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Hip-Hop Rumors: What MMG Rapper IS Chillin’ With A G-Unit Rapper?

Well, if one beef doesn’t quite work out, make another one work out. It seems like even though 50 Cent and Rick Ross don’t get along, that doesn’t mean the under bosses cannot be cool. Lloyd Banks, Trav and Meek Mill were seen recently chilling on a couple of different occasions. This also included members of each’s crew, so there was no animosity at all. From what I understand, some of the people in the pic are rap dudes that have wanted to be artists with 50 Cent since day one and just never got that opportunity to shine so they are looking elsewhere for the pot of gold. I even was told some of them are down with Dipset now. You gotta feed the wolves, man!


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  • hoeyuno

    Lloyd banks stopped giving a fucc about fifs opinion long ago… I think he looks at all fifs beef like it ruins opportunities….

    • andone

      Who said 50 was forcing it on him tho… The relationship between the unit has always been a mutual respect… Their one of the few rap crews that actually have history together, so naturaly they hold each other down and if it ever gets to the point where its all out war u can trust banks will fall in line… His loyalty has been and always be to 50… The thing is there is no beef wit meek cuz meek never said anything even remotely close to dissin G-unit… rozay & gunplay were the only dumb n!gg@’s to get outa pocket wit 50 and they got dealt wit accordingly… But these other mmg cats are safe so long as they don’t provoke/press the issue… Jus don’t expect to see yayo chillin wit these dudes tho, if that happened then id be surprised!

      • hoeyuno

        if this was 03 and fifty is beefing with jada banks woulda never posed with sheek or stylez.. shiiit fif went after joe and jada for doing a song with ja rule. those guys owed nothing to fif..

      • He made them millionaires, without 50 Banks would be another piss ant in the hood working a 9 to 5 to buy a 50 dollar pair of kicks.

      • hoeyuno

        fo sho … I was saying joe and jada owed him nothing

      • Guest

        I get you!

      • andone

        he deff wouldnt have posed wit them, cuz they were all beefing wit each other @ the time… see theres a diff between wat d-block/terror squad was and wat mmg is, they were all tight wit their clicks b4 the beef unlike these mmg recruits who were added after the fact so its not the same thing… and ur also right about them not owing 50, that was until they decided to stand in between two guys beefing… then it was open season on they @ss cuz if u rollin wit them and were not fam/friends/cool, then ur gonna get f^(ked u up wit em if it pops off… bottom line they f^(ked up and should have never stepped in the picture especially when they knew 50 was goin in for the kill… the same thing wit jay and puff(both of which he had prior beef/issues wit), 50 had rozay on his last leg then them dudes sent officer ricky a life boat SMH… and thats why 50 has no respect for ppl who interfere wit personal issues when they have no place being involved, its as simple as that!!

      • Negro Peligro

        Man that sound like rape.

    • Yeah I agree….50 cent made his money during an era in Hip-Hop when rappers were attacking each other…Now it’s a new day, and 50 cent can do nothing but sit and watch other rappers unite to make greater music…..2013 marks the end of beefing ass rappers…lol

    • agreed, and it does

    • nothinlessdenSour


  • Smile

    I remember how Banks released “officer down” and Ross never said a word about Banks again! LOL!!

    • Banks can flow….unlike Fifty.

      • 50 sold a hell of a lot more records and owned Ross in that “beef”.

      • Sonned him…like he came out of his penis.

      • Negro Peligro

        I’m sorry I don’t know who gave you a negative. BUT ANYTIME YOU NARRATING A DUDE BABY MOMMA SEX TAPE WITH A GOLD WIG AND IRISH FAIRY ACCENT. You just ethered that dude. SUMMA JAM ain’t got shit on that son. Then WHEN YOU SHOW UP TO A NIGGA baby house and put his kids on THE TV with the cash and you handing his baby’s stack. WWF AIN’T NEVER WROTE A SCRIPT THAT HARD. I’m sorry OFFICER RICKY parody. I mean the list goes on. 50 ATE THAT DUDE LUNCH.

      • Negro Peligro

        Now Ross be rapping about taking a nigga chick and doing all the stuff. 50 did to him. I mean no disrespect but everytime ROSS drop on that level it always come up in the back of my mind.

