Game vs 40 Glocc

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did 40 Glocc Beat Up The Game’s Manager?

I think 40 Glocc is a happy camper right about now.

Oh nooooooooooo! It looks like, despite a pending law suit, 40 Glocc has taken to the offensive with The Game and his people! Word on the street is that The Game’s manager Taydoe was KO’d out in Vegas, per VladTV! Here is what they are saying about it!

The fight between Game and 40 Glocc has continued, with Game’s manager Taydoe being the latest casualty. VladTV was exclusively told by a witness that 40 Glocc knocked out Taydoe in Las Vegas at the Hilton Hotel around 10pm on Saturday night.  Taydoe was with his girlfriend when the altercation happened.
Game and the gang are out there in Vegas. I thought it was sweet with the law suit going on.




Translation: “On my momma” is confirmation that he is definite telling the truth. “On my momma” is actually more significant than “hand on the Bible” to some.

This is TayDoe. Talk to us, bro. Who next? The Publicist? 40 Glocc has vowed to knock out the whole entire Black Wall Street crew until there is no one left.

Still, at the end of the day, I want to see 40 GLOCC and THE GAME fight! I would pay $10 to see that. Get at me and I will make a ppv happen. Til, then…this is seared in my brain.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • King Cold

    Smh…and the coonery continues

    • scullyson

      Happy holidays to you and yah Fam Saap…..Yo u still got the same handle on that ps3?

      • King Cold

        Thanks same to u and yours.Yeah ain’t played online in a while tho since I been workin. But I’ll make time to soon. How u been brotha?

      • scullyson

        Everything cool on this end Saap maintaining and sustaining B you know how it go. Gotta keep it movin. Imma send you my new handle. Wheneva you get that time check for it.

      • King Cold

        Fasho mane stay up

      • scullyson


    • mrgibson

      lol exactly…..

  • hoeyuno

    I knew 40 had it in him. that manager don’t look small either… salute!!!

    • hoeyuno

      actually dude looks a cross between guru and freck billionaire and prob the same size as tall enough to make anyone look small tho.

  • Banksy

    Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. This nigga Game can’t embarrass a nigga like that and not expect some form of retaliation.

  • Sylvester Daniel

    Lmmao @ Dat fool 40 waist deep in bushes n shrubbery

    • KingChandler

      LMAO, adding “shrubbery” just got that shit funniest comment of the day to me.

  • RevrendIke3x

    That pic is hilarious. Somebody needs to put a caption on that ASAP.

    • Dadon850

      “Stop playing Game! Momma!!!!!! Momma!!!!!!”

    • MiiUziWeighsATon

      This is not thug life physique right here…somebody get him

    • Fugg that, iLLseed needs a gif of the bushes jumping 40!

      That ‘chet had me in tears!


      “im juss sayin….50 did write that hate it or love it verse.”

    • “damn if i wore the green shirt id blending in right now” 40 thinking to himself

  • this isnt going to end well

  • 40 glocc punk’d everyone from plies, lil wayne, birdman, tyga, menace ect. it was only a matter of time…that game video was sketchy to begin with..too many edited parts

    • Negro Peligro

      40 Glocc never went by himself. He acting like he walked up on dudes by himself. Never. He ran up on Plies with like 15 dudes. Now he beating up dudes manager that didn’t have nothing to do with it. Sound like hiding in the bushes punk stuff to me.


        dude he was scrapping with menace by his self

      • mike malarkey

        and got whipped

      • box5

        Didn’t get whupped they was going at it back and forth, I swear equals on the net put to much on everything yell™

      • he took menace chain, aftermath of the footage shows menace face covered in blood and 40 laughing..

      • Legendary Trolly

        All the guys 40 punks, are nonconfrontational guys! Tyga, Wayne? These guys arent The Game! But we dont even have footage of him stepping to a real G! The only footage we have is him begging in the bushes!! Come on man that guy is a joke.

      • he stepped to plies, he stepped to menace, theirs other videos with other ppl not just rappers he stepped to, and lil wayne and birdman disrepcted the whole crip gang by sayin they under water food chain meanin crab…

      • Legendary Trolly

        Nigga Plies and Waynr aint hard! The only hard nigga he stepped to, whooped his azz on video with one arm!

