Meek Mill

Rappers Meek Mill, Ace Hood Prep Highly Anticipated New Mixtapes

(AllHipHop News) Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill may not be able to travel due to a court restriction, but the rapper is keeping busy with his music career anyway.

Meek Mill, who is signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, took to Twitter, where he posted the artwork for his upcoming mixtape “Dreamchasers 3.”

Meek is working on the mixtape, which will feature Philly native DJ Drama, in addition to production by in-demand, Chester, Pennsylvania-based producer Jahil Beats.

Meek exclaimed that “Dreamchasers 3” will contain “one of the best songs” of his career.

Maybach Music Group associate/We The Best artist Ace Hood is also putting the finishing touches on his new mixtape, “Starvation 2.”

In addition to Meek Mill, “Starvation 2” will feature a variety of acts on the Maybach Music Group.

Meek Mill “Dreamchasers 3” has no release date, while “Starvation 2” is due to hit the Internet on January 10.

Check out a teaser of Ace Hood making “Starvation 2” after the pictures:

Real niggaz come first!

A photo posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

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  • No Cassidy battle?

    • hoeyuno

      Cassidy would slay the kid!!!

      • Meek talked the talk…time to walk the walk.

    • EL_BARK

      Hell NO. Meek is on 14 mintues of FAME. MMG got drop from warner, & jeezy is rick boss in a indirect way. Wale been on a milk cart, since his album drop.
      Meek is a dropping another mixtape, so fast in hopes of keeping his dieing buzz alive….
      MMG is on a death Bed. Where all the videos and vlog and pic of rolexs on instragram at now????? All of a sudden the attention whores, aint drop a video in a mintue. But in the summer they were releasing one every week. Lol

      Warner bris spent millions and put the machine behind meek, even got him to preform on football opening game. And you still aint crack 300,000 yet? Lol

      Kendrick is @ 600,000 damn near with no promotion.

      • Dayum!

        “MMG got drop from warner, & jeezy is rick boss in a indirect way.”

        >> In Black Rob’s Voice : ” WhoaaaaH!”

        300K? You sure? Double Dayum!

      • trixnkix637

        I don’t think anyone can say Kendrick did those numbers with damn near no promotion. I agree with you though, there was no machine behind K Dot like there was Mill, but Lamar definitely had some promotion.

      • FOLK103

        yea that album supaaa dupa flopped lmfao .. kendrick doing his thang hope he reach platnium even though i think section 80 was a better album.

      • FOLK103

        oh and mmg didnt get drop from warner they switched to atlantic where jeezy is president and his cte label also there aswell… lmfao

      • EL_BARK

        If they are no longer on warner bros, they got dropped.
        Also last time i check president of a company or division,
        Meant you was a boss. If get demoted to the minor league in baseball,
        Is that a demotion.

      • FOLK103

        they didnt get dropped they switched to atlantic.. atlantic and warner is like the same label…

      • EL_BARK

        No its not. Atlantic is under warner bros. they didnt switch.
        The ceo / president was fired from warner bros.
        Warner bros is not putting no more money into mmg.
        So they drop them & are passing them
        Off to atlantic. If atlantic chose to put them out, atlantic will eat the cost not warner bros. so they got dropped off warner bros and pass to the a smalker company, for contractual purposes. They didnt switch,
        They had no choice, once the the guy who signed ross got fired./ or the guy in charge. I forget his named. Why will ross willingly switch to a record company where somebody he is beefing with is the president if A&R ?????
        Look it up. That dontake no sense. Ross didnt have a choice. That not switch. That is force out.

      • FOLK103

        well damn thanks for clearing it out for me

      • Sean Taylor

        LOL you dont just switch labels when under contract. “lmfao”

      • FOLK103

        no but the label they was with own the one they switched to -,-

      • hoeyuno

        kendrick at 600000.. those are damn good numbers for a hip hop artist these days… glad to here.

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  • meek mill is wack

    • hermiemahall

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      • hoeyuno

        I think your supposed to change the names to fit the post.. your too dumb for the spam game.. might need a real job..ijs.. and tell Brian and brayden there fags

  • BrotherMan21

    too much yeling for me

  • Negro Peligro

    What happened to his album

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  • CanYouAllHearMe


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  • Tre C

    nobody is checking for Ace Hood and that just reality. It’s clear MMG is slowing down. ALL of Ross & Meek’s music sound the same to me

  • FOLK103

    they are dumb lol meek album flopped now he going for a mixtape lol he should keep quiet and release the mixtape next winter or something.. if he release it too soon ppl will just be like same shit and ppl startin to get tired of mmg

  • hiphopdebates

    why you think a nigga like j cole taking his time with his releases, hes aiming for longivity and quality music. ive been tired of meek by the time his album came out and it seemed as if he ran out ofr materiaL, SAME FOR WALE.

  • Bumpy Johnson

    Meek the Wackest nigga in the game right now no lie….and why is his goddamn shirts sooo small

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    i thought they stopped making maybachs lol 😉

  • King Cold

    It features one of his best songs? That statement right there tells me not to cop the mixtape.smh. highly anticipated? But nobody’s heard about em. Stop hypin’ up these wack rappers

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    been saying Meek took Ace flow and ran with it….but meek fans don’t want to hear it.

  • Michael Baidoo

    shut up

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