Jay-Z and Beyonce

Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay & Beyonce, Kanye & Kim, Ice & CoCo, Chris & Rihanna…and More!

Nothing Epic going on so here are some lil’ things going on…


Rumors are swirling around that Jay and Beyonce are looking to have their second child already. But they are thinking about having a surrogate mother to hold the lil bambino if they do, reports say. I’m not sure that they would do that, but what do I know? Sounds like a PR nightmare to me, to be real.

So Rihanna, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are a threesome. Chris is tapping both of them and they are both cool with it? Wow.

Oprah will be doing an interview with DMX like she did with 50 Cent a few months ago. Hopefully she makes X cry for good ratings. By the way, her ratings are apparently way up.

How crazy is it that Chief Keef’s step brother was shot dead in the street? Hoping folks chill. Read the story here. http://allhiphop.com/2013/01/07/chief-keefs-step-brother-murdered-chicago-teen-violence-continues/

The Weeknd went “Gld” with his album Trilogy. Drake been chillin as of late.

Maybe Drake is being cool, because the person that owns the copyright said STFU. He said, “Drake, you need to calm down. You didn’t trademark YOLO. In fact, you weren’t even the first person to say it!” WOW.

Katt Stacks is back. Vacation over.

Kanye West and Kim have copped and $11 million house to build their family in.

CoCo wants to release a full fledged porno of her and Ice-T. WE, as a people, do NOT need to see that.

The Django doll is coming! HOW COOL!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • SMDH @ Coco & Django dolls.

  • Coco and ICE T are some old ass people, make a home video and watch in in your mansion…We don’t want to see none of that…

    Django dolls? really? that movie was great but it’s nothing that will go down in history….Get over it.

  • Oknas

    SMH@ Ice T and coco porn, thats like putting cocoa in ur Ice T, doesnt sound right lol

  • Richard Savage

    Coco aint slick she just wants to take focus of the fact she was fuckin AP.9

    • Negro Peligro

      Man she sound more guilty.

  • Sir_Salty_Mcginty

    The Django dolls are movie memorabilia and NOT for kids. It’s more of a collectors item for film buffs. Jeez.

    • Q.

      Oh okay. How many Schindler’s List action figures did they put out? I wanna cop me one of the little burnt-up Jew ones…Oh, was that racist?
      Yeah, that’s what I thought.

      • Nikolai Weezanator

        Schindler’s list was more of a history based film where as DJANGO is fiction you idiot. Also if there were demand for Shindler’s list collectibles people would buy them. Supply and Demand is the reason there are dolls not racism. Your too sensitive and in fact are spreading racism by acting like something is racist when its not.

      • Q.

        A hit dog hollered. LOL

        Historical fact vs. historical-based fiction…What difference does that make? They’re making light of the American Holocaust, i.e slavery, and turning that into toys. That’s a no-no. And you’re WRONG–there was no demand for Django dolls; they just created them to see if people would be stupid enough to buy them. Did you get yours yet?

        BTW cokksucka, learn the difference between “your” and “you’re” before you call somebody an idiot.

      • crucob

        American holocaust is a bit much. Atrocity yes, holocaust no. Whites weren’t attempting to commit the genocide of the entire black race, that would’ve been counter-productive in their eyes. Weigh these 2 thoughts, would you rather be enslaved or have your whole race and anyone who even remotely looks like you possibly erased from existence? Slavery WAS phucked up, but by no means can you logically compare the 2. None of us has ever met a slave, but there are still people around who actually suffered thru the holocaust. You’re complaining about racism, but at the same time you yourself are exuding bigoted racism.

      • Q.

        WOW. Your comment was so asinine I don’t even know where to begin. From the way you’re talking, you’re obviously not of indigenous/melaninated descent, so you have no place to comment on nor compare what you BELIEVE the experience of the Middle Passage was or IS like. If you are of indigenous/melaninated descent then you are an agent Uncle Ruckus slave of the lowest order to even conjure such an inane utterance. Slavery wasn’t a one-off deal, dikkhead: the severe ramifications of it are very much felt today!
        And to attempt to compare the magnitude of the egregious events such as the Middle Passage (i.e. North and South American slavery) and the Jew-ISH Holocaust is beyond insulting–it’s just plain idiotic. Ironically, you’re talking about logic, yet you made the following statements:

        “None of us have ever met a slave” <—Really? Do you know any American Black people…at all? If so, have you ever related to a Black ever beyond mundane cnoversation?

