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Hip-Hop Rumors: Katt Williams Airs Out Jamie Foxx For Django And Says He’s Gay!


But, this isn’t really funny!

Katt Williams went IN! He may be half crazy and under the spell of Suge Knight, but some of the old Katt remains. He recently said that Jamie Foxx was gay and even named the dude he allegedly sleeps with. a Marcus Anthony. Apparently, that dude is a singer signed to Jamie. Anyway, Katt also came down on Mr. Foxx for being in Django. He said he was offered a role in it and turned it down. I find it pretty cool that some actors actually have the integrity to say no, for whatever reason. That’s no disrespect to those that did the movie. He also said that the script had “Any n***a that does this…deserves to DIE! The words “f**k you n***er” appear 176 times [in the script].” Anyway, peep what Katt said.

Jamie Foxx went in on Katt a few years ago.

Ironically, Katt was arrested last night for what he says was for being a “Black man on a Gay street.” The police say he was parked too close to a fire hydrant.

What do you think about actors in Django?

Illseed, Out.


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  • maya

    Integrity? The guy’s a crackhead.

    I BET you that Suge’s hating, shit-starting ass put him up to this.

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    I wouldn’t put it past jamie if he was gay. i wouldn’t put it past any celebrity if they was gay ,but im not in there personal life so how would i know.
    if suge knight got your back ,you know it’s some shit starting and drug abuse going on

  • southside4lyfe

    I think jamie foxx is gay i have never seen him with a woman and he sold his soul along time ago to white america

    • how did he sell his soul?

      • imaman2012

        any black person that’s ‘successful’ must sell have sold their soul. because the all powerful white man will hold you back otherwise.

        *every black person who failed in life thought pattern*

      • You are undoubtedly a math flunky… Because your theorem is suspect, at best.

      • Celz

        He was being facetious.. Using big words like theorem you knew that right?

  • imaman2012

    i bet if anyone you got offered 10 million to play in that flick. you would not say no. matter fact if they offered you 5 million.

    as for being gay. who cares. fools been gay since day one.

    • Watch “HollyWood Shuffle” with Robert Townsend ( << 5 HeartBeats )

  • johnblacksad

    crackhead vs homo beef sh!t

    • Yo! Still, Jamie Foxx is mad funny!

      Tarantino’s over judicious use of the N word is suspect.
      All his flicks…#IJS

      • johnblacksad

        True dat, true dat…

        I’d say i still give him a pass for giving The Ruler Zig Zag major push for Iron Fist flick… which btw isn’t out yet over here

        You got any music suggestion for a brother? I’m stuck in this big crib with a few grams of that white widow… not knowin what to up on the playlist

      • Jedi Mind Tricks – Designs in Malice

        State Vs Kirk Jones – – > > Str8 Through, banging, Cannibus rips it.

        KRS *Always

        Some other ‘chet

        “Pour Ceux” ~ By K1 Fry Mafia

        French Hip Hop? I don’t know, but they rip it, video is mad low budget, ghetto, but still proper, fun, etc.

        No idea what’s it’s about, but the ‘chet is hyped!

        Sticky Fingaz G4 TV Freestyle ( 1st Part ) That ‘chet dope…New Music?

        Well theres….uh….um,,,,,,you know….uhhHHH, Kobe Bryant…40 points…etc.

        Immortal Tech, hit me up on you tube, I got some hip hop playlist, 200 deep, No one with a name starting with “Lil” or “Young”, nor anyone with a name ending in “Eeezy”.

        Tried & True?
        Public Enemy’s “Nations Of millions”

        On Rza, Pass, etc…

        The movie better fuggin’ be good, and not some excuse for an N Word fest!


        A point was raised, from Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, etc.

        Then the whole him & RZA calling each other “My Ni99a”…..it’s inappropriate for QT, even if it isn’t for the RZA.

        Some iLL chet, “The illumanati Exposed By Mommar Qaddafi”

        About jacking Libya @ 20 Min in, ( 20:02 – 22:20 ) iLL sound track, MLK qoute / beat.

        Used that for my commercial for that project, I needed that loan for, “Low Income Housing ) scaled it down to 4 mill, 100 units, 1K a month and better, with a slew of complimentary businesses to augment sales.

