Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Kanye’s Child

(AllHipHop News) Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West’s child, the rapper has unleashed as 2012 comes to a close.

The news was revealed by Kanye at a concert in Atlantic City Sunday night. He revealed that they were expected to hundreds of fans.

The singer reportedly said, “”stop the music and make noise for my baby mama.”

Apparently, the pair have been holding the secret for quite some time and Kim is presently about 12 weeks in the pregnancy.

The tweets have already rolled in.

“Congrats to Kim and Kanye. Happy for both of them,” tweeted Russell Simmons.

“Im a happy girl !!!!!!!!! Wowza! Oh BABY BABY BABY,” Kris Jenner, Kim’s mother, exuded over Twitter.

Khloé Kardashian Odom said, according to E! Online, “Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited!!!!! LOVE is everything!!!!”

“Been wanting to shout from the rooftops with joy and now I can! Another angel to welcome to our family. Overwhelmed with excitement!,” Kourtney Kardashian tweeted.

This is the first child for both celebrities.


  • therealest1

    D’oh shit!

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      Kanye – look at Tyga’s girl – after ass implants, then havin’ a baby – YUCK.

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  • restless

    i mean if you wanna have babies by a chick who sucked off brandy lil bro bro for the world to see cograds i salute you lol sike…smh

    • Weedras

      so.. umm you got your girl when she was virgin, huh? and even then you probably don’t even know if she sucked someone off or got it in the ass by someone’s no name brother…. so what’s your point?

      • restless

        yea you are right i dont know because she didnt do it on tape for the world to see thats my point…idiot…

      • Weedras

        i see your reasoning and comprehension skills are below par hence why you have to resort to name calling…lol! you still didn’t prove your point did you?

      • restless

        wah wah get over it…you are trying to insult me off of my opinion based on fact? go get a tissue

      • Weedras

        smh… you still aint comprehending lol! poor you…lol!!

      • restless

        lol happy new year!!!

      • Sean Taylor

        I think its you that cant comprehend.

        Hey mommy nice sex tape. Comprendo?

      • Weedras

        so having a sex tape means you should be ostracized and not allowed to have a relationship? really? yet i can’t comprehend… are you guys some teenage dunces or something?

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  • chevy_weight_champ

    Well Kanyeezy Congrats homie, but if yo kid come out growing up with amazing sport talents, or have that gift of gab 4 singing r&b or gets excited around mayweather piano in his living room, then I dont know homie, keep a hair partical handy ha! ha!

  • Celz

    Jay-Z gave this fool the blueprint… damn what’s wrong with this clown.. I used to like Kanye too

  • 2012 will be forever be know as the year “Heux’s’ stayed winning.. SMH

  • She still married lol…Hollywood is sick

  • Negro Peligro

    Maury tweeted: Congrats to Kim and Kanye. This will be a couple of episodes.
    The makers of the Paternity test tweeted: Congrats Kim and Kanye. 10th Paternity test free.
    The makers of them Manila Envelopes Maury be pulling them results out of: Congrats Kim and Kanye. We are naming a large part of the Amazon after your child that will be cut down to make all of the Manila envelopes..
    AFC PROBOWL TEAM: Thank You Kanye.
    AFC PROBOWL SELECTION COMMITEE: Birth Certificates. Once you sign it ain’t mine.
    NFL SPECIAL TEAMS ASSOCIATION: Reserves comment until all the test results are conclusive.
    ME: I wish I was Kanye. That bitch bad. Rich and swallows. Rumble young man rumble.

    • Q.

      Damn. What about the NFC though (Miles Austin? LOL

  • dre8791

    How are you gonna wife up a hoe? SMDH!

  • Q.

    Wow. Ye, you done fukked up now, boy…you know you done fukked up, right?

    Poor little rich baby. Oh well…maybe parenthood will finally tone down the douchiness of these two. Baby gives a fukc about a kilt or a redbottom when that diaper gets shiddy! And y’all already know what’s next… One word: PRENUP Congrats? LOL

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      Q – your a jealous mutt.

      • Q.

        You STILL stalking me? Goddamn, n!gga… you’re like “Single Black Shemale.” GYAOH

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        I know your mutt race, and jealous about it

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Q – and I’m a Negro – you fuc#in’ mutt.

      • Q.

