Hip-Hop Rumors: Tupac Wanted To Kill The Illuminati!

This interview is crazy. I know a lot of people have seen it, but I have not seen it in so long. But, peep the depth to which Tupac was going in on the Illuminati. The dude was looking to create a political party to combat the Illuminati in the 1990’s. Now I know you guys are way smarter than I am when it comes to this. Now after this initial interview with Pac, there’s a lot of commentary that I am not able to verify or co-sign.

Nevertheless, if you have like an hour, this is intriguing! Crazy as all get out, but intriguing!

This gets pretty cartoonish, I must admit, but tell me if I am wrong.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Global_Mission

    Man, get the F outta here. Just BC this dude say so dont make it tru! I can edit video and add commentary and fools would believe it…LOL..SMH.

    • SpaceAge2012

      Read The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders by John Potash.

  • AK

    woah its 2013 and you just finding out what killuminati means??? ahh needs better editors

  • EQ

    lol..i wonder how many people purchase this bullshit..if you think thats true i guess u believe the blair witch project was real

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      All Hip Hop reporters talk 95% rumors, most of their writings are not facts.

      • If he put the news in the RUMORS section, folks would complain that it isn’t a RUMOR. iLLseed does the RUMORS, so he posts RUMORS.

      • hoeyuno

        I don’t get y some ppls even come to this site. it seems every post is straight up torture for them.

      • In LL’s Voice : ” When you ask them what they did with their life, they say:
        “I hated iLLSEED & carried a big knife!”

      • hoeyuno

        don’t you mean the illseed’s.. ha ha

      • >> In Biggie Voice : ” You dead wrong!”

        It’s the same iLLy, he left for behind the scenes reasons & we pulled him back in. Would you prefer Sydney Lace?

        Even though her ‘chet was tight after a while. #IJS

      • hoeyuno

        I figured if anyone would know it would be you… ha ha. I didn’t think you’d go there tho…thanks to pac hip hop fans turn everything into a conspiracy..

      • hoeyuno

        and I have never had anything against illseed. like I said he’s been supplying a big portion of my rap gossip for about a decade now… I just bought into it coulda just been a trademark chuck and greg made up.

  • HAHA top notch journalism guise xD

  • hoeyuno

    ill be the first to admit I was never a big fan of pacs music when he was alive.. but as a man who cared about his peoples he was first class. I was a digital underground fan at one time of my life and one of pacs 1st video appearancs was on a digital underground track called “same song”… check it out if u have time. its classic.

    • Seen the John Candy movie with Pac & DU?

      “Nothing But Trouble” 1991

      • hoeyuno

        I don’t think I have. but that’s the movie “same song” is from right???? is the movie like the video?? some darkside muppet shit???

      • Yeah, they got booked in a backwater town, it was crazy. then he made “Juice.”

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  • restless


  • MiiUziWeighsATon


  • Marx24

    I tend to ignore videos and blogs regarding the Illuminati, but I will comment on this video because 2Pac is my favorite rapper. Do I believe that there is a bourgeoisie, a ruling and upper class, that consists of circles of privileged humans who attempt to dominate and maintain their power by any means necessary? Of course. Do I believe that the bourgeoisie attempts to manipulate us into accepting their worldview as normal life and have been successful at doing so? Yes I do.Yet, the problem with most people’s views of the “Illuminati” is that they associate the success and wealth of the bourgeoisie with “evil.” The problem with this common association is how this interpretation relies on a binary opposition of “evil” and “good” embraced by religion.

    Religion is an ideological state apparatus. Religion’s purpose is to divide people based on religious beliefs, convince people that there is a “God” watching them which strengthens the chances of people upholding the law and persuade people into accepting the world as is by providing them with a false faith in an afterlife of possible paradise. The belief in a “good God” does not change the world or guarantee an afterlife of paradise just as the belief in an “evil God” does not ensure fame, wealth and power. Religion is very influential but it also does constrain humans into trusting a deity when they can and should take action themselves.

