Holy S**t!


What the hell is going on! We don’t have rules anymore? Mannnn – listen! this dude lost his mind! Ice-T is the G of G’s when it comes to Hip-Hop. The Godfather of Cali Gangsta Rap. Before NWA. Now, imagine somebody saying they would beat Kool Herc’s a$$ or beat Big Daddy Kane’s a$$? They would be destroyed on SIGHT! Cali, AP.9 is dissing your big homey in the craziest of ways! Read some of the quotes from a recent interview!

“Ice-T don’t want no problems with me, he already knows what it is, I will beat his old ass!”

When asked about the Coco rumor he said

“I wasn’t sucking her titties and playing with her p—y! ”

Then he went onto say that in a few days he would drop a bombshell.

“Tomorrow, I’ll give it a day or two and I will shock the world. That’s all you need to know!”


I’m a little scared, but at least Ice-T and Coco’s reality show will explode in the ratings department!

Click Here for the audio!

Has anybody heard a song from AP.9? He better be doper than raw uncut COKE for me to listen to him at this point.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • CanYouAllHearMe

    This guy is getting real disrespectful

    • Casor_Greener

      Yeah but he lying on his meat. Stop bluffing and show the pics

    • jacksjus

      I agree 100%. He needs dealt with off GP for being just flat out disrespectful to their marriage. Ok so you smashed, keep your mouth shut and keep it moving. He’s going to leave Ice T no choice but to retaliate in a negative way.

      • kirijanacek

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      • Legendary Trolly

        Ice T aint no damn gangsta in the streets, like he finna retaliate! This nigga is an old ass television actor, he aint gonna do a damn thing, except keep loving them hoes! He tried to play Ap as a stalker nigga, now AP finna prove him wrong, unfortunately.

      • Jason Sannon

        what did Ice t, and Coco do to you? son why you catching feelings and you mad?

      • Legendary Trolly

        Im mad? Or Im just being real? He basically pretends to be a pimp, but goes around with his WIFE wearing panties, and thongs, basically shopping her around so niggas can gawk at her, then smash her when he’s not around! He knows nothing about pimping or dealing with women.

      • UallrmoronS

        Whta the hell does finna mean? Good God!

      • Legendary Trolly

        Thats one of the biggest mysteries of the earth. No one knows what it means. Please continue the quest in finding out.

      • Guest

        this fool is as week as they come heres the math real G’s walk in siliance! not say i got shot 12 times like thats a good thing lol and i will beat some ones old ass on line and radio lol. that it tell him you coming lol Ice t has been a G to the game and has reped Hip HOP to the fulest only a coward would go and attack a G out of the blue. and only a bum would blast on a womans self respect, if she was out there you still wasnt supose to say what happen, i think in the streets they call that (snitching)!!!!!! we have to stop allowing this bafoon with no code and no honor in the game honestly what purpose dose this clown shoe serve fyi im from were real G”s ride 22 & state Chi town ice we got yo Back

    • SpaceAge2012

      Dude is just tryin 2 create some controversy 2 jump start his rap career cus no1 even knew that clown existed until TMZ & MTO blasted this whole CoCo scandal.Ice $ 2 long 4 him 2 entertain this clown,best believe he’ll handle it like a G.

  • This dude was fking coco there is no doubt to this. Those pics were mad sexual. No way he didn’t fk. Ice if you don’t do anything you are loosing big time street cred and look p*ssy. That is your wife Ice. Kick that whore to the curb. She doesn’t fit the loyal wife type. She is the late night slide out and let another slide in type. I bet he was slobbing on those tig ol bitties. Whooo I know I would.

    • n n

      Ice t work for nbc now he cannot mess up that law and order money over a hoe.

      • hoeyuno

        no. but his boys can

      • Celz

        The few homies that’s wit that aint about to funk over a hoe.. You know how much money it would take to get a car load of So Cali active niccas to drive up to the bay (that’s an 8 hour drive) to go put in work and then smash out.. Ice is passed that, in money and age. His lil homies is OG’s now. It’s not worth it look at O.J. and Max B. If the niccas you send don’t fear for their lives you can’t trust them. Sending niccas to do dirt aint as easy as it sounds.

      • hoeyuno

        I’m startin to think this is promo for ice and cocos show anyways…y would she take so many photos with dude.

      • andone


      • Eli Pinilla

        ^^^^ exactly

      • Bman22

        Would you sacrifice the rep that Ice T has earned over the course of more than 30 years for the sake of a reality show that no one will watch regardless when you have Law and Order? It’s not always about money. And if that’s the case, Ice T is not only the G he wanted us to believe, but he’s a clown as well.

