Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Quentin Tarantino To Make Black People Proud Again?

It looks like Quentin is going to do it again for Black People! He successfully managed to break records with “Django Unchained” and now he’s prepared to do another period movie. No, it won’t be a reminder of how heroic the slave-era Uncle Toms really were. And, no, it won’t be about how good chitterlings were for the body. AND NO, I promise it will not be about how the plantation owners were secretly jealous of their prized commodity. This movie is supposedly going to be a Black sequel to  Inglourious Basterds.

Apparently, Tarantino has found a way to connect the two movies in a historical context, per The Root. The plot – which has not come to life yet – will be another revenge plot. WWII pilots that go HAM on their White superior officers. This movie would allegedly be called “Killer Crow.” of the loose trilogy. “My original idea for Inglourious Basterds way back when was that this [would be] a huge story that included the [smaller] story that you saw in the film, but also followed a bunch of black troops, and they had been f–ked over by the American military and kind of go apes–t,” Tarantino told The Root.

This movie was already written into Inglourious Basterds but they had to cut it due to constraints.


Did you feel proud after watching Django? Or did you agree with Spike Lee?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Style P

    i wonder if obama will watch this movie

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  • Didn’t see Django yet, but I will, fugg it & will check the new flick too!

    SMDH @ Myself

    • hoeyuno

      looks like a good movie. I will have to forget its jamie foxx playing dude tho for a hour and a half. jamie soft as 3 ply.

      • *2 & 1/2

        Jamie is a good actor though, but you right, LL slapped the ‘chet outta him during “Any Given Sunday” filming!

      • hoeyuno

        ll’s mama said slap Jamie out… I have never been able to get passed wanda. and then to see him all on bended knee trying to be a serious rnb singer just put the tip on the iceburg.

      • Wanda? You jnow to make it big in Hollywierd, you have to cross dress /play gay if your black..

        Don’t sleep, Jamie can sing.

      • hoeyuno

        ha ha is that the official black initiation… and I was gonna avoid the argument 98% but there are very few black men who have put on a dress for hollywood compared to how many black entertainers there are… when jamie sings 10 kittens get ran over and don’t die. instead they have to hop around on 3 legs for the rest of there livez. but I’m not a rnb head and couldnt tell u if the man can sing or not. dude just annoys me.

      • True, but how many Blacks are upper echelon & didn’t put on a dress?

        Will Smith went full gay in 6 Degrees of separation.

      • hoeyuno

        Samuel l, Morgan freeman and the entire cast of different strokes. I was gonna say the cosy show but cannot confirm if bill has worn a dress for bizness or pleasure.

      • Good point:
        Sammy J = Snakes On a Plane / Jungle Fever
        Morgan = Driving Mrs. Daisy

        Still, any get the 20 Mil a flick deals?

        They are all great actors & get good work, but are they RICH or Wealthy?

      • hoeyuno

        I guess will smith but he put on a dress so that doesnt help my case. Morgan freeman makes that easily doing voice over annually. and who plays god better then Morgan freeman??? but I do see your point but that 20 mil a flick is a very small club. and will all ready made it when he took that role.

      • Not 6 degrees? Will just started…I think.

        Morgan is the man all day!

      • hoeyuno

        o I havent seen it. or heard of it. but I have heard of broke back mountain that takes the cake on gay movies and had nothing to do with blackfolks.

      • Good movie, but Will went “Full Gay”.

      • hoeyuno

        that was ballsy(no homo…. well, kinda homo). but that was a crazy move for a commercial rap act back then.I wonder if thats when jazz decided to separate from the rapper and the dj.. to this day jazz tours like a mofo. I know he’s in my neck of the woods once a year.

      • That’s what he had to do to make it to the top echelon.

      • bisolabliss

        …and of course in ’09 Will went further by declaring ‘America is not a racist nation’ and I proceeded to cross him off my list ever since. Imagine all the ish he saw growing up in Philly and he had the guts to say that… things money will make you do

      • That’s what $$$ will do, but back then, I doubt Will saw much, not like he grew up darkskin, in the hood.

