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50 Cent Flaunts Gunplay’s MMG Chain On “Major Distribution” Video Shoot With Young Jeezy

(AllHipHop News) Rappers 50 Cent and Young Jeezy shot their parts for the video to their new single “Major Distribution,” in Atlanta yesterday (January 5).

The new track, which also features Snoop Lion, is taken from 50’s upcoming album Street King Immortal.

50 Cent, extended members of G-Unit and members of Young Jeezy’s CTE were on hand during the video shoot and tweeted photos from the set.

It appears the 50 Cent will take some shots at his rival Rick Ross in the upcoming video.

Rapper Kidd Kidd posted pictures to his Instagram account, which showed an individual wearing what appeared to be Gunplay’s MMG chain.

50 Cent and Rick Ross have been feuding since January of 2009, with the most recent altercation taking place during the BET Awards in September.

Members of G-Unit brawled with Maybach Music Group artist Gunplay backstage during the BET Hip-Hop Awards, where the Florida rapper allegedly lost his signature MMG chain.

During the same ceremony, Maybach Music chief Rick Ross and Young Jeezy were involved in a minor scuffle backstage as well.

Since then, 50 Cent has been taunting Rick Ross and Gunplay.

In October, 50 Cent released a video of himself bowling in Atlanta and wearing the chain.

Check out some photos below:

  • All Fee$

    lol that’s kidd kidd son in the chain. yall cant tell?

    • How u know thats kidd kidd son? U on some stalkin pervert shit dawg

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        to his defense if hes a fan of kiddkidd and follows him on the internet he will def know what his son looks like … and think his son even has his own twitter account … cause he always mentions him as @lilnut …. he just recently posted a pic of his son and fif … prob was from this same video shoot

    • ye thats him

    • hoeyuno

      is kidd kidds son in a wheelchair fo real???

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  • CanYouAllHearMe


    • hoeyuno

      I don’t get how kalid has a following… even jack thriller has done his part in making dude look dumb.

  • restless

    MMG stay getting money even after getting dragged thru the mud at the end of the day

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      they aint getting it like they could be if none of the other bs existed … they are now where near the ceiling or possible earning potential ….

      • restless

        true..im just saying ross should be done but he keep sellin and for some reason he still hot on the street

      • Eli Pinilla

        I agree with both of yall.. ross survived the bullshit, and is def blown up since then…but I think what keeps him from actually getting to the platinum status is the bullshit. Its the gift and the curse for him.

      • Luxbattle

        Ross is a mystery. I cant figure out why hes hot in the streets, sells records and tickets, and isnt clowned out of the game for being a CO. Hes not even that good at rapping, like what dirt does ross have on the heads of radio stations that would cause them to play his shit ad nausea. Whatever hes doing, hes doing the right shit.

    • TheMechanic

      but MMG gettin baby money compared 50/G-unit

      • restless

        very true and for the record my comment was not a compliment for all the simple minded people down voting it lol

    • Celz

      In 10 years (or less) they all finna be broke so what does it matter. They making money and givin it right back to the man. My boy got a used S 550 so what Ross is in a Maybach does it really matter? So what Meek may have a newer one. What if the homie stacked his bread and just got a E-Class instead? What type a bitch or homie is gonna judge you cuz your luxury car isn’t as nice as a white man’s with old money and investment accounts. Cuz that’s who you are tryin to keep up with. Donald Trump makin 5 million is NOTHING like Ross making 5 million. You ain’t ballin until ya great grandkids college is paid for..

  • King Cold

    Looks like MMG takes another lawse!

    • it really should be a hiatus on all MMG releases til these n8ggas get this chain back or somebody head get buss behind it,………how you a gangster rap label and n*ggas is walking around with yo shines on???????

  • Sean Power

    it’s all fun and game until some get shot

    • crazy shit is when Haitian Jack got YaYo’s boy killed and shot up YaYo’s moms house (allegedly,lol) i aint hear a word after that.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Hatian jack and jimmi henchmen are 2 different people….and that shit, u never speak on publicly……but google hatian jack cop story. Not only is haitian jack free, but he manages/managed wyclef recently, and was bout that life….he is a snich though. But the cop was so intrigued by his story that he wrote a quick screen play of It that u can find on google somewhere

      • hoeyuno

        yea haitian jack told the feds that jimmy hired him in 94 to rob pac…

      • Eli Pinilla

        That was a dude names isaac dexter I believe, not jack….but did u ever read the story by the detectives?…supposedly he was extortin 50 and 50 gave him govenor. And I read this b4 I even knew who govenor was

      • hoeyuno

        nah..I haven’t.. you know your shit tho eli, that’s fo sho!!!

      • hoeyuno

        some of these websites could use you for your researching….stop them from putting out weak 3rd hand info.

