Lil JoJo

Chicago Rapper JayLoud, Lil JoJo’s Best Friend Killed On Christmas

(AllHipHop News) An 18-year-old aspiring rapper in Chicago is the latest casualty in the ongoing violence since the death of Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman.

Joshua “JayLoud” Davis was shot down around 11:30 PM, on Christmas day.

JayLoud’s sister said that he was shot after he got off a city bus, after an altercation with a group of men.

At the time of his slaying, JayLoud was wearing a sweatshirt honoring the life of Lil JoJo, who was shot and killed in September.

“He was killed because he was wearing a hoodie and getting off the bus,” Davis’ 24 year-old-sister said. “He was a great boy. He was only a baby.”

Police have been investigating Lil JoJo’s death and whether or not it was tied to a feud with rapper Chief Keef and his 3Hunna Squad.

Chief Keef is associated with the Black Gangster Disciples, while Lil JoJo was allegedly a member of the Gangster Disciples.

So far, police have no suspects in the slaying.

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62 Responses to “Chicago Rapper JayLoud, Lil JoJo’s Best Friend Killed On Christmas”

  1. CamoMarleyG

    Jojo was a Gd but he wasn’t a real GD …. He was an IGD …. brick sqaud or IGD are gd but like the BD’s they go by different rules and guild lines … so stop trying to make this a GD vs BD beef cause its not ….. Jojo shouldnt said BDK or that he craccin treys …… if he had an issue with Keef , Durk or Reese then he should have said thier names instead of bdk …. just saying …. Now its sad about lil homie dying buts its young black men dying everyday in every hood not just chi -town ….. #Bo$ #720 #600 #freehooover

    • Negro Peligro

      Really that’s disrespectful. Saying BDK or Craccin Treys. You’ll kill somebody over that. More importantly you’ll risk your own life and freedom over BDK and Craccin Treys. After JoJo died. The whole gang step away so they can deal with more import shit. Like Rick Ross saying he Larry Hoover 3 years ago. SOUND LIKE SOME FAKE ASS BITCH SHIT THAT PICK ON THE WEAK BUT SCARED TO STAND UP TO SOME REAL SHIT. THUS WHY YOU NEED 90 NIGGAS. Cause a real man stand on his own and take care of his FAMILY regardless and don’t care about no nana boo boo shit.


    I am no longer sorry for any of these bad ass kids…They live by the gun they die by the gun…O well…I’m sick of this shit, thats all these kids talk about is violence and what they want to do do others. #REAL TALK

      • Negro Peligro

        It don’t matter its still a valid point. What grown man name himself Dior. Shit sound like some anal oils.


        Let’s stick to the point, you wanna discuss my government name or you want to address the problem with these kids killing each other? You have the mind of a rapper.

      • DreamZ

        Lmmfao im over here dying Anal oils wtf where they do that at???? I feel you Dior on the violent epidemic thats raging across America like a California wildfire. This is the backlash from the drug epidemic from the 80s and 90s, Single parent households, niggas being raised by women (I take nothing from our women whatsoever) and not being raised by a “REAL” man we have our government to thank for this conspiracy against the Black race as a whole. Why do you think they call government housing “projects”??? Its a scientific study the government is performing to see what are the side effects of plaguing the urban and black communities with drugs. Thats why they let you hustle because they know your every move whether your inside our out the whole hood is bugged dummies. That anal oils was funny as shit

      • toyman

        that is a bitch name…he longer sorry what kind of shit is that let somebody shoot someone he love

    • TroII

      “live by the gun die by the gun” stfu with that over used cliche. No one deserves to die over honoring a friend on a shirt. ur point was pointless. “Dior” lmaoo

    • Vic Sage

      Real Talk sounds righteous coming from some dude named say ‘Block Money’ but hardly from some dude named Dior!” Really my dude?” True Talk. Brooklyn Lives. Born and Raised. Early…

    • William Felton

      i applaud you Mr Dior for not even stooping to those morons level.And i agree this kid’s picture is of him with two guns in his hand and his sister is like “He’s a good kid” Live by the gun die by the gun.And Choppa your an idiot Negro Peligro you would know what anal oils names are huh?I don’t think its any type of government experiment or cover up its just value Jordans over education these days.I’m so tired of hearing cop outs about kids not having dads or blaming the government.When are WE AS A PEOPLE going to start taking responsibility!This kid was 18 not 7 he knew right from wrong.May he R.I.P but i’m not sorry he’s gone..

    • rogoh308

      It kind of makes you wonder what’s next for our people you know I mean. What will the next ten to twenty years bring will we finally see the light will we finally get it together and stop killing our own. I just wonder that’s all I’m so tired of this crap I no longer fear the white man now I fear other black people it’s sad

    • Negro Peligro

      So racist killing someone random because their skin color = gang violence or rapper violence two people who have been arguing. Stop saying smart dumb shit.

  3. Abrasive Angel

    Rest in peace, another bad ass learned a lesson the hard way. You know it wasn’t because he was wearing a damn hoodie, this dude was not in a trayvon situation. Niggas making excuses instead of just telling the truth.

  4. Mike9130

    I understand that’s lil jojo in the pic but when you google Joshua “JayLoud” Davis you find a pic of him just like jojo posing with guns. You know who I blame, the parents.

  5. jrq3000

    I hate to say it, but I’m startin to see what white people been sayin all these years. Senseless bullsh#t. Niggas really be dyin over nuthin these days. We livin like modern day savages. It’s really embarassing and sad at the same time.

    • William Felton

      And then we go and blame white people and the government.Like they’re making us kill each other!SMH Kids know Chief Keef’s gang affiliation but ask them about how stocks work and they’ll act like your trying to start a fight with them.We gotta change our mindset.Not just look for people to blame.Lets STOP BLAMING..

  6. Negro Peligro

    Funny how GD’s can spend all they time going after Ross. But can’t go after and protect none of their own. SAD episode of Gangland.

  7. Terrance Goodman

    I feel sorry for the mothers.
    He was not the only 1 who died on Xmas in Chicago . I am just leaving
    Chicago now. Lets talk the poor 11 year old they shot.
    Most these kids hav had no guidance at all

  8. SpaceAge2012

    Talib Kweli was just on twitter discussin Art & Violence,he stated that in Chicago this year alone there has been 500 homicides most of em bein youngsters.It’s really sad cus Chicago was once a cornerstone for da Black Liberation Movements in North America during da time of Noble Drew Ali,but now it’s just a center for da destruction of black people,mainly it’s youth.

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