        Nigro, Coon…Tomāto, Tomäto. You’re still a sucka. LOL

      • Sean Taylor

        Nigga hit him with a Tomāto, Tomäto. hahahahaha

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Big L for Kanye and a Big W for Kim lol


    Ray -j – reggie bush- chris humphries- kayne west….
    And that just the ones we seen in the last few years????
    How you going to tell your daughter to has a certain level of self resoect with dhe can goiogle a video of her mom, moaning like a whore. What worst is its not even you but another man, that making her do it at that…. Lol daddy who that guy with mommy????? Lmao

  • speedy37

    How u gonna explain to this kid about kims porn with rayj,sucker for love ass nigga.

  • iamKingG

    Damn Yeezy, I didnt think you were this foolish! Really ? Trying to turn a hoe into a house wife? EPIC FAIL

    • Not sure about that anymore, Kim K is worth $40Mil….hard for me in my position to call that a fail.

  • mxtralive

    Yezzy couldnt wait to knock that broad up! Look likes Yezzy & Kim trying to keep up with Wiz & Rose not to be out done!

    • mxtralive

      “You big dummy” (redd foxx voice)

  • What’s crazy is that this isn’t even a big story. Kanye is a cornball and Kim has been ran through. This whole relationship is one of spite.

  • $28825362

    I’m not a Kim K fan but it’s funny to me how you dudes bash on her for getting pipe like your girl, your sister, your Mom haven’t done the same thing. Only difference is Kim is famous so the public knows about it. Every female and male puts in work in the bedroom with multiple people over there life times. The same chick that sucked off a dude last week that she met at the club will be sucking you off tonight at midnight and you won’t say shit, so stop hatin. #Growup

    • dominicancoke

      Save your captain save hoe speech for the next b!tch made p#ssy like you. Yeah females do what she does and these are called whores what makes her case worse is that her and ray j plotted this when is career was on a respirator and she was a nobody b!tch with big name lawyer dad and a whore for a mom

      • $28825362

        You really expect me to take you serious with a name like dominicancoke? Is that what you do; you sell coke and call females bitches and dudes that you don’t agree with a bitch made p#ssy. Stay in your (online) lane youngin. Because face to face would be a whole different story. #Be-respectful

      • Celz

        This bitch is still married fam. She married a player on Jay-Z’s team for 2.5 months then dumped him and got pregnant with Jay’s friend before the divorce is final. I literally know whores, like real whores, who have more respect than that.. She got with any black dude who brings a check in. Has she ever had a relationship longer than 9 months? Lol dude was a lil disrespectful but he’s right she’s filthy bro it’s not the # of dudes but how you respect yourself she let’s herself get tossed around and goes from celeb to celeb for attention. Not companionship or love. And did I mention she is still married?

      • $28825362

        Man, I agree with you. I’m not saying at all that she is a wife type. I’m just saying dudes front like females round they way (even in they own fam) don’t do that same shyt. Kim do the same shit MOST females in the U.S. do. Her shit is just more exposed. All I’m saying is this; I’m a lot older than a lot of you cats. I put my bedroom work in. I hit females who never even hit me back. I hit married females, I hit females who had boyfriends at home. Hell I hit a female while she was on the phone with her man. Most females are just like Kim. They get they work in. I just never disrespected a female because she got around. We look up to dudes when they put in work and diss females when they do the same, but we still hit up females to dome us up. Can’t have it both ways.

      • Weedras

        seems like you were there plotting with here and Ray j why yo’re privy to details lol!! dude you hate the chick.. its ok but to bitch about and be slanderous is what you deem B!tch made P#ssy feelings why… shorty was in the same field of work as Fab’s girl and the fam had a store so she was getting money… yeah she only fucks with celebs and yeah the tape made her famous… but who released it? Ray j in a bid to get his name back out there and it got him a reality show and blew her up bigger than him and got him catching feelings lol! relax even if she was still a no name b!tch you probably still couldn’t get to pipe…

  • $28825362

    And in other news the Emancipation Proclamation turns 150. Now which should be more of a news story?

    • The EP didn’t free a single slave in reality, but good point!

      $E$’ing this! ^^^

      • $28825362

        No it didn’t but it laid the framework for us to be where we are today.

      • Which is in BONDAGE.
        I can’t speak against it, or for it.
        Did it help? Yes, but it didn’t solve the issue.

        Kinda like Pepto Bismo for a stomach ulcer.

      • $28825362

        Small steps still get you to where you need to be…

      • Agreed 100%, but in reality, I’m talking about overall, we are actually worse off….not saying Slavery was better, but back then, we had more identity and unity before forced assimilation.

        We knew the deal, knew where we stood, today, all Americans are fugged up in the game….we just don’t realize it.