        "Would you rather be enslaved or have your whole race and anyone who even remotely looks like you possibly erased from existence?" <—My first answer is "NEITHER." My second answer is NEITHER group was erased from existence, though both suffered tremendous loss. This was easily the most unintelligent part of your comment.

        Now, before you can accuse me of racism, you need to learn the definition of the word. Here's today's lesson for you. I want you to copy, save and study this for future reference:

        noun ˈrā-ˌsi-zəm: a social mechanism which establishes and reinforces tangible and intangible social and economic power of one group over another group or groups. a RACIST is a person who willingly and actively supports such a system, or who passively enjoys its benefits.

        Racism was devised by "whites" to benefit whites and white descendants in a multi-racial social paradigm, commonly known as White Supremacy. By the very nature of the system itself, for you to label me a racist is ILLOGICAL. Thus, the term "racism" doesn't even apply to my comments. I can see if you call me a bigot (which I'm not), you might even label me as prejudiced (which I'm not), but the last thing you should be calling me is RACIST. Oh, let me not forget your opening dumbazz statement:

        "American holocaust is a bit much" <—Really? Tell this to the millions of families of the dead souls who were taken due to slavery.

        Now sit the fukk back down.

      • crucob

        Thanks for the lesson but none of that negates the fact that you are wrong for even joking about burnt up Jew action figures being used in comparison with characters from a fictional piece of cinema where a black man takes revenge on his oppressors & comes out on top in the end. Genocide isn’t a joking matter. Just ask Cambodians about Pol Pot, the Tutsi in Rwanda, the Herero in Southwest Africa & the Jews about Germans, just to name a few victims of this heinous act. And I said POSSIBLY erased from existence, as the definition of genocide is the intention to destroy, IN WHOLE OR IN PART, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group. I was born & raised in the US, lived among many races, & I can say without hesitation that there are no slaves here anymore (except maybe women trapped in the sex trade) & if you believe there still are and hold to that mentality then I have no idea what delusional world you’re living in. Yes there are racists here (they’re everywhere, just browse the internet), but racism itself is not relegated only to whites against blacks. There are blacks who hate whites, asians (that includes more than just the oriental variety), and hispanics… There are even blacks who despise other blacks, as crazy as that is, and this cycle goes around in all directions to varying degrees. ANY person of ANY race can be racist. True, you may not be racist, I don’t know you, but you do show a great lack of compassion.

      • Q.

        crucob, you did it again, homie: “Thanks for the lesson but none of that negates the fact that you are wrong for even joking about burnt up Jew action figures” <—And therein lies the irony! You say I'm WRONG for even JOKING about Jews, but Django itself was an action COMEDY drawn around the theme of slavery, one in which TOYS were made to further capitalize off of said COMEDY, yet you don't see the irony in that? You need to sit down and think about this.

        You played yourself again when you said, "And I said POSSIBLY erased from existence, as the definition of genocide is the intention to destroy, IN WHOLE OR IN PART, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group." <—"Possibly" implies conjecture. We're not dealing with theory, just facts. Here's a few: INDIGENOUS MELANINATED PEOPLE of the AMERICAS/AFRICA/aka AMEXEM ARE SUFFERERS OF THE WHITE SUPREMACIST GENOCIDAL AGENDA. Our Native American tribes were decimated with guns and germs, our West African male POWS (i.e. slaves) were castrated and bred for population control, and are still disproportionately imprisoned and aborted today in the same effort, not to mention the guns and drugs which flood our communities (Read up on Eugenics). History is eluding you, dog.

