Atlanta Rapper Shot To Death After Tweeting People Wanted Him Dead

(AllHipHop News) An Atlanta-area rapper was shot and killed yesterday after tweeting an ominous message on Twitter.

The rapper, Yung Teddy, was shot dead less that five hours later, according to published reports.

The 23-year-old rapper tweeted “N****as wanna WANNA SEE ME DEAD.”

There was also another message that was posted on GlobalGrind.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, he was killed last night around 10:18 pm.

The rapper’s real name was Justin Mitchell.

Condolences were posted on several of his videos on YouTube.

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120 Responses to “Atlanta Rapper Shot To Death After Tweeting People Wanted Him Dead”


    Once again, I don’t feel sorry of these people anymore….You talk it and you live it, so that’s how you die……Twitter is much like the “Laws of attraction” the energy you give off is the same energy that you attract.

    • Adrian Barron

      dont get offended – just a question …

      by your own admission you shouldnt feel sorry for BIG or PAC either, right?


        I am not sorry for BIG or PAC…..B.I.G was clearly “ready to die”… Pac was the biggest trouble maker of Hip-hop back in the day, so no I don’t feel sorry…The music is something different, but keeping your black ass out of jail, caskets, and court is a personal responsibility.

      • Adrian Barron

        you stated earlier that “twitter is much like the laws of attraction” but this wasnt twitter beef or rap beef – thats an iphone text message up top so that would imply that he was into something DEEPER THAN RAP, right?
        Whoever had it out for this niggah knew him personally.

        B.I.G wasn’t ready to die regardless of the title of his record. Sadly, his life was taken away from him too soon. However, i do agree with “the personal responsibilty” comment!


        Rappers need to be more responsible….Yes you can rap about crazy things that your average person would not do, but to promote it and sleep, eat and shit all that negativity 24/7 is just wrong.

      • TruthSerum

        I agree, it’s one thing to be an entertainer and write edgy songs, it’s another to be in a privelaged position to make incredible money and throw it away by acting like an idiot and trying to prove how real you are.

        Only in rap do we expect this……. Nobody in country music expected Johny Cash to shoot people like he did in his songs, Rock fans dont get mad if Slipknot arent having a psychotic breakdown 24/7 like they do on stage…… But a rapper who writes a thugged out song is expected to live it even after they’ve ascended to a blessed position in life.

        I can only imagine if we applied this same concept to filmmakers, painters, broadway singers, etc etc………. Run up on Al Pacino and be like “What you mean you aint got no dope for sale, you aint real punk!!!!!”

      • Adrian Barron

        i hear everything and agree with everything your saying G – it urks me when i see niggahs saying “so and so aint real, he aint living what he rapping…then a niggah get took down … and the comments automatically turn into WHEN KEEPING IT REAL GOES WRONG,”

        BUT none of the truths you typed up top are relevant to this topic because he didnt die behind rap beef he obviously died behind crossing the wrong niggah – he obviously was playing around in that LIFE given the artillery in the video and the text messages sent directly to his phone …

      • n n

        But you are trying to differentiate bad karma did you see the way scott larock died? He did not die over his work either he died from putting that bad karma out there.

      • TruthSerum

        Maybe, I just felt like this was as good a place as any to post it, lol

      • Adrian Barron

        but this had nothing to do with rap – matter fact im willing to bet that if he wasn’t a local rapper than we wouldn’t be privy to the details of his demise he would have been just another dead niggah behind street shyt. Asking a rapper who makes a living off glorifying street shit to be more responsible is like asking a white man to hold himself accountable for white supremacy … in a nutshell, it wont happen.

      • EDOGZ818

        It’s about fine tuning the subconscious magnet, so it doesn’t pull in havoc.

        Scott La Rock was killed, and other than tossing PM Dawn off the stage, KRS hasn’t been in anything like this.