    We can challenge the present ruling class by educating ourselves, producing intellectuals who represent our social classes and by unifying. 2Pac was not killed by his killuminati rants or a breaking of an oath but by his lifestyle.

    I do believe that the ruling class will be overthrown.

    • Galactus

      So if u get robbed at gunpoint, u wont feel the dude that robbed u was right. He had no right to take ur hard earned pay becuz he felt like it, im sure u would feel sometype of way… j/s there is right and wrong, regardless how religion (a form of oppression), there are positive and negative reactions, to dismiss the idea that there is good and bad,means to deny basic human emotion, and this group of people manipulate this idea so its easier to control.

      • Marx24

        One reply and that is all. Positive and negative reactions do not encapsulate human emotions because emotions are not based on two categories. As for your robbery argument, you are speaking of relative and absolute truths. From the person who is robbed perspective, the action is wrong, bad and etc. because he/she is the one who is robbed. That is a relative truth. Not every bystander or observer will call the same action wrong or right because those are relative truths, not absolute truths.


      • Celz

        You aren’t nearly as smart as you think… You will probably dismiss my post, but you know I’m right 😉

      • Marx24

        I don’t believe in labels such as “smart” or “stupid.” All men are intellectuals in their own way as Gramsci argued. As far as you being right, an argument without reasons or support shouldn’t be spoken or written.

      • Celz

        1. I never used either label; you inferred that in an attempt to use that unrelated opinion as a deflection, classic straw man. Smart is an adjective commonly used to describe ones intelligence. I simply stated that your post is an attempt to exaggerate your own intelligence as if you are overcompensating for a lack thereof.

        2. An opinion =/= an argument.

      • Marx24

        You defining smart is an attempt of what then? I don’t use either label. You did. “An opinion =/= an argument.” I guess your illustration embodies your comprehension of an argument.

      • Celz

        I defined smart to show you that I used it as an adjective. Usage of the word “as” signifies a comparison not a label. Fam, this is a Hip-Hop message board. Common sense and a clear train of thought make you appear intelligent; not arguments with fallacies and big words out of context. And you actually want me to debate religion with you, you have to be kidding me.

        I’m not defending my belief system.. You haven’t made one coherent point against it. I was honestly bored and wanted to poke fun at you for typing on Hip-Hop blog like it’s a dissertation.

        Just ponder those thoughts I left with you…

      • Marx24

        I’m proud that you know what an adjective is. Fam? Weak. I’m aware that this is a Hip-Hop message board. Keep stating the obvious. I could careless about what you consider makes one appear intelligent. If you’re talking about arguments with fallacies, review your statements. Big words out of context? Whatever you say adjective boy. You won’t debate your belief system because you know you’re unknowkedgable about too many discourses.

        I’m glad that you’re a blogger and are qualified to decide what are and are not coherent points. I compose and speak words as I plead. How many degrees to you have Mr. Dissertation?

        I don’t ponder rants. I leave ranting up to bloggers like you. I don’t know what is more depressing: Hip-Hop “fans” like yourself who post pointless comments and enjoy life as a blogger or that you actually believe you’ve made a well-stated and well-defended argument.

        Keep blogging with your flawed opinions and ranting. You represent religious people well.

      • Celz

        Lol Keep seeking knowledge young buck.. That’s one thing I’m impressed by, just be more objective in your understanding.

      • Marx24

        Keep blogging pointless comments and convincing yourself you possess enough knowledge to decide whose knowledge impresses you. Objective in my understanding? As I stated before, how many degrees do you have?

        I called you out to debate religion and you run from the debate so quit. Don’t call me young buck as if you’re built like that. You’re just a blogger who contributes to the waste of space on Earth.

    • conflict theory..distribution of wealth and control of goods strategically and unequally to members of society…

    • hoeyuno

      religion is a business!! and no I don’t think pac was killed by a higher power. he beat down a known gang member a hour before…

      • who told u he beat down a gang member hours before?

      • hoeyuno

        orlando Anderson!!!!! pac beat him down right after the tyson fight about 2 hours before his death.

      • oh u believe wat the media tells u. ever heard of bohemian grove?