      • LMAOOOOOO…GAMMEEE OVERRRR!!!!! People just forget sometimes because Ross went on to sign a bunch people to get some cred, and remain relevant to people. He didn’t go away like Ja or Cam or even Fat Joe for a time. I even just think of those two songs “Officer Ricky” & “Tia Told Me”….and don’t forget them filming at Khaled’s Mom’s work…lol

      • infinit221

        Ya’ll sound like some bitches that like reality TV. Sorry, but all those diss records from 50 and his camp were wack, didn’t listen to them songs more than once. 50 had money and Ross wasn’t given his baby momma no attention so 50 came in to flash some paper and play her against Ross, and she used that to promote that book that sold 5 copies. Ross makes better music, that’s why he still finds success. And I’m tired of y’all talking bout record sales cause I actually believe in buying albums. When someone makes a good record and I can vibe to it I go out and support it. Y’all miserable asses just look for a reason to tear the next man down, that’s why nobody around 50 is still eating. Its talent that drives hip hop and music in general, all this gimmick shit that 50 pulls is played out and has BEEN played out.

      • TheBigCheeFa

        50 never owned rick ross

      • Go read @twitter-266910229:disqus comment… if you deny it, your in denial.

      • Are you kidding? LOL!!!!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        Power of the Dollar my nigg. play that

      • Now why doesn’t he flow like that all the time?

        Good look on that!

        That is the FiF I’m looking for!

    • Super_Hero

      Ross killed Lloyd by not responding giving him publicity. Responding would had radio stations inviting Lloyd Banks for interviews and air play. Lloyd hasn’t been heard of since making that southern song, Beamer, Benz or Bentley. Lloyd Banks said in an interview next yr we won’t hear from Officer Ricky. Yet it was Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo that we didn’t hear from a yr later. Officer Ricky went on to sell more records then he ever did and created MMG. So who really won.

      • WINNING…..YES

      • Irvin Findlay

        Stop it… everyone knew Banks killed Ross on Officer Down Ross had no response and he’s selling? mmg albums struggle to go gold and fyi the last banks song played on the radios were i don’t deserve you and start it up

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  • CanYouAllHearMe


    • Keylon Jackson Di Natale

      nope!! thoz pics was take b4 the show …. go on MGK instagram it says “50 catch us b4 the show and after the fight 50 was in his trailer with cops cmon son go see it on wssh

  • Exactly what I was saying about the last article on how 50 cent is wearing Gunplay’s chain in a new video…..The beefing thing is tired….That’s why 50’s music career dwindled because the amount of friends that he could have made, he made them his enemies instead.

    Yes 50 has tons of money but he shits on everyone that he works with and everyone else….Lloyd Banks is smart do your thing don’t let 50’s enemies be your enemies too. Real Talk

    • andone

      its nothin new wit u… so of course its “EXACTLY” wat u said the last time, ol 50 hatin @ss n!gg@ lol… u act like 50 started these beefs when in fact its the other way around, dont blame 50 for these other cats who pretend like they dont know wat time it is… and f^(k ass kissin industry rappers wit no stripes, in the words of 2pac ” i got no love for these n!gg@s, theres no need to be friends” end of story…

      and yes 50 is the last of a dying breed (to have tons of money off rap) dude started wit 1 mill to sign so u have no other choice than to respect that… but he doesnt sh!t on everyone he works wit tho… the ppl who had it comin got exactly wat they deserved, u never hear anyone outside of bang em smurf, tha game and buck complaining(slim tha mobster doest count) so u can dead that… last but deff not least, meek & 50 arent enemies so ur last sentence isnt even worth debating… REAL TALK!

      • First of all let me school you on some realness…..50 cent has beefed with everyone from Lil Kim, Fat Joe, Lloyd Banks, Game, Dre, Ra Rule, Jay-z, Diddy, to his most recent beef with Rick Ross…..Yes 50 is paid and superrich but he had to attack others to succeed…50 CENT WOULD BE A NOBODY RIGHT NOW IF IT WASN’T FOR HIS INFAMOUS BEEF WITH JA RULE……Some might consider that a win for 50 but it’s an epic fail for Hip Hop as a whole, simply because these are ALL rappers that could have all come together collectively to make the HIP-HOP genre that we all know and love even STRONGER…
        2 PAC was a great rapper but he was just the same as 50, and if he was so GREAT he would be alive and well with an established EMPIRE…..GREAT rappers build and add to society they don’t take from it.
        50 and Meek being cool only reflects weakness on 50’s part because as much as 50 HATES Rick Ross he obviously need to be close enough to Ross to continuously try to destroy him….50 is mad because all his artists that he either tried to sign or signed are ALL WASHED up, and Ross hit a GOLDMINE with signing Meek..Point is 50 needs to do his own thing and stop interfairing with the affairs of other rappers… 50 not “the last of a dying breed” cent is not GOD, he is not the best thing to ever happen to Hip-Hop he is a successful rapper who made a lot of money attacking other rappers. If 50 cent was so great why can’t he sell as many records like he did with GRODT? Great music speaks for itself right? So why does 50 have to create FAKE BEEFS just to get attention around lastest material? I respect 50 but every rapper has a method of selling music, and 50 has his, and it’s all based on scandal, beef, guns, violence, and tearing his own kind down. THE END