        Still, from his perspective, it isn’t racist. ( Ok, that’s some BS, I’m trying to front & cover for Will, but ….)

      • Eli Pinilla

        Dave chapelle turned down 50 milli and never wore a dress. Im sure you ve seen his interview on oprah, that interview enlightened me to that. Didnt notice till then. But he did it the right way, and when they offred him more money to do what he felt wss against who he was and what he stood for, he turned that shit down and left with his dignity and piece of mind as he sees it too be.

      • hoeyuno

        andpretty sure that’s what got black ppls talking about being black n hollywood and having to wear a dress. before chappelle did that interview it was comedy. after chappelles opinion in the whole dress thing it became a conspiracy to make black ppls look bad. chappelle got my respect for turning the money down to but I think the conspiracy is just his opinion. watch his interview on the actors studio if u have not seen it.

      • Eli Pinilla

        i think your on point with that. i never seen anyone talk about that…. yes ive seen the interview, and i respect his talent and his mind. his show was greatness. and i think he is a genius for alot of the different themes he had on the show… did denzel ever wear a dress?!?!? and i kinda took it as maybe chappelle was reaching just cuz Jamie put himself in a dress at the request of they waynes brothers, eddie murphy writes him own stuff, and so does martin. i dont know how much outside pressure was involved in making them do these things, but maybe they were looking at it as comedy like we all were before chappelle brought it up.. but im sure chapelle didnt bring it up out of thin air, there was def some truth in what he was saying

      • hoeyuno

        actually more white men have put dresses on in hollyweird then black men.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        what race is Q and pinnilla?- probably mutt races – you know nothing about my history – this generation now is not it.

      • hoeyuno

        you navy?? vet??

      • Q.

        Navy. He likes going under with men.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Yo man, eff gary knoble!!!! U in the navy talkin that wreckless shit?!?!? When u supposed to be defending all races?!?! “Mutts” included. Man I got peoples in the navy that would beat yo ass for talkin that mutt shit. I see u questioning muthafuckas blackness like the boy q is some white boy form nebraska or some shit…. u prolly joined the navy cuz u couldnt make it in the real world. Ur opinion is shit!!! Now go deffend this country of mutts fron other invading mutt countries u bitch.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Nevermind I even said all that… dude is prolly in his 50’s by now strolling the internets lookin to troll. That picture is 20 years old, let me respect my elders, even if theyre ignorant

      • Q.

        See? That’s one of those buffoons I was talking about.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Ahhh whatever…. all these rappers and ghostwriters can write ngga for blacks all the time and rappers like gucci, wacka, trinidad james, wayne, ross can all promote ignorance and bring the youth down and the black elite or otherwise dont say shit. A well respected white director can write a movie about black empowerment, but because he uses the word as it was historically used at that time, its disrespectful to blacks.. maybe if the black dirrectors and rappers would make an emopering movie instead of dressin up like women and rapping about bullshit, then the white man wouldnt have time to write about it. Shit, look at tyler perrys depiction of black life on tv and look at kelsy gramers version of black life on Tv, which one is more respectful and which one is on some more shuck and jive type shit?!?!?!…at least quentin aint put none of his black actors In a dress.

    • TheBoxcarHobo


    • Southcidal

      If you are not black, then don’t speak on what should or shouldn’t be done with blacks. How could you if you’ve never lived the black experience? When they were calling us that shiit in a negative light back in the days nobody commented against it. But now all of these other minorities are coming out of the woodworks using the word and attempting to verbaly bash black people for using the word. Whites too have gotten the audacity to question us for checking them on it. I haven’t seen the movie so I won’t comment on it. But all I’m saying is stay the phuck out of black people’s business if you’re not black. Don’t worry about us.

