and black ppl follow suit and do the same to their own …. smfh

    • brotha_man

      they are black

  • Lil Jimmy

    Oh sh!t thats big sean without his hat. we all knew Big Sean was gay any way so no rumors here.

  • Check ya’ Inbox iLLy, Oh Chet, drunk music mogul that we all know & love to hate, who just happened to get Wendy Williams fired from Hot 97 back in the day for outting him as the gay rapper, confesses to sleeping with an R&B dude.

    Oh Man, yeah, he slipped up, must be that Malt Liquor (Colt .45?) making him slip, but then he hits Kevin Hart with the “No Homo” & Kevin Hart…well, you gotta see the video.


    Was sleeping with him since the singer dude was 10yrs old?

    It wasn’t Chris Stokes…it was……
    Nah, I’ll let you drop it!
    SMDH & Pausing

    >>Grabs camera in Chin play’s voice, with a mouth full of Chinese food:
    “You do it! You do it!”

    • Jizzah!

      Damn dude spill it. Who is it? Who was it that got Wendy Fired

      • Nah, that’s some chet for iLLy, he got the tape in his inbox, but you know that ‘chet stay full with mad emails.

      • Calico Joe

        It’s Puffy and Usher. I seen that shit, but I heard bout them two on some suspect shit years ago. I guess Puffy just confirmed it in that video.

      • What you heard from years ago? You seen the video?


      • Calico Joe

        I’m talkin bout the same video you talkin bout where he slipped and said they was waking up together and wrestling over fruity pebbles. But I read some shit years ago, they was saying these two was spending nights together when usher was a pre-teen.

      • Diddy 9 yrs older than Usher? By 20? Diddy was with Uptown Records as an AR? Andre Harrell ( Dr. Jeckle )

        What was he doing sleeping in the bed with a 10yr old boy? Usher won Star Search @ 15? Making Diddy 25? & Usher 15, because Usher was from Tennesee & then ATL.

        If Usher was 10 he’s an & R, if usher is 15, after winning star search? Won with Diddy’s help?

        If not, Diddy had Bad Boy by then.

        What he doing waking up next to 15yr old?

        Then all the PAUSE, No HOMO, Bed ‘chet, Kevin Hart peeped it too, didn’t even want to be in the frame with the bed…was like ” You said some ‘chet like that & we broadcasting live? That was some stupid ‘chet to say!”

        He knew!

      • Celz

        Xzibit blasted the dude too.. Talkin about Puff said Supahead will put fingers in ya booty and film it and chillin at gay parties

      • Lmao

      • Whoah!

        You see the video yet? It’s up on 4UMF.

        It’s a wrap!


        i peeped the video but no exposure there looks more like diddy just slipping up saying the wrong things lol …. love how kevin hart brought it back there … diddy was def serious with that choke hold for a second there lol …

      • Definitely saying the wrong things!

      • Celz

        www youtube com/ watch?v=X0Svop4kUI0

      • Oh ‘Chet!

      • Damn!

      • brotha_man

        ehhhwwww *Ernest P. Worrell voice*

    • Puffy & Usher,Lmao

      • In the movie : Don’t say a word” voice:

        “I’ll never teLLLLLLLLL!”

        That’s up to illy to drop it, powerful dude, homo thug gangster, singer on some Omarion / Boy Wow / Raz B, young, oversexed….PAUSE ……type chet!

        Fits the profile perfect type ‘chet.


        Ninja sloppy drunk, caught himself like OOoopps!

        Kevin Hart flipped it & threw it off, but just the fact that he did helped more than just saying nothing!

        Dude flipped it on some “He remember when they used to wrestle over Fruit Loops or Frosted Flakes type ‘chet.

        After admitting he used to wake up excitingly next to him… “OoooPs! I mean , Uh, we go back to wrestling for Fruit Loops, etc….

        But there is a 10yr age difference, so if kid was 10, WTF you doing wrestling with a 20yr old for some Fruit Loops after waking up next to him?

        But that’s Dude’s story, I’m just asking the questions….but the newsroom at 4UMF be buzzing. Mad ‘chet I don’t report on.

