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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Chief Keef About To Get Dropped? And Why The Tour Was Cancelled!

Welp! It looks like Chief Keef’s 15 minutes may be winding down! According to a recent interview with 50 Cent, he revealed that the young buck (no pun intended) would possibly get dropped because of low sales. Chief sold like 50k his first week, which is well…weak. Anyway, 50 talked to HipHopMorning and he dropped some dimes. Remember when Keef skipped the video shoot with 50 Cent?

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The brass at Interscope didn’t like that, says 50 Cent in the interview. And, he also revealed the real reason Keef’s tour was deaded. It wasn’t what I thought when I rumored that it was due to legal matters. I’m still not positive there isn’t something to the probation violation though. We’ll see.

So, the latest rumor is that they are going to drop Keef. Personally, I cannot see them doing that. I think they are going to do a better job at promoting him or something. As long as he’s being….controversial…I think they are going to keep him.

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Oddly, his album is called Finally Rich. C’mon Interscope. Have a heart. Say no to irony.

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  • TruthSerum

    Jimmy Iovine just needs to use his common sense on this matter.

    Kendrick Lamar drops lyrical album with creativity & passion behind it on Interscope records and he’s bout to hit gold.

    Chief Keef shucked & Jived his way to a flop on Interscope.

    I think the fans are trying to tell him something, and to his credit, Jimmy has never been an idiot. I wouldn’t be surprised if Interscope stops signing acts like this for a while and pays more attention to the rest of the Black Hippy camp instead. Interscope has always gone with what sells and right now Kendrick is the 2nd best selling rap artist of the year. Interscope knows what to do

    • co-sign.

    • Good point TDE are the future!

    • its not even about the type of music kendric or keef does … its more about finding someone who is ready and mature enuff to handle the job ……….!!

    • ace austoom

      He already hit gold

      • TruthSerum

        Fair enough, I havent been keeping up with it I just new he was close. Congrats to him

    • Southcidal

      The black hippy camp isn’t the only rap crew that bring creativity and passion.

  • therealest1

    It was an absolute no-brainer that this guy wasn’t going to sell. what was Jimmy Iovine thinking with this clown?

    • shoot they got the $$$$ to take risk … they go buy numbers and in keef situation sometimes tho #’s let you down 😉

      • thats something artist looking to get on should take heed to … talent is one thing … but if you can show them labels you can put numbers up …. you can put them in your pocket …. its the only reason why Trinidad james got that big bag from def jam … he put them #’s up …

      • Pierre Elliott


      • bham-Jeff co.

        I hate when people say that. I don’t think people get on here to search for grammatical errors. Just saying.

  • bigdoe6

    Jimmy Iovine is a very influential guy, but he dropped the ball on Chief Keef. There’s a lot of real talent that he overlooked. It gets to the point where you can’t fool consumers on what’s hip hop and what’s not. Chief Keef maybe good at other things, but rap isn’t one of them. For a guy like Jimmy to come from the days of Death Row, to Aftermath/Shady/Gunit to sign Chief Keef, it really puts a stain on his legacy.

    • If Death Row was funded with Drug money ( Harry O ) and taken? because of it…why wasn’t Inter-scope that profited off it?


      I’m not feeling Chief Keef, fugg him! (* as an artist )

      • death row had drug money issues ?? i dont remember that one ?? harry o has been locked up but from what i remember his business with death row only hurt himself, basically got cut out of the death row $$$$$$???

      • Yeah, not sure if it was siezed because of it, but there was talk, but maybe it stopped because of not wanting to touch Interscope, but Harry O did win some $$$, not sure if he collected though.

      • EL_BARK

        Harry O got to keep his money cause prosecutor could never prove he made it from drugs. That how he put the million dollars while he was still lock up. Harry-o won his case but i not sure if he got all of the money, cause the company & suge went bankrupt. That why suge was forced yo sell it. Harry-o got some bread from the sale not sure how much….

      • I think they let Harry o keep it because it would fugg Interscope if they took Harry’s, because they would have to take theirs too!

        DR was sold for 25Mil? I think Harry got his.

      • EL_BARK

        I talking about the money he made before he got convicted. Thats why he had a million in jail. So techincally deathrow seed money was legit.
        Harry o had business also before he got book

      • Ok, but it still holds that if they took DR for illegal seed $$$, that makes IS $$$ illegal too.

      • EL_BARK

        Yeah but deathrow money was legit. Because harry o money was legit.

      • SpaceAge2012

        Because Interscope’s role as a parent company 2 Deathrow was as it’s distributor not it’s record company,so don’t believe that lie that Suge was shut down becus of dealings with Harry.O & drug $ either,that’s da same shit they fed da public about Irv Gotti & Supreme 2 bring Murder Inc down.

