EXCLUSIVE: Larsiny Family Responds To Meek Mill Diss On “Repo”

(AllHipHop News) The Hip-Hop community is buzzing about the latest record from Meek Mill titled “Repo,” aimed at hometown rival Cassidy.

The two men have been trading jabs back and forth over an alleged $100,000 battle offer from Meek Mill, which Meek has stated was taken out of context.

But that has not prevented Cassidy from taking shots at Meek on various tracks, the latest coming in the form of the song “Me, Myself and My iPhone.”

Cassidy’s latest insults directed toward Meek have prompted Meek’s reply “Repo” which dropped last night (December 27).

In addition to dissing Cassidy, Meek took shots at Cassidy’s extended crew, Larsiny Family.

Larsiny Family was founded by Cal Akbar, Shiz Lansky and Cassidy, before a falling out broke up the core members of the group in 2008.

Other Philly rappers associated with Larsiny Family included Luck-E, Jag, Dice and A.R. AB.

The founding members spoke to AllHipHop.com about Meek’s line against them on “Repo,” which labeled the Larsiny Family “trash.”

Shiz Lansky

Shiz Lansky

“I’ve heard it and to be honest, I’m torn on how I should feel about it,” Larsiny Family member Shiz Lansky told AllHipHop.com. “Why? Well, it’s no secret that while Cal Akbar and I own the brand, Cas has took it upon himself to use the name for himself and whomever he’s currently running with. I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say Meek is referring to Larsiny as it stood.”

According to Shiz Lansky, Meek grew up associated with the Larsiny Family, and at one point, was even a fan of the crew’s work.

“It’s been nothing but respect and love over the years. With that said, Meek would have to mention me directly for me to even consider a response,” Shiz Lansky told AllHipHop.com. “The diss was a Meek Mill record. I’m not a fan of his music, but I did purchase his album to support though. The foundation we laid gave these other artist something to stand on. We (Larsiny, State Prop, Major Figgaz, and etc) presented Philly to the world. That can’t be denied by Meek or anyone else. Period!

“I haven’t been putting any music out because I’ve been focused on a new business venture (Sean Lassiter Photography) but I keep a few 100 verses in the tuck so if that’s the direction he wants to go, I’m all for it. We’ll see how it plays out,” Shiz Lansky said.

Former group member A.R. AB has gone on to create a tremendous buzz in the city of Philadelphia.



On Thursday (December 27), A.R. AB was named top male Hip-Hop artist in Philadelphia, during the Philly Hip-Hop Awards.

For A.R. AB, who represents Original Block Hustlaz (O.B.H.) the fact that Meek mentioned his name on such a high-profile track has created a new, tremendous opportunity for his career.

“Meek been running Philly for the past three, four, years running s**t. Right behind him it was me. Once Meek took off I was still here,” A.R. AB told AllHipHop.com. “I control the s**t since Meek took off. I control that street s**t. Meek will vouch for me and Cassidy will vouch for me. I sell the most and do the most views on the videos. After you think Meek’s name you have to think of me.”

A.R. AB is also a close associate of Cassidy. He was present when Cassidy was involved in a gun battle that ended up in the murder of a 22-year-old man named Desmond Hawkins.

He also spent two years fighting the associated charges over the incident.

But A.R. AB, known as the “Top Goon of Philly,” also enjoys a very close relationship with Meek Mill, with whom he has been grinding, since the beginning of both of their careers.

“Me and Meek are tight. we are friends, me and Cass are friends,” A.R. AB said. “I talked Cass yesterday, and I talked to Meek the other day. What you want me to do, they two homies. I can’t get in the middle of that. They are both battle rappers. I hope to see them both battle. Cass can battle and Meek can battle. So it would be a hell of a f**k*ing battle.”

Cal Akbar

Cal Akbar

Founding group member Cal Akbar was much more direct in his statement regarding Meek Mill’s track “Repo.”

“Somebody better tell the kid (Meek Mill) not to mention the Larsiny name,” Cal Akbar told AllHipHop.com. “I heard the diss track and he is outta pocket for that one. Wrong move.”

Tomorrow, check out a full Q & A with AR. AB regarding his break from Larsiny Family, his new movement O.B.H. and his recent award of top male Hip-Hop artist in Philly.




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  • Style P

    they scared of meek mill

    • DreamZ

      you sound stupid

  • jag the coldest nigga in larsiny fam, he should do a diss track on meek.

