Hip-Hop Rumors: What Rapper Managed To Scoop Ciara?

It looks like there is a new Hip-Hop couple for you not to care about. That’s not to say that I don’t care, but, based on the comments, you all will be looking for f**ks for a long time on this on. FUTURE AND CIARA! They are reportedly dating! Moreover, Future has been included on Ciara a few tracks on her album. To further add to the rumor.  But, this dude is making other big moves in the game. So much so, that I heard he’s got production and a couple songs with Kelly Rowland, my ex. AND MOREOVER, I am hearing he’s working on signing yet another major R&B female singer. I’ll reveal that in a bit!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • SpaceAge2012

    Damn,every1 is eatin Bow wow’s left overs now.

    • Im surprised 50 even hit it after Bow Wow but to be honest i would have to too. she still got a pretty bangin body and you know she can move it…lol

      • Celz

        Man 50 prolly hit Bow Wow first

      • Bumpy Johnson


      • lolz

      • DreamZ

        thats gay as hell lmao

    • *Slightly, if barely used left overs.

      ‘Chet probably in better condition after Bow Wow….than before.

      I’m Not saying Bow Wow was more interested in Omarion ( PAUSE ) …#I’mJustSayin’

      • EL_BARK

        Yo i meet them & chris strokes back when they first came out.
        & something wasnt right with chris or them lil niggaz.
        Chris seem like he might be a pillow biter. Just saying.

      • Maybe it’s me, but I’ll slide out of bed, throw on the dirty cammies & Jungle boots & keep it moving, not everyone is as grimey as me, nothing wrong with that, but, something is definitely wrong with a man fixed his baby girls constantly. #IJS

      • hoeyuno

        ha ha.. bow wow hates Edogz818… he doesn’t even come near ahh or 4umf cause of you.

      • He’s one of the “Usual Suspects”.

      • SpaceAge2012

        I doubt it was in better condition cus after Bow smashed Stoudemire got da goodies,50 crushed da cookies & now Future got his hands in da jar.

      • DreamZ

        dying laughing

    • MuthaFuka Jones

      ……..every woman is some mans leftovers……………genuis……….

      • SpaceAge2012

        Not every woman troll.Now go crawl back under ur bridge & kill urself.

      • MuthaFuka Jones

        ……………………………… MAD son?!?!?!

      • SpaceAge2012

        Go find a job son,trollin won’t pay u cus it’s just a annoyin hobby of ignorant ppl.

      • DreamZ


    • EL_BARK

      Hey is the resident devil checking in. I just seen your comment from 2 days ago.
      I left a reply. But i sure you wont be able to answer my simple question. Be as though you had to resort to calling me a devil. Lol dont worry when most people can win a debate with intellect, name calling is always a 2nd best option. Goid day.
      Your luciferian representative.
      Your truly
      El “the devil” bark.

      Although i might come across as intimidating on-line. i assure you i much scarier in person…. So you calling me a devil i was offended by no means what so ever…

      • “Although i might come across as intimidating on-line. i assure you i much scarier in person…. ”


        That bath tub ‘chet intimidated me. #IJS

      • EL_BARK

        I simply asked the fools for some proof on this conspiracy theroy of a black distrubtion company. And when didnt have any, got his panties in a bunch and call me a devil. Lol

        And this other weirdo going to ask me what a distrubtion liscense is, lol
        Telling me there no such thing ???? I refuse at that point to even reply.

      • How many distro licenses are there? 3-5?

        Kinda hard to get I think?

      • EL_BARK

        There 5 companies that are majors. & i think koch has one as a indy.
        I try to tell these fools that, but you cant argrue with people that chose not to use facts…. Even with a clothing company you have yo link up with a distrubtor, but these fools think its if not on an you tube vidro its not true. Its more than hard to get. Its damn near impossible lol atleast it is now, and the 5 major going to keep it that way.
        “A nick get move in the park. I want in”
        You want your album in wal-mart or bestbuy, you got to go through one of them, if not your shet will be on the bottom racks with 5 copies at max. Lol

        You dont believe. Try pissing one of them off. And you be like chris brown in wal-mart trying to fight cause your album came out, but its not on the shelf.

