Rapper Kid Ink Lands Major Deal With RCA

(AllHipHop News) Los Angeles rapper Kid Ink is celebrating the success of his mixtape “Rocketshipshawty,” with a new record deal.

Kids Ink issued a statement this morning, revealing that he is officially signed to RCA Records.

The news of his signing to RCA ends a busy 2012 for the rapper, whose “Rocketshipshawty” mixtape moved over 300,000 downloads and helped land him on the cover of XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class cover.

“We achieved so much last year independently but we just felt it was time to team up with a major in 2013 to take it to the next level and RCA is as excited as we are about the vision and possibilities,” Kid Ink stated.

DJ Ill Will, CEO of The Alumni Group, will continue to act as Kid Ink’s business manager/partner.

As for RCA, the label is hoping to develop Kid Ink into a global superstar.

“I’m ecstatic to have someone as multi-talented as Kid Ink, along with the backing of Tha Alumni team with us at RCA Records,” added J. Grand, SVP of A&R and Marketing for RCA. “We see him not just as an emerging domestic star but as someone whose music and entrepreneurship is already developing a global presence.”

Check out Kid Ink’s latest single “Bad Ass” featuring Wale and Meek Mill.

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  • mrgibson

    I guess he wants the exposure…..because RCA is definitely gonna get their piece of his cash pie lol

  • AK

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