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Hip-Hop Rumors: Mike Tyson And LL Cool J: What Caused The Beef?

I was perusing the Ill Community and I saw this crazy video posted by Water Ur Seeds. The video is crazy. It has Mike Tyson, LL Cool J, Flavor Flav, Eric B, Grand Master Dee, Mr. Magic (RIP) and some others in a video that really takes you back. Even if you weren’t around at that time, this video will probably make you feel strange about what Hip-Hop has become.

But, those of us that know, know there is something else going on. It was a time when Mike and LL were really good friends.

So, in the video LL and Mike Tyson are in there as friends. LL repeatedly quotes his old line “I’m like Tyson, Icin’ / I’m a solider at war.” This is no great mystery. But lets talk about it. After time passed, LL and Tyson grew apart. Moreover, a younger crop of Hip-Hop champs started to emerge. One of them was Canibus. Cani and LL got into a feud that was pretty epic, all in all. Remember how LL sneak dissed Canibus on this song:

Basically LL didn’t appreciate Cani wanting to get the same tattoo that he wanted: A microphone on the arm.

Eventually, Canibus got even more Stanish with “Rip The Jacker,” which was a play on LL’s alter ego Jack The Ripper.

The beef bubbled over. Canibus sneak recorded LL, exposing the rap god as very fearful of an all out battle. He told Cani to chill. But, Canibus couldn’t chill. He felt disrespected and wanted to kill a legend. He got another legend to help him do it. He got Mike Tyson, LL’s old friend, and they proceeded to go at LL. The crazy thing was in the video Mike is actually TRAINING Canibus to fight. And….here is “2nd Round KO.”

This remains to be one of the greatest disses of all time. Kinda makes Meek Mill’s Cassidy diss look silly, doesn’t it?

Canibus had one major problem. His debut album. It flopped and it sucked. LL swooped in for the kill with a song that was largely forgettable. But timing is everything.

It was actually and he killed him with “99% of his fans don’t exist.” He also dissed Mike Tyson as a “convicted rapist” and a “ear biter.” So… that was a the complete end of their friendship. LL bodied cats on that. There was some more back and forth but this was it. LL’s legend remained intake. Canibus continued to flounder, but maintained loyal minions. Til this:

LL said, “Solider n***a thought I told ya n***a/ cross over slam dunk, game over n***a!” That was a Class A sonning now that I listen to it again…it totally holds up.

Mike Tyson didn’t fare much better as boxer, but did comeback in a major way recently. I’m sure this beef is long dead, but I have to thank Water Ur Seeds for the flashback! This was actually fun to write and reminisce on.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Eli Pinilla

    The golden age!!!! Dann near everything from this time period is great

    • Eli Pinilla

      Correct me if im wrong, but wasnt “rip the jacker” a canibus album he dropped in 03?!?!?!? He never dissed ll b4 2nd round ko.. except for that youtube video of him freestyling it with dmx, pun and noreaga I beleive

      • TruthSerum

        Rip the Jacker was also an LL Diss song, Youtube it and you’ll find it. Ater 2nd round knockout, LL dissed him again on a song called “Where I Belong” and Bis responded with a diss over the beat to I’m Bad and called it “Rip the Jacker”, that song was where he got the nickname from

      • Eli Pinilla

        Cool… but he aint drop it b4 2nd round tko right?

      • TruthSerum

        Nah it was after that

      • Naw…..LL was in the middle of his beef with Kool Moe Dee and had the diss record “Jack The Ripper” B4 Canibus was on the scene……….that’s where the “Rip The Jacker” name came from.

    • hoeyuno

      kinda. there has always been a boat load of wac, gimmicky rappers for every legend. I think what rappers from the 90’s don’t want ppls to know is you could put anything on the shelf back then and it would sell. the fall of the tape/cd store fugged that up tho.

      • Eli Pinilla

        True…. but what ive noticed, is even the whack music from that time holds more weight than the shit out now. Its crazy. Plus I was young then, so I used to front on likeing a lot of music cuz it wasnt cool only to be grown enough to appreciate the shit now.