    • SpaceAge2012

      Lmao.. a stain on his legacy?! Jimmy Iovine was da mastermind behind da Deathrow & Bad Boy costal rap war,he funded da G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath beef against Murder Inc which he profited of from both sides being head of Interscope their parent label,as well as da Rockafella vs Ruff Ryders and ever other beef ran by da sub labels like Def Jam under Interscope & u really think Jimmy didn’t know what he was doin when he signed Keef da voice of da young B.D Nation during da time of da heated gang wars in Chicago between da G.Ds & B.Ds?! What u fail 2 realize is u think these artists r bein signed 4 ur entertainment when it’s really “Bigger than Hip Hop!” like Dead Prez been told yall.

      • Agreed.

      • bigdoe6

        Yes stain, you just mention his history, but how did that history got to signing a wack ass dude like Chief Keef???? Never mention Chief Keef and Hip Hop in the same sentence. Smh.

      • SpaceAge2012

        In da words of Keef’s predecessor 50,”R u illiterate nigga?! U can’t read between da lines?!” Coons like Keef,Waka & Trinidad James r not bein signed 2 major deals 2 uplift or educate u!! In Chicago da very state where da current President Obama lived,worked,& served da public for years,this year alone,was over 500 homicides which most of the victims were young black men who were murdered due 2 gang related violence! Coincidence?! BANG! BANG!

      • EL_BARK

        Def jam is own by universal i thought at that time.
        I dont think jimmy was the mastermind behind the bad boy beef.
        He just profit from a bad situation, and may had put the bug in suge ear.

      • SpaceAge2012

        Nope!Interscope has always been da parent company of Def Jam.They came under da Universal Music Group not long ago when Interscope & Universal merged.& I know u have ur doubts bout da Est vs Wst war but just ask urself who was Suge receiving his labels advances from & who was he answering 2? Now think about where Suge is now & where Dre is.

      • EL_BARK

        Ok but i sure i can go back and trace universal being the TOP parent company of def jam. Just like bad boy was sign to arista, but arista was under BMG. That why bad boy while under arista was still located in the BMG Building in new york. Butbi sure back in 98 or 2000/s universal bought polygraph or polygram. Which made thrn the parent company of def jam. Around the same time motown got put under universal also.
        Or maybe motown came later. but how did he eat off of muder inc vs 50 beef?

      • SpaceAge2012

        Murder Inc was under Def Jam & Def Jam was under Interscope.When Irv got sick of how da Jews were controlling them,he & a few other execs decided 2 put $ 2gether 2 form da 1st Black Music Distribution Group.That’s when da feds suddenly came in with da $ laundering charges that froze their assets while they were going at Shady/Aftermath, & G-Unit got put in2 heavy rotation 2 ruin Murder Inc after Interscope cut all ties & funding 2 them.A few other industry company execs who was involved in that battle against da majors were Dame Dash,Suge Knight,Master.P,J.Prince & Source founders Dave Mays & Benzino.If u followed da early 21st century industry coup that was attempted by da black hip hop moguls u will know how it all played out for each of them.

      • EL_BARK

        Oh kay. Once you mention the jews & this alledge story of how they try to form this black distrubution……… I stop reading. Yall have no ptoof of that. & jay snitch also and right lol.
        Interscope merge to geffen & A&M but universal was always the parent company….. When they bought polygraph, who bought 50% from sony.
        You always got bosses over bosses. Kimmy was just a boss over others bosses. He not the top boss, and if you think he made money how much you think his bosses making.???
        Def jam didnt report to jimmy. They report to universal. Just like jimmy do.

      • SpaceAge2012

        I’m not on here 2 argue with u.Believe whatever u want 2 believe,but some1 should’ve told u that wikipedia is not a credible source 2 start researchin from.I know who my sources are & unless u are in da music industry ur words hold no weight 2 me.

      • EL_BARK

        Lol got in the industry before i was in high school & left the music biz alone before i was 24…
        I know people at every label you can think off.
        From badboy to the roc to the west coast.
        Like i said what evidence do yall have, to support this bogus claim???
        None …. This coming from somebody that iscwell known in music ????

      • SpaceAge2012

        Yea..sure u did.I bet u smashed mad industry chicks 2 huh?! F.O.H!! How u claim 2 have worked in da industry all that time & don’t know about a NDA?! Oh..u must have been a intern in da mail room huh?Just so u know..these industry execs don’t discuss all their business deals in da media! Most of da shit u read about them happens months in advance b4 da public even hear about it.Ur problem is u’re still waitin 4 da source or hip hop weekly 2 print it 2 believe it,but let me inform u now that in business not everything is made public.But 2 give u a lil insight on P’s dealings with da Majors look up,Chuck.D and Master.P:Advice for Artists on Youtube.