      • I know, trust, I thought the 5 shrunk to 3?

        Sony,EMI &????

      • EL_BARK

        Its was 6, MCA used to be the six one, but merge with sony i think.
        Sony, emi, universal, warner bros, BMG.
        And look how many of those company have other business ventures???

        Time/ warner. Universal/ studios / movies, Sony electronics,

        Now what do these 3 all have in common?????
        They not only distrubte music but others product as well. And then these dumb ignorant fools going to tell me aint no such thing as a distrubtion license??? Lol

        Or that alledge black distrubtion company was going to be able compete with these company that gross bilkions and dominated the music biz????? Lol

      • I won’t say Illumanati, but I will say ‘chet is on Lock….plenty goes on that average dudes don’t understand.

      • SpaceAge2012

        Trust me lil devil u have no power over a God.I was never scared or intimidated by u.Truth is,I’ve realized that agents like u & ur partner “Amen Ra” come on this site 2 spread ignorance disguised as facts 2 our ppl & that’s y I stopped respondin 2 ur comments on that topic.Now please..get off my ballz & stop stalkin me cus there is nothin I want,need,or can learn from u.So.. Fuccouttahere!!!

      • EL_BARK

        I dare you to rebutal my above comment or even answer the one question i ask. If you prove me wrong i will apologize.

        What year was this black distrubution company was to be formed. When the two key players companies were in financial ruin.???
        Thats is all i ask. Stop being a sissy and just answer the question??

        Also your not GOD or a GOD. Your twisted thinking speak volumes of your character.??? Are you immortal? Last time i check god was an infinite surpeme spirit or being. I bet if i stomp your bitsh ass out,
        It will hurt. Do you bleed blood??? I pretty sure you do. Therefire your not god,…. Simple minded fool. What cult do you belong too???
        Where your not born of a women???? Or were you born through an immaculate conception. Do you worship the sun???? Lol
        I bet you an mason??? With that i am a god talk.
        If you god, will the lakers win the chip this year.

        What did i eat for dinner last night?
        Is congress going to get over this fiscal cliff bs,
        Where jimmy hoffa????
        And the question that mankind been wanting to know since the begining. Where did white people come from???

        Go back to twitter and finish sucking off talib kweli???
        So he can keep ignoring you.

      • SpaceAge2012 ur desperate 4 attention seekin ass right now.I’ll answer 1 of ur questions 4 u,”What did i eat for dinner last night?” A:U ate ur boyfriend’s ass like u do ever night,which is obvious cus all u ever spit is shit u damn homo.F.O.H!!! Twitter won’t give u any info on me if that’s what u’re lookin 4 u stalkin ass weirdo.

      • EL_BARK

        Niggah you gay, i dont want your info. And why would twitter give me any info on you, i just happen yo see it when i went to my notifications.
        Well my work is here is done. I see your refusal to answer my questions on your black distrubtion company theroy had been debunked… Lol
        You wont answer the question cause your hoeass never thought, about how this myth of a company was going to get the capital when the key players were broke. Your dumbasss heard that dumb shet snd like all these other goof ball conspiracy nimrods never approach that lie / rumor and question whether its true….. You so lost in your own bullshet ideology thanking your god, that you forget to use reason and rationalize or process any information. Your brain is just as useful as a used condom once you skeet in it. You so busy absorbing waste, that you cant even get rid of the useless info once you hear it….

        Watch i got a ocean front beach house in the sahara that i share with two polar bears. Any smart person with an ounce of common sense, would think about what i just said. But your dumbasses, just like these pac fans create these tall tales in your head to justify your fantasies of mass corruption & blame it on the boogie man. Rather then looking at facts…. You think the feds really targeted urv gotti cause he wanted to form a company…..

