Lil Wayne In CCS Magazine

Lil Wayne (@LilTunechi) Ft. Boo “I Ain’t Nervous”

  • Lamonte Johnson

    An artists worst fear I’m sure is getting bored of their craft. I’m not knocking the song but anyone below the age of 23 wouldn’t understand how much 06-summer of 08 Wayne meant to ppl. All these new niggas cool but wayne had been rapping for a min and totally was getting it like a brand new nigga but only coming from a veteran. Good times rite there. Thing is he won’t spitting the most potent shit ever it was just 2 years of good radio/mixtape music all from one artist whos appeal was killing the game. I don’t wanna be that thick headed to say “go back to this go back to that” im just saying I loved the music so much more then

  • So_Subby