      • EL_BARK

        Exactly i ask you what evidence do you have to support this conspiracy theroy and just like i thought. You resort to cracking jokes, lol know my dude i smash plenty bad bitches, before & after the music biz.
        I have nothing to prove to you, just like you can prove that bullshet, you writing about. Then you said go to youtube??? Lol um p went bankrupt in the early 2000’s or no limit did. So where was P going to get this bread from… You say i waiting on the siutce lol please that your way od hiding the fact. You read something on line and thinks its true. Call the internet is where that rumor started….. Suge knight money been gone??? So what year was this big conglomerate of a distrubution deal going to happen????? Again if this rumor is teue how you hear about it then….. Since executive dont discuss their business in the media???? Did dame tell you this or did j prince dhoot you an email…
        You heard this bogus rumor on line. Lol that why you xant orove it.
        By the way i made more money in the music biz, in 1 year. Then you could gross in ten years.

      • SpaceAge2012

        Like I said already,I aint on here 2 argue with a clown like u & I damn sure aint name droppin 2 appease u boy.I just hope u’re gettin paid 4 all ur cheerleadin cus it’ll be a damn shame 2 let all ur pom pom talents go 2 waste.Talkin bout,”know my dude i smash plenty bad bitches, before & after the music biz.” ur words,”what evidence do you have to support this?” None! U can’t even use proper grammar.Boy..stop,u’re sufferin from delusions of grandeur.What u need 2 do is get ur ass back in school & quit fantasizing.

      • EL_BARK

        Lol bad grammar or is it just dont care to spell check. Um question though.???? Who is it i cheerleading for?????
        As far as bitches i smash want you want some pictures or their umbers to verify ??? Lol.

        Yeah you not here to argrue because your point is mute….

        By the way i left out the word “just” before i type “know”. Sorry i am not that good of an typer.

        But your comparing apple & oranges…. You made a statement i dimply ask can you prove this theroy of yours. Because i have only heard of this from people on-line…. So out of all the people i seen say the same thing about this alledge black distrubution company. You the inly person that heard this from someone in the music biz???? Lol
        But everybody else including yourself, talk about in on-line?
        Why every time i hear this alledge story its only from people on-line???? Its prolly because the rumor get spread around by goof ball like you, that repeat it and have no evidence.

        You know i heard there going to be a global takeover by chimpanzee from outer space from the planet krypton in 2020. I would name drop who told me this, but i have nothing to prove….

        See how wasy that was. My rumor is just a valid as yours….

        Um i like i you skip over the PART that this distrubution company was going to start when the key players were bankrupt?? Or their company were?????

        Do you know why its only 5 major music distrubtors?????
        Dumbass seem let school your dumb ass why your theroy is do far from the truth, that your only simps like you believe it…

        You know how music money is needed just to get an distrubution liscensce fuk funding the actual distrubution of the material.
        Just the liscensce itself?????

        Now how was this suppose to happen when two of the 4 players had money problems and company were in the red?????

        If its was just so eady to pool
        Money together and start a distrubution company why are there only 5 major ones?????

        Suge & master P were in financial ruin since the late 90’s???
        Do you even know the guidelines to even apply for distrubution liscensce??? No that why you brlieve that dumb ass rumor.

        Also unlike you, i can prove everything and show it to you & black & white. So whatever music insider who alledglly yold you that rumor, which i dont believe is not credible, because if he was teally in the music biz, he wouldnt have told you no dumb shet like that.

      • ChangeThePrince

        Sooo why arnt there any black distribution companies?? Cause 50 cent,jayZ, p diddy and Master P are too broke to start one??? You remind me of thoes people who believe all police is right.

      • EL_BARK

        Because um one i think the split of the roc-a-frlla show & proved that negro cant put their egos aside for the saje of running a company, without one selling out. Like jay did and selking his share, forcing dame & biggs to sell as well. White man did divide and conquer on the roc. I know they would had didvthe same to this alledge all black company rumor tgat was. & is a myth. ??? Lol
        So i duppose to believe dame & j prince or sny sane rational executive was going to pool they money & do business with SUGE KNIGHT out of all people??? Really??????

        Let me adk you this ? Is there any real proof such as factual evidence,
        Where any if the alledge people tgat was involved in this secret company ever spoke about it in a public forum or interbiew or to the media. And when i say media i mean credible new source??? How come this alledge distrubution company. I never heard the actual peopl involved speak about?????

        I just simply ask for proof that this company was going to formed, and i need a direct quote snd visual proof from one of the alledge members.

        Notvsome article you read on a conspiracy trash rumor website, such as this one. I doubt dame dash would had went into bysiness with suge, i doubt master P woild did business on this magnitude with suge as well.