      • Bman22


    • Sean Taylor

      Yo pimp, hes on SVU you think he cares about your piece of shit street cred.

      Youre the definition of a bum.

      • smke1witme

        real talk Ice aint bout to give up his career on dis nigga or bitch

      • DreamZ

        Lmmfao hilarious

      • Bman22

        Kanye West? Probably not. But Ice T’s whole persona was built around street cred. Ice T not caring about street cred would be like Malcolm X selling out in the 80’s had he lived that long.

      • You’re you mean but yeah I could care less about SVU homie. I am a bum because I said he can make a statement. Hmmm glad to know you concerned with my life. A little too far with that calm down my dude. Some of you cats take sh*t far left. Kick rocks!!!

    • Southcidal

      There’s that phrase again: “street cred”. LMAO! Just who does Ice T have to prove anything to at this point? Are his record sales going to dip? You sound really foolish with that post my brother.

      • He doesn’t have to prove anything it was a mere statement that he built himself to be this persona and he should correct it publicly. Nothing more to it. I do not promote ignorance my man. You are reaching. I dealt with the streets and if I have a wife and I am in the “public” eye and a man tells me fk me. Well, I should act and move accordingly to what has been thrown at me publicly. Not saying he should be like yo son I am going to kill you on site because he is being silent about it like a g. I am saying this cat Ap9 is on some publicity stunt sh*t clowning the Og. Ice could just dead it with another statement from his mouth. End of point my brother.

    • Ice T is losing Street Cred every minute he dont kill dis nigga AP or bury him in a Desert OG style….I dont care Ice T got mad Loot, mansions, bentleys…. hoes on da side. That shit mean nothing when u lose yo street Cred and niggas from da hood dont respect you…….Street Cred is all a nigga live for . Ice to better be ready to die or go to jail get dat Street Cred back den niggas give him dat street cred back

  • When you marry the hoe, what do you expect?

  • kered gnuoy

    whatever. ice is just some old guy that used to rap about being a pimp. it’s not like he is superman. so why would any of this surprise me.

  • n n

    Berry gordy did it right never marry a white women just have sex with Thn toss there ass out with a couple hundred

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      marrying black women or spanish women aint no better. u ever seen basketball wives?

    • Southcidal

      Post of The Day!!! nn I feel ya!!

  • What a green ass bitch ass nigga. Ice-T is an OG, hes called that for a reason. Lets see how dude gets a turn for the worse.

    • Adrian Barron

      he’s a self proclaimed O.G. – that niggah aint never put in no work – he did do some lightweight pimping back in the gap – and who didnt move a little work back in them days – L.A. was crack central – but AP/9 a real ryder thought thats why Ice-T aint saying shyt, but then again he not supposed to check ole’ boy over a broad however he do need to address all this disrespect being thrown his way … he need to cancel that cave bytch too

      seems like AP/9 might have “knocked that niggahs bytch”

      • True game, even though it’s not the smartest.

        Ice T has more to lose, so that factors in to the mentality. It isn’t like Ice T has nothing to lose but his respect.

        Bottom line, Ice T has been good to Hip Hop, and he don’t deserve this.
        He’s a good dude, saved many lives by promoting the gang truce, peace, etc….before Pac & Big……Pac’s shooting broke it!

        AP9 disrespected himself.

      • openbar

        ICE T made the first anti cop song remember “cop killa” that almost got time warner shut down thats work playa

      • TheBoss

        If AP-9 is such a “real” cat why is he talking to a microphone about hitting CoCo and telling Ice-T he will knock him out….cats got the game messed up. Still Waters Run Deep.

      • Adrian Barron

        same reason why JAY was talking to a microphone about knocking NAS’ bytch … PAC about knocking BIG’s bytch … FAB about knocking KANYE’s … so on and so forth, it’s called EGO!

  • Fugg AP9!

    • Adrian Barron


      • For acting like a B’ish suffering from Sour4-9-3-11.

        You know the type, skeez on the low, but she wants more, so she fugg up your home life. You poke, and before you get home, she already told your wife, baby moms, etc.

        If he wants to promote his music ( which isn’t bad….but fugg him & it )

        >>Starts BoyCotting AP9 like Sal’s Pizza in “Do The Right Thing!”

        If you hit, so be it, keeping it moving, don’t tell & maybe hit again, etc.

