Meek Mill Vs. Cassidy

DEBATE: Should Meek Mill Respond To Cassidy?

Cassidy slipped in a diss to Meek (“Me, Myself and iPhone) and then Meek  responded in a song (“Repo”) that he proclaimed would be his last. But, then Cassidy upped the ante with “R.A.I.D.,” a song that the internets considered to be “ether.” Now, the rap world speculates whether or not Meek should respond to Cassidy’s 10 minute condemnation. Clearly, Cass has a and he’s even taken no-so-minuscule shots at Rick Ross and MMG. In a viral video, Elliot Wilson of RapRadar argued that Meek should NOT respond to Cassidy, who is seemingly trying to his career back to his former gold glory. I saw Elliot’s video and had to counter on twitter. This is Hip-Hop and that Cassidy diss is not something that can be ignored – not by an emcee. Imagine Nas trying to ignore “The Takeover” or LL trying to ignore Canibus “2nd Round Knockout.” Once upon a time, Jay-Z used to dispose of just about every lil’ New York rapper that said a slick word. Clearly, this isn’t remotely close to those battles, but its definitely piqued the interest of the fans. BUT I REPEAT: THIS IS HIP-HOP. At the root, Hip-Hop is a gladiator sport. Lets get it on! Check out YN’s video below, join the debate and take the poll.

Cassidy – “Me, Myself and iPhone”

Meek Mill – “Repo”

Cassidy – “R.A.I.D.”

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  • Guest

    Meek can’t ignore it cause if he does he gave up his right to any other emcee disrespecting him, the minute he tried to be hard or disrespect somebody in the music industries wich most likely will happened they will refer to cassidy RAID it will always use as a reference unless he respond with something harder. his other option is to learn from that RAID track keep his mouth shot and move on then he could do allot of greater thing but if he tryin to be slick to anybody else and he did not even respond with something greater then RAID will always be a black cloud following him over his shoulder

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  • ilexx

    I voted that I think Meek Mill should respond because I would love to see him try to respond but I don’t think its a straight up yes or no question.

    We should be asking if Meek Mill is even capable of responding. Can he put together a good enough response worthy of listening too or is he gonna respond with a bunch of shouting about his watches, cars and money?

    I don’t think Meek has what it takes to comeback with anything worth hearing.

  • I just want him to respond so cass can drop some more hot ish. That gucci and jeezy beef was entertaining but it was wack on wax. Ti and lil flip was great but too one sided. Jada and beans beef and ja and 50 beefs was classic. I want to see where this goes.

  • Jeffrey Pulliam

    It doesnt matter if he responds or not. He cant beat Cass at this MC’ing thing. He should just move on and do what he do. It could get worse for him. Cass got plenty more cause he’s gifted like that.

  • Jeffrey Pulliam

    Meek, a typical commercial nigga resorting to materialistic talk to avoid the Art of RAP. All that damn yelling. Clown

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  • I voted YES, but Meek should take a knee & the 10 count on this one!

    It’s getting worse & worse for him! He can’t out rap Cass, that’s clear & Cass has plenty more where that came from, on the other hand, Meek has to go out swinging, even if it’s feet first!

  • Eric Collapsar

    Yea, he has to respond. Cass did him like KRS did them cats in Build And Destroy and You Don’t Really Want It ( Nas also took the KRS approach to battlin’ when he did Destroy and Rebuild and Ether ). Somebody need to tell Meek Mill to study them battle EMCEE’s.

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  • Meek need to let it go. Cass bodied him with the RAID joint. Meek will still be successful on radio and everywhere else. But true hip hop heads won’t forget Cass went at his head and have him the biz. What happens now for Cass in mainstream hip hop is to be determined but he is still undisputed with the essence of hip hop that is dying a slow death. “The Battle”

  • Eli Pinilla

    Elliot wilson is a biased blogger/writer who has been down with mmg for a while now. Hes lost damn near all objectivity when it comes to an opinion regarding mmg or anything jay z

  • Black Exodus

    For the art of Hip Hop…yes Meek should respond, for the sake of His career he should leave it alone. He will kill his career and resurrect a fossil of a career in Cass career. Meek should stick to cooning and swooning and follow the blueprint of mainstream rap…leave the battle rapping for the battle rappers. Know your lane and stay in it.