      • hoeyuno

        o for sho. haha. I was in grade 8 in 95 and I had a hardcore hip hop faze where I woldnt listen to anything on the radio. if kids I knew heard of it l it was too mainstream for me.. ha ha. id skip school to hangoutt at the hip hop store.. thought I was rock steady crew and shit..

  • chippc

    Thought i was gonna get some new info.

  • TruthSerum

    I remember that taped phone conversation Canibus leaked on the internet between himself and LL. He leaked it thinking he was gonna make LL look bad and all it showed me is what a crybaby Canibus is. LL was trying to handle the situation with class and Bis was crying to him like “BUT YOU HAVE EVERYTHING MAN, I HAVE NO MONEY, I HAVE NO FAMILY, I HAVE NOTHING!!!!!”

    I stopped looking at Bis the same way after that…… Ya’ll should hit up youtube and peep that convo if you aint heard it, just type “LL Canibus phone call” into the search engine and prepare to LOL

    • Heading there now.

    • Actually LL was the baby and did the bitch move because of insecurity. The beef started from LL not Canibus. He made a comment about the mic. LL’s arrogance and not wanting to be outshined he changed his verse. That is usually kind of showing okay yeah I don’t feel confident in my own verse. LL should have never dissed him it wasn’t necessary. If I say hey like your shirt and you know I am a nice mc also we do a song together I do my verse which is the hottest verse on there. You are like oh I can’t be showed up I have to change it up and clown this cat because I am paranoid and smoked too much. The battle would have never took place if LL never felt insecure and paranoid.

      • TruthSerum

        Whatever man Canibus whining like a baby and looking for sympathy to another grown man on the phone, then taping it and leaking it online so his fans would give him sympathy was about as pathetic as anything I’ve ever seen.

        To each his own tho

      • Celz

        Wasn’t as pathetic as LL recycling Canibus’ own lines to use against him. LL is a cupcake lol he gets his feeling hurt when he’s around someone who’s bettter than him. He pulled the same thing with Jamie Foxx, now that’s pathetic..

      • Curtis75Black

        That’s what a battle is about !! Unlike Canibus who used the same lines from 2nd Round in that battle against Dizaster. Now thats recycling !!

      • Celz

        I’m talkin about the battle that was 15 years ago fam. We all know Diz destroyed him so what. Give Diz props not LL. Jordan was wack after his 2nd retirement too. And he is one of the worst NBA execs ever. But he’s still in the Hall of Fame…

  • water_ur_seeds

    hahaha random…

    i always thought ll and canibus feel out over the tat on the arm, and that ll and tyson beef started over canibus’s 2nd round ko…

    but than i always thought it was strange in the tune tyson says something like ‘yo canibus man you gotta hit harder than that man, you dont want no bitches hanging out with me man’ *referring to ll… which leads me to believe the ll and tyson must of fell out before that tune, so never sure how they actually fell out…

    has anyone seen the big pun, canibus, dmx, mic geronimo, mos def, john forte cypher, and bis spits his 2nd round ko tune, and at the end pun i think it is says something like ll still that dude or something hahaha canibus is cringe worth thru out the whole video smh

    • TruthSerum

      When Tyson caught his rape charge alot of people, the ones with self respect anyway, turned their back on him. I’m assuming LL falls into that category. That’s probably why they fell out

      Tyson – “Yo LL, I thought we was friends”

      Cool J – “That was before I found out you rape women B!!”

      I’m showing my age with this but I still remember watching on the news back in the day when Tyson got convicted and he was talking in the court room, saying he “might have done something wrong” but it couldnt be rape cause he didn’t leave any bruises……. Even as a kid I was shaking my head like “This retard really just said that to a female judge??”

      • water_ur_seeds

        i dont believe tyson raped anyone bro, i cant be bothered to go back and fourth on here, but i beleive he was set up, a woman goes back to a hotel room at 2am she think they gonna play super nintendo??? him and pac where stupid for putting themselves in that position…

        ive read ll’s book, he was fckn woman left right and center, could of easily happened to him, like it does all loads of athletes…

        ll was also hanging with the real 50cent real ny gangsters, its not as if he was mr clean and cut…

      • TruthSerum

        Meh, neither one of us were there……… But Tyson put his foot in his mouth when he made that statement.