        >>Doesn’t report Rumors ( But will send them ‘chets to iLLseed!)

        This ‘chet ain’t no rumor though, & you know it will always be some knuckle head beefing with iLLy on some:

        “Why you post it if it ain’t a rumor?”

        Honestly, I wish iLLY would ignore the ICE T stories, out of respect, but 4UMF got them up too.

        Infact, I’m gonna flex my E Muscles at 4UMF & see if we could stop reporting on it.

        On this “premium turn cutter dingle berry ” @$$ Ninja

        >>premium turn cutter dingle berry *Somebody on here said that about GAME’s album, I was hollaring.

        Ninjaz be bugging something fierce on here: SMH & LOL~N

        So dig, kid 10yrs old, Mogul 20, in the industry already *Hint

        *I might as well tell you, you gonna figure it out?”

        But it ain’t like they from the same hood.

        Not even on the same coast!

        West Coast / Durty South type chet?

        Anyway, the kid didn’t break into the industry that we know about until he was about Aliyyah’s age.

        That timing puts exec in position to help yougins career.

        Bulle’? Sacrifice?

        I’m not saying any of that stuff is true….I’m Just saying.

      • I think I figured it out already from what you said!This shit is too funny.

      • johnblacksad

        n my Banco Popular voice : “WHOA!”

        whoa whoa whoa…. i mean, whoa!

        Damn damn damn…. alcohool will bring the truth out of a n!gga!

        So you tryin to tell me that the “I need a girl” sh!t was just a front? oh my…. now you got me lookin at these ninjaz videos from a whole different angle now… just please… look at that “You don’t have to call” video.. no homo… Usher on the bed straight up wankin to Diddy on the visiophone… they actually never hid, it’s just that we never picked up on the clues….

        This sh!t makes me mad…. you got two brothers that have access to almost any hollywood blonde (C.Diaz…etc) and all kinds of RnB b!tches (Keesh Cole etc) and what this what they choose to do?!

        and yeah, Supahead been said Diddy chills at gay clubs! XtotheZ wasn’t down with that chet!

      • The tip off was when Diddy said “Watch out, she be taking pic of dudes with a dildo in their but!”


        If I’m with SupaHead, it’s for the Super Head.

        Get some throat & be gone…that extra chet?

        You funnt though, I never heard of a Visiophone, that was some George Jettson’chet, but you right, that was suspect with the hand activity, then it open with biting Big’s line….then Mr C?

      • johnblacksad

        smh @ myself… visiophone is the french word for videophone… that’s prolly why you never heard of it… i thought it was the same in english… which, may i remind everybody, is not my primary language…. more like 3rd… makin spanish 4th… jus boastin…

      • ‘Chet, could have said it in English, still wouldn’t have heard of it…back then, my tri state beeper was state of the art!


        lol @ visiophone

  • Vanessa

    Thats not Trey Songz cause if you look good at the man that look like him his hair don’t even look like trey so…


    That do look like Terrence J tho

  • Numbuh Four

    I doubt it’s dude…still some hoe sh*t though.

  • Stacie

    That is not him with those $100 earrings. You can be serious!

  • look at Trey’s eyebrows, then look at the guy’s eyebrows

  • illseed, your apart of the problem!

  • Papi Peligro

    That’s so nasty upper lips probably smell like toilet skid marks.

  • hoeyuno

    That’s swag

  • Keith Brickz

    illseed cut it out, stop asking for ladies opinions…we all know you are a closet flamer, dont try to act like you arent worthy of judging this yourself

  • Young Goku

    The truth is coming out!! watch from the 21st to January or so, We will see a lot shit that was under wraps….The unveiling is about to begin 🙂

  • therealest1

    Birdman & Lil Wayne mouth to mouth shit.

  • johnblacksad

    scrolled asap to the comments… no homo
    i don’t feel comfy with the idea of scrutinizin this pic…

  • tifah

    that is not trey at all look at the side burns, look at the hair, look at the edge up the nigga in the picture edge up is way deeper then trey’s rumors rumor rumors..that is not my nigga trey…

  • um really? Two men kissing. So what’s the big deal?