      • andone

        clowning a female isnt a beef, fat joe got caught up in the mix to his own fault dude could have made peace but wanted to be a tuff guy, 50 is his boss so he has a right to, game switched up, dre needed/deserved to be put on notice, rule wanted beef, jay-z and diddy both pushover’s, ross underestimated 50’s “methods” jus like you….

        btw ja rule is in no way responsible for 50’s success… thats jus a dumb thing to say, if anything i would give more credit to R.I.P JMJ, dre, em and vitamin water(shout out to coca cola) if thats how u wanna judge it… and hip-hop has only benefited from 50’s involvement, it has suffered no damage watsoever since he hopped on the scene… ur reaching hard trying to blame watever problem u have wit today’s rap on him and thats jus plain obvious in every single one or ur 50 related posts…

        i agree that PAC was a great rapper and that 50 bares certain characteristics similar to him, actually thats part of the reason why i have the same level of respect towards both of them… but if theres one thing we learned from his untimely death, its that bulletproof whips are a MUST and ur the same person to hate on 50 for not gettin caught up without one lol… then, not only that u have the nerve to talk down on a rapper who has his own foundation, works towards ending world hunger, registered for a bone marrow drive, served hurricane sandy victims thanksgiving dinner, ect. and say hes not adding to society SMH…

        im not even goin to comment on rozay, theres plenty of legit comments above to cover that… but to claim that 50 is somehow mad is jus absurd, all i have to do is name one g-unit release and it will make that “gold mine” u speak of look like a hallowed out cave in which a “munkey” lives… so u can go ahead and quote me “50 is the last of a dying breed”… i never said he was great tho, those are ur words not mine… however its safe to say hes above average on the mic and if its not ur style thats cool cuz we werent talking about the music to begin wit, its neither here nor there… ur gettin off topic and thats how we know ur jus hatin man… thats all im sayin!!!

      • “Clowning a female is beef–you dudes and the double standards–you hate female rappers so much that you can’t even credit one as being equal enough to having beef with a male counterpart…”Vitamin Water, G-Unit, SYNC headsets, and everything else would have never been offered to 50 cent if he didn’t steal Ja rule’s shine and ran with it…If I am off topic then you are even further off…If 50 first came out without attacking Ja Rule, he would have never been so successful…The industry rewarded 50 for continuing to divide the genre with violence, hate and negativity towards fellow rappers.GREAT FOR 50—BAD FOR HIP-HOP–This is why we have so many fallen rappers and HIP-HOP IS DEAD….50 cent feed kids in Africa the same place most celebrities claim to give back because it sounds good and no one can prove it….America is 5 times worse than Africa and yet still we are more concerned about Africa a continent that has more natural resources till this day than any other place in the world….O yeah 50 gave some kids presents in South Jamaica GREAT…That’s like telling a drug dealer it’s okay to sell your drugs and destroy the neighborhood, but as long as you hire and pay the kids to work for you it’s okay…You are pissing me off..It’s people like you who would buy a mansion on the same block with abandon burnt out homes….Great for you BAD for EVERYONE else.. Me “Off Topic” how so when most rappers have a connection with each other…Banks+50cent+Ross+Meek what the hell are you talking about?

        If 2pac or 50 wanted to use their voices and become leaders they could have been the FIRST to become a BLACK PRESIDENT, but no Obama has that title and Obama didn’t have to tear down his own kind or release a diss record or get shot or sell drugs to do so…Stop idolizing these rappers 2pac and 50 cent sell records to fools like you to make a living, they were not trying to be no ones LEADER…THE END

      • andone

        beef is when ur moms ain safe up in the streets, not a war of words between ppl whether male or female… no double standard here but when did anyone hate on a female rapper in this thread, u see there u go gettin off topic again smh… and ur still on that thanks to ja 50 is a millionaire ish man plz stop it already… rule was an x poppin drink sippin goofball who got stomped out by the code, he was food from the jump… dude thought he could get over on another man and found out the hard way, why must u keep makin excuses for that clown… @ the “end” of the day 50 played his cards right and was the underdog to “begin” wit so its only right we give “credit” where its due, fan or no fan(in ur case hater)… i mentioned why i feel 50 had a legit chance @ success, while u resort to conspiracy theories and u expect us to take u serious, gtfoh wit that sh!t… maybe this maybe that, well how about maybe ur jus a 2013 hater who ignores 50’s latest single’s in the top 100 huh… ur coup out is weak man, hip-hop is alive and well jus like 50… that goes without saying, no conversation needed… DEAL WIT IT!!

