Gee Roberson Leaves Geffen With LEP Bogus Boys, Hitboy, Launches New Label

(AllHipHop News) Music entrepreneur Gee Roberson has announced the formation of his own, new record label called Blueprint Group.

Roberson, who is currently the Chairman of Geffen Records, will transition out of the role, to run his own company.

In addition to being a full-service record label, Blueprint Group offers managerial and artistic development.

Roberson will put his time running Geffen Records to good use.

“I’m very happy about the knowledge and experience I gained at Geffen that will be very useful going forward in the future,” Roberson said. “Now it’s time to go back to my roots, that entrepreneurial spirit, wrap my arms around my own label and fold it into Interscope Geffen A&M. Based on the relationship I already have with Jimmy [Iovine] and everyone at the label, this is a very natural move that’s filled with synergies.”

Blueprint Group already has signed new acts on the roster, including rapper/producer Hitboy and critically acclaimed Chicago rappers LEP Bogus Boys.

The artists should benefit from Roberson’s deep rolodex, thanks to the success of his two previous companies, Rock Tha World, which managed Kanye West and Hip-Hop Since 1978, which merged with Cortez Bryant’s Bryant Management.

That company, now called Blueprint Group, counts Drake, Lil Wayne, T.I. and Nicki Minaj as artists on the roster.

Roberson and will Cortez Bryant remain co-CEOs of Blueprint Group, while Interscope Geffen A&M will handle the marketing and distribution of the label.

“Gee has an extraordinary entrepreneurial instinct and that spirit has always been an important part of our company,” said Interscope head Jimmy Iovine. “John [Janick, Interscope COO] and I are thrilled at the opportunity to partner with Gee on his latest venture.”

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    How do you have “extraordinary entrepreneurial instinct” when what you essentially do is manager HUGE names? Let me see these dudes break a new, unheard of artist and then I’ll consider them to be valuable business men.

    • EL_BARK

      Um gee broke kayne west into the game as a rapper & producer.

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        Ummmm no he didn’t. Do your homework.

      • EL_BARK

        No your wrong. Go back & do your home work,
        & anc you will see that gee roberson & kymabo joshua
        Were A&R at roc-a-fellla way back in 98 & 99. Kayne guest track he did was sigel “the truth” track. Its was those two who put h onto the roc. After hearing kayne beats. You dont know what your talking about.

      • they say Gee was the chairman of geffen … i dont think Gee and kanye really had an working relationship until Kanye signed his Good Music label to Geffen which Gee was Chairman of ……. i think D-Dot, Hip Hop since 1978 & Dame Dash are the ones credited for breaking kanye as a producer / artist ……

      • EL_BARK

        You going off an article that is written on AHH and i thinks it vlear these writers dont know nothing about hip hop. See my comment above.
        Gee & kymabo were A&R at roc a fella. They are the ones who bought kyans to the rock and suggssted sigel listen to his beats for his first album. Sigel took the truth beat & thats what got kayne put on…..
        Dont believe go look on kayne first album & you’ll see him & gee and kymabo go way back. Its was gee work & resume at roc a fella,
        That got him the geffen postion. Which is why after he left the roc in 05,
        Kayne still went to him for good music label. They been working together for year since the roc.
        D-dot only burnt kay e for some beats on mase group album “harlem world”. Kayne made a beat, d- dot bought the rights to it. And gave it to mase, as if it was his beat & he made it. Kayne never got crefit for it.
        This was in 98. It wasnt until 2000 he did the truth track, and that landed him, as a roc in house producer with just blaze.
        Dude above me doesnt know what he talking about.,
        Just talking out his ass, gee has quite an impressive resume.
        If he didnt how would he become chairmsn of geffen????

    • trixnkix637

      All you need to do is listen to “Last Call” on College Dropout. Kanye says in his own words who helped & how he got his break in the industry. He actually lists Talib Kweli as giving him is his first legit big break.

      • EL_BARK

        You just prove my point. Smh another person talking out their ass.
        He never said kweli put him on. He said he put kweli on songs with jay-z.
        Plus the first comment was gee never found no new acts. And he wrong.
        Gee & kymbo discover him.
        Now this is from “last call”

        So this A&R over at Rocafella, named Hiphop
        Picked the Truth beat for Beanie. And I was in the session with him
        I had my demo with me. You know, like I always do
        I play the songs, he’s like “Who that spittin?”
        I’m like “It’s me.” He’s like “Oh, well okay.”
        Uhh, he started talkin to me on the phone, going back and forth
        Just askin me to send him beats
        And I’m thinking he’s trying to get into managing producers

      • trixnkix637

        My relationship with Kweli I think was one of the best ones to ever happen to my career as a rapper. Because, you know, of course later he allowed me to go on tour with him. Man, I appre– I love him for that.

        Yea I can copy/paste lyrics to my dude (the right ones at least). I was referring to breaking Kanye as an rapper. As a producer that was a collab effort between D Dot, Hip Hop, & later Dame. Mostly D Dot since he did a lot of producing work for D Dot behind the scenes early on.

        Never heard him mention Gee or Kymabo. So who’s really talking out they’re ass? Nice try though.

        Either way it’s a good look for Gee. Glad to see the right people making the right moves.

      • EL_BARK

        You such a dumb ass .
        “Hip hop” is kymabo I know plenty of people work @ the roc back then,. so i know what i am talking about. How did d-dot brake him, and s-dot burned him for a track. Whst other dong did he fo between that teack on harlem world, for which he didnt grt credit for. In between the truth track.???? How many track fid he do after the truth track???
        Ok then hip hom& gee broke him in? Who you think idea it was for him to pay for his own videos & promotion. Thry were shopping him around cause at first jay aint want to sign him. Gee & kymabo were managing him since he been the truth track.

    • Truth Powell

      I second that. These guys get buku money and status for really doing nothing but being at the right place at the right time. Cortez bryant? please….

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  • True courage is not the brutal force of vulgar heroes, but the firm resolve of virtue and reason.

  • There is nothing in the world so much admired as a man who knows how to bear unhappiness with courage.

  • i thought hit boy was signed to Good Music ???? i guess this was a Pill / MMG situation … where geffen kind of thru Hit Boy @ good music to see what he could do … but in Hit Boys situation he superseded expectations and Gee was like nah i need him back LOL 😉

  • Truth Powell

    “Critically acclaimed Chigaco rappers”? by who? LEP Bogus boys are wack and offer nothing new

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