Lil Flip Released; Blasts Local Police For Gun Arrest

(AllHipHop News) Houston, Texas rapper Lil Flip has been released from a jail in Louisiana, after he was arrested with an assault rifle and a small amount of marijuana.

Lil Flip was arrested on December 26, after police stopped his 2010 Dodge Challenger for driving 86 mph in a 75 mile-per-hour zone.

When police searched the vehicle, they found a Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle, and a small amount of marijuana.

Lil Flip was charged with a variety of offenses, including possession of a firearm in the presence of a controlled dangerous substance.

The rapper was released from the DeSoto Detention Center in Mansfield, Louisiana yesterday, on $35,000 bond.

He took to Twitter and blasted the arresting officer.


According to Lil Flip, he is working with community activist Quanell X to address the matter.

  • Dadon850

    I don’t know about Texas and Louisiana gun laws but I knows Florida’s. I have a gun license in Florida but that doesn’t necessilary mean another state has to recognize it. When you get your license in FL, they give you a print out of a map showing all the states that recognize Florida gun license and the ones that don’t. Their advice to you when traveling, stay away from the states that don’t recognize your license. I don’t know which state Flip is licensed in but the next state don’t have to recognize you gun license at all.

    • Rifle in the trunk doesn’t require license.

      • Dadon850

        If its an assault rifle and you want to carry it in your trunk you better check state laws before you cross the border. All states have different gun laws. In FL, you can ride all day with a choppa in the car. Florida looks at assault rifles and hunting rifles the same. Other states don’t do that. My advice to anyone would be to check any state you traveling to gun laws just in case you get stopped. Some states you get caught with a choppa and don’t have a license they will hide you.

      • mike malarkey

        thats not true. most states you dont need a license to have a rifle. nor does it have to be registered.

      • Indeed good advice, but if it’s secured like it would be on an airplane & your making a round trip, local laws apply…if it’s a “ROUND TRIP”, but the airline rule also protects against unwarranted searches, since it’s hidden, or attempted to be hidden, but mos def check local laws.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        anytime you expose a cop or sue a cop or snitch on a cop its gangsta fuk da police flip put dude gov name out and yeah i said I will snitch on a cop anyday never on my people or a thug or anybody in the street no matter if my own mother or new born got killed but if i can get some time cut by rolling over on dirty cops im cool with that nobody else get fukd up im cool cause Like LiL boosie said my daddy raised me to hate a cop so all my mother fukin life I hated cops

      • Exposing cops is very dangerous.
        >>See Larry Davis

        No snitching? There’s a flip side to that, but won’t speak upon that, but if you look out the window & see some dude beating an old lady & mugging her & call the cops….that isn’t snitching IMHO, even if you testify, but I think the right thing to do would be to immediately help the old lady, etc….but some can’t physically do that.

        If another old lady called to help the 1st old lady getting mugged….I wouldn’t call that snitching, IMHO.

        Now getting bagged with work & giving up the connect for leniency?
        >>See AlfaMega

        I’d call that snitching.
        Still, snitching don’t make a person soft, as much as it makes them dishonorable.

        >>See Haitian Jack

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        haitian jack was a real informaant a snitch pac pulled his card b he died

      • HJ was far from soft though…just dishonorable.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        sey man as a thug you cant talk to police period.,if u cant solve it let that shit go.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Soufwest832 – what are your advantages recieved for being a thug? (that you can tell us)

      • Bumpy Johnson

        there is no advantage , its just how niggas grow up.

      • Yeah, but the old lady ain’t a thug & others might not be either, but I do co-sign…..just in pencil.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        EDOGZ818 – I got no problem with telling of muggin’ old lady – should be understood by everyone that could happen with that kind of crime.

      • Indeed, that isn’t snitching IMHO.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        man i respect larry davis but i found out he was snitching on dudes in jail this is what dude from nyc told me when i was on the island and they been upstate but i liked how he shot those cops up and if u snitch on somebody by calling the cops testifying i dont care whats the case tthats a snitch now u can snitch on a cop fuk them anything else hell no i dont care about a old lady ill just kill the guy myself fuk da police

      • LD ain’t snitch, he was in Shawangunk, a Maxi Max, like ADX in the states. That’s where they send you when you get kicked out of Attica.