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Now why would Haitian Jack stop extorting a nigga worth 300 million to extort Gov who aint got shyt…is how you know that story is some bullshyt…and contrary to what a lot of niggaz think Fif aint no puzzy…this aint the 90s be where niggaz care about ya rep…we in a timewhere any nigga can get it…

      • Eli Pinilla

        I never said he stoped extortin 50 for govenor…..50 gave him govenor as an artist. The cop said dr dre and lyor cohen peoduced the album but wanted 1 mill for the production, and they wanted it up front, not when the sales came in.. and this was out before govenor put out that song with 50….but you dont gotta beleive me, read the story yourslef and google things and see if they dont add up. The names, scenerios, and time frame all add up. The detectives who put it together are real too… google the shit man, and come back here and tel me the shit aint good and pretty on point.

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Ok-you clarified ya statement…so Haitian Jack went from extortionist murderer to record exec….lmao…only in America

      • Eli Pinilla

        I tried to post a link but they wont let me…. but the story is a trip…its kinda like “queens reigns supreme” if your familiar with the book

      • EL_BARK

        I read that story, i wouldnt say that story is dead on, nor would i go as far as to say jack a snitch… Man in the past these cops with their stories be so far left, its baffles me. I only read once, but one reason jack got deported was for playing the cops. Its no secrets cops always look for a mole to infiltrate a crew or a member close to you. I think the went yo jack, and try to get him to be one, but with he didnt help him. Deported him. Cause they couldnt lock him up on nothing.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Yea, I feel u. But the detective wasnt speaking in a sence of negativity. Like he was tryin to make hatian jack look bad or nothin. Nore did he make him out to be some snichin ass dude. He just did what he had to do to stay from gettin deprted cuz he was illegal. I think he was genuinly suprised by how deep in the industry jack actually was.

      • EL_BARK

        On him being surprise, yeah i agree too.
        And no i dont think he was on his chuck phillips vendetta like he was with jimmy. But i think jack was a good manipulator and when the cops he was doing just that. They taught him a lesson esoically with the sending him the weather report. Its like doing what we say or else.
        Shet i heard he down in the DR whipping benz & bmw still. Lol

      • Eli Pinilla

        Haha!!! Good refrence on the chuck phillips. He the worst. The weather report was pretty clever… I wouldnt doubt it man. Certain dudes just know how to move.

      • ^^^Correct as usual!

        Haiti + Wyclef + Meat cap = Haitian Jack

      • trilltalk1

        GOVENOR is signed to G-NOTE not G-UNIT. they were not extortin 50, you got the story ass backward go read it again playboy.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Did u read it a first time? I never said he wasnt signed to 50. The point IS that hes signed to 50 and that hes the most random name to mention in a story like that. Why not say spider loc or hot rod or young buck?!?! He mentioned an artist in a screen play written like 3 years ago about a dude who didnt have a song or even a mention untill last year?!?!?! The story adds up man. You should read it.

      • trilltalk1

        send me a link and i will check it out

      • Eli Pinilla

        It wont let me post a link…. google hatian jack story and it will pop up. One of those forums has it posted…..tell me what u think

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        that ish got real tho you dont touch on folks kids physically in a manner where your trying to harm them … fif prob would even agree with that one ….

      • There are no rules to warfare. Sun Tzu says if you want to draw someone out you capture what is dear to them, G-Unit miscalculated

      • Luxbattle

        Somehow i doubt Sun Tzu was thinking about f*cking rappers when he wrote the art of war. Aint no rules but a man doesnt go after someones kids. A bitch does, not a man.

      • Guest

        niggas dont know shit about shit..particularly YOU. ol rikers island type goofball. catch this right hook nigga!

      • would you like me to devote my life to finding out about rappers? I have a multitude of bills to pay and even after buying every Nas album, he dont contribute to any bill. I am not that into rappers lives to give a duck… my apoogies

      • trilltalk1

        are you suppose to hear something after that? i think thats when the cameras go off and the work get silent.

  • brotha_man

    cawse to be the bawse

  • chevy_weight_champ

    Man I’m weak, fucc whut anybody say 50 Cent is a funny dude, and 4 these rap niccaz 2 say if it wasnt 4 his security, he would be dead, I say this Cuzzo, If a president can be assissinated, then 50 Cent can be touched, if yall wuz dead serious about whut you speak, hell even oh boy got touched by leonitus in 300 ha! ha!

    • TheMechanic

      but even a 1 on 1 with anybody in hiphop 50 would murder them seriously

      • Celz

        Game is big dude he would have crazy reach over 50.. That would be a serious fight though.. Id drop 10 hots on the ppv lol

      • Um the reason why you got thumbs down is because game got knocked out cold by rosemond and that cat was short. Game was on tape with dudes with guns chasing 40 but no one on one. Game is fish!