      • Adrian Barron

        i agree completely myG – … but aside from THE OBVIOUS TRUTHS of karma and consciousness – the point im attempting to establish is THIS WASNT RAP BEEF behind diss lyrics or quote/unquote “keeping it real” — this is a direct result of how he was living his life and the fact that he happend to rap was just a coincidence – him being a local rapper was able to get the story propelled from GA local news channel to AHH – but this wasnt rap beef or a direct result of what he said about a niggah on a song – check the text messages up top – thats confirmation alone that this was a personal vendetta

        it didnt happen to KRS-ONE true but it did happen to Scott La Rock – and by no way was rap as nefarious back then as it is now. You don’t have to be a thugged out rapper to die an early demise. Look at JMJ being the prime example – that wasnt rap beef that was street shyt that he died over – same with Slim Dunkin in Atl. Two different victims, with 2 different styles of music, on 2 different conscious wave lengths – but they both ended up in a casket behind a bullet.

        The reason im trying to establish this point is because there is a PSYCHOLOGICAL COVERT WAR ON HIP HOP (per Professor Griff) and we dont need our strongest art form and way of expression to be exploited even more.

      • EDOGZ818

        ON KRS –
        He didn’t pick & choose, folks violated & got violated.

        PM Dawn talking ‘Ish after winning the 1st rap grammy…then coming to NY????

        Nelly popped ‘ish in a song ( Diss song….not sure why he would SING a diss to an MC that people said wouldn’t last long, because he can only battle, not write a song…>> Shugz & SMDH @ Nelly 4 that 1.

        Shan said Hip Hop started in Queens & that beef stayed on wax.

        Scott La Rock was killed mediating a beef with D Nice in Highbridge projects & the dude that opened up on the convoy had no idea it was SLR he was firing at, or he wouldn’t have fired. He was actually a fan, then again, who wasn’t? ( In the BX )

        Then KRS learned, started the Stop The Violence movement & hasn’t been in any beef since. ( Nelly doesn’t count as BEEF, LOL~N @ Nelly X 2.

        PS: It’s a psychological war on Black America, rap is just on the front lines.

        I co sign though, many young Ninjaz end up dead that ain’t even about that life, but in this case….you live by the gun…..

        What a Ninja supposed to do with a Ninja that has a Tec? Jump him?

        That ain’t happening, so when you live by the gun, your opponent has two choices, fold or bring a gun & use it.

        ^^^This is the reality ( other than innocent bystander, wrong place, wrong time, catching a stray.)

        On that note, it wasn’t a rap beef like you said, they threatened his baby momz…..drug $$$?

      • Eli Pinilla

        Krs burried melle mel….so I wouldnt say he picks on soft people at all

      • EDOGZ818

        Word? Details? His homey Bumpy Knuckles knocked Mel out.

        KRS is far from soft, trust that. BDP is the truth!

      • Eli Pinilla

        They battled In 87 at the latin quarter I beleive. Melle mel put up a stack to battle anyone. Nobody took the offer. Krs one showed up to do the show, cuz he was due to perform, and during him rappin poetry(muthafuckin classic!!!) Melle mel stood on stage in his bboy stance. They battled, krs won( pun intended) and krs later changed a lot of his battle rap to fit the song “still #1″… google it, great story…guess biz markie and somebody else from juice crew was there that night and he started dissin them too lol

      • EDOGZ818


        Good fuggin look on the Hip Hop History! My man Mikey D battled & beat Melle Mel for the New Music Seminar Championship in 1988.

        Rough times for Mel, but he is still the truth!

      • Eli Pinilla

        Yea, melle mel don took too many l’s…. and I think it was willi d who knocked out melle mel

      • EDOGZ818

        Yeah, you right, i always make that mistake.
        1 punched him.

        Still, Mel got many wins.


        First rapper:
        Movie Soundtrack
        Library Of Congress


        Mel is Hip hop History.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Hes certified all the way…..100% legend…. but kurtis blow was first rapper to go gold and run dmc was first to go plat…..

      • johnblacksad

        “What a Ninja supposed to do with a Ninja that has a Tec? Jump him?”

        just thought i’d quote one of my fav emcees of all times :

        “n!ggaz can never tell their man that i was puzzy,
        unless they got a gun, and i ain’t got one, i might let you push me”
        Styles P – Can I Live (‘Life Story’ album by Black Rob)

        R.I.P. Yung Teddy

      • Adrian Barron

        plus … since you wanted to bring up your FAV emcee of all time – im’ma engage with you lol … Krs-1 seem to press up on all the softest, afraid of confrontation rappers like Shane and Nelly not niggahs like Jeezy and Bumpy Knuckles – big difference lol – plus he already made his bones back when rap was just rap – now it’s like the dope game where niggahs uh bust yo azz over light shyt

        now adays even niggahs in that BACKPACK lane gotta watch out for wolves too cuz they looked at as the easiest targets ie: Beanz had to come save Kanye when he was on his dropout shyt from getting robbed
        so dont stir up confusion by thinking if a niggah aint rapping about bussin’ guns and breakin’ down ki’s that he’s some how safer – cuz that is not the case

