Rick Ross

Rick Ross Delays Album Title Announcement

(AllHipHop News) Fans of rapper Rick Ross will have to wait another week for the title of the his upcoming new album.

Rick Ross was supposed to announce the title of his sixth studio album on January 1, to ring in the New Year.

But for whatever reason, the rapper decided to delay the announcement until next week.

“For everyone still celebrating New Years like myself, I’m now releasing NEW LP Title Jan.7!!” Rick Ross tweeted.

Rick Ross’ untitled album will be the follow-up to last year’s release, God Forgives, I Don’t, which has been certified gold by the recording industry Association of America (RIAA).

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  • Oscar Rivelino

    Waiting for the lames and burbs to get bored of officer Ricky so we can get back to some talented and genuine artists. Don’t believe the hype…You don’t always have to eat whats been placed in front of you.

  • y wud any1 listen to a guy who lies about his past? weeeeeaaaak .. this dude is such a lame !

    • You’re even lamer for keep dragging it over and over and over ..
      If you don’t like his music DON’T BUY IT !!! Stop draging looking for likes like a lil slut.. SMH .. people kill me sometimes man .. you have a choice to buy it or don’t buy it. if you want people to like your comments, say something smart ..SMH

      • Bumpy Johnson

        whats wrong with him dragging it?
        thanorthstar knows he/she has a choice of buying or not buying the album?

        i do not think he was thinking “mmmh, let me comment to get some likes”

        you like listening to fake niggas? (that you clearly know are faking)
        do you like listening to fairy tail rap?

    • Guest

      Not dissing at all fam but 99% of the rap game is based on a lie with a 95% conviction rate and the below average intelligence that a lot of these cats possessed if even 10% of it was true they would be locked up ask Boosie, C-murder, Max B and the list goes on in this industry art should not imitate life

  • do y’all ever get tired of talking about this mans past? its like yall
    have text alerts whenever rick ross name is put on the net. Pretty lame
    to call him officer ricky and all that groupie ass shit. The rappers
    that are talented and genuine you never will hear on the radio because
    everyone talks about thats what they want but dont support it at all.
    Quit hating and get money.

    • Oscar Rivelino

      The last sentence is the kind of defeatist, whatless statement that typifies why lame
      rappers are making money and dudes tolerate it. You contradict yourself in your own comment son. Its not hate, I’m not jealous, i know who i am but i also respect the artform that has been created and don’t like it when its been flagrantly pimped.

      • If you respect the artform as you say you wouldnt bother listening to mainstream rap. You have options its just you choose to complain about the same thing over and over and you complain about something you have no control over. If you really care get an A&R job or start a label Rick Ross isnt doing anything anyone else wouldnt do. Hes feeding his family the best way he knows how,now how do you do that? Why not become a rapper and do something rather than “hate” on what the next man is doing.

      • Oscar Rivelino

        Firstly son, U make assumptions. I don’t consciously listen to mainstream rap. I listen to quality rap music, quality Hip-Hop. I’m aware of mainstream rap, some is ok, most lacks creativity and originality which is my point. Mainstream rap was’nt always this bad. Secondly, I’m tired of ppl using the word “hate”when
        someone expresses their opinion. This culture and the ppl in it stood for something and have standards. Bcos of the understanding of the music biz of ppl like yourself, u now justify whats put on. iT doesnt matter whether u listen to it our not…the music can still effect the perception of the culture.

    • No, it’s not like we can talk about how good his garbage music is.


      Plus, it’s pretty funny.

  • Fresh Dope

    He’s gotta THINK of someone else to RIP OFF for their ‘concept’, William Roberts -the epitome HOW f*cked up the industry, when this marginally talented, fat & egotistically f*ck is ‘on top’……….THE BOTTOM must looked hella f*cked! 10 years ago this guy couldn’t carry BIGGIE or PAC’s dirty underwear! ‘Maybach’, that’s REAL ‘original’…………….

    • MiiUziWeighsATon

      10 years ago Puffy and BIG woulda jumped on a track wit dude and made that paper…Biggie answered to Puff and Puff about that paper and if Rick woulda been around and had a buzz…cha-ching, cash the check…Rick talk that big money, materialistic shyt just like they did

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    WAIT! So we’re doing Album TITLE release announcements now?

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      yeah that’s some funny ish, next thing they gonna throw album title release parties. $8 for the first 100 males, free for ladies up till 12am.

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    WTF is he doing in that pic???????