      • Celz

        When does 50 catch fades? Rosemo ain’t knock game out either you dudes believe anything on Twitter huh? Lol

      • Game has cake to pay real LA gangster to hold him down, catch that boy one on one….say at the fox hills mall,…that boy chin is waterford crystal…

      • Celz

        My boy lives on Bristol and Green Valley across the street. I’m always out there at Fox Hills… You really believe the two most fight video tapin rappers ever (R.I.P. but Rosemo’s death is even on youtube), caught a fade in the middle of a 3 level mall, that happens to be in paparazzi central halfway between Hollywood and LAX, and it’s also in probably the richest Black neighborhood in So Cal and no one saw it or took one cell phone pic. Game got knocked out in the middle of the mall and the police decided it wasn’t worth checkin out?

        Stop it.. Game does a gang of questionable shyt but so does 50.. I’m just sayin it would be a good fight.. Game balled all summer with NBA level talent in the Drew League he ain’t a slouch

      • andone

        bruh its more than possible, if u have ever been there when they open in the am its a ghost town jus like most malls… fh doesnt really get packed till afternoon, and on top of that i dont remember game denying it either… i believe dude took the L and kept it moving, nothing more nothing less… also the paps dont stake out fh like they do the beverly center, and the cops dont give a f^k about no rapper(r.i.p m-bone) so like i said its deff possible…

        on game vs. 50 it might be a nice match but i still got 50 on that… dude stays up in the gym, doesnt smoke or drink and has a boxing background… height and reach is the only thing game can use to his advantage but even then its still 60/40 imo… and ppl close to game say he’s known to be a bi-polar pothead so it sorta comes off as no surprise that dude gets caught up in stupid shit… whereas i cant remember the last time 50 did some questionable moves, but ur are welcome to speak on it and enlighten me cuz im seriously trying to think of anything to talk down on about 50!!

      • Celz

        It’s still a mall with hundreds of employees even if there are no shoppers. Like any mall in So Cal the police stay close by. If Game got knocked someone would have called the boys..

        50 prolly would win I could care less lol.. But Game regularly balls with NBA players.. I’m just sayin it would be a good match in the ring. Any nicca knows you get knocked on the streets much faster than in the ring.

        50 was huggin on Soulja Boy like Sandusky.. He does hella outta pocket shyt but niccas don’t call him out like they should..

      • andone

        yeah it is filled wit hundreds of employe’s, who dont want to get fired so its not like their gonna be all up under the ninja and i would bet dude went incognito and kept it low key as most famous ppl do… also its rumored that the popos did show up, along wit an ambulance too lol…

        game got the frame but 50 got the build and skills, so if i had to pick thats my bet nothing personal im jus speakin about me puttin my money up…

        lol @ that 50 and sb cover sh!t had me buggin too i cant lie but i have no doubt about 50 being straight, dude stays wit fine hoes and on top of that most ppl who came from his type of upbringing/background tend not to be homo but yeah that cover did call for a double pause hahaha…when u said “questionable” i thought u were reffering to the streets tho u deff caught me off guard wit that man lmao!!

  • Mike9130

    Got rich and stopped trying. Lyrically 50 is great when he tries but he put out too much slack stuff in between

    • Eli Pinilla

      “Get rich or die tryin was a classic/ now u rich and u tryina die, what a dumb bastard”

      You comment reminded me of that line…styles and kiss went in

      • “Get rich or die tryin was a classic/ now u rich and u tryina die, *you a stupid bastard”

        >> I think?

      • Eli Pinilla

        ^^^ I think u right… I was goin off of memory on that one lol

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  • hoeyuno

    gunplay wants to/is part of the game.. shit happens.. I still don’t think that chain snatch was worth this much bragging rights.

    • Luxbattle

      Its not, especially cause gunplay/mmg aint making a big deal about it. Shit was either insured or a cheap ass chain. Plus he did lose it getting stomped out by like 6 guys when he was dolo, understandable that the chain got snatched.

      • hoeyuno

        I’m not a gunplay fan but I been sticking up for him in this shit .. he got jumped by 6 dudes and went out swinging… I don’t think fif did anything that great in this one. and like u said its a cheap chain that rawse probably bought a box of’em at a discount price for his artists(I use the word loosely.)

  • hoeyuno

    taking ja’s chain when ja was major in the game and fif was just coming up was bragging rights. this was like taking candy from a baby compared.

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  • Take em to war thats what im talkin bout 90’s type shit take a nigga chain and wear his shit.

  • therealest1

    I guess life imitated art in this scenario. This is similar to Deebo taking Red’s necklace in Friday except its being flaunted in a rap video. MMG’s credibility has taken another hit.