        Murder inc got on the fed radar cause um. They had a known gangster associated with them. In their videos and all.
        And to make matter worse, jmj death pretty much sealed the deal,
        Because irv dumbass, and ja was bragging about getting 50 shot up.
        And their beef leak over into the streets. So the feds was on irv top, trying to get preme… Once jmj got killed, that swles murder inc fate and led to the scrutiny if the feds. Irv was being a dikhead and his own stupidity lead to his demise.

        That rumor got started only because j-prince spoke on 50 dry snitching and muder inc was mesding with deathrow…
        Which was another attempt to put oressure on DR. DRE to get 50 to chill. By hooking up with suge. Thinking dre was still scared of him.
        That all it was. Irv using suge to scared dre & em.
        You niggas so smart yall stupid. Lol

      • ChangeThePrince

        That proof shit is very fair. I agree with that too,im just saying how do you knoe its not true doe?? I mean that rocafella shit is a valid point but idk. Rappers have power but not like people think they do. Some rappers dont even have control over their own careers. The president of the US have to answer to people above him before he can even make a move,you think rap aint the same? this is my OPINION now cause I dont have ties to the industry YET,but I feel like they wooda put their differences to the side for that distribution company because rap is a business first and every rapper knows that,thats why they have 100 million dollars and shit. That company could have made them 20 times richer than they are now and they know this and you think they didnt want that cause of their egos? Jay z a smart businessman,Diddy went to Harvard and Master P went to college too I mean think about it who dont want more money? That wooda got them Oprah rich and you talking about egos. Trust me it could be true but why cant they do it now?

      • SpaceAge2012

        Bruh u wastin ur time with this dumb dumb.He’s a devil frontin behind that El name like he’s a God,refusin 2 admit da obvious,thinkin we’re 2 dumb 2 see through da bullshit.Everything he knows about da music industry comes from hip hop magazines,wikipedia,& hip hop sites like this & u can tell by how he puts his words 2gether so don’t let him fool u.This clown is contradicting himself while frontin like he’s actually got da facts.He stated,”White man did divide and conquer on the roc. I know they would had did the same to this alledge all black company.” But acts as if it’s impossible that those black execs would have tried 2 form their own distribution company & been stopped by the Majors, just cus he thinks none of them would’ve wanted 2 do business with Suge.Suge was 1 of da few hip hop execs that actually had that kinda $ 2 put in2 a company like that cus he had da west coast on lock,but this clown thinks cus of da bad rep Suge’s gotten over da years that every1 is 2 afraid 2 do business with him.What he fails 2 realize is that J.Prince & P are Gs too who had da south on lock just like Irv & Dame had N.Y. & da east coast.When it comes 2 business scared $ don’t make $,& those dude’s damn sure wasn’t gonna let fear keep them from makin billions of $.

      • ChangeThePrince

        Realest comment on this website. Trust me,i study this hip hop shit cause I know im gonna get my shot one day and I want to know what im getting myself into so I got my shit planned out. Anyway if people dont listen to you then fine,just let them keep being stoopid and blind. I just kind of feel stoopid too cause im trying to tell em knowledge and they aint listening. I knoe this aint comedy but on that Chris Rock stand up called “Never Scared” he said Shaq is rich but the white guy who signs his check is wealthy. Then he said in america,they’ll let black and brown people get rich but they wont let you get wealth. Im pretty sure thats how it is in the music industry too. If they started that company,they wouldnt really need them for distribution right?

      • SpaceAge2012

        I’m glad u’re able 2 see da truth how it really is bruh.I’m not even gonna waste my time arguin with these clowns on here.Some ppl only get on theses sites 2 troll & try 2 keep us in darkness,but da truth is da light that da darkness will never overshadow.Each 1 Teach 1 bruh.

      • EL_BARK

        Its clear too see your theroy is flawed. Now i chslkenge or even beg of you to please answer my last comment??? Not rant & rave with your looney tooney thoughts that were thought of one imagination.

      • EL_BARK

        You need to look ar my last comment. I adk you the same thing….
        You cant say something is true, based on the lack of evidrnce fir other scenarios???

      • EL_BARK

        Lol non sense. I simply adked you gor the proof that this was going to happen. You have none. I slso ask you how was this black company going to get funded, with two people involved company were bankrupt.
        I like how you went off into calling me a devil, and insults. Once it clear you didint have a proper rebutal???? Suge had money ??? Yup up to 96, before he was lock up… Dame money wasnt even long in 97. They sold 50 stake in roc-a-fella for penny. 1.7 million.
        Suge didnt get out of jail until when???? Ok then by that time he came home he was broke and entangle in lawsuits with harry-o.
        By this time master p no limit was bankrupt, so again i ask you how was this going to happen. Instead of try to prove to people you know this hypothesis rumor of yours is true, and try to appear as if your enlighten. The best to prove i am a fool. Is to answer these questions.
        But you cant. Lol that why you chose not to answer them. Lol
        Check mate.!!!!