  • brotha_man

    as long as they keep it on wax.

  • Globalhiphopbattles Page Globa


  • I love a good fight, but i believe both artist have said all they can say at this point about the other. LL and Canabis had alot more to work witth and were both on a higher level lyrically. Cass is a beat in a battle but hes boring with his flow, and Meek seems real meh in this environment. Raid should be it and we should call it as is. But to each his own

    • ajaychitown

      You have a couple good points but Cass is and has been one of the best lyricists in the game. Cassidy just had some unfortunate luck over the years between all that time he was in prison and then that accident he had knocked him off his feet, but he still got his flow. As for the rap beef between him and meek it’s all up to Meek now. He has to make a decision. Cassidy went at him hard on Raid and if you a true MC it aint no way you could just walk away from that. But times have changed and the generation got younger. It’s almost like the G code don’t even exist anymore. Back in the 90’s and even early 2k it aint no way you could let that ride, but now niggaz fake as ever.

      • I agree Raid was hard, but with what he was saying it was like an extended Iphone verse, plus the beat changd alot but his flow didn’t and it got boring after 2 and a half minutes. I love a good battle but this aint a good one. Its kinda meh to me. But the fans seem to enjoy it so I guess its doing somebody some good

      • Jame Shivar

        Your dumb….he changed with the beat. Nothing boring about that flow….dont be mad ya boy just lost one!

      • who Meek? Ive heard 3 songs from that nigga, some mixtape shit he did with Ross, Amen, and Repo. Needless to say Im not a fan. As far as entertainment value Chubby’s diss was better. Cass was more creative but for ten minutes of the same flow? It reminded me of 200 bars by Game which was cool the first time but needless to say I havent listened to it since.

      • Battle are not as much about flow as they are lyrics. Cassidy had a decent flow but he’s monotone

      • agreed. he did the thing lyrically, it was just boring after a while. Im not a meek mill fan at all, but then again im not a Cassidy fan either. I do like a good battle though and in that regard this was decent at best

  • Meek shouldn’t respond because he doesn’t have a shot in hell in winning.

  • ajaychitown

    I hit yes just because it’s fun and think it’s really good for hiphop. But the smart thing for Meek to do is bow out. He doesn’t stand a chance in a battle with Cassidy and he knows it. In fact if he does allow this to continue Cassidy could end up eating up the whole MMG. But I would have a lot of respect for Meek if he did because it shows he has some balls even if the ending is predictable.


    48 Laws of Power says Meek shouldn’t respond.

    • Banksy

      he already broke every law so it’s too late for Meek to try and read that book

    • 48 laws is trash. Anyone that follows it is not only stupid but an asshole for obsessing over power

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  • fucks meek mill .. cass an bo starks vs maybach,,, if ya go back meek mill stole his life from south philly bo starks.. his oldhead.. stole his story an got his squad puttin out bullshit video trying to slander bo starks name.. meek mill was nobody in 2006 an that when he put up these bull shit video on youtube .. he now expose thanks to cass

  • Sipp a Don

    Yo, I like Cass and all but why are people saying this will end Meek career? Cass can’t write a hit, and as long as you can do that you gud. I c Cass sometimes in Hackensack, NJ and he is a alright dude, but if you can’t make a hit where is battlin gonna get u? Just sayin

  • jondoe

    cassidy not hot enough to destroy a career, its a new day in hip hop, battles dont destroy careers anymore, look at 50 & ross beef

    • Bucho f

      y dont u look at the 50/Jarule beef or maybe the 50/Joe Crack beef…Meek responds to R.I.A.D. and he is done with..i’ll bet on that

    • No battle EVER destroyed a career. Not ja, kmd, dhan or anyone.

  • RealGoesRight

    Wait…did niggas forget that Meek Mill was the nigga who called Cass out or nah? How you gon call someone out then try to duck when the heat is on?

  • j

    no it will end his career

  • ChronickX

    Cassidy already ripped him apart with RAID. really tho? does Meek Mill’s weak ass need to “Diss” him again?

  • cassidy did em dirty.