      • Eli Pinilla

        ^^^^ thats the problem right there, first its “they dont really care about us” but then when u have others, who can somewhat relate to your struggle, then its ” dont speak on black issues if u aint black”. How about you take a positive, cunsrtuctive opionion from another who feels where yall are coming from instead of getting defensive about it. Im spanish, and I grew up around all typed of black (specially hatian). As a hiphop head and as someone who odopted the culture you created, I root for blacks as a spanish man cuz yall broke the mode that allowed us to come here and do what we do. Martin Luther kings speach didnt just help balcks, it halped all minorities cuz yall opened the doors for us… but shame on u to say something like that when your own people demoralize and make a joke out of your culture. And someone from a different race respects it more than a lot of your own people do.

      • seveneightyseven

        niggas can’t be pleased either way, i learned that watching my father

      • Sean Taylor

        iz yo daddy a nigga

      • seveneightyseven

        yes -___-

      • ^^^^^^^^ LOL

      • Sean Taylor

        shut up nigga

        nobodies worried about you

      • hoeyuno

        you bipolar???

      • esquecoast

        thats not a smart comment at all… why can’t we all look out for each other…. that was a ridiculous statement

    • Q.

      Many Black folks disagree with the current rap culture, so your first statement is inaccurate. You also failed to point out the mostly Jew-controlled industry which enables and promotes that ignorance, while ignoring better Black artists, rap or otherwise. And “Django” is in no way, shape or form about “Black empowerment.” I don’t know who sold you that myth! A SIDEKICK bounty hunter galloping around picking off a few wayward rednecks doesn’t define empowerment. It’s also disingenuous to mis-center the crux of Black culture around a handful of buffoons, while ignoring the many shining examples among us. e.g. When’s the last time you saw Pres. Obama and his family dress and act out of turn? You haven’t. And Tyler Perry vs. Kelsey Grammer is a weak analogy–neither of their productions are respectable depictions IMO. To me, it’s like saying, which smells better, sh!t or vomit?

      At the end of the day, Tarantino isn’t getting any special pats on the back for Django. The guy has made some entertaining films, but his perception of Black people is skewed and twisted. Dude has issues.

      • Eli Pinilla

        @q, my comments are just my opinions on how i see these things. im the last one to speak on the plight of the black man. Maybe instead of questioning my comments and telling me im wrong, enlighten me on how the “Jew -controlled industry” holds intelligent black music back.(also kinda ironic that you call it “Jew” media doing the same things to them as far as characterization as you feel whites and others do to you ) Im not trying to speak for the black man, that’s your job. it took you to read my comment to comment instead of coming with your own thoughts to contribute to the conversation….did u see the movie??? no, if you did, you wouldn’t say that…. These “baffoons” that you speak of, are your people too, but you diss miss them as such even when they hold a stronger influence over the minds of the youth then people like PRESIDENT Barack Obama does. chief kief from Chicago, i dont see him rapping the message of Obama. he sound like gucci with wacka dreads to me. and who are the youth in Chicago listening to more? chief kief or Obama??? again, its just my opinion, i dont know cuz im not black, but teaching instead of getting defensive would do wonders….

      • Eli Pinilla

        also, the quality of the show is irrelevant in the conversation. the fact is its getting played and people are watching. and the white man is doing a more respectful job than the black man. Tyler Perry did the biggest numbers independently!!! not only would i respect his hustle if i were you, but i wouldnt diss miss anything he does when his moves affect so many. and alot of people would disagree with u that “the game” or “girlfriends” would be considered vomit or shit.

      • this here discussion is why we are @ a standstill … divide and conquer @ its finest … for every person on this side there are more people on the other side rebutaling all from the same back ground and color … #opinions!!… but lets be real folks what tarantino is doing is a far cry away from what we are doing to ourselves and like someone mentioned this move is a victory for slavery not a put down of any kind … sad thing is most of the people speaking negative on it NEVER EVEN SEEN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats the definition of PREJUDICE @ ITS FINEST!! alot of folks needs to check themselves !!

      • Q.