      • Casor_Greener

        Diddy went to Howard not Harvard fool

      • damn.. u sure are the strap-a-saddle-to-the-cock type arent ya…..

      • ChangeThePrince

        LOL you are actually correct. I did not mean to type harvard I meant to type that.

      • Well, there was “proof” that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing John F. Kennedy. And that he fired one bullet that went through four people, flew backwards, and upside down…
        There was “proof” that OBL was behind 9-11.
        There’s “proof” of a lot of things that just aren’t true…

      • SpaceAge2012

        Truth is not cus,”negro cant put their egos aside” like this damn devil callin itself “El Bark” claims,but becus da majors that run da industry won’t allow it.Same reason that there is no Black Political Party in America & never will be.

      • ChangeThePrince

        Thats exactly what I was trying to say.

      • EL_BARK

        Only fools suscribe to the theroy of politics. If thete was a black political party, that wouldnt do us no good. You doo see our president is black. Lol

      • EL_BARK

        There isnt no black distrubution company cause one aint no black artist got enough money to start one, and i foubt any artist on diddy ot jay status dump all their net worth into a gamble, and not even be the boss.
        That why do you lnow how much a distrubtor liscensce cost dumbass?

      • wtf is a “distributor license”???
        Anyone can apply for a license to do business in any state, and in most countries.
        The fact is there are many regional music distributors- including several that are minority owned. But the industry is controlled by the major music distributors, publishers, and communications corporations (i.e. ClearChannel, Cox, Viacom).
        To say “ain’t no black artist got enough money to start one” is idiotic.
        The fact is, if Russell Simmons, Jay Z, Puff Combs, Ice Cube and Will Smith each put up 50 million- which they all CLEARLY have- they could create a quarter of a billion dollar production and distribution company, no problem. It would be a less risky venture than it would be for Russell, Puff, or Hov to create fashion lines. Ice Cube’s Cubevision and Will Smith’s Overbrook Films take huge risks developing motion pictures… So why haven’t they developed a multi-million dollar distribution company?
        Call it a conspiracy theory if you want. But it seems to me that the masters don’t mind a handful of Black men making a little money. But once they control the distribution, they become involved in shaping the culture through the marketplace.
        Mr. Charlie reserves the right to determine what will, and what won’t see the light of day.

      • EL_BARK

        Man if tou have to ask me what a distrubtor liscensce is, no need for me to even have a convo with you..
        I didnt say business liscensce. Look it up. Before you talk out your ass displaying your profound dumbness of yourself

      • First off, you stupid fuccing shit stain, the word is LICENSE!!! How the fucc can you even look anything up when you can’t even spell on a 5th grade level?
        Second off, Berry Gordy distributed all of Motown’s music HIMSELF up until the early 70’s- just as many independent labels do to this day.
        And you talk mad shit about negroes not being able to put their egos aside, yet you’re the stupidest, most argumentative dumb fucc on this thread!
        In the future, when you decide there is no need for yu to have a convo with me, sticc to your gut instinct. Cause you are clueless, chump…

      • EL_BARK

        Niggah one i typing from a mobile. Two motown was started when ok then. I said there were only 5 major distrubtors. You stuck on the mis-sprlling of the one word. Cause you look stupid snd dont know what i talking about. I never said there were indeoendent dustrubtors. Ie koch!??

        But when motown was making music, and now is like comparing apple and oranges…. Again i suggest you go look into i not going to explain it to you. I font get paid to educate dumb simple fucks like you.
        Let me ask you something. When motown was distrubuting records, how many records fo you think they were pressing up????
        Were they shipping records to london. Europe and to dept stores in large amount????

        Look up the top 5 MAJOR distrubtors of music today.
        Maybe then your dumb hoeass might understand what i talking about.

        All the records companies, back then were independant.
        Chess, trax , mercury, & even def jam.
        And its a reason eventually they all had to link up. With a major distrubutor. After some time….. Dikkhead. If its do easy to do while are their only 5 of them to moveusic for 100 labrls if not more???

      • Pierre Elliott









        in no paticular order–


      • Casor_Greener

        Man shut yo dumbass up with this nonsense

      • SpaceAge2012

        How bout u go suck ur mother instead.F.O.H!!

      • EL_BARK

        Gutter no need to argrue with a fool. Lol i simply ask him what oroof did he had to vouch this internet rumor. ????? Then i ask how & when was this company supposed to be formed when two of the key players companies were in financial ruin. Lol no reply. Execpt with the judah rhetoric lol. Devil????? Lmao….. So when a niggas cant give you an answer, your the devil?????

