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Hip-Hop Rumors: Chief Keef Cancels Whole Tour? But What Happened?

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On to the rumors!

What has happened? Chief Keef is something like a boss these days. Maybe there is too much that comes with it, because he has reportedly cancelled his entire tour just as he was to splash down in Philly! Now, I don’t fully know that every date was deaded, but the Philly one was for sure. And, after that, the rumors came.

It seems that Hip-Hop may be facing the same thing that they did in the 80s and early 90s. Back then, the insurance was very expensive for rappers considered dangerous or controversial. The recent events with Rick Ross and the GDz have suggested that his shows were cancelled for that very reason. AND, there are rumors that allege the promoter actually got paper from the insurance. Those are just rumors though. Don’t mind me.

Honestly, the reasons for the cancellation are not clear. I’ll keep you updated or maybe the news section will.

Illseed, Out.


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  • TruthSerum

    I wouldn’t gamble my reputation or license on somebody like chief Keef or Rick Ross either. First of all, it aint like these new rappers can sell out a club anyway, I live in Tampa which is a 3 hour drive from Miami, I saw Ross on his show in 2010 and he sold less 1,000 tickets for a building that holds 4K…….. That kind of crowd isn’t gonna bring in enough money to worry about the stupid gang bang nonsense on top of it, plus the risk of losing your liquor license or havig your club known to local police as hot zone.

  • lol the “thugs” love chief keef, all of them look up to him like a hero or someshit so u already know they gnna show up to the show taking the lyrics literally, and start showing that they #3hunna

    • Bumpy Johnson

      u mean the 15 year old thugs right…..ill never ever ever look up to a nigga or give a nigga that wear such tite jeans respect.

  • southside4lyfe

    its because he’s on probation the state not going to let him go anywhere until his probation over with

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      whenever you pledge a gang – it’s the same as yeillin’ – ” all enemy’s of this gang are my enemys,” – in that life, it’s one thing – but running a business that needs as many fans as possible, in as many places as possible, – it’s counter-productive.

    • Soufboi28213

      sound stupid he been doin shows n he on probation in chi but live in cali so i dont get wat u talkin bout

      • ljk

        who lives in cali not no chief keep being on probation only if his probation officer says yes
        otherwise he is in violation. i live in miami and here you on probation these officer don’t allow most of their clients off

      • gun588

        He does live in cali..After JoJo was killed he got permission from a judge to live and work in cali.. Do a little research

    • Guest

      He lives in Cali now so leaving the state is out of question, its something else.. Do a little research Chief Keef dipped from the Chi with permission from a judge right after JoJo was killed..

  • Tre C

    His show in Atlanta hasn’t been cancelled for tonight. Not yet, at least

  • Terrance Goodman

    He got a email that stated ” your wack flush yourself
    N meet career in the sewer”

  • NotYourAverage

    Isn’t just a shame when one bad fraud ruins it for all of the frauds. It’s just no fair.

  • That was El Bark, SP not having it!


    • Kyle Reissland

      Carrier and Career are two different words. Are you one of those peanut brains, nigga? Survey says; Yes. Lol “kill his carrier”.

      • MadVillain

        lmao damn…

      • DreamZ


      • ahhsucksassh0le

        you dawg you sunk my carrier. Maybe hes just into battleship

      • Celz

        Cash Money is an Army nicca a Navy nicca

    • he can make some good money on the chitlin circut tho not sure if hes ready to fill the big arenas just yet

    • Sorry for the grammar error… SMH! You got what I was saying though… LoL

  • mrgibson

    Probably probation shit…but his music sucks anyways

  • Banksy

    Am I the only one that thinks this is a win for hip hop.

  • ljk

    cheef keif needs guidance he already dissing rappers coming into this game we need better rappers that are positive seriously

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      Ijk – We agree with you – negativity is stupidity.

  • Keith Brickz


  • Dadon850

    Chief Keef, Trinidad James, Rick Ross all them fools is pure garbage and exactly what white america want rap music to be like. When political rap inspired black youth to rebel against the masses, they wanted to ban it. Notice how they could care less about banning rap now?? It’s creating a generation of lazy syrup sipping, pill popping cartoon characters that they laugh at and it’s also filling up the jails that the white folk get paid off. We are the butt of the joke and dont even realize it.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      Dadon850 – another good point.

    • Chrisblackusa

      Good analogy…but you put all white people in the same boat…no different then blacks being grouped as 1..which if was the case we’d all be paid.or all be broke….the prison game to keep small town america alive is in full effect…the lack of respect form and stripper form of hiphop is pushed because our elders did not take media chances. Outsiders saw the $$$ in hiphop while the elders called it nonmusic..the culture will get it on track when a media entity is controlled by a thoroughbred hip hop head..i saw the change start when we dropped the dj…mc was a hype man for the dj..or the throw ya hands in the air era…i see legends on this board like ed og and most youngsters dont know his m.o.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        it ain’t the real edog

      • hoeyuno

        its not edog from Boston. the edog on here is from the bronx and is a writter for 4umf and use to write for ahh.

      • Chrisblackusa

        Wooooooord!!!!!! Im thinkin it was the original beantown king…i didnt know dude is rick rossin…

    • chigirl88

      Very well said!!!!