        Eli, I have plenty of my own thoughts. LOL Your comments came across as if you were making factual statements, which clearly weren’t–that’s the main reason I refuted them. It might have served you better to say “in my view” or something similar. I think for you to throw out a statement like Tarantino wrote a movie about “Black empowerment,” especially as a non-Black person, is reckless at best. Like you said, you’re “the last one to speak on the plight of the Black man.”
        As far as Jews controlling the industry, that’s easily verifiable–just check the names of who’s running what. You seem smart enough to understand that the industry picks and chooses the artists they want to enable. There is plenty of eager so-called positive talent amongst Black youth and adults in the realm of Black music that continually get overlooked by the mainstream. Have you ever asked yourself why that is? Why do music corporations enable destructive Black personalities and messages, as opposed to the constructive ones? It’s not by accident.

        “(also kinda ironic that you call it “Jew” media doing the same things to them as far as characterization as you feel whites and others do to you)”

        ^^I’m not sure what this sentence even means. But the buffoons I speak of may RESEMBLE me and mine, but that’s where the relation ends. For some reason, particularly U.S. society has an ugly habit of taking the worst examples of “Black culture” and making them into accepted stereotypes…that’s a no go. Regardless of what Keef does, he is not remotely in the league of the influence the President has as a national/global figurehead. LOL There’s really no comparison between the two. As for Tyler Perry, his productions appeal mainly to a Black FEMALE CHRISTIAN audience, not Black people in general, which is another misconception. The reason: Perry panders to a Black female Christian demographic. It’s not right or wrong–it’s just what he does. But ask any 10 Black males how they feel about Tyler Perry’s work, and you’ll find out there’s no universal approval amongst the Black population. I don’t find “Girlfriends” or the “Game” any more uplifting than I do “Meet the Browns.” They’re all trivial depictions of Black people to me. That’s a Black man’s opinion.

      • Eli Pinilla

        q man, i dont know what to tell ya. First, i dont have to be black to
        SEE that its a movie based on that, whether the black man FEELS it, i
        dont know, im just commenting on the fact that he did it. Not whether it
        works or not. But @myuziwieghsaton said it was great, and hes black….You speak of the Jew as if this is for certain, as “factual statements”. These can be considered “Anti Semite” views and Jews would consider them to be stereo typing and distasteful.
        Some even racist. Your basically saying that the power elite of the
        Jewish race in particular are making all black races look bad
        intentionally because of whatever agenda they have in doing so. Sorry
        man, i cant jump in that water with ya…….You continue to diss miss
        these “baffoons” as if they are trash. I dont get it man. they still
        your people. The relation ends on skin color and features?!?! So you let
        your people become victim of the mental slaver u believe the Jews are
        pushing and instead of helping them u wanna call them “bafoons” and
        dissociate yourself from them?!?!?!?! Thats some tough shit man……So
        Tyler Perry films mainly appeal to black “FEMALE CHRISTIANS”??? not black people in general??? and this is a misconception?!?!?!?! and you believe this?!?!?! …the “black mans opinion” is taken!!

      • Q.

        Please tell me specifically how you think this film empowers Black people.

        I never questioned the quality of the film, only your blanket statements concerning how Black people do or should “feel.” Jews have a stronghold over the entertainment industry in general. That’s a researchable fact, not a matter of debate. So all of the “Anti-Semite” and “racist” claims miss me by a mile (BTW, racism only works from the top down, but that’s another discussion).

        “Your basically saying that the power elite of the Jewish race in particular are making all black races look bad intentionally because of whatever agenda they have in doing so.”

        That’s not what I said at all, but White Supremacy is real; elite control of media is real; Racism in the media is real as well. All are indisputable realities, my friend. Yes, I will continue to dismiss what the “buffoons” do as trash because they only aid the deterioration of the condition of the people who LOOK LIKE them. And yes, I dissociate myself and like minded people from what THEY do. Tough sh!t, indeed… Do you identify with every single Puerto Rican you see in the media?

        And YES, Tyler Perry movies appeal to Black female Christians, and not Black people in general. THAT’S WHAT I SAID. You asked for education. If you disagree, feel free to take a poll. I’ll wait for the results.

