Ice-T and Coco

Ice-T And Coco Renew Vows, Put Scandal Behind Them

(AllHipHop News) Ice-T and Coco showed no signs of strife as they renewed their vows in Las Vegas, even though they have been seemingly plagued by a recent controversy.

The couple celebrated 12 years together, as CoCo announced their plans on Twitter.

“Yeah!! It’s Ice and I’s 12th Anniversary today!! We’re getting couples massages & celebrating tonight at LAX Vegas, counting down to 2013!” Coco tweeted.

In December, the couple were wrought with martial confusion as salacious pictures surfaced of her and a rapper named AP.9. The rapper insinuated that he and the 33-year old Coco were involved in an affair.  Furthermore, the rapper AP.9 is rumored to be shopping nude pictures of Coco, but it has yet to be revealed as fact.

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Nevertheless, the pair were adorn in formal attire for New Years and they appeared extremely happy.
Coco And Ice-T Ring In New Year Together As They Put AP.9 Controversy Behind Them

FLICKS: A Lingerie-Clad Coco (a.k.a. Mrs. Ice-T) Debuts in Vegas “Peep Show”

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  • Good luck!

    Fat shout to the media for showing some restraint in regards to the scandal!

    • ^ 100% agree

      • Living right has intangible privileges & Ice T has lived right.

      • hoeyuno

        ice t is a classy mofo…

      • That New Jack City album? ( ICE T’s, not the sound track ( Midnight, Original Gangsta, New Jack Hustla, etc., = Classic

      • hoeyuno

        o so you dont mean the soundtrack with color me bad on it right ha ha….

      • Nah, LOL, don’t sleep though, you may have been made off that CMB jawnt!

        >> No Kim K

      • hoeyuno

        nobody can say ish about ice t. Ice was a gangster rapper before being a gangster rapper was cool…I got original gangster the album for my 10th birthday.

    • AfricanSoul

      I mean they really didn’t have much to work with after the initial news. The rest was recycled like a mug and when nothing came up…

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  • Fresh Dope

    Can’t wait to see ICE have a ‘treat’ for ‘Ap ZERO talent’ ! That no-name is gonna have OGs everywhere gunnin’ for his 90 lb. azz! ‘Yo I’m from tha hood’, N*GGA PLEASE – ICE-T invented THA HOOD & GANGSTA RAP you wanna bee! ICE clean his ’15 minutes UP’ Clock! F*CK him with a rusty pole for tryin’ to mess up a marriage over a lil rachett attention!

  • hoeyuno

    good look!!

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  • fuknyourgirl2

    yea that shit wit coco was def fake as fuk for one ice t prolly let that hoe get fukd he prolly got jumpoffs an he prolly cant satisfy her sexually nemore dat mf is old as shit they prolly be swingin an all types of shit real life ice t look like a ol nasty mf who would let a nigga fuk his bitch to get off shit im tryna be next in line doe #300haaaaannnnnnnnnnnn

  • ß۞Ь¥ ҊɸЊŁѮ§Ե

    well az formal az coco can b, dat iz. cuz datz still an arguably slutty dress considerin how a formal dress wud normally look.