Hip-Hop Rumors: Trinidad James’ Girlfriend Revealed?

Trinidad James is often regarded as some sort of JOKE for you people, but for a man that’s only been rapping for a few mere months, he’s doing pretty good! If you google him, oftentimes the image of Jerome (Romey Rome In The House) comes up!

By the way, that co-creator of “Martin” has not sued Trinidad James! That’s a farce and a rumor! Jerome in the house!

Anyway, I heard the boy Trinidad James got himself a GAL, even though people keep talking about how ugly he is! I don’t judge the looks of men, but I will admit he’s rather unique! There is a girl ironically named Keepa that considers him a keeper! This is rumored to be Trini’s girlfriend!


What do you think about Keepa?
They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.
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  • SGP

    This shit is supposed to be breaking news ? foh, why ?

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      Im like come ON!!! Someone wrote “Keepa” using Microsoft Paint (not even photoshop). REALLY?

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  • if that is his girl she is ugly and probaly a gold digger

  • 7yoyo7

    At least he can play football with her.

  • what? no pics of Sha-nay-nay??? thats a missed opportunity there Illy…

  • Smoke_A_Holic

    I rather hear about Young Scooter.

  • I’d Keepa……for a while.

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  • kered gnuoy

    he should shoot for a white girl. this keepa girl is fugly.

  • slimmy

    I literally get sick when I see this guys pic, as someone said before it looks like he’s chewing doo doo

  • Lmao a poll on how good looking this man’s girlfriend is?

    • andone

      some high school ish right there… SMH!!

  • EzE

    this shit needs to be on media take out…where did u get the photo of the bitch….hhmm lemme guess Instagram…. keep up the good “reporting” bird seed



  • SpaceAge2012

    So da coon wifed up a groupie,this shit aint news!

  • disqus_xw3mh9EjjQ

    i bet he is a keepa worth bout 2.5 million…lmao

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  • “I think he is unique” wat kinda shit is dat

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  • She a mud duck but I’d still put my dick in her booty

  • Diemenz

    That picture she looks ashey and terrible but her other pictures on illseeds site she isn’t ugly at all

  • Negro Peligro

    I love a ratchet ass bitch. Mannish mane.

  • disqus_Azk0jpD7ex

    ..Annnnd on the second day of the New Year, not a single F was given.

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    A bird for a bird azz nigga

  • brotha_man

    It’s also probably safe to say that she wears underwear with di#k holes in them

  • Name me King

    the damn girl don’t look that bad

  • Sean Taylor

    Yo shawty, yo knees a different color.

  • fuknyourgirl2

    i think i rather watch paint dry or snow melt then to look at his gf again wtf u gotta to do better allhiphop #300 in breakin news lil wayne caught in the bathroom with ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/dum dum dum his pants down an his ass up lol glory hole lol


    Ok. Why is this news?

  • What is up with these polls? Years go by and this site is now TMZ and media takeout. Chuck you are falling. Forbezdvd is kicking you guys as*ses. Get rid of these stupid ass articles and you will be good.

  • With the poll, I’d avoid Trinidad at any rapper award shows that you are invited to lol.