      • Eli Pinilla

        we can just agree to disagree man. if you can sit here and try to defend yourself while knowingly bashing another race at the same time, then u are stuck in your ways of thought… i mean, how can u refer to your own people as baffoons and turn your back on them as if they aren’t one of you!?!?! its bad enough that they have the evil Jew media shoving all this ignorance down their throat, but when they get caught in the the trap, the knowledgeable black man that knows better doesn’t wanna help them cuz they “aid in the deterioration of the condition of the people who look like them”.so instead of being taught better, they are being lead by a race of people who wanna see them be ignorant and a people who turns their back on them when this happens. im sorry, but i dont agree with that train of thought at all. i dnt care how ignorant my people get, i aint calling them no baffoons and im def not turning my back and ridiculing them. i might not agree with everything Hispanics do, but i wont turn my back on them either….look, i respect your opinion, even if i disagree. at least this shows that we can have an intelligent conversation without bashing each other which is a stereo type we all share when it comes to holding discussions about these topics. much respect to that sir..

      • Q.

        “if you can sit here and try to defend yourself while knowingly bashing another race at the same time, then u are stuck in your ways of thought…”

        On the contrary. My train of thought is dynamic. I can discern the difference between malicious and well-intentioned words and actions. I recognize that Truth comes in many forms, and good people come from every so-called race and nationality. This doesn’t excuse White Supremacy, and its many ramifications, unfortunately, ones U.S. society is still working through to this day. I knew from your first post that you had no ill intention–the problem is you made some blanket statements that I feel lack a broader perspective. I have no problem challenging what I deem are false generalizations, especially about Black folks, especially in a public forum. If I’m wrong, I fully expect to be proven so.

        When I said “Jews” I should have clarified by saying the elite Khazarian Zionistic Jews, the same ones in league with the cabal which controls the global banking system. I didn’t mean the average, everyday lox and bagel Yids. LOL I have no problem with the average Jew. But I mentioned them controlling media to point out how a particular group has reins over an industry powered by Black culture, not to characterize all Jews as evil. The original Jews were Black, so when I reference contemporary “Jews,” I’m talking about the ones in power who mainly identify as white. On the flip side, I have no problem labeling Black entertainers who perpetuate harmful stereotypes as buffoons. Don’t get it twisted–being a buffoon isn’t exclusive to any particular race or ethnic group. There are plenty of white, Latino, Asian buffoons as well, but I’m only talking about what YOU were talking about: Black people in the world of Hip-Hop. And pointing out there are buffoons amongst my culture doesn’t mean I turn my back on them as Black people. Best believe, if a Chief Keef or a Waka Flocka were to become a victim of some unjust racial attack or police brutality, I’d be right among the ranks defending them just like any other brother or sister. This doesn’t mean I have to agree with what they do, nor does it mean I have to like or associate with them. Just like the hard-headed cousin in your family, or the miscreants you grew up with on your block, for example, sometimes in order to evolve and grow, you have to break ties with negative personas who diminish your vibe–even if they’re your own blood!

        You never explained how Django empowers Black people, but that’s okay. In general, I feel that a lot of the energy being put into music and entertainment is, frankly, DEMONIC. I also think that most of the artists are pawns of an agenda of mass social programming. Who’s agenda? I’ll leave that for you to research and decide. But know this: the ones pushing this agenda are the same ones influencing these rappers to wear skirts and do weirdo homo sh!t.
        To address your original comment about directors and rappers, there have been a number of “empowering” Black films and albums by Black artists that have been mainly overlooked by the mainstream. If you’re a true Hip-Hop fan, I’m sure you can think of some. I won’t disrespect Spike Lee because he has contributed a lot to film. Unfortunately, some of his own people have overlooked his work and even ignorantly shouted him down when he has spoken out against poor depictions of Black imagery in Hollywood. While I don’t oppose Tarantino’s right to make the films he wants, I do believe a person has to answer for the energy that they choose to put out, whether it be through film, music, or literature. The intent behind the creation determines the nature of the creation itself. By choosing to go the sensational and provocative route, Tarantino knew exactly what kind of energy he was putting out; he’s not innocent. That doesn’t mean that Django wasn’t an entertaining film–but I understand psychology, and recognize the game he plays with the audience. In the same token, what Tarantino does is independent of any negativity any Black rapper or director chooses to put out, so there’s no need to draw comparisons. EACH will be held to account for their own actions…know that. Respect.