  • Pierre Elliott


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  • Tann01

    That’s not him you dummies. This rumor was debunked like five times already by the same dudes in the pic. smh

  • speedy37

    Kill all faggots,wow trey thongs how u foing girl.

  • Slaughtr

    Tell these black entertainers stop faking your not gay when the fck you are,look at how some of these brother’s dress.

  • brotha_man

    Come to think of it I aint never seen this brother wit no broad…..Ginuwine had solace, thats the only R&B dude I can think of they had a broad in public. All these R&B cats gay. nasty sum-a-bitch

  • brotha_man

    nasty sum-a-bitch

  • Sharif Majied

    Photo shopped can’t you see it’s only blocky by the front of their faces…smh come on

  • yesanditcounts

    I could careless about Trey Songz but ,this is two pictures put together. Trust me people this is photo shopped.

  • mike malarkey


  • tatum635

    i dont think thats trey songz. and ppl stop being so homophobic.

  • Looks like him, but eh who cares

  • greeneyedbandit

    i need somethin for an upset stomach……this sh*t is sickening!

  • duecemom2004


  • jrq3000

    Any fool wit eyes can tell dat ain’t Trey. But, it ain’t like we haven’t been hearin dat for years.

  • Daniel C

    naw…dudes eyebrows are different…haha

    • Urban Jipsie

      EXACTLY! Noticed that, too….

  • Torrey Winston

    its some hatin niggaz on here boiiiii…..that aint him wit the fucked up waves….trey might be gay but that aint him this time

  • jbeamazing

    will i am getting in wit your boy trey slongs

  • cj

    trey dont have ear rings

  • DIs nigga a fruit cake

  • Avanjanai

    Those eyebrows are way too on point… like arched which Trey does not have. All Trey’s photos show bushy unkempt brows. Check that for yourself.


    nah this is a picture of Trey, but it’s photoshopped. Matter fact think: if he was gay, he wouldn’t let any nigga take this pic.

  • SpaceAge2012

    I don’t think that dude is Tre but I have heard that “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” likes 2 go both ways,& I always find it funny how ppl start denyin it soon as they hear that 1 of their favorite celebs r gay.Incase yall don’t know,alot of celebrities & industry execs r gay.Some of em might be married & have kids,but in Hollywood alot of them r bisexual swingers & they’re most of da ppl u’ll never suspect either.

  • DOAP

    Doesn’t Surprise Me One way or Another…Hell Celebrity Men got U thinking its Cool for Men to wear Skirts?Kilts Wateva but then they want to Talk about Gays as Fags while Crossing their Legs in a Skirt saying, “No Homo”…For Real?…smh


    that may not be TS … but that was Lil wayne in a video lip locking with somedude that everyone said was Stevie J but since Stevie shot it down no one cares anymore lol however that was lil wayne in the vid lol wayne got off easy on that one lol

  • Keisha Mzlucious

    gay songz

  • That’s not trey songz because trey has a little beered and his eyebrows are thicker and his lips are bigger ok

  • $11625525

    WTF? Usher look like he wanted to tear Diddy a new one for that…

  • Melanie Santiago

    This guy hair is nappy! Tey songz hair is pretty!

  • trey songz eye brows are thicker than the one in the picture and the man have a looser wave pattern than trey

  • dont look like him that much…

  • it don’t look like him…. not just by the eyebrows but his face…BUT if you look at his eyebrows… well his forehead… he has the same pugy area around his eyebrows as the real trey songz pictures above… so it could be possibly… but the rest of it doesn’t in my opinion

  • LoverOfTheill1

    Not Treys side profile and them eyebrows are too thin. Yeah, I used to be a Trey fanatic before he got all cocky and wack. Not him though.

  • disqus_F6M8JlYMNX

    that’s not trey songz. he has a better hair cut.. that look like the dream…

  • sunnibunz25

    that is not trey. the eyebrows are a dead giveaway plus he is tad-bit too light skinned to trey. get outta here with this BS

  • if Trey can kiss him he can kiss me 2