@SkillzVa “Rap Up 2012”

[ahh_audio src=/12-25-12/Skillz-RapUp2012.mp3]

  • hoeyuno

    Come on skills you only have to make one song a year… There usually banging this one is so so

    • Tony G.

      Uh..Skills does a lot more than this one song a yr

  • I have to agree I think since hes done the “rap up” this is the weakest one. imo

  • KayandGee

    nah that was good he did it 2012 style on that 2012 meek mill flow

  • Tony G.

    this was cool..not the best..not the worse…glad its over…its getting a little played after 10

  • FiaskoDread


  • YaheardSyndicate

    Did this beat come from Soundclick? I hope theres some deeply hidden, artistic genius that im missing on the first listen. “Drake got a dipLOMA!” Smart lyrics just dont work with dumb music and cadences.

  • Clearly this is the worst rap up song yet but this also has been a bad year for music