Brisco Talks New Chapter in His Career

(AllHipHop News) Miami rapper Brisco is working on a new mixtape titled “Controversy,” as he reinvent’s his career, while traveling around the globe with Flo Rida.

According to Brisco, he has been on the road with Flo Rida, where he’s gained valuable insight on what it takes to be competitive in the Hip Hop industry, on a worldwide level.

“‘Controversy’ is the reinvention of my career,” Brisco told “I been touring with Flo Rida…on my Mack Maine s**t… President of Young Money s**t taking care of the business, carrying big piles of money, making sure my brother good in foreign ass countries.”

Brisco has been touring with Flo since early 2012 and the experience has been positive.

“I’m just absorbing some of that success,” Brisco explained as he adds stamps to his passport. “I’m a firm believer that dreams come true. It’s crazy being out there with him. He a good ni**a. We pray like 15 times a day. I think that’s what anchors our success.”

While working on his new album, Brisco tapped The Renegades, who are signed to DJ Khaled’s We The Best imprint, to the studio to work on new material for “Controversy.”

“The new mixtape ‘Controversy’ is going to be filled with controversy. I’ma say a couple of names , touch on a couple of situations and topics, things they really wanna know.”

Brisco stated that the mixtape with come with a documentary as well, which will showcase his new career direction.

“It’s fittin’ to go down, Brisco the re-invention is going to be something special for the people,” Brisco told “Alot of people been waiting for ‘Street Medicine’ forever, because I’ve got a cult following.”

Watch the exclusive interview with Brisco Here :

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9 Responses to “Brisco Talks New Chapter in His Career”

  1. SpaceAge2012

    Truth is da 1st time I ever heard of this guy is when he got robbed in a barber shop & til this day I still can’t tell u da name of 1 of his songs.I’m actually surprise he’s still rappin 2 be honest.

  2. Jay Simms

    be humble homeboy. life aint all about the fame and stunting. its all about giving back and being thankful, because it can all be taking away just like at the barber shop, playboy.- PEACEMASTER

  3. Hugh Stecht

    is this the same dude that was laying face down in the barbershop getting violated and relieved of his jewels????? Same dude who took the witness stand and was pointing out the dudes who did it????? ….well i guess being overseas being Flo rida’s bell boy beats the witness protection plan.

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