        Yin & Yang, Ice chose to keep CoCo & keep moving, as opposed to leave her & step to AP9. (*Smart)

        AP9 = Kimmel

      • Terrance Goodman

        Classic ” do the right thing ” got them blue n brown nikes spike wore
        The o g ones news for like 10. If it ain’t Jordan’s fools sleep on em.
        Classic movie though

      • Some fools sleep, we know!

    • hoeyuno

      co sign

    • fugg? like you want to fudge pack him?

      • >>In Riley From The BoonDock’s Voice : “Ni99a You Gay!”

        The funny ‘chet is….you don’t even know it!

        LOL~N @ Noles

      • Talk English, no one understands you. You said it, not me. Chet is not a word.

      • You just want an excuse to say some gay ‘chet!


        You have one foot out the closet….and the other on a banana peel!

      • Who is Gay Chet? Your homosexual Uncle or something? Speak English kid, no one understands your white boy ebonics. Are you a Mormon? Not allowed to swear?

        Judging by some of your 6000+ comments on this website, you say a lot of gay shit.

        This kid got touched up by Sandusky and DIDN’T report it…hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaahaha “Fugg” packer.

      • Another gay comment?

        SMDH @ This ‘ole hip swinging, lip gloss wearing, checking another man’s profile, while wishing he was CoCo, @$$ nucca!

        Why not add a “No Homo”?

        Let me guess, because you are a HOMO!

        LOL~N @ Noles again.

        We didn’t ask….so stop telling!

      • Your talking about swinging hips, lip gloss… and u keep saying homo over and over and over again….. Whose gay? Sorry, I don’t fly that way fugg packer… go play with Gay Uncle Chet some more fugg packer… hahahahahahahahahaahahahaha

      • I should throw you three in an oven & bake a 3 B’ish pie!

      • Roger Documentary

        naw just go let gay uncle chet suk on ur dik some more u fairy ass mofo… ur bitch ass probly stays in the kitchen baking pies, lmaoooo housee bytch…ahahahahahahaha… you lose.

      • Your gay as fukkkk buddy…

      • Roger Documentary

        wtf this lil m’fuker going about swinging hips and lip gloss? Got 2 be the gayest comments I ever saw on this website, your suspect as fuk.

      • Homie, I know Ed has been on this site for years and you are new here so for you to look through his “6000+” comments means “you” are stalking him. It means “you” have the problem. I am saying before you try to son or clown the next man. Make sure there are absolutely zero cracks in your armor before commencing to attack. People speak the way they speak and I could care less about the members grammar unless it is absolutely horrendous but I am only concerned with that of Allhiphop’s articles lack of proper grammar that is it. People who usually are always on a particular person for the smallest sh*t usually is bored(trolling) or has some type of hidden fascination. Which category do you fall under? I see what he was trying to say and you took it took some weird homo place. Trolls who try to force gay comments or call normal comments gay are usually the ones “obsessed” with gays. You weirdos kill me with that shit like it is a witch hunt haha.

      • Ok… one click of a mouse button shows how much someone comments…I really think you need to hop off the net and realize what stalking is…remember when you couldn’t get pu**y? and you followed that girl home? and she slapped you and called the police? That was stalking.

        I see a bunch of comments from the guy going about swinging hips and fugging people and lip gloss, who are you? Gay Uncle Chet?

        You both lose. I am not “new”… I am busy running my own websites, not living on someone elses… buddy is the #1 troll on this website. Fuk him and fuk Gay Uncle Chet.. you both lose. Hilarious, you lose on one profile, so you log in with another one to try and sound so smart? Why happened to “chet” and “bish” LOL… another kid exposed.

        I am not your homie… have fun with your lip gloss.

  • Adrian Barron

    do you research illseed … AP-9 a real ryder MOB FIGAZ

    • I’m not even into this shit… But AP9 is a goon. LoL. Cool ni**a. But grew up grimy… Mother and brother murdered, ni**a was in shootouts, was shot 15 times (documented). The nigga’s name is AP9 for a reason. The difference between westcoast and eastcoast rap in the 90’s is on the westcoast, you really had to be with the business. The signs are there people. This cat isn’t the scary type.

      • Casor_Greener

        Who give a damn what he done int eh streets. He is looking like a clown, talking trash on some bogus internet radio station with poor sound. It’s clear he is starved for attention.

        Y’all respect the one who got shot, I respect the shooter.

      • Numbuh Four

        …But the one in front of the gun lives forever!!!!!!