    • Realshit

      you my friend have vastly oversimplified and generalized the rap game. While there are plenty of imposters, many rappers talk what they know and even have a message behind the music or lifestyle. You also fail to recognize the connection between poverty, drugs, violence, and where many rappers come from. That’s the other side of it all.

    • Kevin Farley

      most of white america could care less

    • Legendary Trolly

      You a damn lie, Ross can rap his fat ass OFF!! Very lyrical and can be poetic when he wants to be! You DEAD ASS WRONG for putting Keef and James in the same sentence with Ross!

  • I cant remember a time when illseed asked the audience for tips…I still dont think this is illseed.

  • DOAP

    Did this lil boy graduate school yet?…Thugs looking up to a child…well damn…how times have changed…We want Children to lead us….tee hee hee

  • DOAP

    What ever happen to Real Music? I hear everyone MAD but how do we continue to let the Music Industry decide what we want to hear….*just askin

    • Galactus

      thats what im talking about, we can hate these wack rappers all day for all the wack stuff they drop, but who’s financing these minstrel shows? Who is putting up the dough to keep that bullshit in our faces daily? Thats like NBC 10 (Local Philly tv station out here) had a report on a recent shooting down on the subway, shots fired over a sixers-bulls game. and the next story was an interview with meek mill. the thing that got me was they interviewing the same dude that perpetuate that kind of violence in our communities, but we got these phony ass news reporters (who obviously don’t listen to meek mill or hip hop altogether) giving him the time so he can plee his case against the reason why he can’t leave the state to do these shows. Must be the money, I guess people to scared to think critically, the industry is flawed, and we are not in control. I think we all subconsciously know that there is a wizard behind that curtain, and he’s flashing his propaganda all over the place (including this website)…

      • Chrisblackusa

        We let outsiders control the music of the culture when it comes to airplay and distribution….

    • dayleedumped

      your stupid. obviously real music aren’t selling. live with it, not chiefs keefs fault that people like his music, and doesnt like lupe fiasco or some other ‘real music’

      • Ronlg1

        My dude…I usually don’t talk about a person’s bad grammar, but in this case, your statement was wrong and so was the grammar. “Keef’s” album dropped and sold like what, 50k. Lupe’s last album came out in Sep and sold 90k in it’s first week. So people STILL like ‘real music’ also. And as far as your grammar goes, just read what you wrote and correct at your leisure

    • Guest

      I quit buying mainstream albums when i was 15, and stick to that underground, how ever i will buy cd’s only if they are independent and im feelin it or from the Chi. Get your ears off the shitty mainstream bullshit, Rick Ross, T.I, Kanye, lil Wayne, Wiz, ect. ect. aka the wackest rappers alive.. Half these rappers now a days are pushing this druggie/junkie culture hard as fuck..I fucks with local shit like this if u wanna check it out youtube C Money – Zoned Out, whiteboy goes hard.. All his tracks are good for the most part, and he has a natural talent for this rap game..

  • Galactus


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  • jrq3000

    Damn……. he cancelled after I done went and paid a translator to go with me and help me understand what da fuccin lyrics are. Chief Keef you wack for dat!

  • LOL @ INSURANCE … do you mean security ?????????????????????

    • Tony G.

      no..he’s promoters have to provide insurance in case something goes down

  • ant662

    the word “boss” is now being severely over used just like the word “hater”. a person who makes decisions, exercises authority, dominates is the definition of the word. not anywhere does it say an arrogant teenage rapper.

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  • PL

    I heard Chief Keef’s last show was so bad that the people in the handicapped seats walked out…

    • PliggaNease

      BLAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA dude you so crazy that joke was just the truth BLLLAAAAHAHAHAHA

  • Oknas

    him cancelling is real hip hop lol

  • PliggaNease

    bitches dont love sosa as much as we thought

    • johnblacksad

      b!tches only love the lil money Sosa got right now… and we all know his run ain’t even gon last 15 mn

  • gun588

    Wow, and just last night I hear L.E.P Bogus Boys got signed to Interscope too. They will eventually take most of Keefs spotlight in no time IMO if the rumor of them getting signed is true. They are much better than Chief Keef, and make real Chicago music.. They are a very talented group, and real street dudes from the Chi. Still gotta give Keef props no matter what tho, he came from the gutter and made something out of nothing at only 17.. Respect..

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  • stanlee

    its prolly cause this fools gonna catch a probation violation n b on house arrest again

  • nows hes not laughing all the way home from the bank like nah nah nah

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  • RichFromBX

    is “insurance” what gets used now when wack rappers can’t sell tickets…like when someone posts something stupid on twitter and say their account was hacked…

  • Nene

    That’s what he get right now for mocking the dead. Karma is a bi&ch. Things will get better, but not until he change his evil ways.

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  • Guest

    all these niggas weak asf..! they all rap about the same thing, talk about life,talk about whats going around the world right now Rapa bout true shit..!

  • DannyAk

    all these niggas weak asf..! they all rap about the same thing, talk
    about life,talk about whats going around the world right now, Rap about
    true shit..!