        The fake Pistol Pete (Terror Squad) claims they built the plexi glass box for him, but they built it for LD when he stabbed a capt’s eye out with a pen.

        They broke his back in there….on the old lady tip, understood, but what if it was a second old lady calling?

      • NoChaser

        You may drive through any state with a gun in the trunk. Your only problem would be stopping in that state, besides getting gas. Your biggest problem with a chopper would be if you have 10 round mag or higher capacity. NY, CA and few other places do not allow anything over 10 rounds

      • Jersey = 15

      • Kyle Meta4ce

        There is NO SUCH THING as an assault rifle.

      • mike malarkey

        true. in most states. dont know bout Louisiana

      • Search laws still apply!

      • mike malarkey

        yeah they can search but if he was legal in louisana he would be good.

      • He’s good regardless on the hammer, his issue is the drugs with the hammer.

        Airport transport protocol ( Locked case, ammo locked separate ) protects against unwarranted searches, but you right, they will search anyway, but if he wasn’t legal ( which he was ) they offer some protection if he’s not caught with drugs.

      • mike malarkey

        i dont think he had drugs on him. prolly sum leftover shit and that gave em suspicion to search. either way he will beat it.

      • Probably exactly what happened, or as he said , guts?

        Happy New Year, don’t party too hard or drink too much….with the hammer!

        Have a safe one.

    • mike malarkey

      that is true too. i caught a gun charge in dc and i got a maryland registration. after much hassle i beat it but he will beat it.

      • You lucked out, reciprocity doesn’t always apply.

        My boy had a PA license, was caught upstate, copped out to a felony, which wasn’t smart, but he was shook!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        in texas last year i think some dude forgot to remove his gun from his brief case while going on a business trip to ARGENTINA…the argentina airport folks found it. case was taken to a grand jury but he was never charged.

      • Some Marine crossed the Mexican border with his shotgun, which was legal in U.S., but Mexico requires a longer barrel & is still in jail after 4mnths?

        Those jails are terrible.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        its coz its Mexico , thats just hating. but with that said; the conclusion is every case is taken differently .

      • Yeah, & justice is for sale.

      • mike malarkey

        my case was weak. they pulled me over for no reason and they was reaching. if i had my paperwork with me they would have let me go. they just wanted to try and see if i was going to fold and take the plea deals and eventually they dropped it.

      • You lucky, DC is just as bad as MD, but in that case, it’s a violation, paperwork, etc.

        Now if you didn’t have a license, it would come down to a search & they would roof you.

      • mike malarkey

        dc worse they dont play that shit. md dont give out licenses to carry you just have to register ur shit. as long as u taking ur gun to and from the gun range u r good. u can just have a target in the trunk and really u dont have to have the gun in the trunk it just has to be unloaded and in the case

      • I know MD doesn’t honor PA licenses, didn’t know MD doesn’t issue…that’s some BS.

      • Sean Taylor

        Stop lying bama ass nigga

        you wellin joe!

      • mike malarkey

        shut up bitch

    • Bumpy Johnson

      i think Tx, and LA licenses are good in either state…i knew a dude with one from LA and he said it good in Tx and some other state …but im not sure

      • Komposure Slim

        Louisiana you dont need a license for anything. Its a open carry state. I ride all day with my pistol one in the hole with a full clip. When i get pulled over they run numbers and politely put my shit back where they got and ask me not to load it until they leave.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        yea i do too in texas….only in the vehicle though, it counts as your property and castle doctrine does apply to it. but it would be illegal to be in the mall with it.

    • H.B.

      Hey stupid Louisiana and Texas is on your list, try taking a reading class!