        Look at me BOY when i am talking to you.
        No you dumbasss, its clear you live in your room all day filling your head with non sense, thinking you enlighten or self educated, but its clear your mommy never left you off the porch. Now why would the gov stop irv from making money???? Your only person in life is to generate money for the gov. So they could care less if irv suge or j prince wanted to start a company. Irv got indicted for one reason and one readon only… His association with a known gangster, that have been on the feds, most wanted list since crack hit. The fact that preme was one if the last biggest kingping from 80’s era of NY to avoid being prosecuted by them is the reason they apply oressure to irv. Dumb
        stpuid fuk The fact that preme started to renig on going straight, and was still on the streets conductingbusiness as usual is why they went to shut down muder inc. oh yeah lets not forget that he was also getting cats head knock off in several states, and oh yeah the fact jmj a fuking rap legend got his brain blown out, might had a played a part in it.
        Feds lock up criminals. You associate with feds niggahs, you going to get their heat. when you get in bed with a dogs, its a chance you gets fleas. No a dumb dikhead like yourself, Instead wants to blame the powers that be, with no facts.
        Instead of looking at all the facts that are evident.
        Now i hope you take heed to my schooling you boy, i teying to really help your simple minded asss Lol only a nerd going to blame jimmy lovine for irv catching a case. But over look the fact he was in bed with a stone cold killers that got more bodies, then a morge. Smh

    • Tann01

      If bow wow was your first you still a virgin.

      • SpaceAge2012

        Lol..true shit but Wizzle done smashed mad bitches & still pullin em.

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  • EzE

    so is he dating da bitch or he signed her….im confused…so i guess dude officially snatched t pains spot huh

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      ‘leftovers’ can be a good thing (experienced) – a well maintained vagina keeps being good.

  • artman696

    What happened to her goodies? Seem like errybody that’s got a buzz can get a taste!

    • Bumpy Johnson

      the thing was a slut when it first started…she got hit by future,bow wow, 50 and who else i dono ….better than ATL niggas from before high school no rubber asses

      • Ta

        What..If she been out for 10 years and dated 3 guys then she is a slut.Lame comment plus Ciara and Future say weeks Over 3 Weeks ago that they aren’t dating..

      • Torrey Winston

        she then been with more then 3….its just been like 3 rap dudes. she been wit old white men(rich of course) and a gang of other guys that have money

  • An idea is a feat of association.

  • No Poll to ask if they make a cute couple?

    • Negro Peligro

      At this point she been on enough polls. To easy.

      • mademan3000

        Actually that would be “POLE” guess it wasn’t so easy!!!

  • nigga Illy posting alot of relationship stuff….. they canceled Sydney’s contract didnt they…
    “Sydney Lace…. turn in ur notepad & AHH pen immediately!”

    • >>Rick James Voice : “Cold…Blooooded!”

  • Moet

    everyone weather famous or not…..Is someones left over. How many boy or girls u been with and how many people u think they been with?….Another mans trash is the next man gift!


    Can’ t hate…CC can get it…

  • Negro Peligro

    I never been a huge fan of cialis viagra. Id only bop her like I was killing a zompie.

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  • Sean Taylor

    Petey Pablo

  • hoeyuno

    “…a new Hip- Hop couple for you not to care about”… ha ha that was good.

  • Ta

    If you haven’t seen what future said on youtube about ciara and this LAME dating rumor then most of you well are lame.They are not dating.This website is too lame

  • Six7

    “Askranot Skratis”

  • King Cold

    So lemme get this straight she went from bow wow to 50 cent to future??? Lol. If that’s not back peddling idk what is

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  • kered gnuoy

    she’s cute…..nothing more.

  • Mike Swiff

    Ciara this non singing, non talented fool… who hasnt she dated?? next will be Elmo!

  • Torrey Winston

    ciara’s another trina