      • EL_BARK

        I guess you never seen the video footage of suge and pac rushing orlando??? Or was that staged as well.

      • hoeyuno

        ha ha fo sho

      • its called a fall guy to make think it had to do w something it didnt

      • hoeyuno

        no and yup

      • Wayne Boogie

        they showed the video of Pac stomping him in the floor

      • SpaceAge2012

        Orlando did get beat down by Pac & his boys at da MGM but he did not kill Pac,that was a lie which cost Orlando his life & broke da gang truce between da Bloods & Crips that Pac & his ppl had made possible.Read John Potash’s The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders,it’ll tell u why Pac was really murdered.

      • Casor_Greener

        MAn please stop with your nonsense

      • SpaceAge2012

        Yo get off my nutz!

      • hoeyuno

        will do homie

      • SpaceAge2012

        No doubt bruh.Beware of da agents on here tryna keep us blind.Each 1 Teach 1

      • Wayne Boogie

        open your eyes. that dude got killed later on and pac’s people had nothing to do with it. i think the Industry puts all this foolishness out here to confuse everyone so they dont know whats going on. why after all these supposed centuries that they have been a secret society are they letting it be known they exist?

    • fuknyourgirl2

      well said i like how u explained this because u would have to be a idiot to not believe that the government an rich people have secret societys just as normal ppl do to look at all the gangs the mafias we all learned this from the government its sad though that ppl are so confused at what illuminati is because of religion pac said it best when it comes to the universe sombody or somthing made the earth an the ppl in it but religion was created by man as a way to control the way ppl think…..an when u think opposite of the norm u are ridiculed labeled or murdered…..

      • yea people make it seem like its this big huge complicated conspiracy.
        in reality – its just a few families who grew up together & made connections to help each other & its been going on for awhile so they have been able to get into the top positions in business & government & they keep hiring & promoting their friends.
        just like everybody else does but not on that level

      • Wayne Boogie

        youre right money and power, far as that whole selling they soul thing, i think the individual just lost they faith and the industry is thier religion now. im christian, i pray to my God and i know He’s there. someoneone said religion is man made. true catholics are also christians but they do things a hell a lot of different than other christians do. that person also said its a way making people think and a away of control. ehh maybe, but when i mess up i dont tell man i tell God, sorry got a lil religified and off base a bit. but the industry is a religion and cats is joining them all the time

    • the ruling class wont be overthrown if all our leaders keep getting murdered. pac had millions of followers that he was organizing to fight against the ruling class but he was killed & that ended that

      • Marx24

        Then become a leader or help produce leaders to battle that.

      • send money….

    • Celz

      Your views on religion are misguided. “It also does constrain humans into trusting a deity when they can and should take action themselves.” You couldn’t name one religion on Earth that constrains people into not taking action. Atheists either use science as a substitute religion or are ignorant and don’t care to form a coherent opinion on creation/ the big bang…

      • Marx24

        All religious people accept their reality. I strongly doubt religious people will ever start a revolution due to the purpose of religion and how religion benefits from capitalism and the current state of the world. People utilize several discourses throughout their lives. Would you call historians and philosophers ignorant for utilizing history, observation and experience instead of science? It appears to me that you are a religious person. Since you have a superb grasp of religion unlike I, I’m glad that you pointed out the history of religion and the effects.
        If you want to debate religion, please bring Apollo, Zeus, Jehovah, Jesus, Lucifer and any other supernatural force you can come into contact with. If you’re an atheist with that type of argument, “your views” about “religion are misguided.”

      • Celz

        Lmao did you just say “All religious people accept their reality” damn bro I don’t even feel like talking any more lol.. Good luck to you in all endeavors

      • Marx24

        Your rant about science consists of hypothetical scenarios. You assume too much. Your assumptions of what my words imply and your assumptions about life reiterate your religious belief system. If you base everything on assumptions and hypothetical scenarios, you can’t hold an argument like whatever Bible you read.

        Yes, that is what I stated. You should do more historical research on all civilizations and the religious people of those civilizations before you make an assumption. As I stated before, if you want to debate religion let’s see whose argument is flawed.