      • Freshly Snipes

        if you think ‘Jeezy’ and these rappers who all have this ‘thug bio’ are real gangsters b/c they hung out with a few so-called ‘g’s’ you are dead wrong. these rap niggaz is liars #1 – lets take jeezy a.) he is really from Macon GA not Atlanta. he used to walk around like LLCOOLJ with his pants leg up while slangin his garbage ass CDs downtown way b4 being a ‘reality thug rapper was cool’ so just bc he hung with BMF in the club dont believe the hype. ALL rappers are entertainers and bc unfortunately the black youth take their lyrics & lifestyle as gospel they do need to calm that shit down & be more responsible. you dont ever hear about rock groups shooting at each other, Van Halen never wanted to kill Bon Jovi- niggas need to stop acting like coons and glorify education & black pride etc

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        macon ga is a dangerous city he is not from there he is from hawkinsville all u hear is atlanta but savannah ga and macon ga it goes down real talk

      • johnblacksad

        it’s their job tho… somebody gotta do it… somebody gotta fill the shoes… somebody gotta keep reporting the crazy sh!t that happens in the hood everyday…

      • brotha_man

        doesn’t mean he deserves to die. thats like saying a rape victim deserves to be raped because of their attire.

      • Kingly_Caracter

        The difference is Sexy Attire is geared towards alluring a person of your choice. Vastly different than inviting “the streets” to try you because you got paper, drugs, and backup. Which, if I’m correct is the basis of most of today’s rap music. Big difference my friend. However…no one should have to die. But everyone is responsible for their actions.

      • EL_BARK

        This niggah a faggot you are responding to. a person who has an identity crisis, and swallow kids, nit only by force. But because he like its.????
        Need i say more…
        You dont remember we ran this faggot off the old format & he drop his name christian off dior???

      • EL_BARK

        Lol ijs. About oh boy above.

        I was beating up on a simple minded gump on that ciara thread. Lol

        Love how you ask a niggah a simple question but he cant answer it. Lol then hit you with that i not responding to you no more. Instead of just answering the question.

      • EL_BARK

        Legitimate question though.
        You co-produced a track on wayne album carter 3???
        That niggah a pillow biter aint he??? Or am i mistaken about your production credit?

      • EL_BARK

        Yeah i guess it was a silly, everybody knows wayne a fag already.
        & you working with him i guess speaks volumes.
        Did he pay you or you still trying to collect your money?

      • Celz

        It wasn’t a twitter beef.. It was beef on twitter.. Which is even worse.. R.I.P. Homie looked like he wit the functions but what if one of his peoples got dude first? He just posted evidence that can’t be erased on line..

      • Adrian Barron

        i dont see any twitter responses all i see is an iPhone text but you right cuz i thought about the same thang – they gonna research that text and get phone records and make an arrest asap

      • EL_BARK

        Yeah but just that text alone aint a smoking gun, not even enuff to get an arrest warrant.
        Need murder weapon or eye witness.

      • n n

        You are right they wann live up that “gangster” life that is the way you die.I grew up in the south bronx but never wanted to live that way.

      • EDOGZ818

        No one who has to live the gangster lifestyle does it because they like it, they are constantly looking for a way out, while those who live it, but don’t have too, are constantly looking for a way in.

      • Southcidal

        I don’t know you Dior, but judging by you post you really seem like a really miserable person. It’s almost like you jump at a chance to post some negative shiit constantly. I’m not on this site much but when I do log on its always the same thing with you. Personally, I don’t really care how you feel just thought I’d comment. Here’s a jewel to carry with you through 2013: JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED – Matthew 7. Love you my brother!!

      • EDOGZ818

        And the judge in which You judge, you shall surely be judged.

        Dior is alright in my book though!


        Okay I feel what you are saying, but you all give these rappers too much credit…They make a lot of money yes, but they are poison to our neighborhood.