        JK…but you hit the nail right on the head. This guy is hungry for some pub off of Ice & them…Jumping up in down in front of the TMZ building like “Look at me…I’ll say something about CoCo”.

      • I respect warriors not accident murderers. ARMY Veteran over here, how about you?

      • SDK


      • YaheardSyndicate

        So what the fool got shot up that dont make him gangsta that makes him unscuccessful as a gangsta. Why his broke ass keep getting shot.

  • BISHOP700

    lol why get mad at AP AND DONT PUT HIPHOP in this its man vs man ppl mad cuz?
    you let your bitch run all a round the world she go bump into a BAY BOI and its over lol SFBAY richmond ca all day

  • I mean was he supposed to say if someone asks him ARE YOU SCARED OF ICE-T………????……. “YES IM SCARED”., “I NEED PROTECTION”?? No he said exactly what he feels. He’s a nigga from the streets just like Uce T is. And lets get something strait people, Ap9 has been dropping albums since 1997, he’s no new booty nigga trying to get a name for himself. He’s been doin this so check his background before you get to talking shit. So big homie Ice…… CHECK YOUR BITCH. She’s the one wrong not AP9. Now if Ice and AP9 were friends and AP9 went behind his back and fucked his wife then yea, AP9 would be wrong.

  • hoeyuno

    this dude can’t find another way to promo his shit…

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  • Slaughtr

    It is true I been there done that you can’t make a hoe a housewife,but I will say this fkking with Tracey will get you killed trust me and all this shyt about his old ass yea ok jump son and see for sure! niggaz need to cut that mouth shyt the brother Ice on the street is built like that.

  • He said he banged Kim K too. This nigga lyin.

  • smke1witme

    ap-9 better hold his tongue


    Ice gone and sicc them Cripz on him

  • Yall Site is called AllHIPHOP and you guys don’t do your homework and only cover certains aspects of hip hop, this isnt a hip hop matter anyway. But AP 9 been around member of the MOB FIGAz Debut album peaked 63 on billboard chart back in 1999, a group presented by C-BO, album was Classic tho. I don’t how it would be received today

  • disqus_2IHLJu45hg

    Ap 9 a real Ryder? please do your research or just ask san Quinn. LOL yea.

  • disqus_2IHLJu45hg

    San Quinn will tell u that he’s a barber. he has diss records goin at ap 9 so does a wax. look it up. Mobb figgaz better off without that clown.

    • MOB

      Nigga you sound gay, like that nigga quinn really put in some work. Do ya homework about that nigga in fillmoe. Yea he a rapper from the hood, but what street shit he done? Sucka ass niggas!!

  • Richard Savage

    first off who the hell is this dude? 2nd, i dont feel sorry for T at all. Niggas need to quit wifin these hoes. They only good for steady pumpin

    • See: Mob Figaz… See: C-Bo, “Til My Casket Drops”…

      • Richard Savage

        aww ok i remember that. I only knew of C-BO. not too big on West Coast rap #pause unless its Snoop, Dre, NWA, or Pac… Ice better handle his business though… goon or not… thats disrespectful lmao

  • I’m not going to get into all this cheerleading and shi*… But look… AP9 is a goon for real. You got this ni**a mixed up, lol. Don’t take my word for it, though.

    • Sean Taylor

      Damn nigga, you datin him?

    • TheBoss

      To follow your lead and not glorify the life, goons get touched too. There isn’t one cemetery in the country, in a major city, that doesn’t have a fallin goon in it. All men breathe air and bleed red.

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Ice T is a double O.G., he don’t have to do nothing…the hood gonna squash it…this nigga is real disrespectcul and CoCo allowed this spill over of filth to taint her husbands image, her own and their marriage…she needs to be released from duty

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    And if this nigga aint got no pics that aint photoshopped, he really needs to be hospitalized…Ice T too old to be fist fighting but he don’t need to ruin his life and risk his freedom over no bytch, wife or not

  • Chris

    Maybe this is all just an elaborate stunt. Ice-T’s been Hollywood for a while now.

  • $28825362

    Few things on this; first: you have to understand who you are marrying. If your wife is in the business of selling a overly sexual persona don’t get mad when something like this happens. Hell you should of married female who was a doctor or in another line of work or some shit. As for Ap9, dude should of played it like I’ve ALWAYS played it. You hit a married chick then you keep your mouth shut and get rid of all evidence. You just tell the chick, “I’m not trying to mess with your home life. When you wanna hang and see me just get at me”. That’s it.

