Rick Ross Reveals Title For Upcoming Sixth Album

(AllHipHop News) Miami rap star Rick Ross has finally revealed the title of his upcoming sixth major label album.

The rapper took to social media today (January 7), where he revealed the name of his upcoming album, which is tentatively titled Mastermind.

The title is toned down compared to the names of his previous for albums, which include releases like Port of Miami, Trilla, Deeper Than Rap, Teflon Don and his latest, God Forgives, I Don’t.

At press time a release date was not available for Mastermind.

Rick Ross was originally supposed to announce the album title or New Year’s Day, but delayed the announcement until today.


  • ……… Lies!

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  • he shoulda named that shit “Cass… We Don’t Want No Trouble”

    • SpaceAge2012

      I actually thought it was gonna be called The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Cop.Atleast that would’ve been more accurate.

    • Terrance Goodman

      The club banger ” got security in this club”
      N radio smash ” fake gangstas n bi polar disorder “

  • greeneyedbandit

    I like his new title

  • Craig_r

    Mastermind another lie. Real Rick Ross is a mastermind . He’s a fraud

    • Actually, he is a mastermind though, he’s a genius to get any sales, I mean, I couldn’t sell that Garbage!

    • HipHopIntellectual

      Brother Ruddy, I feel he is a Mastermind! It appears to me he was “hired as an actor” to tell Freeway Rick’s story, I’m sure a deal was done and the negative posts are free marketing and Officer Rick may just have the “drop” on the masses, it may seem like “reaching” on my part, but “reading between the lines” this makes the most sense. Freeway R.R. sold crack literally to Generation “X”, and is reselling it to Generation “Y” this time thru speakers as opposed to crack pipes. Freeway R.R. was a “Mastermind” in the 80’s like that!

  • Joseph Thomas

    it better be a track on there of him explaining how he stole a man’s identity and then put it to music….with him asking for Forgiveness not only from Freeway Ricky Ross, but all of those who bought into his music and bought into his “lifestyle” he so proudly rapped about……thats the track that should be called Mastermind….No features….

  • hoeyuno

    he made ppls wait foe that… I guess he is a mastermind..bitch been exposed like milli vanilli and he still selling records..

    • hoeyuno

      he’s trying to imply that all the gd beef and the co ish was all part of his plan…

      • HipHopIntellectual

        Hmmm, could be, on the youtube GD videos, I just loved how they threaten him, then rap their “new single” at the end, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were signed to a “blind” indie label of Rick’s…..”Smoke and Mirrors” in Hollywood man, plus the album name was released on the “7th”, knowledge that. make me wonder.

      • ThatBostonMan

        Even if it was part of his plan it doesn’t change the fact that he’s doing things in a really stupid way. He could have done things the right way and no one would have cared that he was a former CO but the way he acts is more like he’s got the CO mentality. He does not seem to respect the ex-convict or former criminal or gangster, and thats fine but why rap about their lives if you don’t respect any of it?

      • y r u haters always interested in writing bull shit about Rosay, He is making Dope songs and hate him or like him, he is the Boss

    • ThatBostonMan

      People who buy his albums know he’s not a gangbanger. Everyone knows he’s a corrections officer. The problem with Rick Ross is he tried to cover up his past and deny who he is.

      I don’t think everyone who writes about gang life has to be a gang member and I do think a corrections officer is someone in position to know all about that life without having to live it, but I don’t think Rick Ross should have stolen the name and the persona. Many rappers who aren’t thugs or gangsters were able to describe and illustrate the gangster life. Tupac and Biggie weren’t criminals, weren’t thugs. Tupac went to art school, was an actor and poet who only got involved with gangsters after he was shot by some thugs and Biggie wasn’t any more of a gangster than anyone else from NY.

      You don’t gotta be a gangster to make gangster rap, you just need to know the lifestyle which requires you at least have lived in an environment with gangsters in it, or that you know some gangsters or that you’ve seen some shit. I’m pretty sure Rick Ross has seen some shit, and knows some of what he’s talking about, but he’s talking about the life of people he was dealing with as a corrections officer and if he’s handling the situation like he is with Ricky Ross then he probably doesn’t have permission to be telling other peoples life stories.

      • tell me who has the permission, you guys are just nuthin but haters, always tryin to pull a nigga down, pls do sumthin wit ur life boy,

    • Luxbattle

      Exactly. Im no fan but you cant look at Ross and say he isn’t a smart dude as far as marketing goes. LIke you said he has had all this shit said about him, these dumb youtube videos, and still hes prolly one of the top rappers in the game just based on ticket/album sales alone.

  • Otis

    Seriously? Rick Ross has released 5 albums? WTF

    • Joseph Thomas

      countless mixtapes

      • Eli Pinilla

        No platinum plaque

    • I bought all of them!!

      *Ok, I lied!

  • niggaiamhiphop

    That nigga waited months…then delayed it a week from the original date, just to name it that?!? Yeah I hope those GD boys get that bread from that fat wack nigga.

    • andone

      they already got paid!

  • J.R Smith & Wesson

    he couldve called it “Top Cheif” “Kingpin” or “south beach chronicles” and make it an rnb album and take a different route from the gangster persona…

  • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    How about ‘Fraud’? or ‘Fiction’?