      • Adrian Barron

        so says the Nicki Minaj fan … like she aint spreading POISON

      • steven smith

        Good point too. those too Rappers and they crew was not responsible black man to the community. they could have created a regional hate and war among black people.

      • Kaye

        Biggie knew he was gonna die and did not wanna make a song stating he going back to Cali. Damn Dash pulled the card out and helped Rocafella records or Jay Z would have not been shit…and Aliyah wouldn’t have had 2 much luggage on the plane for Bey to make it! U dont know shit buddy.

      • Terrance Goodman

        I disagree , PAC never had a record till he had a record
        . He didn’t star

      • brotha_man

        dont mean he wasn’t in the streets, with fame comes surveillance

      • Martin Raheem

        [ I have never heard of Young Ted until i read this article here on ahh dot com. ]

        @Dior don’t really know what you mean about your comment? Either you are to gangster to ever run your mouth, like putting out something stupid -ish on twitter, or you just to “smart” to never ever ever end up in a situation sending your white – sorry black – a# in jail.

        Anyway a 23-year old just got murdered whether [undersigned] never heard of him or not. Whether he was rapper, skater or gay pop artist. He obviously got some love from his community putting him out in media.

        But no love for the stupid right? Even if they make music you enjoy – f#em – cuz they not as smart/good as u. Cuz they all got what they deserved right? Nice drugs – sorry pedestal – you on.


        Look we all have the right to our opinions……You don’t have to respond to mine…You can comment on this topic on your own without responding to mine.. Thank you

      • Martin Raheem

        U right m8! Can’t disagree on that!!!!! R-e-s-p-e-c-t for everyone that have the nerve to put out their own opinion (right or wrong that does not matter). And i’m not saying this to be sarcastic. But it gives people like me, or any that don’t think just like you/me (again not in anyway disrespectful) a chance to “shine” cuz we think we right..

      • Adopefemalemc

        hell no, u sound like an Uncle Tom. Pac shot off-duty cops who were harrassing a Black motorist. Frederick Douglas’ advice to those who wanted to help the Black struggle for equality was “agitate.” How is Pac a troublemaker, taking up for the Black cause. Allhiphop full of agents

      • steven smith

        I fell sorry for 2pac and Biggie fans and family but its they fault, 2 pac always in some drama shit, and getting pumped up by others to boost record sales.
        2 pac was fighting in Vegas hotel, instead of going home after the boxing event and chill.
        Biggie going to LA knowing he got enemies in Cali during the West coast East coast beef.

      • Celz

        You don’t get it.. His rap video has guns in it. Not props, real guns in a real hood, actin like real thugs. So he is either in streets heavy or he is pretending heavy.. Both things will attract the type of attention that gets you killed.

    • ONE

      Weather or not you feel sorry for him is of no importance considering the fact that you know nothing about this man other than what was written in this article, and he knew nothing about you. It would make a little more sense to say some shit like that if you actually knew this nigga, and your ability to feel sorry for him had the power to bring him back to life, but it dosent.

    • GLEAZC

      Dior@ Sad but so true. Actions and words have consequences. Still he was murdered and murder is murder…wrong is wrong.

    • Mike9130

      Should Al Pacino die for playing Scarface? You live by it you die die by it. I agree on that. Why do you live by it in the first place though?

    • Martin Raheem

      He probably put something stupid out on twitter (idk). He probably “run his mouth”. But that is no reason why someone should get killed, or like he deserved it? And hip hop never was/is no trouble maker – as you put it. No matter what your lyrics are or how many guns you show in the video. U got it twisted man…

  2. Sire For Hire

    Words are very powerful. One of the of seven laws Tehuti (greek its hermatic) is the law of attraction. B.I.G. 2nd album font type was “hell” fire. aceWhat you put out into the universe attracts to you. So, if you always exert negativity then you will receive it. Just a thought. PEACE.

      • Sire For Hire

        Its not!? So why do you call yourself Amen_Ra instead of deathwish or somethin? It is that deep and even deeper, you just might not see it.

      • johnblacksad

        dayum… and i know you’re not even being a smart azz.

        Now that’s an answer i like.

        Sh!t is deep and even deeper… i do see it

      • Celz

        It’s not that deep as in if Bill Cosby uses Hell Fire font he won’t die. But It is that deep because the type of person that would seek out the “hardest” or “most gangsta” font is probably seeking those things out in many more of their decisions..