        I never felt like conversing with you. The fact that you read my post and stated narrow-minded rants and weak statements suggests you felt an obligation to defend your belief system. If that’s the case, do so. If not then say your pointless rants out loud. I’m sure some deity will hear you.

        Despite your constant comments about science, I base my beliefs on history, observation and experience. I guess you don’t know enough about philosophers and historians to throw shots at their discourses as well.

        If you’re going to make a legit argument about religion, give me your best shot. If not, atheism is the future. Didn’t Nietzsche tell you ,”God is dead???”

      • Celz

        I’ll just leave you with a few thoughts to ponder… What defines natural? What defines supernatural? If the genesis of life on Earth only occured once (all life forms are RNA based), is life natural or super natural? Is the Big Bang natural or supernatural? Let’s assume both are natural occurrences that only happen once every 5 billion years; even though any other natural occurrence happens frequently and can be recreated with the scientific method. So if life is a natural byproduct of physics and chemistry what is the chemical equation to conscious thought?

        Before you get ahead of yourself and dispel someone else’s beliefs remember that modern science isn’t even on a consensus on how bicycles maintain balance…

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  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    who this lame nigga disrespecting Pac on this film? FOH BITCH!

    • I think it’s Ebon Greggory, not sure, (Black Dude), the white dude around 25 Min is unknown to me, by so far, besides the authors independent comments, the factual evidence…is factual.

      • kered gnuoy

        the white guy is my boy Charlie Perkins.

      • He knows his ‘chet, his slide show was off,pics / name, but his details are on point 100%.

      • SpaceAge2012

        Stop acting stupid & deceiving ppl 4 ur own entertainment u clown.

      • SpaceAge2012

        The Author is John Potash & his book is called The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders.

      • Oh ‘chet, I’m actually up on that & that ‘chet is the truth!

        They had the Black informant that torched the Watts Writer’s House and he came clean about a lot of stuff.

    • AGREED

  • putting this video up is a huge pun to this website, its like if you watch this and believe it and knowingly like hip hop then we are bowing down to the basphomet…

  • ile315r

    2pac was not trying to kill the “illuminati”, he was trying to kill the THEORY of the illuminati. He saw it as another way to break peoples spirits and keep them down and oppressed. If you watch the interview with him talking about how he first heard about the “illuminati” theory while in prison you’ll see that. It’s crazy because people don’t realize their doing the exact opposite of what he was trying to accomplish with the killuminati movement when their posting it all over these conspiracy videos. Y’all are just keeping the bullshit going… Happy New Years

    • Lamonte Johnson

      The truth. People wouldn’t know anti new world order if it killed them which it ultimately will if they don’t wake up! Spread truth ^^^^

    • TruthSerum


      The illuminati conspiracy theory losers always take his “Killuminati” saying out of context and try and make it seem like he was one of those delusional retards. HE WAS NOT, HE THOUGHT YOU WERE INSANE

      • Wayne Boogie

        k on the end would tell he wasnt one of them. my OPINION so no one gets it twisted, i think Pac realiazed what he got himself into. he signed a piece of paper napkin or something and suge got him out. just like some of these retards today as you say, suge is throwing up the baphomet. Pac never signed a legal document and when Pac started speaking out againt them they had he taken out. how many times after he was killed did people say suge had something to do with it?


    Illuminati is real…Its really real!!!!

  • so that would mean chuck chrekmur had to suck dick and eat ass to make it in todays industry??

    • EL_BARK

      Do your realy want people to answer that??
      That question is rhetorical right??
      This creekmur were talking about

  • gunnstarr

    what? no no no….he was trying to destroy the separatist hold of the illuminati, the theory-the scare tactics and notion-hence killuminati! come on allhiphop-that is obvious, pac was never an idiot. As always he was way ahead of the ‘game’

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  • ladynamor

    Here we go again….again

  • Dude in the beginning sounds like dude on the “RUNNING” track with Pac & Big.

    • i like the original running trak & not em’s remix

      • The original actually made me cry.