        "I can say without hesitation that there are no slaves here anymore"<—And this sentence right here shows you are completely oblivious to the American Black experience, which is why you should leave topics such as American Slavery and the Holocaust well alone until you've thoroughly educated yourself.

        You continue: "Yes there are racists here (they're everywhere, just browse the internet), but racism itself is not relegated only to whites against blacks. There are blacks who hate whites, asians (that includes more than just the oriental variety), and hispanics…"<—NO. You're not going to sidestep the truth about Racism/White Supremacy. Don't insult me by ignoring the Racism definition I posted for you–I didn't write that for my health, dog. I wrote that for you to LEARN. Read it, study it. Then RE-READ it, study it again and contemplate its meaning. Racism, prejudice and bigotry are NOT the SAME. For example, a Black man slapping a white man in the face and calling him a "cracker" IS NOT racism–prejudiced maybe, but not racist. A white manager smiling in a qualified Black man's face and denying him a job or a loan unjustifiably IS racism. Now, I think you're smart enough to learn the difference. Don't prove me wrong. But until then, I don't want to hear sh!t else from you about RACISM.

        And as far as my compassion is concerned…A compassion-less person wouldn't take the time to speak out against something as insensitive as selling action figures of white supremist slaveholders. My comment about Schindler's List was made satirically to grab attention–as you see, it worked! But I didn't sense any compassion from you when you made multiple remarks trivializing Slavery. You see, when it comes to white folks' feelings, everybody else is supposed to dummy up, bow their heads and tiptoe around on eggshells. But when it comes to people of color speaking to their own sensibilities of what they perceive as social disregard and injustice, then you say we're "showing LACK OF COMPASSION." You're out of line, dog.

      • Q.

        And if you’re serious, you should take a trip to your local Black History museum. There’s one in Milwaukee called…”America’s Black Holocaust Museum.” Go figure!

      • Nikolai Weezanator

        What is racist about the Movie Django Unchained? What is racist about those dolls and if I collected Dolls I would buy Django and Sam Jackson for sure. i might buy the action figures though. I also like how you claimed to know that no one will purchase these, but you didn’t even know people collected them. I’m sorry I messed up my usage of your & you’re, but in the middle of my angry typing I forgot to check my grammar. I think its sad that people like you create racism where it does not exist just to help keep it alive. If you find this movie offensive you should stick to Care Bears or anything with a G rating. Because movies always will act out the not so pretty sides to society and when its fiction or fantasy you have no ground to stand on saying its racist.

      • Q.

        To respond to your last two comments, I’m fully aware of what collector’s items and collectibles are, and I never once stated the film was racist, so I don’t know why you’re repeatedly trying to put those words in my mouth–so STOP. Furthermore, many white people like you throw around the term “racist” like an old frisbee, and fail to use the word in its proper context. I see a lot of white folks labeling Black people as “reverse racists” for speaking out against racial inequities, and it’s a load of horsesh!t. You need to learn the proper understanding of what racism is. I wrote out the definition for crucob (scroll up). READ and LEARN what racism means, before you accuse someone of spreading racism.

        With that being said, IMO Django Unchained DOES have racist undertones that are more reflective of Tarantino’s twisted mentality in 2013 than it does of the times of America in 1858 per se. I could outline those nuances, but it’s too time-consuming, and unnecessary to my point. MY POINT here is that the dolls are inappropriate considering the historical gravity of the film’s subject matter: North American Chattel Slavery. IMO the selling of dolls reduces the scope and atrocities of slavery and the [ongoing] institution of White Supremacy to that of a fantasy revenge cartoon. I understand that people like you see the film as a fun, harmless diversion and try to pass Django off as some kind of cinematic folk hero for Black people, but that’s neither you nor Tarantino’s place to decide. We’re perfectly capable of assigning our own heroes and depicting our own history in a truthful, meaningful fashion. And we don’t need the likes of people like YOU chastising us for calling out ANYONE who exploits our image for capital gain. That’s the heart of it. Have fun with your Stephen doll. SMH LOL

      • Nikolai Weezanator

        You are not recognizing that these figures are simply charcters in a movie both heros, villians and a wife needing saved. Tarentino simply shows that African Americans were treated horribly and then has a African American hero save the day and make all those white slave masters suffer a horrible death. So again no real racism because they are talking about a time period where racism existed does not make the movie racist and the intentions of the director are clearly not racist if you actually watch the material.

