Hip-Hop Rumors: What Rapper Bust His ARSE On Stage?

That boy YG got the club on SMASH! I gotta give it to him. The “toot it / boot it” rapper was performing at some club, which I refuse to research. But, the fans were going crazy for him! They were all in and then suddenly – BOOM! He fell over! He managed to recover really expeditiously but Twitter got at him. Here is the stumble and subsequent recovery!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Joseph Thomas


  • Bawahaahahhaaa!

    Reminds me of Joaqiun Phoenix rapping & falling off the stage!

    Glad he’s ok!

    • hoeyuno

      shit happens…. too bad he’s not the love interest of a mogul…that shit would fly off YouTube before you can write lol.

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  • kered gnuoy

    who cares?

  • EzE

    mad late n shit

  • Synista

    who is yg?
    i am gonna start selling fall insurance for rappers.

    • Celz

      He basically had a hand in starting the “Cali Ratchet Music” fad that Young Money and Big Sean are happily milking right now.. Too bad for him I don’t think his bars or funds are big enough to stay ahead of the competition.. Tyga is killin em with his ignorant party music and Problem is gettin a huge buzz in L.A. and the Bay which is pretty hard to do..

  • Rick D.

    lmao !

  • LoverOfHipHop


  • Negro Peligro

    His career fell off before he fell. This nigga tree in the forest nobody around. But its
    Bout time somebody fell off on stage other than katt Williams.

  • CooL_KiD_305

    That’s what he gets for wearing shades in the club!!

  • brotha_man

    He couldn’t find his own ass with both hands stuck in his back pockets.

  • Lol anyone notice how he kept “rapping” after having fallen? LMAO nobody coulda kept a mic in their hand and continue saying something other than “oh sh*t” after a fall like that. #EpicFail

  • fuknyourgirl2

    again allhiphop i would rather watch 2 old people ova 80 have sex then to watch this pointless asssssss shit in breaking news?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????nicki minaj ass begins to deflate while givin a lapdance at her show they said her cheeks now look like dried fruit #raisin brand……….#300

  • alreadyknow

    im laughing so dam hard right now. i dont think im going to be able to sleep tonight. .
    let me rewind this a couple more times… did he throw up the devil horns before he fell