        Interest free @ 4yr return, residuals thereafter, exponentially increasing, 7% yearly, + expansion @ 50% ( debt capital )

        Best part, it’s subsidized housing, guaranteed $$.
        Have the business & marketing plan ready, just need to fine tune it.

        TI raising money for UN HOUSED veterans


        Give Like a King could be tied into “Live Like A King”.
        >>Nice low income housing, unique product, high entry barrier.

      • johnblacksad

        nice playlists… i’m going with scarface & crew…. that’ll get me right

        lol at the video of Rozay denying he’s a C.O….. you had to have it… LOL-n

      • Bawahahaha!

        I forgot about that ‘chet…that ‘chet got it’s own playlist.
        I had one “When Mase wasn’t WACK” & that ‘chet was fiyah, but they deleted it!
        (Harlem World Mase > Bad Boy + Mase)

      • Celz

        Murda Mase from Children of the Corn was raw lol.. He’s a confused attention whore now lmao

      • That ‘chet I had was Fiyah! People would swear up & down that it wasn’t Mase.

  • Illuminati want his head enough said! No phucking conspiracy theory if you watch Katt Williams stand ups he keep it 100.

    • If Katt Williams is your litmus for keeping it 100? Go ahead and end your life now. Trust me.


      Have you ever heard a crackhead tell a story?? It’s funny as hell….Katt Williams does the same $#!T…..hes just a man gone off the pipe yellin about some BS to anyone who will listen….He’s trynna start some beef so he’ll b relevant for a minute….NOW, truth be told….Jamie Foxx does look SWEET….but who cares…

  • king

    Why are people up in arms over this word omg slaves were called that and many other words relax people black say that everyday it is so much more we could concern ourselves with as African Americans

    • brotha_man

      it still a way of poisoning the minds of blacks to make them feel inferior or to keep them in there place

      • king

        If that word make us inferior then it starts with us we say it more to each other then we should.

  • king

    Katt is definitely on something but even he seems suspect.

  • lol @ “bein a black man on a gay street”…smh

    • scullyson

      Yeah that had me rollin…LMAO !!! Katt wild

  • mrgibson

    Katt is a crackhead to the fullest…too bad too because he was a great showman. I don’t know why everyone is always worried about what black celebrity is gay or whatever, should doesn’t matter unless he’s out there passing HIV to chicks who think he’s straight or whatever like these DL brothas do.

  • Papi Peligro

    Real talk noobody act gayer than Katt Williams.

  • RevrendIke3x

    Tarantino ain’t offer Katt shyt! Katt still mad because Jamie Foxx let the world know Katt hasn’t written an original joke since 2003. I give Katt 3 weeks before he’s in the back alley giving dudes dome for 11 dollar hits.

  • greeneyedbandit

    I don’t think Jamie Fox is gay, i think he’s just a whore that don’t want to settle down. He’s dated Gabrielle Union, (she caught him cheatin with Meagan Good), and many other beautiful sisters in entertainment. I don’t see what they saw in him, but i don’t think he’s gay.

    • He was seen walking with a man in a suspect way from a restaurant awhile back TMZ shot the photo and Jamie looked mad nervous had up in the camera. Most of the top black actors are gay besides Denzel who never did a gay role or dress.

      • greeneyedbandit

        “he was seen walking with a man in a suspect way from a restaurant.” Oh my…..i didn’t know that. lmao! I’m getting ready to look that up on tmz…..

  • brotha_man

    brotha did drop a name to go with the accusation

  • A crackhead, and a dude who might be gay but has a movie with leonardo dicaprio and samual L jackson? I’ll roll with the cat who up for the golden globe.

    • sosa tha plug

      perfect example of a fucknigga.ride dick literally just to make it.

  • jbeamazing

    kat gay all put a bill on it

  • Chris

    Jamie Foxx was goin’ hard at Howard Stern a few years ago, until Stern threatened to expose the fact that Jamie Foxx was takin’ backshots on the regular. Jamie Foxx fell back quick.