      • $28825362

        All I would say is be careful using/saying “worse off….”. I can agree as a black man it hurts me to see how our people turned out since the 60’s. I always thought (maybe foolishly) we would take over this country: more black senators and statesmen. I think Hip Hop has done more to hurt blacks than help. Just my thoughts. No disrespect to Hip hop, but I hope you see my underlining point.

      • Indeed, I can’t quite articulate my point, but I think you understand.

        PS:*Rap , not Hip Hop

      • $28825362

        True, my fault Rap not Hip hop. Hey, I hope you enjoy your New Years kid. Stay up.

      • You too famz!


      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        2_old_for_this_site – public aid, welfare, section 8 housing is what fucked our generation up – lots of mothers having kids they hated for free housing caught up with us – these kids growed up, even are grandparents of the same kind of people – then America tore down all the project buildings (except New York) where they were all confined – now section 8 public aid people are Everywhere – that’s the reason for our decline since the 80’s – our race was slaughtered by eliminating the loving respectful Mothers, replacing them with females on public aid – who can’t stand the site of thier children.

      • To some degree, like always, I agree with you.

        Some call it welfare, some call it Reparations.

        Hard for me to make a blanket assessment of so many people that I don’t know anything about.

        Is it all a plan to keep the Blackman / Negro a child like he’s Peter Pan?
        I believe so, but like the EP above, small steps to get where you want to go, are better than no steps at all.

        The trick is not to be content and use it as a stepping stone, but a stepping stone to where? Without our own piece of land, a nation, we will forever be at the same disadvantage as a homeless bum on the street, regardless of the few that make it & are held up as a symbol that the historic barriers are no longer in place.

  • Q.

    For some reason I feel like these two are trying to compete with Amber & Wiz, like they’re trying to one-up on some trendy sh!t. If that’s the case, that’s a really wack reason to bring a child into the world. If not, hopefully parenthood will get their minds off that superficial sh!t.

  • I wonder how Yeezy gonna feel when his daughter first sex tape leak….

  • southside4lyfe

    lol kanye you have just been …..wait for it ………federlined….welcome to the club….were baby mamas get all of yo money and you get fucked by child support

  • maya

    At least taxpayers won’t be paying for the birthing and raising of the child…

  • maya

    A lot of you be messing with chicks, wifing, and/or knocking up chicks that are a MILLION times nastier than Kim K. LOL They just aren’t famous and never pulled a rich dude.

    • $28825362

      That’s all I’m trying to say. Dudes be frontin.

      • BoldSpice

        Frontin how? I don’t know nobody who knowingly marry the neighborhood hoe.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    swallowed ray js babies, had kanyes.

    • Celz

      No amount of money can fix that statement


    This is not Kanye’s first child. Listen to his music.

    • Celz

      If the clues are in his new shyt I guess Ill never find out

      • MRCVSJR

        It’s in his song All Of The Lights. Around the 1:53 mark.

      • Weedras

        its his first child he wasn’t alluding to having a kid in that song it was just a scenario… he also has other songs where he talks about raising kids but its all hypothetical…

  • Still think he’s in the closet deep, the fact he picked a chick has been a beard for anyone with a check says plenty. Congrats to the her, major come up lol. Before ya’ll hop on my back over my comments look at the three women he’s publicly dated and their history.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    “18 years, 18 years
    She got one of your kids got you for 18 years
    I know somebody paying child support for one of his kids
    His baby mamma’s car and crib is bigger than his
    You will see him on TV any given Sunday
    Win the Superbowl and drive off in a Hyundai
    She was suppose to buy you shorty TYCO with your money
    She went to the doctor got lypo with your money
    She walking around looking like Michael with your money
    Should of got that insured got GEICO for your money
    If you ant no punk holla we want prenup
    WE WANT PRENUP!” – Kanye West

    • Celz

      “It’s somthin that you need to have/ cause if she leave your ass she gonna leave with half”..

      Prenups don’t stop child support.. You fucked up Mr. West.. smh.. This is the most costly mistake of your life..

  • Andrew

    One thing is clear for sure, Kim Kardashain loves Black D1ck ! ” Damon Thomas, Ray J, Reggie Bush, Miles Austin and Kris Humphries ” . The B1tch has an Incurable form of Jungle Fever !

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  • Kim is the epitome of all this is fucked up about most american women…Most of them are like those beautiful crypts with fresco’s and angels..but inside they are like rotting human flesh and dead peoples bones

  • BoldSpice

    Cave bitch hits the lottery again. More news at 11.