      • Pierre Elliott







      • SpaceAge2012

        I share da same views on Jimmy & da music industry but I’ve come 2 realize that they have planted their moles everywhere 2 keep our ppl dumb down & 2 spread ignorance in our communities through our culture.These devils are on here hiding behind names like they’re Moors 2 deceive us & lead our youth astray,so u need 2 hit those coons up,cus I’ve been awake.

      • Say…WORD!!!

  • He signed another rotten deal, they’ll milk him even at 50k in sales til ain’t nothing left..

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      skippin’ appoitments with big people – means losing help from big people. – the ‘hood don’t teach ya that.

      • ^^This

      • What does this post have to do with mine? I’m stating the obvious, what you are posting seems to be a reply directed at none of that. Yes I do agree skipping out isn’t good but considering who we are talking about here does it surprise anyone? This kid is about as brilliant as a bag of rocks smothered in dog shht

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        C.H. – my response don’t Have to be related to yours – where’d you get taught that?

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        C.H. – and you don’t know what your talking about – you don’t know what’ll happen between them.

      • When you typically reply to someone it’s regarding something done or said, this is basic communication brother. We all learned that. How I look jumping into a conversation about chicks talking about meteorites? You’d be looking at me like wtf too right?

      • You are right but I know business, and I know the entertainment industry…one thing is for certain an investor is going to milk his investment dry. See: Lox, Mase, 50,young buck, game (who is three labels later still cutting interscope checks)…

    • hoeyuno

      yea he probably owes them more then that for his gold chain advance

  • hoeyuno

    whats this kid 17 or something. I think he needs a good financial advisor he’s gonna make a few mil and that shit will end just as quick as ire came. I wouldn’t have been smart I made a few mil at that age. id be kicking myself for almost being set. and to tell u the truth those are good numbers for abyss genre of music these days. nobody buys music no more. the net fugged the game up. illseeds fav person of the year did 3000 or something..

    • hoeyuno

      if I made a few million I meant

    • the internet imo openned the game up … it still people selling … the internet even got people a buzz who would of never gotten one post-internet faze … like macklemoore …. and hes doing so good hes not even worried about landing a major deal …. the internet is def a gift and a curse …..

      • hoeyuno

        for sho. think like 10+ years ago. the only time you got to see your favorite rapper in a interview was if he was on rap city. they have to brand themselves now. the internet has also opened up other financial opportunities. and dudes like jay z and wayne can still put out a album and go gold… but remember when rappers use to go platinum?? def a gift and a curse.

  • Jimmy Iovine tried to invade the youth minds to like this garbage. Some people awake to the bullshit.

  • Red

    There is just no demand for that type of hiphop anymore. Dudes is growing up, and there arent too many “real nigz” left that arent locked up interested in purchasing this trash. Look at meek, his music is a little more polished and he fared moderately better. Who is selling 1 million gangsta records anymore? even tunechi crossed over a little.

    • theres a demand its just too many dudes rapping that same bs … you got waka, ross, meek, jeezy, ti, jayz, shawty lo, the game, keef, soulja boy, 2chainz, lil wayen, yo gotti and many more ALL OF THESE DUDES RAP ABOUT THE SAME ISH !!!!! and most of them also RAP OVER THE SAME STYLE PRODUCTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!! all of them drop collabs, mixtapes, internet exclusives and retail albums talking about the same ish !!!!

      • Mos High

        Man that was a low blow. You got to be one of the Jayz haters to the fullest. How can you put Jayz with soulja, shawty whoo i mean lo, 2 chaniz and martian man wayne. Im wondering if people really listen to lyrics. That being said generally speaking music is music. In hip hop everyone makes references to money so way more then others, some extreme lie about it. Like it or not Jay-z is one of the best to do it. I know people dont like him, but many players never liked Jordan either. Just my point of view.

      • Nervz

        Kevin where have you been. You must be 15 years old to mention Jay-Z or even Jezzy in the same sentence as Keef. This guy is garbage to the fullest and after reading your post, I can tell you know nothing about rap. Go listen to some country music or something.

      • Red

        Once he said there is a demand for this type of music i knew where his mentality was. The music companies create the demand, if they were only putting out love and rnb tracks like how it used to be mthen there would be a demand for that. it just takes time to RE-PROGRAM people.

  • Powblenmg

    the problem is: no normal nigga should buy a 17 year old album. If he was like 22 or sumthing he woulda sell 100k+, but I’m not buying the album of kid. And nobody knew he had an album coming out till the end of october.

