Meek Mill and Cassidy

Cassidy, Meek Mill Continue To Go At It On Social Networks

(AllHipHop News) The battle between Meek Mill and Cassidy continues to rage on, through social networks.

Both rappers are utilizing Twitter and Instagram to send insults directly to each other, as been customary since the beginning of their feud.

The Philadelphia-based rappers are locked in a dispute, after a $100,000 battle challenge was offered up by Meek Mill.

Cassidy accepted the offer and since then, the two men have been engaged in a war of words that culminated in the release of Cassidy’s track “Me Myself and iPhone,” and Meek Mill’s track “Repo.”

Today, Cassidy replied to the diss record, which was released late yesterday evening (December 27).

Not to be outdone, Meek Mill took to his Instagram and posted several unflattering Photoshopped pictures of Cassidy.

Check out the tweets and Instagram pictures:

This the artwork! The song called #therepo lol

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I'm done!

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  • Galactus

    Ummm… Shampoos is a gay club here in philly… why would meek mills have a fictional funeral at a gay club??? I guess it was supposed to be insulting to cass… but dreamchaser records is the host/pallbearer?? Idk… them instagram pics is lame.

    • Kevin Farley

      shampoo aint a gay club they just have a gay night

    • Celz

      Lmao since when does the murderer host the victims funeral? You’re Mr. Fantastic reachin wit that one bruh

    • Galactus

      @facebook-100002047003480:disqus thanks for clearing that up, i don’t go hang downtown much

      @Celz:disqus It says “Pallbearer: Dreamchasers Records” in the picture, that’s Meek’s work, not mine bruh

  • cass got him where he want him, now cass can officially go in.

    • johnblacksad

      Cass been baitin for a minute, and it finally worked… i can’t believe Meek got this easily fooled… i can’t wait for Cass’ actual diss… not them bait barz

  • therealest1

    This is so lame and immature of them handling their differences this way through the internet. Can’t they do it like real grown men and just fight it out? Or just have their rap battle and settle it from there.

  • Abrasive Angel

    Meek really doesn’t want it with Cass. Just do the battle and settle the shit.

  • $28825362

    I remember back in the day you didn’t need doctored photos or any back and forth talk with notes. You got in the booth and said everything you wanted to say. That was it. These young kids now make fake photos… Bawhahahaha

    • You’re old.

      • $28825362

        Don’t make me get that switch from the tree boy. watch ya mouth now.

      • A Switch? Ninjaz don’t know about that!

      • $28825362

        Hey real talk. I remember one summer as a kid; me and all my cousins went out on the farm and ate all the fruit from the pear tree and the peach tree. We ate all the black berries too. When my grandmother found out she was pissed. She would can them and make preserves out of them and sale them at the church for extra money. That’s how I know what a switch is. LOL Never forget that ass whoppin. To this day I won’t eat fruit. LMAO

      • Yeah, them @$$ whuppins will change a youngin’s life.

        Did she make you go pick your own on some ‘ole ” It better not be to small or I’ll go get one!”

      • $28825362

        Man you know the rules. Sound like you got a few in yo day too. You can’t treat kids like that now. That’s why these fool in Chi town shootin up everybody. My Grandmother (God rest her soul) would whoop all they asses.

      • Hell yeah…gotta choose between too big or too small.

      • $28825362

        Man, my Grandmother would whoop anybodies grand-kids. One time we had visitors in the church and their kids were acting crazy. The members had to stop my Grandmother and tell her those were the visitors kids and she couldn’t whoop em. LMAO. She looked at the usher and said, ‘bullshit, where my switch”. Nevertheless, the people left and never returned to the church. I bet they thought, damn joining this church. LMAO

      • On some Madea ‘chet! Usher lucky he didn’t get that @$$ whupped too!

      • Terrance Goodman

        Man you know my big mama? Damn them words still make me get
        A walking tall branch for her

      • Listen, God forbid you went to pick your own switch & that ‘chet was too thin….you won’t ever make that mistake again…..then came the extension cords.

        1 @$$ whuppin from that & crackheads would stop smoking….if that’s what they got their @$$ whupped for!

      • Terrance Goodman


      • $28825362

        Ah man, I had an extension cord whoopin before. DAMN!!!

