Chief Keef

Chicago Rapper Chief Keef To Remain Free – For Now

(AllHipHop News). Chicago rapper Chief Keef scored a victory in court yesterday (January 2), when a judge allowed to remain free over prosecutors request that he be jailed.

Prosecutors claim the Southside Chicago-based rapper had violated his probation, for moving to a home he reportedly purchased in a tony suburban Chicago neighborhood, without notifying his probation officers.

Probation officers claimed the rapper had moved from his grandmother’s residence, to live with an uncle in Northbrook, in a house he allegedly purchased.

But yesterday, lawyers for the rapper argued that he was simply recording music at his managers home/studio in the neighborhood.

A juvenile court judge agreed and said there was no “credible evidence” that Chief Keef moved from his original home.

The rapper is still not in the clear, due to an upcoming court date set for January 28.

In that incident, prosecutors claim Chief Keef violated his probation, by doing an interview at a gun range.

The rapper, born Keith Cozart, is currently on probation for pointing a gun at a police officer.

  • good for him, i really think they’re targeting this kid….im not a huge fan of his music, but its like they’re nit picking with him, jail ain’t nothin to play with or wish on anyone

    • yea right! they are picking on him being A Black Disciple gang member, taking Instagram pics of an adult woman giving him (the educated word) ORAL! and laughing at his rival which was killed recently named JoJo from his city which COULD possibly link him to his murder…..YEA THEY ARE REALLY PICKING ON HIM! and stop calling these guys kids just because they are young….i feel like you are a young man at 13 because you know better and you should have morals by then…and Keef is 17 now….STOP CALLING HIM A KID!

      • EL_BARK

        You sound bitter .
        you mad cause he getting oral??? Sound jealous to me.
        I dont know how the whole beef started with jo jo, but i think jo-jo started it.

        Also if he was beefing with jo-jo and he got killed. What is he supposed to feel sorry???? And last time i check laughing at somebody for getting killed, wasnt the smoking gun evidence wise for putting a case on somebody.

      • thats not the issue….if it was a girl getting head from a dude and the girl was underage….we would be taking the pic to CNN TO THROW THE MAN UNDER A BUS AND THE GIRL ALSO…but since its a 17 year old male…ITS OK! just like homosexuality is ok…this is ok too in america….naw im not bitter…ITS JUST REAL TALK!

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        what does homosexuality have to do with this rant? Clearly you are just bitter.

      • im sayin they make it ok to do whatever these days but criticize whats also relevant with no DOUBLE STANDARD IN THIS SOCIETY!

    • Joseph Thomas

      dude no one is targeting this kid….im from his area…..i know him……i assure you, he’s done dirt and they were about to grab’em and nail’em but then his music blew up and he bounced….he’s been moved out the area…this site is just later reporting it….

      • Tony G.

        the report wasnt that he moved..the report was that he went to court

      • Terrance Goodman

        Real ish my ppls grew up wit his dusty ass , co sign on all

    • GLEAZC

      Kid? that so-called ‘kid’ is a 17 yr old Black Disciple gang member…he’s also dust ball.

    • Joseph Thomas


  • Andre Terrell-Dartavius Smith

    I’m not against locking up black men but this is one black man that needs to go behind bars. It is not like they are picking on him because only kids get picked on. This man has destroyed a lot of peoples lives!

    • King Sosa Bitch

      They need to lock yo bold headed ass up

      • Andre Terrell-Dartavius Smith

        bold? I see someone didn’t take the G.E.D. test!

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  • Sean Taylor

    dusty, ashy a$$ niGGa



  • Terrance Goodman

    This fool won’t see 21 , too much high speeding
    Bound to crash .

  • King Sosa Bitch

    This my nigga!


    dont know much bout dude need to see a few of his interviews to get a feel… but I heard he showed up in court in a white T if thats true he need better advisers round him.. if he play his cards right he can be a millionaire by his twenties,

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