    • Young Goku

      He did!

    • Jizzah!

      Jag dropped a diss & went in on Meekie hard

    • Jizzah!

      He said “I can’t give yo’ state props cuz they put on this fake Peedi”

      & 1 day u gon’ see me 1 day and that shit gon’ go one way g-unit on gunplay”

      • Walter White

        “Finally Got Respect 4 Rick…..His Fat Ass Done Saved A Bum!” LMAO

  • Ojay Juice Henry

    meek when it in. waiting cassidy to go in now!

    • jeremy kingston

      Did he release another one or sumthin?

  • Terrance Goodman

    Meek might have to get to yelling for real old ace hood knock off wit
    Few bars $ , hoes , motorbikes

    • nothinlessdenSour


      • Terrance Goodman

        Yes x n it fit him

      • johnblacksad

        but the caps tho…

      • LOL~N

      • trixnkix637

        I swear watch.. every article even mentioning Meek is going to have this fool yelling at us for not drinking the MMG kool-aid.

      • Ease up, I think that’s Meek’s MAG account!


  • Angel Garcia

    cassidy killed it

  • Southcidal

    I like Meek. He is one of the few youngins that I’m actually feeling, but I think he’s entering into the wrong lane trying to battle Cassidy. That’s what Cassidy do. Even if Meek does go toe to toe and last 12 rounds what can he gain from it? But I seriously doubt he’d last 3 rounds on that battle shit against Cassidy.

    • respect from ppl sayin he cant hang with cassidy..

    • how can u like meek? he is signed with rick ross. they are lames man

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Meek diss was ok….he gotta come stronger than that to fuk wit Cass

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Chubby Jag – Worst Nightmare (Meek Mill Diss) just came out



  • Meek is making his whole city famous again LOL

  • messias3

    There is no such thing as bad press in entertainment … Meek vs Cass … Philly back on wit State Prop … Looks like good ol Biz tactics

  • Lou Velazquez

    jag killed meek smh hang it up nigga your straight garbage you and your boss !

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  • wow…meek had an INCREDIBLE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY that NO OTHER philly artist was able to pull off and he blew it! At one point meek said he would battle cass for charity…but he was really only trying to belittle cass cause he dont go back to philly…Then he puts out a shallow video showing him “giving back”…which shows his concern is all for show or he would actually provide some SOLUTIONS and not cliche hand outs(btw charity is a tax write off)…Meek coulda set up a HUGE charity concert in philly for PHILLY with all the major philly artist, cassidy state prop, Major figures, phillys most wanted etc etc all under his dream chasers imprint! It would be a good look for his new label put money back into the hood, gave all the greats a good look, it REALLY woulda made him look like he a boss and more importantly it woulda made their city stronger! What a dickhead smh…

    • *Would have made him a boss…not look like one!

      Good point!

      • EL_BARK

        Your boy foul for that jack move he did yesterday.
        Then he going to flag my post that mention dez, and the comment that mention ar-ab got book with cass. Which i responded too.
        One of these days, i going to run into th gump up in NY or happen to be a a party. And i think i do for an assualt case anyway.
        Two hit when i see that gump, or group of gumps. or i just my have my crew,
        Tap dance on their damn hands.

      • What post? What happened?

        Repost the Philly scoop?

    • EL_BARK

      That never would had happen, you giving meek to much credit, and in pholly not fuking with ross. & meek doesnt have no distrubtion and album flop.
      He prolly still hasnt recoup for warner bros, with is why mmg got drop snd handed to atlantic. Also meek money in my opnion is not as long as you think.
      When he gabe dhoes away it was soonsor by reebok, meek is and attention whore, that why everything he do, he has to have a camera around. He been broke all his life, and he has an complex from it. Now that he hasade money, he feels the need to convince everybody he has more then what he has. Who takes a camera to record them buying a ghost ????? Or ross giving you a range?
      Or instragram a pic of every cars he claim he purchased & own. But didnt make the forbes ????? Meek & mmg are on a downard spiral.
      Meek still at 300,000 and only sold 9000 albums last week.
      He is no where near to being a boss and putting cats on.

      • 1 hit wonders last a lot longer nowadays, they even can put out a few albums quic while they still have lil kids fooled

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  • shawhill

    jag diss was trash couldnt even get through the whole song trassssshhhhhh

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