Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye West Is NOT The Father?



The state of California is trying to disrespect my boy KanYEEZY! They are trying to say that by their MANMADE BS law that he’s not the father of Kim Kardashian’s child! In fact, they are suggesting that the daddy is Kim’s husband! Check out this report from VIBE!

Kanye West is not the father, at least according to California State Law.

Under California’s Family Code, estranged husband Kris Humphries is the ‘presumed’ dad to Kim Kardashian’s baby, TMZ reports. The Code presumes a man is the natural father of a child if “he is or has been married to the mother, and if the baby is born during the marriage or within 300 days after death, annulment, declaration of invalidity, divorce or after a judgment of separation is entered by the court.”

After a mere 72 days of marriage, the two called it quits only for Kimmy to fall head over heels for longtime friend ‘Ye. To strain matters further, the made-for-TV Humphries-Kardashian divorce still hasn’t been officially processed.
But for all KimYe naysayers, the fetus still biologically belongs to the G.O.O.D. Music rapper, who announced that the reality starlet was his baby mama at last week’s gig in Atlantic City. Kim just needs to present “clear and convincing evidence” in the form of a DNA test to the court to ensure that Yeezy is her baby daddy.

For more, check out VIBE.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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  • therealest1

    Not really surprising shit.

    • Celz

      I don’t feel sorry for Kanye.. The child is innocent though. Niccas in Hollywood only live for the moment and then be surprised when they life is fucced up after that moment ends.. smh

      • ladynamor

        bravo! living for the moment. smh in unison

  • King Cold

    @illseed don’t diss my state. That law is morally correct. Its wrong for a person who’s not fully divorced to go get knocked up by a squeeze. But hey to each its own

    • n n

      California is the dumbest state in America. what state would elect Arnold shwarzeneger .lol

      • Celz

        Arnold was probably the best choice at the timeI voted for him.. He’s an Independent Repub like Chris Christie and he’s married to a Kennedy Fam Democrat.. He may not get the best Gov award but he sure as hell was better than Gray Davis

      • $28825362

        Sorry, Texas is the dumbest state in America dude.

      • nino970

        no man alabama is

    • Negro Peligro

      Who’s morality. 40 million dollar my dick says screw your morals and its morally right to screw her with my dick.

    • That law is everywhere.

  • kered gnuoy

    every time I see Kim I think of that old whodini song ” I’m a hoe” and I put my own lyrics to it and it goes a little something like this “she’s a hoe you know she’s a hoe. she says she wants five but she’ll do it for fo.”

  • Common Law.

  • NoChaser

    Kanye don’t have to pay child support

    • True, Humphries does, minus a DNA report!

  • Negro Peligro

    They gone start one of celebrity commercials like they did in Connecticut. I’m the father. I’m the father.

  • hoeyuno

    saw this coming. thatch boi kris humphries is playing some bitch games…. some baby mama games.

    • Nah, it’s the law, a child born in marriage automatically has paternity established, as opposed to an unwed couple, where the father has to go to court to establish paternity.

      • hoeyuno

        yea and the boi kris is holding up the divorce. that’s what I meant. but the whole thing is a journalists wet dream.

      • I would be too, you married to me & have the next man’s kid “&” you worth $40 mil?

        I would never be able to recover emotionally without $25 Mil.


      • hoeyuno

        ha ha

  • Richard Savage

    So now we live in a country where the government can tell you who the child of your father is??? REALLY NOW??? LOL COMICAL…

  • jacksjus

    Ok so Kanye and Kim will take the DNA test. End of story. This is retarded anyway. So if I’m married in Cali and my wife cheated on me and get knocked up, I am supposed to be responsible for child support? GTFOH!

    • Legally, yes, until DNA states otherwise.

  • $28825362

    What if the baby ended up being Jay-Z’s baby. Now that would be some shit. LOL

  • Siflan

    What’s really funny about this, is that if the Cali law upholds, she can actually take Kris to court for child support … As if gettin’ publicly humiliated isn’t enough … Whoa!!

  • Oknas

    kanye ex fashion designer boyfriend is laughin lol

    • Bumpy Johnson

      lmaooooooo ahahhahaahah

    • Young Goku


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  • Pierre Elliott


  • Why is it a “BS” law? Kim’s the one who decided to leave a marriage, unfinished, to pair with another man. She’s been living in L.A. forever, and she has lawyers who are supposed to know this. The laws of California are not trying to help or protect infidelity/ignorance/conceit/all of the above.

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  • Mike Swiff

    LMAO…..THE QUESTION IS KANYE KNEW HIS “BEST FRIEND”” WAS MARRIED! Maybe Kanye should’ve asked his “best friend” why hasn’t she filed for divorced! whatever man both of these donkeys issues are tired and a waste of hip hop’s time let’s move on! (who cares)

  • It’s dumb as hell but Ohio has something similar to this. My dumbass wife at the who i was married at the time but we had been over, got pregnant and I If didn’t take the DNA test I would’ve been the legal father. I went to the DNA testing place and they have never seen a ninja so happy to take a DNA test. Plus i walked out b**tch like Pac when i got done lol.

  • same in NYC

  • It says alot about Illseed that he is siding with KimYe over the gov when the fact that a women married to one man impregnated by another is the one who is clearly in the wrong!

  • Louikenz

    How can you have a child with a bitch that’s clearly a gold digger, ya seen how she reacted when Humphrey wasn’t willing to spend his hard earn money on an expensive mansion? not to mention the bitch got stretched on vid by ray j, amma go jack it to that vid right now.

  • plsDontreply

    Ummm, well, uhhh, she a Hoe… Was gonna take a DNA test anyway right???

  • saxtonhale

    I thought the songs “Heartless” and “Gold Digger” were about women like Kim Kardashian.