      • Adrian Barron

        eli im going to keep it 1000 with you in regards to the tarrintino flick – reactions were down the middle some of US felt empowered and some of US felt like Spike

        Q is right in regards to “JEW-ISH stronghold” on entertainment amongst other things (research or google it for yourself) – however those are “JEW-ISH” people meaning they are NOT the real JEWS they are religious converts who converted so they could justify occupying the land the real JEWS were “people of color”

        finally, you have just as much right to speak on the movie as anyone else because Puerto Ricans are descendants of the tribe of Shem (directly Ephriam) – a black people! Research The Tribe of Massai

      • a b

        @Q I’m gonna try to make this as simplistic and explicit as possible. There is no conspiracy by Jewish execs to destroy Blacks, this is a convenient myth perpetrated by people like you who fail to hold Blacks accountable for their own actions. If a hoe is gonna be hoe than a pimp is gonna be a pimp…. Blacks in America act like hoes. We let anything slide just as long as it’s bringing home the bacon. Fix the hoe and you’ll fix the pimp.

      • Q.

        That’s a convenient sidestep to validating White Supremacy, but that doesn’t change reality. Instead of trying to identify with being a hoe or a pimp, how ’bout you stand up and be a FREE MAN or FREE WOMAN?

      • *Church!

      • Adrian Barron

        you should say JEW-ISH when referring to “The Evil Establishment” lol because they are NOT real JEWS – only religious converts. Either way – i’m rocking with your respons

      • Q.

        TRUE. I left that out. Thanks. LOL

      • Adrian Barron

        you on they HELMETS today myG

      • brotha_man

        you cant generalize, opinion or not. all blacks dont rep what u are talking about. I hang around good brothers and sistas and we as a whole never say nigga to one another and we take pride in taking care of our kids and looking out for one another when the chips are down. I know what you speak is ur opinion but try not to generalize. u make it seem like you view the world (back america) through a microscope, seeing all, when that is not the case

      • esquecoast

        did you even see the movie dog?

    • William Felton

      Us African Americans need to get out of our own way and stop letting and dumb word hinder us.Get over that ish ya’ll.I honestly don’t care who says nigger.Cause WE say it to each other!I’m not gonna tell my white friends they can’t say it while my black friends use it every 3 seconds.If we are to ever evolve as a race we HAVE TO LET THAT GO.Lets take the power back by not even getting angry over a silly word.

      • Q.

        Uh huh. That “Black people, get over it!” angle sounds great, but I dare you or any Black director or producer to try to make a film about Jews where they get called “rat-faced kikes and hymies” 100+ times, and watch how quickly your movie gets shot the fukc down. And there won’t be any politically-correct bullsh!t rationalizations either. Your script will hit the trash can ASAP… And you may even get sued by the ADL. But when you’re Black and speak your piece, you’re expected to shut up, bend over and take it. I don’t think so.

      • SpaceAge2012

        Q,that “rat-faced kikes and hymies” comment is classic.I’m actually still laughin as I type this.Some ppl will never get it bruh,they’ll rather call u a conspiracy theorist,racist,& anti-semite instead of doing the research for themselves.It’s simply a waste of time trying to enlighten them.Like the old saying goes,”U can lead a horse to water,but u can’t make it drink.” Speak ur peace of facts & let it be.He who has an ear will hear & when he’s ready to seek out the truth whole heartedly he shall find it & he will see.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Your funnier than q is… how can u try to defend your piont of view while still showing prejudisim at the same time? Its obvious your speaking about me and my respose to sonething q said earlier. I hope u can see, that based off my opinions and the way I try to articulate myself respectfully, that I am not one of these peole you charichterize as not “drinking” when lead to water…I do know, just from reading and such, u know, searching my own knowledge, that before jews came into power and decidd to make a mochery out of black culture, they too were slaves. Not only were they slaves, but they were burned alive, by the millions. Its funny that you ridicule jews in particular for doing these evil things to blacks when egyptians, who are african, enslaved the jews first…. you came with nothing positive to add to the discution, just endorsing hate…. you know who shared you views about jews trying to take over and kill his kind??? Hitler!!!!!

