Lil Flip

Rapper Lil Flip Busted With Bushmaster AR-15 Assault Rifle; Drugs

(AllHipHop News) Houston, Texas rapper Lil Flip is currently behind bars, after police in Mansfield, Louisiana, stopped a vehicle the rapper was in and found an assault rifle and drugs.

Police said Lil Flip, born Wesley Weston, was driving a 2010 Dodge Challenger, with a passenger in the car.

Police pulled his vehicle over, after they clocked him driving 86 mph in a 75 mile-per-hour zone.

Police searched the car and found a Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle, as well as marijuana.

According to The Advertiser, Lil Flip was charged with multiple offenses, including possession of a firearm in the presence of a controlled dangerous substance and speeding.

Lil Flip, 31, is being held at the DeSoto Detention Center in Mansfield, on $35,000 bond.

The passenger, Olanza Sanders, was released after posting $25,000 bond.

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  • bobsolla

    ha!lil idiot!he can`t even post $35,000 bail?he knows he has a firearm in the car and has drugs on him while speeding.what a freaking idiot!atf(alcohol,tobacco ,and firearms).did they not find the open forty?

    • hoeyuno

      yea you watch your speed, put your seatbelt on and use your blinkers like a mofo when you drive around dirty. I remember a few years ago where I live a dude got pulled over for having no seat belt and had like 6 bricks of yay on his backseat…

      • Stupidity…I remember when some dude got caught with 100K cash, because he hopped the $00:50 subway. SMDH

      • hoeyuno

        ha ha some peoples kids.

      • When you are an outlaw…you have to live within the law as much as possible.

  • Damn they gon hide that boy…they hate rappers and especially rappers with guns, u see BG time for a pistol…damn

    • Different laws, technically speaking, Long Gun ( Barrel over 15 & 3/4 {16″} ) VS Handgun / Firearm.

      The bigger issue is….it’s a victimless crime, since the state can’t be a victim…

      • BG’s was a victimless crime too…he got pulled over with 2 other ppl in the car and a handgun was found and they still hiding the boy…still hate that its happening to anyone though, Louisiana and New York killing these rappers with these gun charges

      • It’s the country killing everyone with the fugged up gun laws! Look for an $E$ on New Years about it.

      • imaman2012

        bg was on paper. and most likely he was ‘known’ for being a bg

        bg was a bg that rapped

        flip is a rapper that rapped

        new york isnt doing shit to rappers with pistals. ny has the strictest gun laws in the states.

        and they don’t hate rappers. rappers perpetuate the ignorance they want the world to think of us plus keep the dumb buying shit they can’t afford.

        wait whos ‘they’?

      • hoeyuno

        shiiit you know your rights Mr edog.

      • Nah, just 1 or two of them LOL

  • hoeyuno

    funny how his boy had no problem making bail.

    • I guess when you’re not a rapper, you save money for ‘chet like that?

      • hoeyuno

        guess so. wouldn’t be some funny ass shit if the person fugged up the paper work and was supposed to bail flip out instead.

      • ‘Chet, that ain’t happening, you ever bail some one out?

        Lil Flip would be flipping big time!

      • hoeyuno

        no but I caught a little assault charge once outta town and they wanted to hold me cause they figured I wouldn’t come back for court. had to get bailed out.. only took a couple hours.

      • Did you go back?

      • hoeyuno

        actually when the date came around dude changed his story up and the charges were dropped. I paid 1500 for a lawyer just to have the judge say the charges have been dropped… ill never go back to Edmonton again.

      • You got off lucky!

  • MemphisRoyalty Williamz


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  • bigdoe6

    Goodbye flip.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      bigdoe6 – man, that’s funny!


    That shet is the passengers. Lol
    That why he made bail with no problem

  • king

    He trying to get some publicity for an album n!$$er $#!t as usual

    • hoeyuno

      who gets themself locked up and charged for publicity???¿¿¿

      • king

        Dumb ass mofo like this that’s who …….

  • youngplaya

    I got them choppaz on deck and them 9z on deck.

  • Tony G.

    the little rap money done ran out so now he’s slinging? and u cant post a $35K bail? C’mon son

  • Mike9130

    Gun could’ve been legal. Probably was the fact he had it with the weed. Speeding is not a justification for searching a car though so not sure why that was done.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      Mike9130 – you beleve that sh#t – and go out and try it.

      • H.B.

        He’s right stupid, it’s called probable cause! He must have been either smoking or they smelled the odor of weed!! If not he will beat the case!!

      • Mike9130

        Go try what? If you’re not a felon you can purchase a firearm legally, and as C. Halliburton Jr. said. Unless you willingly give up your rights, there is a such thing as probable cause.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Mike9130 – go try breaking a law (speeding) – and demand your car not be searched. –

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        C. Haliburton – probable cause? – that’s what speeding is – stupid? – obviously, that’s what you is.