    • And G unit trying to get any hit

      • Sly

        You are one frustrated ass nigga, lol

  • scullyson

    Im feelin this….5 out of 5 stars

  • Dadon850

    That’s actually a hot song. That’s the best one I heard from 50 in a while.

  • youngplaya

    niccaz is stuck on stupid. So MMG bust off and somebody dead. Then what..Then what ya’ll gone post up the next day? “Why Ross do that? He a millionaire. Oh well its over for that nicca” Flaunting a chain snatched by 6 cats on 1 ain’t really a win. It was a scuffle among men it’s over. Everybody still living eating good getting money. Only a clown will let this escalate to murder. I love 50 he a real ryder. And I love Ross music.

    • Celz

      Fucc Ross’s music.. But the rest of your comment was on point.. The only thing is MMG swears they live by the streets. If you was a drug dealer and niccas was wearin your chain you would have to get a job.. Nobody would trust you around any real work even if you bought it with your own money.. So they need to stop frontin like they bout that life when they aren’t. In the business world if someone takes your chain you do whatever will keep you and yours the safest and make you the most money. That’s the life MMG leads which is respectable but they need to rap about being businessmen and investing and starting companies. Not about thuggin cuz they aren’t very good at it.

      • Guest

        yo i read ya comment down further..bout this n that..them niggas gon be broke n all that..all ima say is that i put my shit up..but i aint try n come at u on no corny getting at u type shit. i just happen to KNOW that slim the mobster and suge been punked g unit on multiple occasions. and suge and henchman aint playin around with yayo or sha money. kay slay been seen that shit.

  • 50 cent need to get over himself, this shit is tired….They clearly don’t care about beefing with 50…It’s silly to beef with folks who are not responding back to you….At the end of the day 50 is still salty of Rick Ross having a real job before Hip-Hop, GET OVER IT.

    • TheMechanic

      wtf you call being a co/snitch a real job????? huh the fuk is you smoking niqqa you on some real bitch snitch shit

      • Nah, it’s actually a good job, etc….any job is, it’s the frontin’ that’s BS.

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      Ross and Gunplay went at him first..so they MUST care.

  • Sean Taylor

    Richaaaaaaaaaaaard…..is that your chain Richaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard?

    • SMDH! You’ll crazy up in the comments Bruh!

  • Pierre Elliott


  • TheMechanic

    its anti bullying week 50 pls stop bullying these weak niggas

    • Luxbattle


  • TheMechanic

    when you see these rap niggas diss fif all they do is make a diss song but 50 goes out and physically humiliates them and digs up some dirt hahaaaa

    • because he can’t rap, i want music not soap opera, save that puss shit for daytime tv

      • TheMechanic

        oh really? nigga go check out my life just released last month it has 20million hits i guess you another co @ mmg

      • Nice pop record, the white dudes made it a hit.

        Stop caring about this fairytale drama, gangstas don’t rap. Damn marks.

      • Luxbattle

        Yeah but gunplay cant rap either. So i guess its the battle of the two shitty rhythmic talkers or something.

  • speedy37

    This nigga name is gunplay ,niggaz rocking his chain on videos when r u gonna shoot these guns gunplay smh.

  • Vic Sage

    Ferrari F Fifty….fck these other Lame O’s. True Talk. Brooklyn Lives. Born and Raised. Early.

    • Guest

      nigga east new york. new lots to cypress nigga. compton to SGV nigga. fifty aint finna put hands on game.

      • speedy37

        Gayme is your lover.

  • Dingleberry Pinklebottom

    Dingleberry approves of chain snatching, for he himself has snatched many not chains more like trinkets of things.

  • Ah, always count on these rappers to do stupid shit.

  • Dayum not a good year 4 mmg (2012) lackluster sales tours cancelled chainz jacked tour buses robbed

  • FaSho Money Prince

    Damn rich niggas chain snatchin these days… should have been one of them end of the world post…

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      Gunplay shouldn’t have run up on him.

  • Global_Mission

    All of this but nobody is talking about the MUSIC. Its about a wack azz Nigg@ (GunPlay) getting jumped by another wack azz Nigg@ (50) entourage and getting his chain snatched. We are all here for the DRAMA and not the Music. If you say other wise, KILL YASELF!!

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  • AK

    that 50 single is his best in atleast 8 years

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  • ant662

    this shit is dumb. lets get back to the music

  • queta

    yall wana give a nigga street cred and stripes for jumping 1 skinny ass nigga and stealing his chain lol the streets is not the same anymore. yall brainwashed by these lame ass rap niggas. now if he beat that nigga himself and then took his chain that would be a different story lol.

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  • Lucky

    50 need to sit his wack ass down somewhere before he become another victim

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  • Doe Boy

    p.s the song on point

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