      • That was a dumb ass comment. Truly it was!

  • Silly me, thought this was All Hip Hop… somehow I was re-directed to TMZ.

    • My dude, you should be use to this kind of reporting from this site by now.

      • Yea, your right…and then I come on here, read it…and comment on it…sadly shit like is what pays the bills at all hip hop…lol

      • Luxbattle

        Yeah, the lack of reporting and a spell checker.

  • Negro Peligro

    Cocoa old Nerf Speed Bag titties.

    • Stop fronting like you wouldn’t hit. I would unless you are gay. I would beat it like a cop.

  • SpaceAge2012

    Jay & B used a surrogate mother da 1st time so that aint a no damn surprise.

    • Young Goku


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    Is this too much?

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  • Swaggout

    QUENTIN TARANTINO IS LITERALLY SELLING SLAVES!!!!!!! I never thought I will see the day. I didn’t think he would do it, but to put out a Django doll is A DAMNED INSULT TO NOT EVEN BLACK PEOPLE BUT TO EVERYONE!

    Please somebody stop this madness!!!!!

    • johnblacksad

      I bet the actual slaves wished dolls were being sold instead of them…

      Don’t compare the slaves pain with whatever bc or marketing ploy we have goin on in 2013

      I gotta see this movie now… ya’ll ridin this ‘racist movie’ wave like Point Break… i don’t think it should be taken that serious

      Even Spike Lee needs to chill

  • hoeyuno

    x on opera, homie can use the publicity……. breezy is a pimp.

  • Jeffrey Pulliam

    Any nigga that buy that need they ass whooped

  • Nikolai Weezanator

    For all you people on here that think this movie is racist your ignorant and are one of the main reasons racism still exists today. This movie is a fictional movie with minor historic details and creates an African American hero he flips the script on slave Masters and conquers stereotypes. But you go ahead and be oversensitive about a time period you never existed in and again the movie is fictional. Also the dolls have a wide array of characters that are the most popular and famous actors in the movie. So racism is never the motivation, intention or message. If you liked Django buy Django and hell buy Candie to make a scene of Candie getting slapped by Django. Whatever you do stop whining and stop preading false racism.

    • Q.

      Dufus, nobody here said the movie was racist. The comments were the sillyazz toys they put out. Django was an entertaining fantastic diversion via a live-action cartoon, that’s all. Don’t try to twist the character into some kind of folk hero for Black people, whiteboy.

      “This movie is a fictional movie with minor historic details”

      Which were the MINOR historic details….the slavery, the KKK, the whippings or the lynchings? FOH

      • hahahahha That was hilarious. I was about to say the same thing. hahahah He is trying to make it like it is a black barbie doll or something for kids. hahah

    • Sure I will buy a doll. I also bought the special edition chains and slave songs that come with it. I want to show massa how much I support him. SMH!

  • Do the dolls all say n*gger 176 times just like movie does? haha Another “I will kill you n*gge”r “yous a dead n*gger” phrases. You add that I am sure the white people will get a jolly ol chuckle out of it. It is a guaranteed sellout no pun intended. Kids if you act now you get the jolly ol house nigga Stephan(kids scream yay!) Enjoy his n*ggerish catch phrases such as “Mmmmm masa will beat me if I’ssss talk” or “MMMmasa treats me good I’s ain’t leaving you stupid black n*gger” and his famous “look at me masa I’s dancing masa I’s dancing”! hahahahhahahahhahah In the immortal words of flavor flav and public enemey man fk him and John wayne.

  • Iller

    Thats classic hoe tactics, now that she did the porn with the other nigga, now let her husband in on it lol… losses dealt

  • Nikolai Weezanator

    I find it funny that there is not one thing that is racist about the movie Django, but here people are trying to find racism that doesn’t exist.