        UPDATE: so now u want proof huh, i guess it has to be proven to u, for u to even think that it might be possible then cuz ur deff doing ur part right… smh if u had any interest in community service and or social issues than u wouldnt be talkin down on 50 and wat he is accomplishing whether u like(or in ur case hate) him or not… and i had a feeling u were takin this personal (why u mad?) but i cant accept responsibility for the next man, no more than u can even if we are our brothers keeper… so lay off all that talk man…

        look i called u out for not hesitating to bash @ the first opportunity that presented itself and im not lying when i say that… u kno it, i kno it, everybody knows it, so im not about to fold… u say dude is detrimental to the hood or better yet the culture but i beg to differ… lol ur even claiming to kno me based off wat few words we have exchanged on the internet, however ur assumption couldnt be further from the truth… lmao ur wrong for that too, on top of all the other nonsense ur spewin as well…

        and yea all off topic n!gg@, u went from a whole paragraph/replys about everyone else but meek(specifically ja and kim)… to sneak dissin banks as washed after u had praised him in ur original post… so how am i supposed to be the “fool”…SMDH!

      • You are so silly, it actually excites me…..Yeah this is where it ends…..I am done…..thanks for chatting—It’s time to move on…Next topic please…….lol

      • andone

        “it actually excites me”

        WTF??? double pause @ that comment, ur on one bruh… but either way u throwin the towel is fine wit me tho, cuz it still doesnt change the fact that u got exposed!!!

      • You take this internet thing way too seriously…..You are silly

      • andone

        u met ur match jus admit it already… dont let ur ego blind ur judgement while u still have a chance!!!

  • Adrian Barron

    too bad BANKS aint catch on a long time ago –

    • True that…He is kinda late.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      he didnt need to … most people network so much cause they have too … like french montana .. he has to network … hes not strong enuff just yet to stand on his own two …. nothing wrong with that ….. but guys like Gunit were a brand of thier own that could stand on its own …. they didnt need other big names to make thier ish pop … well outside of dre and em lol 😉

      • Adrian Barron

        he didn’t need to (network) ???
        yeah right … how long can any CREW stand on their own w/o networking especially while you are beefing with any/everybody for record sales at the same time. In retrospect G-Unit only held it down for 1 album as a crew before they internally started falling apart mostly due to 50 and his promo and propaganda. GAME as odd ball as he is was at least smart enough to pull an Ice Cube before things went bad. Collaborations and features are some of the many variables that can keep an artist, group, label poppin – especially when the fate of the whole team depends on one person..

        that’s why it always appeared as if BUCK seemed to get the most support from 50 when they were on their A game because he had a connection with artists in the South – and was able to expand the brand as opposed to STANDING ON ITS OWN as you mentioned up top

  • kered gnuoy

    I’m sure banks is just doing his thing not giving a fukk. he seems to laid back to give a fukk.

  • Trav must got one of them new “You Will Never Hear My Music” deals……

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      quit waiting for the radio to play him he got mad tracks and vids all over youtube

  • trav is still down with the Unit..they never had smoke wit meek

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      trav is byrd gang now hes messin with jim jones these days

      • i kno hes messin wit them but i dont think hes signed..couldnt find anything of that online

  • Dis picture is old as hell I remember googling dis a few months back

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    … 1 of them dudes aint with dipset but hes affiliated with one of the dips members… honestly i cant remember cause i think this dude did jump around the set …. but hes either with freakys 730 dips or Juelz Skull Gang … i cant really remember and im pretty much sure homey is also Lloyd banks cousin or something like that ……

  • Richard Savage

    I just hope Banks doesnt make the mistake of signing with MMG. if you gon leave G-Unit either go to GOOD Music or start your own shit

  • GregSki86

    Good to see niggas can be cool regardless of they bosses feelings toward each other. Sh*t is a good look, but that Cassidy-Raid joint towards Meek……………no bueno Meek, you def took a L on that one

  • we need a new banks mixtape

  • This isn’t the 1990’s. Guys don’t ride for crews and labels any more. It’s not, your enemy is my enemy anymore… regardless, Meek Mill is just a guy signed under MMG….he’s pretty neutral…

    Banks fell off anyways, who cares… wheres the music?

  • 8Galaxy5

    50 will not be happy with it.Fact

    • 50 was chilling with meek at the BET awards…yayo was chilling wit meek after they beat down gunplay that same night

  • Negro Peligro

    Banks last was on Fiya.