      • SpaceAge2012

        Eli we’re both on 2 very different levels of standing cus u’re still trapped in da box.When a statement is right it’s right & when it’s wrong it’s wrong.I agree with what Q said cus we both see darkness 4 what it truly is.I didn’t make that comment 2 ridicule u,I was just stating da obvious.What u have not overstood is that da ppl u r callin “Jews” r actually Khazars who r not really Hebrews,but rather da descendants of da ancient Canaanites.They r not da 12 tribes of Isra El,they’re really Khazars called AshkeNAZI & Sephardi who claim descent from only da tribe of Judah.It was under their king Obadiah that they converted 2 Judaism in da 7th century A.D. so u see u’re tryin 2 defend ppl u don’t know anything about Eli.I really hope u’ll do ur research & wake up bro,cus u have da great name of a legendary High Priest of Isra El.These so called Jews u’re defending have tricked da world in2 believing they’re da chosen ppl of our God of Isra El 2 justify da wickedness they do when in reality they r servants of baal (god of their ancestors) & da anti-christs who forced da Romans 2 crucify our Messiah & still deny Him even now bcus of their own blood guilt.If u don’t believe me just ask any so called Jew who is Yeshua bin Miriam or Jesus the son of Mary 2 them & u’ll hear what they’ll tell u,then u will know who they really are.

      • it already happen there are many movies about the nazis and holocaust TONS!!

      • Q.

        How many by Black directors & producers?? That was my point.

    • hoeyuno

      I always wondered in 1999/2000 when eminem was writing chronic 2001 waaaay before white kids were the norm in commercial rap how they worked that out.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Right?!?!? He prolly wrote the raps and left an “insert here, fill in the blank” for all the n words he put in dre’s raps lol

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  • Big Crimes


  • Q.

    illseed, when did Tarantino “make Black people proud” the first time?

    • Celz

      Glory is a period action movie Black people can be proud of

      • Q.

        Tarantino had nothing to do with Glory though.

      • Celz

        That’s the point..

  • PureMagic

    Why the black guys gotta go ape shyt tho….lol

    • Q.

      You caught that too? SMH

    • hoeyuno

      its a movie.. needs a plot. there’s plenty of movies where other races go ape shyt..

    • Ape? Hmmm

    • hoeyuno

      k the ape thing went over my head til now and I know u were.kidding but u know qt didn’t mean anything by that.

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    I’m a movie head and I don’t give a shyt about the excessive use of the word nigga, especially in a movie set in the slave era because to be true to the film you must depict things as they were in those times…everything was excessive in the reality of the white slave owner and his hatred toward black men…if what they did to Emmit Til wasn’t excessive, what do you call it…the excessive starvation of millions of slaves that didnt make the trip and found there graves in the oceans between Africa and the Americans…the excessive violences used to break the will of the black men and women on those Carribean Islands is enough to make the hardest heart break and the evilst eye shed tears…but this was real, very real…Quentin is a beast when he do what he do…I aint made…count how many times the word nigga is said daily on this site…IJS

  • I agree with spike. Fk that coon movie! It was a ministrel show to the 10th power

  • So_Subby

    People are to soft and sensitive

    • hoeyuno


  • hoeyuno

    I bet spike lee’s ancestors would love to see a movie like this.. he’s wrong. what do you think keeps oppressed peoples somewhat sane??? there since of humor!! that is one thing nobody can take from anybody.

  • Q.

    There are ways of getting your point across with out abusing the most provocative racial slur known to man every 5 seconds in your movie. For example, Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” depicted racial divisions in 90’s Brooklyn. He used the “N-word” apprx. 8 times total, and he did a great job of showing racial tension throughout the film.