      • i cried when they let eminem remix it but it was not tears of joy

      • Mine were tears of sadness, yours…tears of torture!


  • So_Subby

    Why illseed? Now these no life conspiracy theorist will run wild with non sense and will say how Kat Williams is next blah blah blah, I can’t stand these weirdos

  • kered gnuoy

    no intelligent person believes in this carp. Pac didn’t even believe this crap.

  • Martin Raheem

    I just miss Pac. I stopped listen to Pac a few years after his death. Maybe I got older, maybe I have to many memories connected while listening to him. And maybe his death was too tragic and touched so many people…

    I don’t want to believe Biggie (RIP) Puffy had anything to do with it. I do believe there were some powerful people behind both Biggie and Pac’s death. Probably the shooters were just minions in a larger game. Puffy…. i have a hard time believing he could mastermind something like this. I have a hard time believing he would do anything to hurt, use or put BIG in danger. Jay-Z no never! And Nas, if Pac was alive i can only imagine all the amazing music they would do together. Cuz i do believe Pac had much respect for Nas and I truly believe Nas “the ring leader” had so much R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Pac, even through the most heated times when Pac buried him in lyrics.

    Suge… it would NOT surprise me if he was involved in the assassination in some way. I don’t know the man. Never met him, don’t know nothing about him. Don’t know all the impact and positive things he “may” have done for Pac’s success.

    But Suge… I honestly don’t like him. I love Katt – maybe Suge manage more artists i really like – but no respect for Suge.

    I can’t tell you why. Maybe just me being a hater or a small minded person. But Suge gives me the shivers….

    • SpaceAge2012

      U seem like a young man who loves hip hop & really want 2 know da truth about Pac & them so I’ll tell u 2 books 2 read that’ll enlighten u,1st The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders by John Potash & 2nd Dancing with the Devil:How Puff Burned the Bad Boys of Hip Hop by Mark Curry.

  • Jared

    The fact that this documentary is based on the looks of Suge, Puff, hand signs (lol), etc. makes this invalid. You offer no proof of your professional credentials that would make me believe you have studies facial gestures know matter how obvious they are. My last point; the fact that black folks now want to talk about illuminati, skull and bones, etc. show how far behind black people as a group are in education. This stuff is not brand new, but now we (African Americans) want to correlate this upper echelon shit (illuminati) with Hip Hop and gang life (hand signs). Overall stupidity and I’m pretty sure anybody who pushes the secret society stuff 24/7 probably have no 4 yr college education from a certified non-profit university. Think out the box for real. Unless you have credible proof you look stupid…with all due respect.

    • Much of what is in the video is factual, the opinions are just that, opinions, and are presented as such.

    • music & entertainment industries are 1 of the smallest parts of what the illuminati is doing.

      they only care about it bcz of the fans who follow the artists/actors/models/ect & the way they can manipulate the fans & spread their message subliminally…
      & so they can kill the career of any1 who doesnt do what they want

  • Martin Raheem

    That freestyle with Pac and Biggie… where Biggie lets Pac start the freestyle in his Thug Life hat… 2Pac’s appears more freestyle-ish but the difference in flow between the legends is awesome and both artists rhyming untouchable!!

    • Martin Raheem

      What happened after that freestyle i don’t know? Too bad they did not stay friends…

  • He was trying to wake up everybody before this shyt happen.
    There’s gon’ be some stuff you gon’ see
    that’s gon’ make it hard to smile in the future.
    But through whatever you see,
    through all the rain and the pain,
    you gotta keep your sense of humor.
    You gotta be able to smile through all this bullshit.
    Yeah he was warning us from Makaveli through his posthumous albums.

    Calling out Dr.Dre and Quincy Jones for being gay…Dissing the Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, and Bad Boy aka puppets for not staying true to the game. P.S. if it was a theory why did he get assassinated 2 months before The Don Killuminati Came out to promote the Killuminati agenda like he did Thug Life to lead the street niggas in his path before he could wake them up!