        And by 1993 LL was hip hops version of Bill Cosby, he might not have gotten to do “In the house” or whatever that show was called if he was hanging out with Americas most well known convicted rapist. Business is Business

      • water_ur_seeds

        i remember reading something on him getting set up, but yeah tyson was no angel, but he wouldnt of needed to rape a woman like that… like you say, who knows though…

        yo ‘in the hosue’ was the schiiiiiiiiiiiiiit back in the day haha

        he tried to drop my gangsta albums in the late 90’s early 00’s

      • Lion King

        I don’t think its a coincidence that 2pac caught his sexual abuse charge hanging out with the same people Tyson was hanging out with when he caught his rape charge. Thats probably why Tyson warned Pac about them.

      • water_ur_seeds

        yeah you just reminded me, tyson warned pac about jimmy, jack or tut, good point… if tyson warns you about hanging with people take note

      • Take note?

        If Tyson warns you about MoFo’s…they have to be fugged up!

      • if they werent BS then they wouldnt need a boxing champ to warn anybody

      • Curtis75Black

        What Gangsta album are you talking about ? If you’re thinking about 14 Shots…Ain’t nothing gangsta about it !! Niggas just heard “How I’m Comin'” and jumped to conclusions without listening. Every track was hard except for maybe “Stand By Your Man”. Every other track was a jam to listen to.

      • water_ur_seeds

        nope the ‘GOAT’ album… classic

      • Curtis75Black

        Two years too soon. That was 95 when Mr. Smith dropped.

      • hoeyuno

        yea I think tyson has been through some bullshit… first robyn givens straight up played him for a sucker then the rape thing.. when it comes to conspiracies to fugg ppls life up that is one I can believe.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Classic cypher!!!…. canibus kept talkin bout he deserved to go last and shit lol

      • water_ur_seeds

        haha yeah they let him, but then pun eithered him second to last… bis looked like an idiot after lol

    • >>Fat Shouts to Water:

      Classic Man!

      Fat Shouts to iLLseed!

      Definitely one of the best Rumors since you been back. We can tell you actually enjoyed dropping this one, thought it would never end, mad it did.

      The iLL community is back? I thought it was shut down. Where is the link to it? That ‘chet is….well, iLL.

      • water_ur_seeds

        wahgwarn edogz, peace bro, hope you had good christmas starrr

      • Nah, they found Santa a few blocks down, cold, stiff, in an alley with his pockets turned inside out, pants pulled down to his ankles & sliegh stripped of all metal, but we still had LOVE, so it was all good.

        Found the iLL Community, it was down for a while or somethin’?

      • water_ur_seeds

        aslong as you made the most of it lol not sure ic been ok for me, except the fckn ads they got littering the place

    • MiiUziWeighsATon

      Peep the canibus, dmx and nore cypha on funkmaster flex show…..CANIBUS AIRED THAT SHYT COMPLETELY THE FUK OUT…DMX RAN OUT OF FREESTYLES AND STARTED SPITTING VERSE OFF HIS FIRST ALBUM AND NORE JUST GOT EMBARRASSED BY THE MIRACLES CANIBUS WAS SPITTIN….Can-I-Bus shyts on everything LL put out after the album with Momma Said Knock You Out…Easy

  • hoeyuno

    2nd round knock out was crazy when it dropped. canibus blamed that album on wyclef for the weak production. I remember canibus was coming outta ny and ras kass was coming outta la. 2 ahead of there time mc’s emerging at once. unfortunately intelligent rappers don’t get a lot of marketing behind them and never really become mainstream success. probably cause they won’t become a gimick or a hoe for the label. cabibus ended up a military man and rassi became a inmate.

    • TruthSerum

      My dude you cant make that “not alot of marketing” excuse for canibus. He had marketing, he was down with the Fugees when they were the hottest thing going, he went to the MTV awards dressed as the silver surfer and he was the most sought after guest feature in the game from 97-98. Universal broke 3 singles off his album with videos behind them, “I Honor U” and “2nd Round Knockout” got MTV rotation. Oh, and he also had a high profile beef with an Icon……..