    Quentin Tarantino, on the other hand, just has a fetish for the N-word, plain and simple–no need to sugar coat it. This is his mental fantasy set against a loose historical backdrop. “Django” is QT getting his racial rocks off without repercussion.

    • Danny Aiello’s racist rant was priceless:

      “You spear chucking, high jumping, 360 degree basketball dunking….”


      • Q.

        I think was his son, John Turturo (sp)…but I got the point.

    • Jon

      Then why the vast majority of black activist that did see the movie have no problem with it? Including the great Sidney Poitier.

      • Q.

        Just because less Black celebrities chose to speak out doesn’t mean they didn’t feel uncomfortable by Tarantino’s excessive use of the N-word. Most people in Hollywood try to avoid controversy at all costs. Spike isn’t afraid.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        what race is Q and pinnilla ? probably two mutt races – you know nothing about My People – this generation now ain’t it.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        what race is Q and pinnilla? – probably 2 mutt races – you know nothing about My People – this generation now ain’t it.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Q and pinnilla are 2 mutt races that know nothing about My People – this generation now ain’t it.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        people of mutt race like Q and pinnilla know nothing about My People – this generation ain’t it –

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Q – you and pinnilla are examples of mutt race people that think you know My People – the Black now generation ain’t it. – all the Negros generations before now is.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        mutts Q and pinilla – you don’t know My People – this generation now are not the Negros that bulit American Rights, like all our generations before now.

  • bhizzle

    All you black panther, white man still trying to get me niggas need to get over it. Tarantino depicted the country in the status it was before the civil war. White folks called us nigga on a regular and for u uppity negros that’s bein all sensitive about the shit, get a life. How many times have u said nigga? Can’t even count that high huh? If it was a black director would u be cryin about this? No. Django was a great movie. Black folks, white folks n whoever that was in that theater with me n my girl, who is a “nigga” too enjoyed it. U niggas toss the word around like a football on Sundays but when somebody not black does it Oooo crap look out…let’s march! Lol…if Tyler perrys Wendy williams lookin ass could make a movie half as good as Django Unchained I woukd be proud but that nigga sucks! And spike Lee…lol…nigga ain’t made a good movie since Malcolm X n by the way for u niggas who crying about Tarantino using the word nigga n a movie that had the hero be a nigga, who killed Malcolm x? I’ll wait…some niggas! Good night niggas…how many Times did I use the word nigga in this comment?

  • JBostic

    I say DJango last night… The movie is damn near perfect. Comedy, Action, Drama are all top notch… Black people who see it won’t give Spike Lee and Katt Williams as much credibility as they used to, if they listened to them in the first place.

  • Fresh Dope

    Yeah GET OVER IT! This is a historically correct movie by talented & respected people, telling a story. Spike Lee & those that are just looking for ‘racial’ issues to further DIVIDE our country & slow unified progress is THE ONLY NEGATIVE here. The IGNORANCE level in HIP HOP is at an ALLTIME HIGH….. Fake ‘Rick Ross’, Gucci, Waka, Meek, Keef…… looks like a RETARD School with NEGATIVITY all over it!

  • There is always going to be controversy when someone does something “RAW” and “uncut” that is just Terantino’s Style. As a culture we are attracted to Raw street isshh. Many people criticise about bringing our communities down with excessive over indulgent rap lyrics, but in my humble opinion thats just entertainment. The way we make our communities stronger is to take simple steps, not blame everyone and everything else. For instance, teach our kids right from wrong, be REAL fathers to our children, Encourage our children to pursue their education, support our own businesses, link up with like minded individuals as opposed to being jeolous and hatefull all the time, Respect FAMILY VALUES. Everything else is just entertaiment, don’t get me wrong I love a good hood Banger but I will not blame Music for breaking down our communities. You run a marathon one step at a time, as a community we need to simply take the steps to work towards our goals.

  • gunnstarr

    is it tarantinos responsibility to make black people proud-or do you mean in terms of catering for the co dependency of NIGGAZ? I the former am always proud-because I CHOOSE my influences-the latter are what they can reference from the ‘influential’