    • EL_BARK

      tr.v. as·sas·si·nat·ed, as·sas·si·nat·ing, as·sas·si·nates
      1. To murder (a prominent person) by surprise attack, as for political reasons.
      2. To destroy or injure treacherously: assassinate a rival’s character.
      I think you are misinformed on the meaning of the word.

      You should say he was murder
      1 : to kill (a human being) unlawfully and with premeditated malice

      • It was for Political reasons! He said he wanted to start his own political party for minorities did you read the article or listen to the interview!?

      • EL_BARK

        If you think that minorties including black people, including older black folks would have join a political party that was started & lead by a rapper is ludacris.( pun attent) And if you think the gov would had been intimidated or felt threaten by a poltical party that was started by a rapper, to the point they would kill him, you might be border line psychotic.
        Come on son????? Dude lifestyle & reckless behavior lead to his own demise.

      • u must not know history of politics & how people use their fame from entertainment industry to get elected in office all the time

      • EL_BARK

        Lol i know politics very well. There is hige difference between
        Regan & arnold. White republicans that are actors is the entertainment captial of the word. Then tupac shakur…..
        A lot of this monbo jumbo crap is all speculation.????
        Ok so he said in an interview he wanted to start a political patry.
        Now if pac went on to do it and form some panther type ish ok then but he didnt. I doubt the gov was checking for the latest pac interview at the time…. Also above you say the illuminatti is blown out of porportion.
        And they least concern with music. But you think pac was a threat????
        Also him saying what he wanted to do, shouldnt hold no weight. Pac was becoming an attention whore. I can believe anything he says,
        When he blame biggie for his shooting, and told all them lies about puffy and biggie setting him up. And he know they had nothing to fo with it…. He is not credible in my opinion…. Also he has aunt who he barely knew, that is exiled in cuba… For shooting a cop.
        That doesnt prove that the gov wanted him dead. The main thing with these crazy pac myth. Is that the myth are created by his fans and are kept going by his fans. These theroies are no more proven then religion. You guys all rationalize the gov killing him with your feelings.
        Not with facts. Instead you turn away from these facts. Pac had fans yes. But ladt time i check a few million fans buying a rapper CD, doesnt equate to an hostile take over. Huey was a person the gov feared. Malcolm x & dr king. Not a rapper-actor that was paranoid running around talking the crazy shet he was talking.

      • greenhouse records

        Why was the FBI following him then???smdh

      • u talk like you were there & heard/seen all this yourself. get real man, dont believe everything you hear.

        Pac was uniting the youth to start making changes & thats what they fear

      • he was mudered for political reasons & it was a suprise to him & he was a prominent person

      • EL_BARK

        Their nothing political if you stomp out a gang banger and he come back and air your car out….

        Was orlando anderson seeking public office somewhere and i didnt know?????

        Since when are rapper not entertainer snd political figures???
        I cant believe this is coming from grow men..???????

      • he was raised by black panthers & who are still wanted by FBI.

        pac was what FBI & our government fear most = someone who had millions of followers who he was organizing to fight against them.

        but if u believe what the media tells u about orlando anderson then i guess u wouldnt understand. look up bohemian grove

      • EL_BARK

        I know about the bohemian grove, why you think an owl is at the top of the dollar bill, so small is damn near not visible with the human eye.
        I know all about the attendees, buildenberg group, and every other group that calls shots. most people who believe that pac was set up by the government, well i wont say most. But i bet some have never step up their mom porch and have no way or clue how the streets politics of LA work. I dont have to believe the media sngle about orlando. Unlike yall theroy on pac deludional mind set, after he got shot.
        The fact remains clear to me….. And if you doubt orlando anderson was the killer. I guess you never heard of keefe d. Pr the south side crips. Or that suge and the mon piru bloods went to war the next day following pac shooting???? These are facts…. That cant be denied.
        If you dont believe i suggest you take a trip to LA, and talk with a few native… You cant deny facts when its blood stain concrete of actual people that got killed behind that beef…… Fact is orlando did get stomp by pac. And a hour later came back and got his revenge. This is fact that is back up his uncle who admitted yo being in the car with orlando. And he admitted. This two the feds……
        He look suge knight right in his eyes as the shoot rang out. Which would then explain the war that took place following the shooting.