      Canibus got set up perfect homie, it just didn’t work. Honestly I think Canibus falling on his face after such a great set up is what convinced most major labels to say to themselves “Damn, if this guy didnt blow up after all that promo, maybe lyrical miracles aren’t the move to make these days”

      • bisolabliss

        I don’t know about him falling on his face homes, it didn’t move the units expected, yes but it wasn’t like ish was wack cuz that CD bangs, no BS. To this day, I still bump that ish on the regular… joints like Patriots, Niggonometry, Second Round K.O, What’s Going On, I Honor U, Hype-nitis and Let’s Ride are bananas but hey that’s just me, to each his own

      • Buckingham palace was dope but be honest wyclef makes beats with guitars and some sound good. He isn’t a dope beat maker now the fugees the score was dope but he didn’t produce all the tracks. Canibus other albums had beats to match the lyrics. I agree he had some cuts.

      • LL chopped Bis like the head on a fat cow.

        Loaded Lux vs Calico?
        Fatten them up before slaughter for a better feast.

      • Celz

        LL got served his rap career never recovered and he went Hollywood. Canibus never would have went mainstream regardless of the battle..

      • Yeah, but isn’t that considered a win for LL?

        He started with Krush Groove.

      • Celz

        It’s a huge lose on a huge career. So they are cancelled out. So yea LL wins in the long run. LL is a much better artist too. But Canibus is a much better Emcee and 2nd Rd. KO is a classic diss song and may be the best diss song ever.

  • water_ur_seeds

    ll owned bis on his album ‘goat’ especially ‘back where i belong’ tune…

    • Celz

      lmao your nuts

      • water_ur_seeds

        well he ended bis career, got him blackballed, conspired with wyclef against him to take his budget… which he did lol

        and then his ‘goat’ album which was a classic to me, it even coined the term ‘goat’ in hip hop (like cash money did with the word ‘bling’) took numerous big shots at him which where like haymakers… he won the battle…

        i liked bis back in the day, his verse on lost boyz album was one of the best ever spat in hip hop period! but he fell off HAAAAAAAARD, hes a joke now…

      • Celz

        Canibus recorded one of the top 5 diss songs of all time against LL. LL’s songs are forgettable and all of his punch lines (like seriously every one) where bitten from 2nd Rd Ko; 99% of fans, call Jesse Jackson, the book, etc etc. And Canibus called him out for it in the same damn song. “You study my rhymes/ then you lace your vocals after mine/ that’s a b*tch move”. The battle ended before it even started LL is washed up and his vanity led him to pick apart Canibus lines instead of dissing him.

        Canibus will always be a legend he aired out mixtapes and outshined ANYONE who was featured on the track with him in his prime. The whole battle started from LL bein soft and emotional about being outshined on his own song. Instead of focusing on his craft like Nas did when it happened to him. LL doesn’t even believe he is the GOAT. He’s a way better artist than Canibus but LL sucks as an emcee maybe back in the 80s he was the man but I doubt it because Kool G Rap was around back then too..

        If you think LL won you haven’t listened to the words to 2nd Rd KO or you’re a fan. From an emcee perspective it was no contest LL was demolished. Shortly after he quit rap and began a mediocre acting career.

      • water_ur_seeds

        youve not read what ive said, i was a fan of bis, still am, but theres not much to be a fan about, i got all his albums, even the wack ones with terrible beats that are more like mixtapes… fact is bis is too big headed and is not as good as he thinks, he lost the plot… ive played the schitt outta 2nd round ko especially when he first dropped, one of my favorite disses, but im saying it didnt even hurt ll, helped him if anything… ll won the battle in the end…

        you cant of listened to ll’s album, calling him a wack mc, he dropped absolute bangers in the 90s, the ‘goat’ was the last great album of his i checked for, ive not checked for his album since…

      • Celz

        LL had a more successful career and is better rapper. He lost the battle. A battle is not too see who has the most successful career. A battle is a disagreement or argument that is played out lyrically. It begins and ends in the cypher or on wax.

        That’s like saying Biggie won because Pac died first.. Or Jada won because Beans is about to go to jail. The Battle was never about who can have the better career. LL tried to get lyrical with Canibus. He showed heart got put in his place and went back to his decade long successful entertainment career. How is a battle rap going to stop girl songs, workout videos, and acting? LL left the streets by then as he should have. I’m proud of him he’s more of a real nigga than most of these gangsta rappers out here but he still lost to Canibus in their lyrical battle hands down..