      • mike malarkey

        no thats all false…

      • no thats not false. youtube 40 glocc menace thisis50

      • games manager was calling mad radio stations running his mouth

      • link? source?

      • google it

    • a b

      Phuck you talking about? 40 Glock made a video admitting he caught a fade.

    • steven smith

      He didn’t punk Birdman or Lill Wayne, They have money, guns and security. I saw the video. I would have not gotten out the car too, A hit man could have been lurking on the corner to shot Lill wayne. sometimes you let shit go, Its gonna catch up with 40 soon. 2 pac should have not be fighting in vegas that night. and Biggie should have not gone to LA.

  • not gonna end well for 40flopp…dat nigga went at the weakest nigga in the crew that didnt have anything to do with any of that shit….40 gonna pay for that!…the whole bws crew is in Vegas right now…if 40 is still there, he better law low

    • all of gunit in vegas too..last time they ran up on gunit games boys got shot

      • guest

        nigga what

      • at the radio station in NYC after 50 kicked game out the group

      • either crew plays around…but 40 aint G-unit…he an infamous flunky…40 got no pull with fif

      • 40 dropped an album under gunit this year and a compilation album with spider loc under G-Unit last year…

      • mike malarkey

        so waht thats shit trash

  • bigdoe6

    What’s the beef about though? Who owe who money? Who fucked whos bitch? Who fucked who little sister and taped it? What these clown ass niggas beefing bout?

    • whre have u been for 6 years? g unit against game

      • bigdoe6

        Straight hoe shit. That aint nothing to beef about.

  • TruthSerum

    40 Glocc has nothing to lose, for this reason only Game should have left him alone. 40’s career revolves around nothing but his reputation as a tough guy and he’s gonna come after Game and everyone connected with him for the rest of their lives until he gets it back or someone kills him.

    If I had Game’s career I would have just ignored a loser like this dude, but Game has never been a mental giant.

    • trixnkix637

      Nice Tech N9ne reference at the end..

    • you right about that cause i still dont even know a HOOK of a song that 40 wrote lol or even the title of a song … dude talking about 2013 is his …. what you plan on getting more law suit $$$$$$ cause i aint hearing no hits or @least a street banger come on son imo you F’ing hip hop up .. if all your hear to do is fight and beat people up and take them to court …. GET THE F OUT THE GAME !!!! REAL TALK YOU STINKING IT UP lol

    • Legendary Trolly

      I agree! But the Game gonna beat that ass again!

    • Tony G.

      How about the fact that they are two grown ass men and this is just stupid…both looking like assholes in the end

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Starting to believe 40 story…we know he stay putting paws on jokers…if he catch Game dolo he gonna beat shyt down his leg for doing that fukboy shyt and making it look like he a chump

    • steven smith

      the game should gat him first, before 40 catchs him slipping.

  • “I would pay $10”. You probably should donate that $10 to Games CD flop fund.

    • Legendary Trolly

      At least Game dropped! 80k copies is more than 40 has sold in his entire life.

  • Negro Peligro

    40 Gloc a bitch.

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  • Tann01

    LOL @ that last pic

  • Truth Powell

    lololol this article was a brilliant piece of art

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      hittin’ people is a dangeous lifestyle.

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    funny how people think 40’s a bitch after seeing that game video. go watch the video of 40 and menace fighting in the club dude aint no bitch but in the game video dude looked nervous we have no idea what happened before or what was going on behind the camera

  • BoldSpice

    this ignant dumb ni99a always on some monkey shyt. Dude look like he 50 years old grow up fool. i would pay 40 cent to watch him beat illseed azz til he shyt in his pants though.

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  • cant we all just get along

  • guarantee these dudes are smoking a blunt rite now…

  • GregSki86

    Makes sense the nigga couldn’t get to game so he knock out the peons around Game. F*ck that noise though, get these ni99as a pay-per-view bout and let them go HAM

  • speedy37

    Kill each other already,where the guns at.