  • Chrisblackusa

    If he got it back in his trunk then he good…flipperoni whats good…lost ya number..blackat kid lookin like he gonna blow…still working the clothes,,big program for spring and fall 2013..off 7th ave..posted up n north tex…

    • mike malarkey

      he will be good he got a license and if it was not loaded and in the case he good.

      • *Ammo has to be locked in separate case.

        Still, not a F, more like a violation.

      • You don’t with Concealed Weapon License.

      • True & Louisiana honors Fla carry permits, but was speaking upon not honoring or having one.

  • you cant end a rant written in all caps with “its all good”
    obviously, shit is not all good…..

    • H.B.

      you gonna comment because he used all caps? Internet thug?

  • The one penning this article must of asked himself “Who is Lil Flip” several times. I swear he one of the few rappers with that hair style. (Pusha-T nice so he dont count)

  • imaman2012

    STFU. that’s why you hire a lawyer to do the talking. lame

    suckas always claim to be gangsters. act like one.

    • thuglifefukdapolice


      • Actually, if that’s the case, getting gangsta = suing.

        Gangsters use violence as a business tool, thugs use it as a social one.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        yea ur 100% right but thug and gangsta is used too loosely just like the word “Real nigga”.

      • Like clip & magazine, used like they interchange….when in reality they don’t!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        f*ck , i didnt even know that.

      • Technical difference

        Magazine = AR 15 / AK

        Clip = M1 Garand

      • Tann01

        Let’s not get technical… clip, magazine, skirt, kilt.. same thing different name

      • Kinda, but in reality, a clip & mag are far from the same people just think they are.

      • was he at a range recently or a g★nstore? i don’t believe in coincidence. the alleged weapon used in recent tragedies, is the same make. In my state 1 out of every 237 citizens own a machine gun. For the casual thinker….. the jurisdiction of this incident, has been given the opportunity to process 35,000 usd into their accounts. Every court at the end of the day has shareholder(s). Regardless of any innocence/guilt, revenue is immediately generated in the favor of the state.

      • Oh, no doubt, but you on some other ‘chet with that, going back to the reconstruction era, 13th, 14th, & 15th amendments, USC, Commercial ( Victim-less ) crimes etc.

        Legalize drugs and CO, COPs, Lawyers, etc. will be out of work & what will they do to feed their family?

        Post Neo Modernistic plantations?

  • Southcidal

    Why go 86 in the 75 if you know you’re hot? Even with a gun license you are still HOT. I thought Flip being a vet would’ve known better.

  • Mike9130

    Just like I said

  • Modesto Koczwara

    Guns are guns if you do not have a permit then you are just asking for jail. Take responsibility for what you did!

    • Bumpy Johnson

      not in texas…u dont need no permit.

  • Controlled dangerous substance? Weed!?

  • BG Slick

    Shouldn’t have been driving over the speed limit in the first place. No one would’ve stopped him. I don’t feel sorry for him.

  • AK

    i hope flip invested that money he got from those 2 singles in 04

  • RichFromBX

    Since he had to pay $35,000 bond he was officially charged so yeah, it was weed. I can’t imagine they don’t have a way to test it to make sure…also, the weapon was not the issue so much as it was having the weapon while in possession of a controlled substance so since he was no longer in the possession of or under the influence of the controlled substance for that matter there was no reason why he couldn’t have his weapon back and thats why he was able to leave with it…

    this is a non-issue…he was speeding, he was in possession of a controlled substance and processed and released with his weapon returned just as anyone else would’ve been…right now there is someone out there who is truely being wronged by the police that should be getting the attention this fool is getting…

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  • Fresh Dope

    FLIPPED OUT! Just because you may have a ‘license’ in Texas DOES NOT mean you can just speed, carry illegal contraband & have your gun WHATEVER state you go to! What happened to HIS career?! Consequences……….. The industry just seems to be a giant ‘RAP SHEET’ of daily arrests by rappers on their way down. No promoters, concert or music companies are going to take chances on ‘entertainers’ that MAY show up, MAY get detained or arrested anyday, TOO MUCH RISK! Next…………….