Hip-Hop Rumors: Shyne’s New Years Resolution, Skillz Quits. Trinidad James’ Beef!


Shyne is the man. Dude speaks and we report on it. Welp! It looks like Shyne is setting his standards high in 2013. He wants to get Rihanna to come over to the Jewish side with him.

“Say blood, I’m a go on & jump out the window! My 2013 resolution is to convert @rihanna & make her my thug wife! She deserve a real mobster!”

I don’t know that he’s gonna be able to convert her. She’s a sexy savage.


LOL! You probably saw this a couple days ago, but I missed it shopping for my dog. Well, it looks like Trinidad James may have a lawsuit on his hand from the co-creator of “Martin.” “Nobody’s that unattractive in real life. Gold chains, gold rings, and rotten teeth, that’s Jerome!! …Martin created that,” said ‘Martin’ Creator Gerald Levin. Levin believes – as I did – Trinidad James is some parody, not a real rapper. This means he can be sued because he looks too much like the parody on “Martin.” He’s gonna sue for $5 million dollars if Trini James doesn’t chill!

I know what Trinidad thinks.


Did you hear the latest “Rap Up” from Skillz? I think he’s gotten tired of this yearly wrap up. Well, at the send of the 2012 version of the song, he says that done with it. I know there are others lined up to do a new Wrap up. He sounds little like Meek Mill on this one. check it out.

Sounds like…uh…Rick Ross should have A&R’d the beat.

Illseed, Out.


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  • AK

    thats the biggest reach of a lawsuit i ever heard, he still got all those re-runs playing is he that desprate ?

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      AK – agreed about the reach! – people can’t claim a human look. – that BS gotta be thrown out.

    • Tre C

      each time they play a re-run, the less you get payed in royalties. definitely a reach still with that bs lawsuit

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  • andone

    hate from every angle… its only makin dude that much more visible, so before u comment think about that!

    • what “dude” Shyne? No, he fell off… Trinidad James? who the hell is that?

      • andone

        either or… u decide… but since/while im here, let me throw out that merry x-mas blessin… stay up ppl 2013 is real #allthewaylive!!

  • water_ur_seeds

    ill check the video later, interesting him apparently sounding like meek mills, he used to sound abit like big l back in the ‘from where???’ days

  • EzE

    you cant sue a nigga for the way he dress…thats just stupid if so all these brands should sue rappers for these fake ass vintage chains and “custom” designer clothes


    but he really is a character, I respect Trinidad for that. Cool guy, just actin all dumb cause that’s what the people want.

  • hoeyuno

    Ninja please!!!!!!!!! I got a better chance wifin Rihanna then shynes confused ass…haha plus rihanna wouldn’t be good at plowing and hoarding the goat. Merry Xmas ahh homies

    • $hyne bugging with that headwear!

      • $11625525

        Dunce hat!

      • WTF is that? Is it traditional headwear or?

      • hoeyuno

        that hat needs its own facebook page.

  • drizzy85

    “you going to jail now did y’all see that uppercut on that bus” that line had me laughing to hard

  • Papi Peligro

    That bike Shyne sitting on is sick. He look mad silly with that bible box on his head while holding a gun. Trinidad James looks like a serious cover up for Ex College Validictorian Graduate School Drop out.

    • I thought that was a belt for his skully hat?

      ‘Chet, I’m liking the Mockberg & the Bike is bananas too, but WTF is a Bible Box? Looks like a mini version of the arc of the covenant?

      • lemarsha

        the boxes are called tefillin. small leather boxes with scriptures from the torah inscribed used to purify/bring one closer to god. it also serves as a reminder of god’s intervention in the exodus from egypt.

      • Good look!

        Glad to know $hyne isn’t as crazy as it seems.

      • Negro Peligro

        AKA bible box.

  • Papi Peligro

    Don’t get it twisted Trinidad James is dope though.

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Not celebrating Xmas cuz thas not my thing….but I will say this…have a productive New Year, get money, stay focused, stop hating and survive the game, on whatever level you playing on…live life, enjoy life and know that every day above ground is a great one….peace my niggaz

    P.S – kiss ya momma, love ya lady cuz ain’t nothing wrong with that and raise the babies

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    I can see why people wouldn’t like trinidad’s music I thought the all gold everything vid was highly questionable/ridiculous. So I had to see what the deal was with dude so I can almost guarantee your opinion would change of him as a person if you watched one of his interviews.

  • So_Subby

    that second paragraph was mistake grammar heaven, im not sure at all what he is talking about, and your a paid editor? but any way let me address the Trinidad James issue… i feel like this guy ( who ever he is ) is so far stuck in the past of his 5 minute of fame that he is so offended by people who say he stole that idea or style ( thats if this guy really said these things about Trinidad ) first; that is a style is made from the 80’s or 70’s. secondly; people are making fun of him, thats how it started. Third; not once did he say that he is trying to be the parody of that character. this guy seem to be very desperate for money.

    • If you gonna criticize grammar, make sure your’s is up to par as well:

      i feel like this guy( who ever he is ) = Space, capitalization errors

      is so far stuck in the past of is 5 minute = Missed letter, pluralization error

      that e is so offended by people who = Missed letter. ( Who / Whom error )

      thats if this guy really = Apostrophe / Contraction error

      this guy seem to be very desperate for money. = Capitalization error

      Also, your semi colons should be commas.

      Your post makes Sydney Lace look like a Pulitzer Prize winning author….

      >> In Ed Lover’s Voice: “C’mon Son!”


      • So_Subby

        Am I getting paid to right a article? Use common sense and better reading comprehension skills. Btw stop using played out phrases. Come on son? Corny… get a life your always on here… want me to break down your sad lonely mental state of mind? Realize that I can have grammatical errors but for someone who is getting paid to have one such as bad need to be spoken of. Thanks for wasting your time to point out my errors, more evidence of your no life behavior.