  • siddiq ja’far

    everyone know Jamie gay, there where rumors of him playing naked basketball & disturbing neighbors with those “Never Happened” parties. If Howard Stern call you out, its basically official. Katt is being targeted cause he outs Boule blacks & how hollywood is. First they discredit you (like DMX, Micheal Jackson, Dave Chapelle) then they knock you off. Everythin g isnt as it seems

    • hell yea they wanna take katt out the game soon

    • Celz

      Don’t forget the crack though.. Cocaine is a helluva drug.. Dave Chapelle’s case holds weight.. Everyone else you mentioned abused drugs so bad that there was no more room to go up..

    • RalphDC

      Kat has issues just like the three others that you namesd. All had massive drug problems but at least Dave got off them but it fucked up his shit up. All four have lost mad paper because of being reckless with drugs and their actions. Sadly Kat is going down th same path.

    • imaman2012

      yea, i’m sure they put crack in his pipe too…

      when did mike air out this mysterious fictional group?

      and chappelle hasn’t caught a case or even been in the news.

      X has his own demons to fight.

      your theory blown out the water.

      do you cats even think before speaking?

      it’s almost 2013 and you cats still believing in the bogey man.

      in before you say youtube or google it. ever hear of the word misinformation

      • Casor_Greener


      • siddiq ja’far

        I never said he wasn’t on drugs, shit almost every1 in the industry is on some type of narcotic. I’m saying due to his mentioning of the inner culture of the industry they place a emphasis on him & use his vices to discredit you. DMX dod poetry talking about the industry on Def Jam , Chapelle talked to Oprah about it. Mike was in concert on numerous occasions talking about the industry & his family discussed how they wanted to murk him. I’m talking about non guided comments, not YouTube narrated videos. I would say look it up but Internet searches not as creditable.

  • John Blaze

    Katt Williams is a fuckin crackhead, but he probably right about Jamie being gay….Jamie Foxx Show is a classic and he has done some dope movies but I’ll never forget the video i saw on Youtube when he was backstage at some concert and he said: “I wanna have some “thug love” with Lenny Kravitz…..” and yes, Lenny was in the room at the time. I think that video might still on youtube……

  • churchboy2

    Proof that Katt was lying:

    At 1:06 in the video, Katt says that he has a copy of the Django script, “written in Spielberg’s hand” – but Tarantino wrote Django, not Spielberg.

    You are now officially exposed Katt Williams.

    Jamie Foxx deads your career in 5, 4, 3…

    • Katt is so high on drugs he forgets his lies. I feel bad for him.

    • Celz

      Jamie addressing this will add more time to his career.. Katt is doing everything possible to dead his own career..

    • H. U. S.

      I swear, when I 1st heard this on WSHH…I thought I was the only one that heard that. Katt is killing his own career, and I hope Scary Movie 5 is the nail in the coffin!

  • TheBigCheeFa

    Jamie Foxx isnt gay!why are people thinking that BS anyway?you know you made it when people accuse you of things youre not

    • Celz

      why you defending a stranger..

  • dayleedumped

    oh playing a movie that shows how history was is really gay… how about playing a role in a movie where you holding a niggas dick and being a butt pirate wasnt?


    every quentin tarintino movie is filled with the N-word …. been wanting to check the man with the iron fist to see if it followed suit also …… especially seeing that the rza is in the movie ….. however you gotta look @ the years these movies take place … alot of tarintino stuff is from older times and feature racist people … so that language is expected ……… and hollywood will never shy away from it cause it starts up the word of mouth campaign via contreversy …..

    • nah no “n!gger” in Iron Fist..great movie by the way

    • Tattoo

      RZA wrote, directed, and starred in Man with the Iron Fist. Tarantino just backed the movie.

  • hoeyuno

    I never really checked for katts stand up before recently but dudes got jokes. jamie was always the weakest link since in living color days. the only time jamie was funny was when he was playing wanda. I never really seen why ppls liked dude. katt just needs to get his ass to a treatment center before he burns all his bridges. homie has 7 kids or some shit… not dissing, just don’t wanna see the lil homie fall so hard that he can’t recoup.. fuk jamie foxx!! dude has nothing on katt up on that stage.