    • man we all knew when that album was coming we just wasnt buying it lol …. my bday was 12/19 i was fully aware … not knocking it just not my cup of tea … but there are a few youngboys on my timeline that bout it and posted pics … 1 out of 50k’ers lol … but sad thing is everyone of them dudes is on some ratchet ish … good dudes tho but still tho imo he stimulates thier wild side …one of them posted one day they were out there running red lights listening to keef …………….. hey its just entertainment tho 😉

    • LL Cool J made “Radio” when he was 16. Steven Tyler wrote “Dream On” when he was 17. Stevie Wonder recorded “Fingertips” when he was 14. Age has nothing to do with talent. Chief Keef simply has no talent…

  • LD

    they thought about dropping him behind the jojo incident and then again with the video shoot, so it’s a real possibility. i remember hearing him say people thought he would grow up to be a fuck-up but look at me now type shit… spoke too soon.

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    ok, say what you will about keef, but as someone from chicago and someone who has known about him and GBE for a minute, I have to say that interscope has been looking to drop him since the Lil JoJo murder. When his last mixtape back from the dead came out everyone here knew about it, and then finally rich came out and i didn’t even know it was out until i read reviews about it. Initially it was only supposed to be a mixtape.

    I wish the boy luck, no ill will intended, but his career was deaded the moment he spoke ill of lil jojo’s death.

    • Mos High

      His career should be stalled, maybe he takes some time gets mature and comes back a different person. There is no need for another rapper not mc, but another immature rapper talkn pure mess. The cup is already overfilled.

      • This is well said…

      • Celz

        whoever disliked the comment above slap yourself…

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  • Sean Power

    50 cent is biggest dry snitch in the world anything get his name in the headline

    • Mos High

      SInce when people talk the straight truth is it dry snitching, I dont even care when people use that term anymore, why you ask because telling the truth regardless how its done its viewed as snitching. A innocent little boy or girl gets killed, someone gives a name its snitching. A person destroying a neighbourhood people want to ride him its snitching or dry snitching. That term is damn useless to me. Sorry I went off a little but I hate that term so much.

    • Sean Taylor

      and sean power is the first to snitch when he gets caught up in some ish. lil nigga go play outside sucka

    • 7yoyo7

      Sounds like somebody bought this “Finnaly Rich” album….

  • wearing womans clothing, fighting on twitter, sex tapes, diss records are being controversial …. but possibly being in the middle of murders and making fun of it, hanging with guys who hit on chicks, missing video shoots is JUST RECKLACE !!!!!! big difference ……..

    • and u are still the illiterate, EOE retard broke bitch. 🙂

      • Celz

        Dude needs to spell check real talk.. But I’d rather be illiterate and broke than an ignorant walking negative stereotype..

  • IDK if keef having street issues would make Jimmy drop him.50 had all types of drama around him and violence popping off but, 50 also had NYC bubbling and nobody can overlook that

  • jrq3000

    I guess he didn’t realize at some point you gotta make hot music instead of pretendin to be this new age super thug. Poor guy.

  • dayleedumped

    the same people who likes chief keefs music are the same people that would never buy a cd.. think about it

    • SpaceAge2012

      I beg 2 differ cus he sold 50,000 copies his 1st week,not 2 mention his ring tone sales 4 Love Sosa & I Don’t Like.

      • People still download ringtones!?

      • trixnkix637

        word! don’t you just rip mp3’s and make your own with an app?

      • SpaceAge2012

        Shit..I can’t tell,I never did get in2 that shit.But I do know he got $ off them damn singles.

  • Angel Garcia

    hes dope tho jus to get wild and shit

  • Fresh Dope

    Keef & these knuckleheads that don’t handle BUSINESS, & think they can DISRESPECT, CONSTANTLY BREAK THE LAW & WILD OUT like it’s some automatic ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card because you have a ‘recording agreement’ will SOON learn this is the ENTERTAINMENT ‘BUSINESS’, & they should have been dropped & cancelled after ‘1 incident & warning’. They are horrible examples of ‘leaders’ to the youth in a society reeling in a negative direction. Over 500 homicides this year alone in Chicago?! Sad signs for young people aspiring to greater things in life………….


    Say what you want about the lil
    Nigga. I respect his G though. Atleast he not pump faking like meek & majority of these rappers. And i get the vibe he might be bout some of the shet he raps about.
    Just looking at his video, and knowing what i know about chi, & hows its a war zone.
    He seem some what authentic or atleast it appears that way. He not trying to hard to be something he not. Its is what it is with him.

    Fredo in the cut, that a scary sight. Lol
    He just rapping what he know, regardless if his skill level isnt up to par.

    His mistake i think he was rushed and not groomed like they used to do artist.
    Jimmy try to make a quick buck & ride a hot wave off him.
    Also i wouldnt let kayne jack my beat neither.
    Or remixed it. Cause the goodmusic remix over shadowed his version, a lil bit. although it was kayne remixing it got him noticed. Bit jimmy rush it. Its plenty knuckles head out my way who banging his shet.