  • disqus_2IHLJu45hg

    Ap ain’t said Shit when san Quinn got on his head check cake and ice cream 2 on messy marv album. A wax been talking Shit about him look it up. what’s your fav ap 9 song? hold up ill wait….this is how he wants to be remembered? on some fuk boy Shit? jacka should be embarrassed. ice paper is too long too many connects ap ain’t ready

  • Tre C

    Ice-T is 54 years old and has been an actor on L&O SVU since 2000. That life ya’ll describing left Ice long ago.

    • Sean Taylor

      At least someone on here has common sense.

    • Ice T is losing Street Cred every minute he dont kill dis nigga AP or bury him in a Desert OG style….I dont care Ice T got mad Loot, mansions, bentleys…. hoes on da side. That shit mean nothing when u lose yo street Cred and niggas from da hood dont respect you…….Street Cred is all a nigga live for . Ice to better be ready to die or go to jail get dat Street Cred back den niggas give him dat street cred back…..

      • whoiskho

        If Ice T is caked up like that wtf he care about street cred for?

      • Tre C

        Man in his mid 50’s supposed to be worried about street cred and what brothas in the hood think? You can’t be serious

  • disqus_2IHLJu45hg

    Track 3 on cake and icecream 2 tells me all I need to know about ap9.san Quinn bodied him. no response. that’s on messy marv album. jacka should be embarrassed. that’s how u wana be remembered? on some fuk boy Shit?. what’s your fav ap9 song? ill wait….ice paper is too long too many connects ap ain’t ready

  • greeneyedbandit

    Ice-T and his wife renewed their vows new years eve…..that probably sent ole boy over the edge! He was expecting it to be ongoing turmoil with Ice and his wife about him….she must of really rocked his world!

  • Oknas

    Thats what happens when you wife dem bunnies, they stay hoppin’

  • Darren Myt Collins

    this dude is lame… if you hit…keep it on the low and move on…..this nigga is acting like a male katt stacks….NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING IS GANGSTA ABOUT THAT…..if he trying to promote his music he is going about it wrong…i don’t care how good it is…..

    • TheBoss

      Real Talk, he’s coming across real Thirsty. Bragging about hitting a chick is some Junior High, I’m new to sex shit.

  • greeneyedbandit

    I just saw a video of him last week with a basketball player’s wife….and he said somethin like,” why all these n***as wives want this killer?” or somethin like that…..but it looks like he’s on some fatal attraction sh*t now!

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  • artman696

    If he did hit it he probably had a hidden video camera in the room. That would shock the world right there.


    $h!t–dude gamed CoCo to take sexualized pics nowing Ice was gon see em.. and everyword he says about this is plastered all over the internet.. he prolly like this my meal ticket to a new tax bracket so he milkin it…. he know he grow up listening to Ice-t. $h!t he from the west, this his gimmic

  • Tann01

    Anyone care to explain coco’s jawline…

  • openbar

    ICE T WAS THE Nigga that made cop killa nigga thats old money AP9 just having fun he milking the situation for everything its worth!

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  • DboyBruh

    ap.9 is the nig out here in the bay… real street shit, ice-t aint ever did nothing remotely gangsta, bay area, northern cali. ice-t is a heavy metal artist at heart he ain’t hiphop

  • mrgibson

    Ho/publicity shit……I don’t believe any of this Hollywood/beef shit since it’s all about ratings and keep your name out there. All this jabbering and we still haven’t seen any good pics.

  • Dingleberry Pinklebottom

    This nigga acting like CoCo about to leave ice for his broke ass. Dingleberry daddy used to call these types of niggaz, dreamanagaz, they keep doin big thangs, in they big dreams.

  • ONE

    How do you make an honest woman out of a bitch with fake tits ?

  • Death is the only suitable outcome for disrespecting a man’s lawful wife, regardless of her infideility. Ice T is a respected man in many fields and walks of life……

    Proverbs 6:32-35-
    32. But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul.

    33. A wound and dishonour shall he get; and his reproach shall not be wiped away.

    34. For jealousy is the rage of a man: therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance. 35. He will not regard any ransom; neither will he rest content, though thou givest many gifts.

    • So_Subby

      You have mental issues, put the bible down and face the real world

  • TheBigCheeFa

    he says he has things that will expose coco.if he does Ice-T will be very embarassed.the truth is we dont know how long she has been seeing this dude.

  • greeneyedbandit

    Ice-T should of told his wife before she left, when you go to the zoo “Don’t Feed The Animals.” my man told me that one time…..lmao!

