Chief Keef

Epic Win Of The Day: White Kid Recites Chief Keef Lyrics! Santa Keef Gives Back!

There has been much speculation on how dope or wack Chief Keef is. Well, I am not sure, since I have never hear a solo song of his. BUT, this video has surfaced to weigh in the speculation! Not really, but it certainly allows you to look at the Chi-Town war lord in a different light.

Without further adu, I send you the White Boy Reciting Chief Keef!

Does this change the way you look at the young brother Keef?

How about this?

This was a violation of his probation and rumor has it, resulted in him having to cancel his tour.


Kids get Chief Keef for Christmas! What a big give back!


I’m bringing it back: They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! –illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • iLL gif!

  • Looks like Sosa got some problems! Jimmy saw them numbers and pulled the plug on that boy fast!

    • right!! they might love sosa but they damn sure hate paying money for some music!

    • went to wal mart, best buy, & target, couldn’t find one chief keef album, nigga must be selling somethin! picked up kendricks album though *shrugs* so what im late

  • greeneyedbandit

    Nothin against the lil fella Keef, but them babies look like they was forced to pose with them Cd’s….and the white boy seem like he was reading an assignment for english class on ganster lyrics.

    • Steelmatic

      Passing wack taste down to the next generation


        Its hard to imagination how wack music in general is gonna be by the time those kids grow up. To even call the shit thats out right now music is highly debatable. Id rather listen to that crazy old dude at the train station play the spoons

  • greeneyedbandit

    *gangster* lyrics i meant

  • Tony was the gangster. Sosa wanted kids dead.


      And unfortunatley kids are dieing

  • the only thing it makes me change is that until now i thought keefs raps were for dumb people..ive changed my opinion…now i think there for special needs and handicapped kids who need slow music to understand it things LOL.. and kids w chief keef album should of went under the epic fail/world is coming to an end section

  • Hector G

    srry….did illseed just say he’s never heard a song with chief keef by himself….illseed kill yourself

  • Q.

    SMH Perfect gift for the tikes. Similar reading level, so…

  • Banksy

    Hip Hop is marketed to Kids. So this is no surprise. I mean young money is like the Nickelodeon of Hip Hop. Lil Wayne and Nicki are walking talking cartoon characters

  • vandyll

    I bet he wrote that song in Special Ed class in between peanut butter breaks. I can picture him now all crammed into that little desk with his football helmet on. His two little brain cells slap boxing, and bumping into each other. Probably caught a migraine coming up with them bars. With the exception of one song that’s been force fed to the radio I’ve never heard his “music” <- (term used loosely) before. This proves my decision to ignore him was a wise one.

  • Abrasive Angel

    Fails all the way around.

  • It took a White kid to show the stupidity of Chief Keef’s lyrics?

  • GregSki86

    This nigga Keef is a lame. I respect the nigga’s grind but you are the poster boy of ignorance that stems from your community……..that’s that shit I don’t like

  • SpaceAge2012

    Damn yo! That video was posted on WSHH over a week ago,c’mon AHH yall slippin man!

  • DFW

    WELL DO TO THE FACT IT’S SO MANY WACK RAPPERS OUT THERE I DECIDED UMM, TO SAY THIS… “Add Him To The List Of Wack Rappers!” He should stick to drug dealing and gang bangin, cause he sure as hell ain’t NO RAPPER.