    • Casor_Greener

      Good post

  • kered gnuoy

    keef sucks any way. won’t be dropped though.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    they need to be happy he did 50,000 he grossed them like half a million in a week. Did they think that he was going to do Rihanna numbers.

  • Good he is an arrogant wack fk. This will humble him. He is a one hit wonder. Fk him.

  • EQ

    im surprise he did 50,000..his music sucks

  • Swaggout

    Most of these artists nowadays have signed 360 deals anyway, so the label is caking off their tours and merchandise etc. These days record companies hardly ever recoup from album sales anyway, so whatever Keef’s first week numbers are shouldn’t reflect on what the label is going to make out of him.

    He should be in no danger of getting dropped… yet.

  • check out my page on facebook… SDI da future..


  • Brian Jaquize Mccarthy


  • Q.

    They just intended to use and throw this boy away like a wetnap.

  • who is this 19.73 percent i see saying No! Dude still got the streets on lock!

  • GregSki86

    This lil nigga can’t afford to not make it. Them niggas in his old hood gon’ kill his ass if he don’t get outta there

  • “Since I signed with Jimmy Iovine I swear I think that I’m KOBE!” Looking more like a Odom now…

  • YouKnowTGreen

    Interscope need more artist like Eric Biddines or Kendrick

  • brotha_man

    this brother needs a sit down with some of the black elites

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    Please drop that clown!!!

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  • FOLK103

    how can a rapper kill hiphop? gtfo with that… its more like the listeners and supporters idiots chief keef can make what ever type he wants and ppl would pay attention to it then its not his fault mus be doing something right?

  • Louikenz

    I couldn’t do the poll cause all the answers were extreme one way or the other. I say No cause he’s famous, people will pay to see him preform. The real question is, while your’re all debating this boy’s future, who’s worried bout yours? Who’s paying your rent? and where is your bitch?

  • Very interesting opinions here.

    It’s indeed the truth Jimmy Iovine is the main parasite in Hip-Hop.
    I’ve been saying that for some time now.

    He let his rappers (gladiators) beef.
    he is who cashed in.

    He cashed in on the whole

    East Coast West Coast beef.
    Pac started under Interscope
    not Death Row. It wasn’t Suge Knight
    who capitalized on Pac’s catalog.
    Otherwise he wouldn’t be broke
    as he is.
    Even Suge and Puff did not have the
    contacts and advertising power to
    place the beef all over the media.
    The east coast west coast beef
    should have not gotten any media

    attention as it did. Be sure up to date
    Interscope makes a great share of any
    of 2pacs music. Be it radio play, sales
    or licensing. After he was killed, they
    lost their main cash cow. Jimmy was
    never good at marketing quality. Maybe
    not patient enough. The next shot was

    delivering a white rapper. He saw

    Eminem’s talent, but if he marketed Em
    by himself Em would have gone down the

    same ave as Vanilla Ice. So he used Dre’s
    credibility to introduce his white rapper.
    Same way he markets his Headphones.
    Would you buy overpriced headphones
    with a “Beats by Jimmy” tag?
    After he milked Em as his new cashcow,
    he brought in 50cent. His concept of

    street cred he already used to market
    2 pac went to another level. Nobody

    could top 50s street record when GRODT
    came out. And he let 50 beef with anyone,
    cause nobody could touch him at that time.

    I won’t call Jimmy a racist or anything. He
    is just a shrewd businessman. But it’s time
    to show that mofo the exit. He has been

    damaging for Hip Hop culture. He is smart,
    because his idea has been turning Hip-Hop
    into a WWE of music. He had the idea and

    the cash to make it happen. At the expense
    our culture. He doesn’t care about the
    culture. about his artists getting shot or

    All he cares about is sales.

    Hip-Hop was worldwide respected and still is.
    But the respect is fading. Money is

    compromising art. Get rich or die trying attitude
    is not healthy for the quality of the product.
    And the market is by far over saturated.

    But also a conservative back to the roots
    effort would kill it. What is needed now is

    innovation a real revolution instead of retro.

    Getting away from formulatic music.
    Kendrick Lamar is a breath of fresh air.
    But also people like Drake or Kanye did

    great. By not fearing to be put in a box.

    All that street cred talk is useless and
    counterproductive. Any fool understands
    real gangstas don’t rap. Period.

    And there is nothing great about being
    a gangsta

    unless you are a lawyer or a politician.

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  • A Jae tha King

    he pissed 50 cent off 4 not showing up 4 the video shoot

  • Goldy Locks

    Da nigga mite or mite not get dropped. Guess we will never kno till it happen