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  • CLASSIC.. Im bout to go search for the jada vs beanie joint… “Speculation talk over.. nigaa check this, Im bout to sun kiss like a soda…” is, in my opinion, the greatest line ever in a rap battle…

    • Celz

      I was jus tellin my boy today Jada vs Beanie was the best battle ever… Imma check it out again myself..

      • I remember that beef. I was in Cologne Germany that time at a music convention. Beans and Bleek personally gave me a copy of the diss track. I almost for got that :D.

  • Illseed loves all the wack ass rappers. LL “was” dope his last album flopped illseed did you mention that. His time has passed also and I fk with LL Mr Smith album and before that. He hasn’t done anything since the 90’s. Acting yeah. Canibus had no radio airplay but lyrically LL ain’t fking with Canibus and choking in a battle doesn’t mean you don’t have lyrics it means you “forgot” your shit. I hate people who are not “real”hiphop heads. Chuck replace illseed and put someone who speaks on “All” hiphop I repeat this site is call Allhiphop but illseed is and always has been bias but thinks Nicki Minaj is the first female mc or something. Jean Grae is supreme. Let me take over the articles. Illseed do you know who Jedi mind tricks is and what state do they rep, Planet Asia what state does he rep name a song? Reks from Boston, Celf titled, Apathy etc. How about articles on Joey Bada$$ the next generation. 2nd round was better than any of LL’s diss back on point but change the name of the site or get someone who knows Allhiphop mean every state. Cover the Url battles wtf is up with that? That is huge, where is the djing at. Chuck has done some what a good job and putting out some good articles with other people besides that stupid ho sidney and illseed. That is why I stay. Hiphopdx sh*ts on this site because they talk about the 5 elements of hiphop it isn’t a joke. Be more consistent Chuck that is all. Fk articles about Kat Stacks she is a dirty, rat looking bird.

    • This is the RUMORS, but URL is the ‘chiz Nit!

      Peep the Loaded Lux Vs Calico?

      Talk about ether!

      • I saw it when it came out it is on favorites on utube you know it.

      • I would have had to throw water on Lux, Tackle him, pull the power cord or something!


      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Despite Loaded Lux forgetting his place due to being distracted by the constant uproar of the crowd…Lux bodied Calicoe…Lux’s bars were just to heavy and that third round assault was crazy…it was like Lux was Calicoe father, and he was whipping his ass and chastising him for his disrespect simultaneously…Calicoe looked pitiful

      • I can’t say Calico was winning, but he wasn’t getting blown out, and was definitely in position to win, it was like he was ahead on all the judge’s scorecards, then got KTFO’d in the last RD.

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Peep the JC VS CHILLA JONES battle…shyt was epic…the bars spit by both MCs were crazy….Chilla Jones is a problem for real….the shyt this nigga say is total eargasms for the nigga who respects bars….

        Also peep BMagic vs Chilla Jones….all I can say is GOTTDAMN

      • Will do!

        Good Look!

      • Wow!

        That ‘chet was sick!

        Pure Talent!

        Meek Mill has no chance!

    • trixnkix637

      Not to be a grammar narc, but if you’re going in on someone for not being a hip hop head, you gotta get the names right.. Celf Titled = Celph Titled.

      Honorable Mentions: Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Demigodz, Cunninglynguists, Styles of Beyond, Eternia, Atmosphere, Eli & Grouch, Eyedea, Little Brother, Ras Kass, Self Scientific, & of course Living Legends.

    • Galactus

      Yo Crom, I swear on my moms yo, i did not even read any comments before i wrote mine, THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY THOUGHT. I know we ain’t wrong my dude, COUP DE TAT! lol

  • CAN I BUS????

  • Negro Peligro

    Ripper Strikes Back was wack.

  • Negro Peligro

    Both of these niggas needed to some no homo adlibs.