  3. minny redd

    However you might feel, this man had a family, and it is sad. Rap like other things in life, is entertainment, some of it is real and some isn’t. R.I.P, condolences to the family. Some things and comments are better left unsaid.

  4. whyz404

    He was a very close friend, & extremely talented… I understand the tactic of presenting a story but choosing this video out from the many in his catalog? Smh I find that in poor taste… He was wild, don’t get it twisted but there’s more to him than the guy brandishing fire arms in this clip… Do your research… #R.I.P bro

  5. OaklandOxymoron

    Sad situation. Idk what he did or if he did anything to deserve to be murdered but death isn’t something you wish on anyone

  6. toreal

    Only rap niggas kill each other of dumb stuff. You never see rockers, pop singers, country singers doing stupid things like this.

  7. Sean Taylor

    Well kids, this is what happens when “going hard” goes wrong.

    Stay in school and stop trying to be hard and a thug.

  8. MiiUziWeighsATon

    If you in that life that life gonna follow you no matter what you do, rap, real estate agent whatever…the beef dont stop cuz you had a change of heart…it dont stop cuz you put down ya flag, ya gun, etc…as far as these rap dudes, they talk alot of shyt in the guise of rap music…then go do a show in one of the worst cities and think these goons won’t try them…Pac constantly yelled ride or die….he constant talked about dying before his time…going out in a blaze of glory…well I dont know about the blaze of glory shyt but somebody answered his prayer and sent him to a cold dark place…if Lupe started talking reckless some goon somewhere gonna try his chin…but for the most niggaz just wanna rob a rapper and shoot him for that status amongst their peers…anyway, sounds like this dude got killed over some real life, hood situations and not because of his lyrics or some rap beef on twitter

    • EDOGZ818

      It’s not like they didn’t warn him. He has pics with the Mac & taunted dudes that threatened him, so he should have prepared. ( Vest, helmet, extra clips, etc. #IJS )

      • johnblacksad

        just went thru his sh!t… saw the Mac11 & talks bout n!ggaz not being bout that life, iPhone gangstaz… etc… i agree with his lifestyle he shoulda known better to take them threats more seriously!

        I don’t know who he finessed out of what… but i know them cats were not pleased with it

      • EDOGZ818

        You can tell he wasn’t about that life when he added the tec’s barrel extension to the Mac…for what? Accuracy or looks? That’s like stretching a BMX bike.

        Then posing with it = Proof he ain’t using it, I mean, last thing he wants is to be pulled in for a shooting, with a pic of him & the mac on instagram.

        (*But he could be that stupid…#IJS )

        Now it’s one thing to E Beef, ( *Except with El Bark ) but that was real beef, off line, not pushing some one’s buttons across the country while both of us are punching a clock, passing the time, like the Iran / Iraq war.
        (SunDown go home, fight in Am, take lunch break, prayer break, etc. )

        When it’s “Stretch ‘Em where you Catch ‘Em” beef, he who slips, sleeps, forever.

        We used to be in OJays ( Ghetto Limo’s ….that weren’t Limo’s ) and one day, during my “HeyDay”, I hear my peeps ( The DJ that Battled Big L ) call for a ride, so I have the driver, I’ll call him “Jeeves”, to sound like I have your kind of money, to head there asap. (Edenwald Projects, Bx )

        Pull in, right when his car arrived, and showed him, how easy it was to track & catch him. Now we were catching him on some hang out ‘chet, but the next person may not have the same intentions, and a code was developed.

        Twitter encourages stupidity.

  9. artman696

    That was his own people or the one’s he thought was his peoples. Sounds personal and somebody knowing your every move sounds like they all turned on him.

  10. Legacy Allah

    People say he lived it but other than this article what did we know about him? Big’s Ready to Die was a figure of speech. Pac spoke out againgst what he felt was wrong.

  11. Guest

    It’s rules to the game mane. Finessin’ that’s that ATL bullshi$. Why ya’ll boys think you won’t get touched? This grown man business out here. Somebody gone get they head knocked off. This don’t have nothing to do with rap. This about robbing. Get a clue man.

  12. King Cold

    RIP another lesson to those that wanna talk about street life but aren’t ready for the consequences. Be wise and stay truthful to yourself and this chapter could be avoided

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