  • Well,now he gonna get bodied by T now smh. And I’m sure it won’t be a diss record.

  • Derek Yisrael

    Don’t yall know “BEEF” is the new promotional tool ..

    When records and spinning and ain’t selling – BEEF is

    Stop being sheep folks. Scandal sales

  • its obvious you don’t know ap9 that’s the last nigga ice t wanna problem with check his background

  • TheBoss

    Some of the responses calling out Ice-T as a lame ass cat is ridiculous. AP-9 is breaking some major rules of engagement. You don’t knock a shorty off then tell the world, and a married chick at that….Huh??? Where do they do that at, cuz is looking real Thirsty. Cats that are used to getting laid don’t kiss & tell…so, what, you knocked off CoCo…and maybe exposed her for being a hoe…but why do you get props for hitting a hoe? If she’s a hoe you can’t get points for bragging about that shit…and in regards to Ice-T what is he supposed to do now…go see this cat, lay him down & get booked for it??? Or send some youngins or O.G.’s to check this cat??? Right, that would be real bright with the world watching on this one. He’s caked up and its, maybe, 4 Billion chicks in the world and I’m sure he can find one that won’t take another man’s advances….Real Talk!

  • only Niggas who care bout dis shit got no job . doin the same shit since dey was 12 years old and livin wit dey granny. Fo real if dis shit bothers u or u think bout it after u turn off da computer you aint bout dat Life

  • whoiskho

    Ice just need to keep it moving. He let his girl of the leash and now he gotta accept what it is. A pimp recognizes pimp so Ice should know what it is,

  • JohnFwaynE

    Real Nigga, All Day, Smile On His face CoaCoa On His Waist Bawhahahaha. ICET Lost His Gangsta Card Along Time Ago When He Made FuCC the Pigs Then Turned Around And Played a Pig On Several Occasions. ihope This Nigga Ap9 FucC His Bitch And Send ICET The Video #YaHearDDDD!!!

  • Damn….

  • Everyone keeps saying I never heard of this guy ap9 who is he… ma fukas never heard of Charles Manson either before his murders…. they know em now…..ap is the wrong dude to fuck with even for old ice like dude put earlier…17708 the mob

  • Never heard of ap9.. wish I haven’t heard of most the rappers out nowadays…you people listen to dudes like meek mill..garbage…rick Ross not the real Ricky that kept his mouth shut but the snitch co…..ohhh let me guess French Montana… if its on MTV or BET its garbage

  • Andrew Galvan

    What you mean dissing our big homie! It’s simple pump game. a hoe choose she choose. how many married woman and happy homes you think Ice T has messed up in his prime??? Could this be karma. and the only reason he is getting out there is because ice n coco tried to play like he was some groupie. you see him in foreign cars caked up. that’s street life. the new always over throws the old. I guarantee you in any hood when young niggaz come up they might respect some og’ s but that won’t stop them from getting money. yall seem to be real quiet when it comes to ice parading around coco half naked most of the marriage. bottom line is in California our big honors are real tycoon street niggsaz lik little d, freeway Rick, caro quntero, harry o. we don’t slurp up rappers like they gods like illseed and some of u east coast niggaz do.

  • Ficial Benjamin

    Funk their marriage… Ice T was supposed to be Pimp and that means that COCO is a hoe, AP9 is a PIMP, who knocked ice t’s hoe. you suckas is talkin about what you dont know as if you was in the streets and know the rules…
    bottom line, if yo bootch get caught slippin, then she is had.
    and i bet ice t would of gotten the news served to him from 30000 ft if he didnt regroup and try and recoup with his booch back
    case close

  • SupremeSoulstice

    Mob Figgaz don’t condone the hoe move that AP just pulled and if they do that goes to show these niggas don’t respect the game at all.. If you fucked the bitch leave it at that.. That’s this nigga wife, how he supposed to act. Keep it street and keep it G.. Gangstas ain’t supposed to be fallin out over hoes.. that’s shit niggas and cupcakes do.. not real G’s.. act like ya know

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    this is all gimmick, he probably signing to Ice T new label Icy Hot records or something…

  • UallrmoronS

    I wouldn’t take this clowns music for free; complete garbage. You wnat real music? Get some Sage Francis, Brotha Ali, Toki Wright, P.O.S., Doomtree, Atmosphere, Eyedea and Abilities, People under the Stairs, Murs, etc. I cannot belive this studio gangster shit is purchased by anyone. The beats are whack and lyrics are non-sensical, to say the least. I fear for our people.