  • to 40glocc defense taydoe is def a much more fair fight for him … game is a like a security guard compared to 40 … but still talk that ish and expect a fight to come with it in my Pimp C voice …… side note 40 dont get no points for this taydoe dont be on that type time …. Big bad 40 sounds like he can only get big on the sheep … he be sueing the wolves lol

    • LOL @ Suing Wolves…..seems kinda true though!

    • Adrian Barron

      dude dont get NO extra points for jumping “the little sister” but not fighting back against “the bigger brother” – he wanna win his G back he need to drop that lawsuit – and knuckle up with game rather he win or lose – like you said NO it wont be a fair fight – but niggahs always respect the little niggah for knuckling up against a niggah he cant beat head up – as long as 40 connect at least 1 to the chin – its a win win even if he losses

      • bread

        Quick to forget that Game sued suge…

  • restless

    40 glocc ol crusty lookin ass lol not favoring nobody but this dude been crying since he got punked out on worldstar cuttin all kinda excuses suing ppl n shit hoe shit 4real #onmymomma? quit cyber thuggin big bad crip

  • 40 glock a bitch…..

  • this doesnt make 40 gloc hard atall if he was he wud of dun that 2 game not his manager and tha fact that he flied a lawsuit wotever tryin 2 get money from game and now he does this he is real smart

  • kered gnuoy

    grown men on some high school shit.

  • greeneyedbandit

    Is that how victims in lawsuits act?

  • KingChandler

    One of them is gonna end up dead for sure, 40 has all the time in the world to plan sneak attacks, no career, spends all his time tweetin’ quotes and pictures of himself. Dudes a straight cornball, don’t even know how he gets his dusty ass into any industry events.

  • toreal

    Someone is going to die soon.

  • Ant

    40 gloc a snitch he aint knock nobody out

  • smke1witme

    40 NOT! you dont get no points for that. go head with game not he’s people. this nigga is lame. and I know a lot of colton crips and they disowned this nigga

  • Adrian Barron

    taydoe was just a casualty of war –

  • Adrian Barron

    BARK why Tone Trump keep taking losses?

    he get smacked more than strippers ass … smh

    from the LOUIE V video it look like he GOT NO HANDS either

    but that nigga be turnt up on camera like he the TOUGHEST niggah out

    heard he paid MATH HOFFA not to release the footage of him getting smacked too

  • Dingleberry Pinklebottom

    40 glocc reminds me of a nigga on my block called Bluetooth, he be doing the whole 3 DVDs for 10 , 1 DVD for 5 deal right outside the Family Dolla. he also picks fights with other DVD hustlaz to protect his highly contested turf which stretches from the Family Dolla, past Shell Gas Station and all the way up to Daves Seafood across the street. He think he doing it big too, he always got his bluetooth on and talking to his clientele while you trying to talk to this nigga, nickel and dime his way into some sort of hood legend. THEY BOTH WACK

  • MadVillain

    beat up his manager coz he know Game will buck him down again lol

  • 40 lookin like swamp thing… well swamp thing wit a purple shirt

  • brotha_man

    these two negroes

  • 40 Glocc will probably be disappeared soon. Even a fools luck finally runs out

  • Fresh Dope

    There goes 40’s ‘case’…a victim or a stalker/criminal?! How you a THUG & gonna sue another THUG?! Career desperation more like it, can’t SAVE a rep you never earned in the MUSIC BIZ?! GAME got 4 #1 HITS, what song does 40 do?!

  • “40 Glocc has vowed to knock out the whole entire Black Wall Street crew until there is no one left.” LMAO

  • Vic Sage

    Something tells me that there’s going to be a funeral soon…

  • SpaceAge2012

    This bullshit really needs 2 stop b4 some1 gets murked.2 many young black brothers reppin Bloods & Crips have died from these damn rap turned street beefs already,but these idiots don’t seem 2 realize that they’re bein played against each other by da same ppl givin them da drugs & guns & profiting from their deaths.

  • fuknyourgirl2

    i mean dat was dam near sum hoe shit he definitly should not settle for a manager if he has a lawsuit against game he wack as fuk he needs to just holla at game an go hands up cuz game is the one had u lookin like a bitch not his manager

  • Mike Swiff

    This Shyt is little boy type stuff, there is no real beef…I could careless about either of these fools I need some real hip hop! All this Reality TV shyt etc…

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