      • Mike9130

        Simplest thing I can do is tell you to google “probable cause speeding”. You have the right to say no. Speeding does not warrant cause for search. You have rights, learn them. I had a couple speeding tickets, never been asked for search or I’d have said no. Car is clean, but not giving up my rights.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Mike9130 – your wrong again – a Police Officer is his own boss, in a way – because he’s an investigator – so if you give him reason to stop you (speeding) – then from that point on – he can make up his reason for you to be suspsious – and suspisous is probable cause.

      • “Reasonable Articulatable Suspicion”

        He has to be able to explain his suspicions.

      • hoeyuno

        …which is easy to do. and that law more works in there favor. they don’t need to produce evidence but simply make up a motive to search you.

      • True, but the Supreme court ruled that a broken lock = No Consent

        So if you dirty, a tool box & lock, along with obeying laws goes a long way!

      • If you puffing an L, they searching.

      • Mike9130

        Again, I said “Speeding does not warrant cause for search.” Speeding =i Speeding by itself, not speeding while smoking weed. If they see you using drugs, then obviously that would be where probably cause enters the equation.

      • 100% correct * in an ideal world, but cops will do what they want if they feel they can get away with it.

      • hoeyuno

        I had a buddy when I was a young hooligan that everytime we would get stopped he would start yelling at the cops “this search is unjustified, anything u find is inadmissible”.. it was great. he would get locked up forr the night and the rest of us wouldn’t even be searched. true story…ha ha

      • We call that “Screening”, a str8 power move!

      • Glasscut

        Yes if your smoking weed then lol.. Your in trouble what dumbass would speed on interstate 10 or 20 with the those green fuckers around ( louisiana police )..

      • Speeding Isn’t Probable Cause, They Probably Gonna Say That They Smelled Weed, Plus The Gun (per what im reading) is saying the gun was ON the Passenger Seat so thats the Probable cause, and Flip might be a Felon not 100% sure on it though.

      • Ain’t no AR on the passenger seat…..unless it’s getting ready to be used.

      • hoeyuno

        maybe he was going duck hunting.

      • Hahaha…with a Tac vest & 10 mags hanging off it?

        #Just Kidding

      • Glasscut

        You can speeding is not probably cause for a search the officer has to ask.. But most of the time lousiana police got a dog in the car.. They’re all over interstate 10 and 20. acting like slave masters without a boss

    • If they find weed, they search without a warrant!

    • Glasscut

      I was driving to florida and i stopped at a store and louisiana police walked their dog around my vehicle.. how about some of those rednecks just hate african american’s or anybody that looks african american or mexican..

  • jrq3000

    Let’s see. Rapper….check, Guns……..check, Drugs………check, Jail………check. Sounds about right.

  • southside4lyfe

    i bet he post bail or that nigga ro goin bail that nigga out. and king h-town niggas we real down here we don do no shit like yall boyz do from other states texas and louisiana when a nigga get caught with it down here niggas really be caring we don play down here

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  • so Flip was driving and still sits in jail while his homie is already out on bail… Lemme find out Lil Flip went from baller to weed carrier….

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  • hes out he has a gun license so that part was BS.

  • something dont sound rite that his friend got bail and he hasnt and if he was smart he wouldnt be drivin over tha speed limit if he’s got a gun on him unless he wants publicity which is why he is arressted

    • GregSki86

      Niggas have the right to be retarded

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    This nigga ain’t rapping no more, So how you think he making money

  • hahaha

    Thats hilarious that the passenger posted bail before lil flip. Cheap ass AR-15 too.

  • Stephen Jaworski

    “of a controlled dangerous substance…” Oh, give me a bloody break!

  • 2012Industry1

    So we’re all going to ignore he was rolling in a Challenger?

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    T.I TOLD ON HIM!!!!!!!!!!

  • GregSki86


  • Illmadix

    I have a feeling he didn’t have a assault rifle. His bound would be a couple 100,000. I think it was just a semi-auto rifle. That looked like a big bad scary military riffle.

  • disqus_bL6p5iHBdy

    no yelawolf???? you suck

  • a b

    Niggas stay losing.

  • Flip is a licensed gun owner, im sure he won’t be in too much trouble, not like that Idiot B.G.

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  • Clemenzza

    A porch monkey breaking the law, . . . . what’s next, story of the sun rising in the east?

  • SMH……this nigga was speeding on purpose to try and get attention from the media to make a comeback……..foh.


    he didnt have that money to get out the same day but his passenger did, Lil flip paper is suspect

  • Slaughtr

    Yall niggaz conversing like women over this brothers stupidity, then think it’s fly you got caught a case simple mother fukaz cut the kid shit catching chains around your wrisk and ankles is not fly shit,look at the niggaz who’s rap stardom was destroyed because of being simple. I understand some of yall are young and if your my age then damn homie your mind is still twelve.

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  • Az1@tik-blkmn

    Really flip? I mean really?

  • Az1@tik-blkmn

    Flip should call TI and ask him for bail money.