AZ Announces New Hip-Hop Album “Doe or Die II” For 2013

(AllHipHop News) Queens, New York rapper AZ is returning with a new album this year, the rapper announced today (January 2).

AZ confirmed he is working to Doe Or Die II this year, as the official follow-up to his 1995 album Doe Or Die.

According to reps for AZ, he’s been working on Doe Or Die for several years, to ensure its perfection.

“Since the release of the Doe or Die anniversary album in 2011, AZ has been working to perfect each song for the new album,” a rep stated. “Fans will definitely be pleased with the follow-up.”

AZ’s debut studio album Doe Or Die is considered a Hip-Hop classic by many aficionados.

The album debuted at #1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts, in addition to producing the hit single “Sugar Hill” and being certified platinum.

Check out this new freestyle by AZ title “Genesis.”

  • better get Alchemist….

  • Just a SN- AZ’s From Brooklyn Not Queens

  • Jay

    Queens NY? I’m pretty sure Nas is from Queens and AZ is from Brooklyn. Might want to fix that.

  • Celz

    AZ has mad love in Cali.. Been a fan since the 90s.. AZ, Cormega, and Nature are slept on real talk

  • I love AZ, I think Foxy is a part of the new album as well.

  • Sean Taylor

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    -Bigger than the Irish

    -You run the whole fuckin country

    -You can be the next John D. Rockerfeller

    -Nobody noticed us, nobody gave a shit

    -But the bigger we get, the more were takin from other people