    • Eli Pinilla

      Mc gusto

    • LexxBrown


    • ThatBostonMan

      It’s a situation where he’s both. He’s not entirely fake in that I do think he knows a lot about what he writes about, which is unlike a lot of gangster rappers and this might explain why he’s successful at all. He speaks on stuff like he was there probably because he overheard real gangsters talking in the prison when he was a CO and took notes.

      He is not stupid, but if you’re asking whether or not he ever was a gangster then of course not. But neither was Biggie. The difference is Biggie didn’t name himself after a notorious real life gangster and go so far as to steal not just the name but emblems, flags, etc. It’s just really dumb and unnecessary to put the GD symbol on your album if you’re not even a GD.

      • Biggie put a bit work in on the streets as a kid, with his man taking a charge for him… I know it was in a movie and all, but it really happened… Ross went to CO school. Big difference there.

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  • therealest1

    It should really be titled Identity Thief.

  • Keylon Jackson Di Natale

    yes mastermind is good cause he

  • Keylon Jackson Di Natale

    yes its a good title, he is good at it

  • king

    Most rappers name are stolen from a movie or actual person very few are original….

    • HipHopIntellectual

      Co-sign! like Noreiga, Jim Jones etc. Post Death Row era really “Changed the Name”

  • Tril Beats

    He should of named it “Im sorry for stealing his name!” lmao….

    • HipHopIntellectual

      lol damn Hip Hop, first it was “sampling old records”, now it’s stealing/sampling old drug dealers names from the 80’s, damn we recycle Black culture fa real. lol

  • Fresh Dope

    WEAK! Took him THAT LONG to come up with that?!@! ….& had to DELAY it at that? What’s next he’s gonna start calling himself LARRY HOOVER or BIG MEECH?!@!
    Fake azz marginally talented egomanic overweight blow hard

  • Barry Jordan

    Should be called, “Sounds Exactly Like the Other 5”

  • firehawk17

    this dude is….just awful.. making a big deal about album title so bland…He is a mastermind of deceit.. gotta give dude that. FAt trick ass dude, who steals many personas…but he has a lot of male and female groupies… idk who is worse..

  • Calico Joe


  • Terrance Goodman

    Double hit single ” not a boss ”
    N ” I’m being extorted. Buy my c d if you feel me “

  • Terrance Goodman

    If he ships gold he spent his budget check his trunk of his 04 macbach

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  • King Cold

    Boooooo…..that title is doo doo grits.

  • BullsFan4Life29

    Rick Ross has come a long way in Hip-Hop so I think its a good title.

  • It should b call nevermind

  • Dadon850

    He is a mastermind. Thnk about it. How many corrections officers could reinvent themselves as a drug lord gangsta rapper?? It might cost him his life but he pulled it off. It’s truly a CB4 story.

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  • HipHopIntellectual

    In Rick’s defense, I still like studio gangsters, he’s a great actor, and a dope MC, I may not respect his Marketing, but he can rhyme…. I gotta give him that. Gangsta Rap is a genre, and Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Ja Rule were great actors as well…Rick does “play” a great drug dealer via vocal cinema.

  • I’m still puzzled as to why album title releases are an event.

    • HipHopIntellectual

      Because albums in America must be hyped here first, records are broken in America then Europe gets hyped on it, then they take the tour over there, where Hip Hop there, is equivalent to the “Golden Age” of Hip Hop circa 1986-1994 here in the states. Hip Hop revolution over seas.

      • The blind r leading the blind in this new Hip Hop era.

      • HipHopIntellectual

        The New Era could turn into the “through era”, and some of these folks posting makes me fear for the community as a whole.

    • ThatBostonMan

      Because Rick Ross is a marketing genius. No one else does that.

  • Real MC Jemini CEO Of The New LaTex

    Reblogged this on This Is The New LaTex!!.

  • Faller

    Correctional Officer William Leonard Roberts II sits in his living room one day from a long day of insults and slurs from inmates at a prison and thinks about a comeup. Adopts the name of an actual felon, creates fabricated lies about importing cocaine through to waters of Miami. Knowing that no drug Kingpin with families, and millions of dollars invested into operations would ever risk working with someone who had any involvement in Law officiating. Grows a beard, shaves his head. Gets tattoos all over his body. Studies the movies Scarface, and Paid and Full. Tries to convince people that being a Correctional Officer is different from being a cop. That he’s not the guy who puts people in cells, he;s just to guy who makes sure they stay inside of them, and lets them know when it’s “Lights Out Founds a record label, Makes Millions.


    • ThatBostonMan

      I think because he was a corrections officer he probably does know a lot more about gang life than most people. That said he basically stole their intellectual property and they have a right to be angry. It’s just insulting to do that to anyone, it’s basically taking their culture and making it mainstream but not giving them any money for a culture they live and die with.

      Rick Ross the rapper can retire from rap one day and stop being Rick Ross. The GDs can’t stop being GDs when they get tired of it.

  • Synista

    Should call it “Faking aint easy ” or “BIG FAT LAIR”

  • CanYouAllHearMe


  • ThatBostonMan

    I give Rick Ross credit, he’s a genius at marketing and he’s a talented lyricist. Whether or not he has integrity as a person, you can’t deny his talent.

  • Abrasive Angel

    He should’ve named it Cointelpro.

  • southside4lyfe

    this year will be the death of mmg except wale i like him he got that pac poetry flow i like he just need to builder more flow.

  • Should of named the album Commissary