  • Galactus

    I’ll you give you some credit illseed. you actually wrote an in-depth piece reflecting a defining moment in hip hop history, although bias. I applaud the effort you have been putting forth in trying to “connect” with those not blinded by the hollyhood glitz and glamour mainstream media constantly promotes. We ALL KNOW the whole game’s a sham, the “Boogiemen of the Illuminati” (The Man) are watching our every move from an undisclosed location, and we are talking about old ass beef. I been a subscriber to this website since 1999, just stayed in the back peeping. I ain’t gonna lie, this site had some Ill sh*t, so i thought it was cool to have some ill hip hop rumors by an ill lil cartoon (Not gonna front, the logo fresh), but to see how this website’s very ideals shifted from revolutionary thought to modern day coonery is heartbreaking. It’s apparent AHH promotes certain “underground” artists who have MTV spins, so it’s not too surprising you would be so bias in this piece, seeing that you yourself, or how you present yourself, picked up the same ideals AHH promotes: Ignorance.

    Two black brothas who’s lyrical abilities combined could have provided monumental relief in their respective communities, but in 2012, let’s laugh at the loser. Progressive, revolutionary thought??? Educate while you entertain, if you don’t care anymore, I’ll be willing to rock out for you. I’m sure i got some good Underground rumors without sounding like a moist-pantied groupie. I am very very capable of writing COHERENTLY, and I provide food for thought, shit my nigga… ima take your job! Yo Chuck get rid of this clown and get at me! Lets do it right… I wait for that.

  • $23862384

    i know it dont have anything to do with the post or anyone else comment, but i’d rather listen to the can-i-bus album and watch him battle from a note pad than to listen to trinidad james

  • classic battle … i cant front i was rooting for cani back then man his lyrical skills were unseen back then …. no ones punchlines were hitting as hard as his … shame he couldnt take his style to the next level .. he should have been one of the greatest REAL TALK !! still respect tho cause cani is still iLL

  • TheBigCheeFa

    Canibus song 2nd Round K.O. shouldve ended LL Cool J’s Career and everybody knew it

  • Canibus won the battle but got blackballed because of it..2nd round knock out a was and is still dope as hell. Fan of both but we can officially blame bis’ demise on wyclef’s situation at sony at the time.

  • nomikal

    People who disrespect Canibus on the basis of his “career” or what they perceive to be a lack thereof are disrespecting hip-hop. There has never been a rapper to hit the rap world like Canibus, it was like the man on the moon. When canibus hit the scene he was so ahead of his time, no rapper since has done such a thing, no not eminem.

  • Tvega3000

    And nobody has wanted it wit L since…..

  • we talk about real hip hop all the time im doing something about it go to soundcloud and search chiefgotbeats 2instrumentals w/2choruses

  • woh… flavoa flav is is the old school lil wayne.. when i seen him in that vid above it was all so clear…

  • Mike should’ve knocked the mf out that cut that patch in his head on the first video

  • box5

    Ahh the good old days when ny was mad original yell™

  • LL..listen. There aint enough steroids in the world. Better make peace now before Mike bite your face off and end your acting career


    That was back in the day when every cat in the country wish they were from NEW YORK!!! And now look at all of the hate N.Y. gets because some “bamas” are getting a little love in the rap game!!!

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    LL a homosexual…I read in the Hip Hop Weekly about a trans sexual who wrote a book on his celeb clientlist…the transsexual took two polygraphs and passed them both….he named Mr. Cee, Eddie Murphy, LL Cool Jay, and more in this book…the tranny sells himself down on 10th Ave in the Meat District (pause) in NYC on the tranny ho stroll…the he she said LL was a regular customer and after he get his he gets angry and throw you out his ride….lmao…this magazine came out in October of 2011…and the tranny ugly as shyt, there is no way you could say you thought it was a woman…LL got a lot of nerve to call Mike a rapist when everybody know that bytch pulled a Robin Givens to get paid…

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  • dopefire14

    Yo, I Know I must be Late on the Canibus video here I Always Respected his Lyricism but I
    Couldn’t Believe this Really Happened 2012! I Know Dizazter is a Wordsmith but DAMN !!!
    I Know I Wasn’t the Only One Seeing the First Time with my Mouth Open Like ..NAHHHH….

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  • JusticeB

    I support Canibus against LL but I support LL against Tyson 6 days a week and twice on Sunday.

    • Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa

      y hoe?