      • johnblacksad

        Neva had extension cord but i did get motorcycle transmission belt whoopin… when its brand new, it doesn’t hurt as much… problem was, they were never brand new when recycled into ‘switches’… ouch

      • So you know! Ninja can’t sit for days…go to school & they won’t even call Child services, they on some : “Keep it up & you will get another 1”

      • johnblacksad

        god forbid… LMAO… i remember havin to pick the switch… like you said, not too thick but not too thin either…

        My mom had another specialty… throw her shoe at you like you W.Bush or somethin… and then ask you to bring the shoe back… so you have to put the shoe in her hand and start running again because it’s on again… back n forth until she manages to catch your wrist… then you know the rest… lock & switch…

      • I know you passed the shoe & ran…got it thrown at you again & was forced to fetch it for another round! LOL

      • A switch from the lemon tree lol

      • johnblacksad

        Dayum… that’s some Passion of Christ beating Mel Gibson style… cold!

      • Terrance Goodman

        Hell naw ya took me retro on that 1

    • fakename2

      You can tell these fake photos tho. Thats why lil flips photo of TI’s head on a starving african kids body was so weak, cause all Tip had to show was that retarded picture of flip in the leprechaun outfit that Flip paid someone to take.

      • Yeah, but that car boot was funny!

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        I don’t think they are trying to make people think it’s real. They are trying to be funny.

  • mxtralive

    “You gotta lil’ dough that cool with me. You gotta little cars little jewelries. But Meek you know as well as the rest of us that you dont want it with the hustla period. Prove us wrong and battle him already!

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  • artman696

    I think that money going to Meeks head. Making all.these bets jewelry and cars. One day maybe soon he can be broke again.

  • lame

    Not as weak as some people are saying but its a weak diss still. Cass was right, its a 5 min diss song with no quotable, maybe one. Best diss song since ether is checkmate, that shit is classic. Cass gonna roast meek. 5 minutes is way to long for a diss song for it to be so mediocre at best. Why they even beefing? Just cause they both from philly? Shit sounds planned out with no reason like half of 50 cents beefs.

  • Qaadiru Rashaad

    I dont care about being politically correct like most others who have responded in HipHop that call themselves Music and/or HipHop journalist. This Meek Mill response to the Cassidy was WEAK! Extremely light!!! It was full of emotion it seemed as if Meek’s feelings were hurt or something. lol It showed that he can only rap in one tone, the same thing Cassidy said on his diss record. It was a sad rebuttle from the first 8 bars.PERIOD!!! Qaadiru Rashaad

    • guys like Nas and Fab have made careers out of rapping in 1 tone … SO WHAT YA saying lol 😉

  • Joseph Thomas

    i think cass got’em with the response up there i just read….repo his rhyme book….lolololol

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    meek went at his head

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    i dont kno wat cass talking about meek shyt sound like he really wanna kill him

    • Galactus

      He always sound like that lol

  • AK

    cassidy hasnt had a quotable since 06 get off his nuts already

    • $20434212

      lol real talk

    • Tony G.

      I guess u havent listened to much Cass since 96

      • AK

        no i listened to his shit its mediocre , lil wayne spits harder then him now

  • Marlo pain

    Cass garbage y’all want him too win cause he broke n y’all are too

    • $20434212

      AHHHH hahahah

    • Tony G.


  • Before social media, there was fist fights.

  • Bobby Del Bosque

    Meek killin em son…

  • Tony G.

    Cass done reeled this clown in…u can tell Meek is a youngin cuz he took the bait Cass put out…with the Iphone song and the little twitter shyt…Meek had to reply..and after a month of thinking, thats the best shyt he could come up with…now Cass will Ether his dumb ass…youngins obviously dont know Cass’ battle work…ask Freeway how that nigga gets down…

    • coldkaine

      Is that what constitutes battle bars now? A bunch of song lyrics and no directs.

  • ladynamor

    CORNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALL OF IT

  • We all know meek and cass doing this to make cass hot again, and put philly on.

    • Galactus

      Yep! The game is just what it is: a game.

  • KingChandler

    These young boys have no clue what Cass is capable of, this shit really is comical to see some of the comments talking about how Meek would body Cass in a battle, all the countless bars About wristwatches and stuntin’ really got yall brains clouded, lol. Here’s what yall can do though, go download best of Cassidy freestyles, listen to it, really listen to the bars, then come back on here and fix your post accordingly. This shit wouldn’t even be close, Meek’s bars about AP’s and flashy whips are not built for a lyrical battle. Meek needs to get his money and stay in his lane spittin about his swag and his luxurious lifestyle, that gritty shit isn’t up his alley. I’ve seen one battle of Meek and he was spittin all prewritten bars, none personalized for his opponent and he was spittin like he had a beat playin in his ear the whole time. Can’t wait for Cass to really stop playin and decide to put forth an effort.

  • KayandGee

    i love beef in hiphop i hope this continues

    • Galactus

      ok babygirl! i see you showing the world you down! 😉

  • FrankWonder

    There’s shouldn’t even be a debate because Meek is weak.

  • Sean Taylor

    derp derp look at my chains derp