Hip-Hop Rumors: Trinidad James’ Girlfriend Revealed?

Trinidad James is often regarded as some sort of JOKE for you people, but for a man that’s only been rapping for a few mere months, he’s doing pretty good! If you google him, oftentimes the image of Jerome (Romey Rome In The House) comes up!

By the way, that co-creator of “Martin” has not sued Trinidad James! That’s a farce and a rumor! Jerome in the house!

Anyway, I heard the boy Trinidad James got himself a GAL, even though people keep talking about how ugly he is! I don’t judge the looks of men, but I will admit he’s rather unique! There is a girl ironically named Keepa that considers him a keeper! This is rumored to be Trini’s girlfriend!


What do you think about Keepa?
They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.
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32 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Trinidad James’ Girlfriend Revealed?”

  1. EzE

    this shit needs to be on media take out…where did u get the photo of the bitch….hhmm lemme guess Instagram…. keep up the good “reporting” bird seed

  2. fuknyourgirl2

    i think i rather watch paint dry or snow melt then to look at his gf again wtf u gotta to do better allhiphop #300 in breakin news lil wayne caught in the bathroom with ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/dum dum dum his pants down an his ass up lol glory hole lol

  3. cromthelaughinggod

    What is up with these polls? Years go by and this site is now TMZ and media takeout. Chuck you are falling. Forbezdvd is kicking you guys as*ses. Get rid of these stupid ass articles and you will be good.

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