  • 50 was chilling wit meek at BET awards…yayo was chilling with meek at club after BET awards after they stomped out gunplay…so this is created fake gossip

    • Dolo

      It’s good to see someone on this site with some knowledge!

  • Usually my comments are deleted when addressing this topic.

    It used to be 50 getting paid to promote selfishness.
    Imagine cooperating and networking were promoted
    instead of egocentric nonsense.

    People like Jimmy Iovine just wanted to make sure
    the artists/ gladiators are not developing their own way of distributing
    music. Just one internet vehicle would have been enough and the
    major label’s businesses would have been over.

    Imagine a site like AHH would have had a vision and distributed music
    while networking with rap artists. Then even I-tunes would have never
    been a major player.

    Instead a lot of money has been given to some retarded special ed
    wanna be gangsters to make sure such a thing is never going to
    develop. The current state of music is just the result.

    Beef with your brother

    Beef with your sister

    Beef with anybody

    for what???

    • Thats what I am saying, people forget how 50 cent got into the industry…He attacked Ja Rule stole his whole style and ran with it to continue to tear down others.

    • >>Tries to delete Asher’s comment on behalf of the industry!

      ** Real Spill, I was kicking it with iLLseed along those lines, but not with such a deep perspective.

      I’m gonna kick this one upstairs to the higher ups, I think your on to something quite big.

      >> ( My cut = The Large….plus 10% of course : )

  • PIRU

    The name is Young Money Trav. He is yayo’s right hand man. So is Mike Knox. I know em personally. They have tried putting Trav on, but I dont think his skills are on point. Then again I watched Tone Trump murder Mike Knox in the booth. You’d be surprised though. Tone Trump is gonna be a problem in 2013. Just wait an see. With Scrilla and Freddie off CTE, Snow is going to be putting alot into him. His grind is unlike 98% of the industries. Just wait.

    • PIRU

      Knox is the one who landed quite a few punches on Gunplay at the BET Awards incident. He used to be signed to Tommy Boy back in the day. He’s a good dude.

    • philly67

      trav is a lil bitch nigga from the caribbean who got punked in LA and in vegas more than a few times. why suge had yayo back pedaling out here in north phil.

  • I know Gunplay pissed!

  • these pics r old

  • what a pair of disloyal fucks!

  • Dolo

    How is this shit a story when there are pics of 50 and Meek together? At the BET awards they were taking flicks outside the trailer.

  • Dolo

    How is this shit a story when there are pics of 50 and Meek together? At
    the BET awards they were taking flicks outside the trailer.

  • Fukurpost

    Lol don’t y’all know this is entertainment smh y’all bloggers r da only one who cares about this while they all sitting around getting rich like look at this comment banks and he like I know meek they wild pass me that j lol

  • Jeffrey Pulliam

    Meek needs consolation after that lyrical beatdown Cassidy just put on him

  • Global_Mission

    Beef!, There is no BEEF!! Its Marketing and foolish Ninjas fall for it…

  • Southcidal

    Disloyal leeches!!!

  • King Cold

    Yea cuz meek knows wasup. Can’t mess wit the unit

  • Bumpy Johnson

    I swear MEek is a b1tch nigga, all way up and down….he keeps showing how weak he is..

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    man g unit suck 4reAL 50 DO TOO buck and banks made g unit hot without them its just a bunch of lames from nyc

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    free my nicca lil boosie

  • holiday

    i see none of yall know what jah and irv did to 50 before all this while 50 was just trying to come out all the black ballin irv tried to get 50 shut down that what started it all ,,,,yeah that would cause alot of bitterness

    • Yeah but 50 cent never had a smoking hot career to destroy…Ja had the star power and 50 stole it.

  • jrq3000

    Meek tryin to get Banks to lend him his rhyme book cuz Cass is comin for dat azz.

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    First of all 50 doesnt even have beef with Meek. ..theres a mutual respect between them…especially with Mike Knox being a mutual friend..the light skin dude you in the back is Lloyd Banks Cousin Jon Depp who from queens also who is Skull Gang…Trav is under 50…and so are all these Slow Bucks dudes…theyre real close with Juelz also and every one is cool…this thing is way bigger than and 50 and Ross beef…plus even when Meek was asked about the Jeezy beef he said that has nothing to do with him snd thst hes his own man…


      That aint even True…Yayo and Trav and all of them cool…I really dont think he would have a problem posing with Meek…its really not thst serious…Meek is MMG but hes in queens with all them dudes all day…hes with Slow all the time and thats like 50 family…and so is Yayo