      • Logging on to criticize grammar with bad grammar isn’t?

      • Dam these new cats are bugging out on here Ed! Haha Who starts a sentence with but? I come here for the articles but realize that though it may be subpar writing it is still a hiphop site. I love hiphop and it keeps me updated on what is going on.

      • So_Subby

        when did i start the sentence with but? ill wait…. are you to stupid that you cant even make the corrrect statment which you can easily do by scrolling up? btw these people are paid editors, regardless of its a hiphop site or not. This is why i hate commenting on hiphop sites because its filled with ignorant people

      • The comments too?

      • So_Subby

        I’m not a professional writer you nitwit, that’s just like me saying soulja boy is the worst rapper and had a terrible album and I never rapped before. So what if I used bad grammar, that wasn’t the point dummy, my point was that he is getting paid to write and that sentence made no sense. I was drunk and high last night when I wrote that after I came home from celebrating with my family and friends. Maybe if you had a life with family and friends you could relate but I highly doubt it

      • So after celebrating, all happy, high & ‘chet, what do you do? Log on, talk ‘chet & go have sex with another man?

        >>Fail Blog

      • So_Subby

        i was to drunk to realize that your mom have balls and a penis, i took 10 showers after i found out and went to church. i should had never had drunkin sex with her or it.

      • >>In Boondocks Voice : “Ni99a You Gay!”

      • So_Subby

        And most of my comment wasn’t about the grammar, your just fishing to argue and it’s sad. It’s the holidays and your looking to argue, I’m pretty sure that you say ” bah humbug ” after every comment you post. by you of saying this comment ” logging on to criticize ” is again wrong. Seriously at least make valid points that atleast have some facts about what your saying.

      • paybach

        C’mon son will never be played out; c’mon son!?… C’mon son! Its not fashionable its stylistic.. It was in use 10+ years prior to mass dilution and will be appropriate 10+ years after mass desertion. C’Mon son?!

      • So_Subby

        That’s why ESPN Monday night football have come on man and its more known than Ed lovers come on son??? It’s played out dude…

      • And logging on to talk ‘chet while posting like a Hip Swinging fa99ot isn’t?

        Get your priorities in order!

      • So_Subby

        wow you resorted to name calling instead of replying with intelligence about the valid points i made. congrats you proving me right

      • >> In Dave Chappelle’s Rick James Voice : Ni99a Fawk Your Pointz! Ni99a! Fawk Yo! POINTS!”

        >> Grinds dirty boots into your posts!

      • So_Subby

        dude your mad corny lmao

      • Don’t spoil his day…to him…He’s winning!

      • paybach

        Edogz “cmon son” you cant say “winning” “that shit is played out” *in my biggie voice* … and i just realized how audacious to deem a phrase played out whilst using the phrase “played out” … OXY MORON of the Year nominees making a strong push before the new year, much!?

      • So_Subby

        do u know what an oxy moron is? just curious…

      • It’s relative…he’s played out & there is no new phrase to describe him yet!

      • *Write …not” right” an article

        You ‘Ole Chief Keef writing @$$ nucca!

      • So_Subby

        i dont proof read, im not a paid editor im sorry

      • At least you understand why!

      • word E.. aint nothing worse than going on a grammar rant and its filled with bad grammar…

      • So_Subby

        ” Anit ” lmao dumb stupid people I swear, this is why I hate commenting on hip hop sites, it’s nothing but users that can’t use common sense and to dumb to see how they are ignorant.

      • LaVerdas

        *too dumb.

      • Bawhahahahaaa! & SMDH!

      • So_Subby

        smdh? sucking my d!ck ha ? damn son… get a girl to do that. or maybe your mom

      • He’s desperate for attention, so he wants to get some, by being an example of what’s wrong with the youth of our culture.

        He’s more focused on playing with male cooks, than reading educational books.

        That ‘chet is funny, especially when he corrects “CORRECT” spelling.

        That ‘chet will have you in tears!

  • Synista

    what the hell happened to shyne in prison?
    Most ninjas come out smarter,bigger, tougher ,turn to Islam or turn gay but shyne turned into a black JEW called dat ninja JEWrome or JEWmal,what kinda hair cut is he rocking?

  • water_ur_seeds

    just checked the ‘rap up’ worst one yet, fckn terrible

    • Sounded like ” The @$$ Butter Chronicles Pt 2″

    • Skillz is falling off on these. This was bad I agree and he is nice on the mic.

      • water_ur_seeds

        im a massive skillz fan, from where is a classic, all his albums been dope…

  • So_Subby

    ” Well, at the send of the 2012 version of the song, he says that done with it ” wtf is this sentence talking about?

    • You don’t have enough common sense to recognize a typo, yet you write like Chief Keef talks, you ‘Ole dumb, succa @$$ nucca!


      • So_Subby

        explain the sentence then…

  • lol @ shyne tryin to turn a hoe into a thug wife lol 😉

  • yeah the whole romey rome thing is a serious reach if anything he looks more like little richard with some jimmy hendrix than Jerome imo lol

  • The Rap up 2012 was cool, but he didnt mention the William/Off. Rick saga(GD’z) and lies dude been saying for years.

  • Ravishing Quinc Rude

    I thought Skillz said he wasn’t gonna do anymore Wrap Ups after 2009 or so? Look forward to them. i don’t think he gonna stop.

  • MadVillain

    whats with this gay ass picture they always use for shyne, is that tape wrapped around his arm wtf?

  • Shyne need to take his meds.


    Shayne has delusions on granduer

  • $18592567

    martin creator sound stupid… he’s gonna win the lawsuit

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  • Anthony Mason

    He came out of prison as a Jewish gangster. Wtf?