  • NoGoBoi

    the shit he been doing lately been kinda crazy, shit this past year really

  • Solo Dolo

    man..fuck all that, im tryna see Django Unchained

  • sosa tha plug

    and another thing bitch,,stop stereotyping lack ppl with the same #crackhead insult everytime.truth b told,crack abuse is a dying trend in the black community.3 times more whites use crack than blacks currently in the U.S. same goes for robbery and goverment assistance.THE SAD PART IS THAT THE STEREOTYPES USUALLY COME FROM HOUSE BROKEN SLAVE MINDED BLACK PPL SMMFH #CA$HVILLE STAND UP WE KEEP IT 3 GUTTA 4 DIS BLOG SHIT

    • johnblacksad

      i hear you, but… Kratt is on cack tho… uh… i mean Katt is on crack tho!
      No insult, no stereotype…

  • Ronlg1

    Here is the real deal. There have been rumors about jamie Foxx being gay for a WHILE…Who the f#@k cares about his sexual preference? “What that man EATS does NOT make YOU sh!t”…. If you are seriously “up in arms” about someone’s sexual preference, you might need to check your own preference. the only thing he proved in that clip is that Jamie WAS right about one thing…katt hadn’t said anything original in years.

  • katt got a new movie coming out, with charlie sheen, lindsay lohan and simon rex…. no seriously… scary movie 5.. yikes

  • Aggie

    LMAO Jamie Foxx is not Gay all the Woman he in kiss come on nah Halle Berry, Meagan Good, Fantasia, But Everybody quick too believe this crack head wash up Comedian, All Katt trying do is get himself back into the spotlight do to the fact he played the hell out and noone playing attention too him and nine time outta ten he broke, and didn’t Katt said a couple week ago he retire from standup that should show everybody right there

  • Ryan Anderson

    Quentin Tarantino is basically the white version of Spike Lee..

  • $11625525

    So let me get this right… Katt Williams has a problem with the N-Word? -_-

    Anyone ever listen to a Busta Rhymes album? That man uses the N-Word at least once every 6 seconds.

  • Katt is proving himself to be a typical NIGGER….His life is in the trash and he is prepared to try to pull down ass many of his own kind as possible. #fail.

  • Tony G.

    So he has a script written by Speilberg yet Tarrantino wrote the movie…interesting

  • Tony G.

    this no talent ass clown..smh…kill urself like uve done ur career

  • I went to see
    Django Unchained yesterday, and I had to walk out of the theatre. I know this
    is not the venue for me to be taken seriously, but the movie was truly
    offensive, and a disgrace to my black ancestors who went through what was a
    true holocaust. To profit off the horror that so many black men/women went
    through, in the aggressiveness in which Tarintino depicts his movies, is
    repulsive and sad. While I do understand Katt Williams has had his problems,
    Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, and the rest of the black actors who took part
    in this disgrace of a movie have forever lost my respect. There are certain
    topics that only deserve a certain level of “depiction”. I was in the
    movie with a friend, and as we were leaving half way through she asked me:
    “Didn’t Tarintino do a movie about Jewish people.” Yes, I answered,
    but that was Inglorious Bastards, and that movie was about the fictitious
    murder of Adolf Hitler (a movie in which Jewish people can take pride). Where
    are we as a black people when we can allow a director to profit off the murder/pillage/rape/killing
    of so many of our people during the holocaust that was black slavery? How can
    we stand by, silently, and let this movie profit off of the struggle that so
    many of our ancestors went through. Is this not a slap in our face, however
    settle. Are the black actors that took part in this movie not a disgrace to our
    ancestors in the name of money? Take some time to truly face these questions
    people; ask yourselves these hard questions. For full disclosure, I am not a
    “black power brother”; I work on WallStreet, and had every intention
    of enjoying Django Unchained. But, the feeling I got from the start of the
    movie, until my walking out, was one of rage/hurt; I don’t see how any black
    man in America who has been called the “N” word could think any

  • digit@gmail.com

    Well wait a min people Katt has always said things that exposes the industry. I have always been a fan on both Katt and Foxx but I also know the TRUTH and Katt tells it like it is to the point that he is being MARKed. The best advice I can give Katt is to keep it out there and keep exposing this will keep you ALIVE…

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