      • greenhouse records

        Do you think the COINTELPRO stop after the black panthers where dismantled??? You prolly the same person that doesnt believe the cia had a hand in bring crack to the hood. This chess not checkers

      • EL_BARK

        Your comparing apple & oranges my man. Unlike the these pac myth and urban legend. The cia involement with putting crack & voke in the hood is well documented… These pac myth arent. There folklore.

      • who is going to release docs on CIA plotting to murder Pac? u waiting for them to release those docs on them killing JFK & MLK too?

      • those arent facts. those are things u were told to believe.
        the best way to kill someone & get away with it is to make everyone believe it had something to do with someone else while u just step in & do it & then disappear.

  • Sean Taylor

    This was the stupidest video Ive ever seen.

  • He was assassinated before 2 months before the Don Killuminati released definitely wasn’t a theory.They didn’t want him to warn mainly the ghetto people and the world our strings are being pulled. “Why explain the game niqqas aint listening stuck in position.”

  • Terrance Goodman

    Rip the greatest to ever do it. Warning us that the powers to be are there.
    A legend who explained to the streets the rules of fair play n order. I
    Miss PAC . Practically raised a nigga he felt my pain as well as the streets pain.
    Now hip hop got sissy auto tune fake bloods n drug lords . Damn I feel old at 32

    • johnblacksad

      Styles P is the greatest to ever do it… The Most Hardest MC Project is as incredible as all his other albums!

      Styles is too fcuking good at rappin! Hard Barz!

      uh… what was you sayin?

      • styles does not write his lyrics so how can he be the greatest? wats wrong w yall to listen to all that nonsense instead of real talented people who write their own raps???

      • johnblacksad

        i was only semi-trollin with my comment but you went full-troll on me with that reply no homo…

        Ha ha ha… you almost got me, almost made me mad until i realised you probably either don’t know who Styles P is or you are just trying to hurt my feelings.

        Styles P don’t writes novels but won’t write his lyrics… lol… good one!

        He must have had the same ghostwriter since before LOX first album was released! That’s seventeen years strong on the same ghostwriter… wow!

        Nice attempt tho…

      • u can tell by the way he raps that he doesnt write

      • johnblacksad

        what the fcuk do you fcukin mean he doesn’t fcukin write? as in Hov doesn’t write or as in ‘ghostwriter’ doesn’t write? could you please fcukin clarify??!

        You do know he wrote a novel right?!

      • johnblacksad

        ok, ok, ok… you won… you know what : FCUK YOU spreadin such a shameful lie such as Styles P don’t write his lyrics… unless you meant he doesn’t write them as in ‘spittin straight off the dome’…

        and who the fcuk is them real talented people who write their own raps then? i just wanna hear one name so i can laugh at yo azz…

        I hope nobody takes your post seriously… seriously!

      • johnblacksad

        if Styles P doesn’t write his lyrics… sheeeesh… the thought alone… then we might as well act like hip hop never existed.

        I’m not playin witchu either…

        (just goin out troll style…)

      • Terrance Goodman

        I bumps styles. But PAC the goat

  • too bad 2pac was killed & silenced b4 anybody got it.
    now we get to listen to lil wayne, kanye west, rick ross, & 2 chainz & of corse more diddy!!!! whoooo hooooooo

  • gdfvgdff

    People still think the illuminati is real? All hip hop should make a new section called random bullshit.

  • well if anybody doubts it then just look at all the music that has came out since 2pac was killed & it proves 2pac right.
    why was top 2012 videos on BET all the same 5 artists over & over especially when their music is garbage & they are a bunch of wankstas?

  • Oknas

    Its all about fear, illuminati brings fear in peoples lives so it prevents them from achieving. Pac knew a higher power exists, he grew up from a panther family. He just wanted people to not be afraid to stand up for whats right, its all about bringing people together.
    I wonder what Pac would think about the whole illuminati thing today……

  • Pac was just an entertainer. Nothing more. He had the problem as many other rappers have. He was unable to distinct between what he said on records and his own reality. He came up with a 1000 and one rhymes as his poetic work. But just like most other lyricists. great a writing but stupid in real life. He took most issues by far too personal, went emo about almost everything and delved too big into that street cred complex. Unfortunately he paid the price for it. Even before he didn’t stay out of trouble and later blamed every body else for his own wrongdoings. It’s insane going to NY alone and wear jewelry worth of 35.000$. It would have been a miracle if he didn’t get robbed. Entertaining the East Coast West coast beef was another stupid idea. He fueled the fire by declaring war on almost anybody in New York. Even Dre and Snoop jumped ship by that time.
    And guess who cashed in for a useless East coast/ West coast beef.

    Not his foolish
    manager Suge Knight. It was Interscope boss Jimmy Iovine. So how did Pac fight the Illuminati? By making himself look like the idiot he was? By donating all his recoding value to Jimmy Iovine?

    Pac was just a worker for a record label. Not a leader. Not a great thinker, philosopher, preacher or politician. Just a young and confused guy who got caught up in a lifestyle he represented on records.

    • he got set up in NY by henchmen.
      some girl set him up & he got in trouble.
      he signed w suge to get out of prison.
      he was raised by black panthers whose relatives are wanted by FBI still.
      pac shot 2 cops & was aquitted.
      jimmy iovine doesnt care about the chump change he made off pac.

      pac was what FBI & our government fear most = someone who had millions of followers who he was organizing to fight against them.

      • Terrance Goodman

        Real talk 100

  • Negro Peligro

    Their is an Illuminati. Its called the Heritage Foundation. Ain’t no WE US’S in it.

  • Real pac fans know he didn’t believe in that shit, he wanted to kill the talk about it.

  • Lump Beats

    The Black Panthers were disabled by a government program (COINTELPRO) using informants, planting fake members, and giving a green light to urban cops to go to all out war with them. Just because 2Pac was caught saying some dumb shit and doing dumb shit on camera doesn’t define him as a person. He had a following, a microphone and had big ideas that some of those in power were trying to extinguish, just as had been done before with other outspoken people throughout history. To say that there was no interest in him from any facet of the government is just silly. It is a known fact that he had FBI files on him. I am not saying that he was definitely “assassinated” but people are so dismissive of anything that has an “illuminati” tag on it.
    There are secret and not-so-secret meetings that occur annually with the heads of several governments, the heads of several corporations and the heads of media conglomerates. What do you all think they discuss at these meetings? The may not ride goats and chant secret latin sayings, but control is the main objective.

    • Wayne Boogie

      you brung it. and the dismisal of everything with a “tag” on it is part of the confusion was stating in another post. Exit Wounds. michael jai white says “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled off was proving he didnt exist.” cops going around doin foul ish and getting taken care of by thier leaders. the old guy that steven segal knew for years in the movie was in on. no goats and latin sayings. but in a since you could call them a secret society, an illuminati, am i wrong?

  • 17 years later and you still play it off as a “conspiracy theory” when it is truly REAL CONSPIRACY why don’t you look into DR RICHARD GALLO then you will really be giving the COMMUNITY REAL NEWS

  • u can tell pac wasnt educated on all the illuminati stuff bcz he is talking about get the money … he did what he cud i guess but he underestimated it

  • this narrator confusing baphomet signs w piru

  • this narrator doesnt know that only whites can be illuminati

  • this was a very bad video hahah this narrator got so much wrong & is assuming everything that he has no idea or facts. he can tell by looking at snoop what snoop was thinking? wow

  • people make it seem like its this big huge complicated conspiracy.

    in reality – its just a few families who grew up together & made connections to help each other & its been going on for awhile so they have been able to get into the top positions in business & government & they keep hiring & promoting their friends.

    just like everybody else does but on smaller level


    was religion ever pure and not used as propaganda for countless gains against people??? I mean damn

  • Pac was the CNN of the Black struggle, a true griot of his time

  • Tracy

    There is a secret society called the Black Boule. Most of the top successful black people such as Halle Berry and Bill Cosby are in it. Do a Google search and you will see for yourself.